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"PP Warp Drive"

Having traveled through space from a star system in the outer regions of the constellation Orion. An alien spaceship from Zoritia has reached planet Earth through a pathway known as the 405 Worm Hole Corridor (405WHC). Once out of the 405 WHC the spaceship known as "Zblade" has slowed its proton plasma warp drive. And has transformed its travel shield into an invisible absorbing stealth cloak, as it flies through the air space of the 21st century. 

While orbiting around the planet, Zblade picks up a signal coming from the western coastal region of the northern hemisphere. After further analysis, the computer on Zblade known as Zeda has deciphered the frequency code coming from alien craft near Isla Guadalupo, an island off the coast of Baja Mexico. Zenn the commander of the space ship orders Zor 7 to descend Zblade near the area where the signals are coming from. On board, the ship the identification of each member is given a Zor title and a number after it, with a few exceptions.

The spaceship descends the layers of the atmosphere at a speed known as Mach 5 in earth terms. Within a matter of seconds after passing through the clouds, Zblade’s magnetic brakes are turned on. From a blur to a glide of 65 kilometers per hour within a matter of seconds. The view of the island and the ocean surrounding it comes into view. Off in the distance, the land mass of Baja California can be seen. 

With their main scanners on, the ship does a full scan of the island from above. Activity is noticed below the surface of the island. Using the analysis from the onboard system, Zeda has found out the basic information by using the planet's information systems of satellites and wireless technology. That the island was once an active volcano 25 million years ago. 

Now, after the wear and tear of the years gone by, it has become an island where fishermen go to catch different schools of fish. But, no indication of it being used by aliens, and the activity that was happening underwater was unnoticeable by current-day measures. Zenn curiosity about the activity happening below the surface had him ordering Zor 7 to submerge and take a look. Zblade splashed into the water and began descending lower to the island's base. 

The signals became pronounced and the scanner indicated a large cavity, near the ocean floor. Those who were using the island as a base, communicated to Zblade that their presence has been noticed, and not to proceed. Zenn asked Outaforium for his opinion. “It’s best to leave well enough alone for now,” he said. Zenn made the order to resurface and sent a message back to those who had sent the warning. “We mean no harm, and are leaving in peace.” Rising up and breaking the surface of the water, they resumed up to 20,000 meters for their cruising altitude. 

They began traveling west when the other aliens sent a message back to them. “We are uncertain of your ship and your kind. We have been here on this planet for some time and felt it best to give you a warning, the message read. We are one of three residing races on this planet. There are Drapecyns, Inexca, and the Velalynx. Zenn was playing it ear and wondered about those races mentioned by the Velalynx. Zenn disposed of the message by crumpling it and letting it go, and it disappeared.  Zblade resumed on cruise mode, as Zenn and Outaforium were talking about the people on the lands they were flying over. “Zor 13, where are we now?” Zenn asked. “We are over a place known as China, and soon to be over Russia” Zor 13 said.


“What can you hear from their communication systems?” Zenn asked again. “We picked up something about the reserve currency of the planet, and the one in use currently will be toast in a matter of time. Another was saying something about a die-off occurring for some reason because of an ill-planned scheme” Zor 13 said. “Zeda where should we start to find out about this die-off?" Zenn asked. The computer responded “Go back in time to the 16th Century to get an idea of how this came about. Then go in both directions of the past and then the future" Zeda said. Having heard the response by the computer, Outerforium who was second in command remarked "I smell gold, I mean gold has something to with this scenario and why these things the people in this region are talking about."

Zenn after hearing what the computer had said and gave the order to Zor 7 “Switch the time dial to the 16th century.” Within a few seconds, they are orbiting around at a low altitude in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in the northern hemisphere. As it went back to the last location of Baja, but this time they continued without stopping near Baja California. "These islands below us are unique, not like the Isla Guadalupo that we were at, moments ago. There is no large landmass around them, but open ocean." 

"Yes, an interesting thing about the inhabitants of these islands, is that they ride the waves by standing on boards made of wood," Outaforium said while watching some of the people out in the water on one of the monitors. After a brief stay over the village, Zblade moved out from the island and is about to return to cruising mode when Zenn hears someone say "Zenn, our sensor has spotted a human male floating below us on a wooden box. I will bring up the person onto the screen" Zor-2 said as the others member of the crew were moving around the bridge doing their duties to maintain the ship's systems. 

"What is his condition?" Zenn asked. "He has less than 2 days before his vital will stop" Zor-2 answered back. "I have an idea, Let's take to him to those islands we just passed by, and place him on a beach near a village where he can be found. Gather the coordinates of where he is now, and send the person to the beach and village of where we were a few minutes ago. Then go ahead and beam him there" Zenn said.

Zor-2 enters the data into the computer system of the ship. A beam of light from Zblade reached the person in the water and encapsulated him and the box that he is holding onto. He disappeared and reappeared on the beach near the village. "Outaforium, since we just came from the future and know of the government in place, this might have the potential to change what is yet to be. What are your views on this?" Zenn asked. 

"Whatever might be or not is something of a guess. Our move in shaping the future from here will have many more twists and turns. Before anything of that nature could take place and come to fruition, we need to make a few more moves for that to happen" Outaforium said. "So, it's dammed if you do, and dammed if you don't is what I think you are saying. Let's go into the conference room and discuss this some more and use the 4D chess game" Zenn said.


​Zenn had Zor-1 take over the helm as both Zenn and Outaforium entered the conference room. The sensors in the room noticed the two individuals moving toward an open area of the conference room. Two chairs and a table materialized and Zenn and Outaforium would take a seat. Zeda asked, “What is it, that you wish to do?” Zenn turned his head at the sliding wall that was opening and viewed the outer space through the windows. Then turning back to Outaforium, he said to Zeda “Bring up Chessboard 40004.” 

An elliptical shape keyboard with markings unknown to anyone except to the Zoritians appears in front of Zenn. Then the chessboard 40004 appears while floating down onto the table. Zenn then begins to enter 20 shortcut commands on the keyboard and presses enter. Four additional smaller boards of 4 X4 squares appear with two on one side of the main board hovering off to Zenn left side and the main board. The other two smaller boards are to Outaforiums left side mirroring the other two sub-main boards. Each square of the quad, sub-main and Main boards had within it motion pictures of the events that might occur during that time. A window of events behind the scenes of the square. 

 “You have brought in the four 4X4 boards plus a sub-main board, are you going to make the moves on them concurrent with the main board?” Outaforium asked. “No, we will work on the quads separately and have their effects show up on the sub-main boards. Then with that done it will correlate to the Mainboard and the final moves we will make there” Zenn said. “So, with each move, we make in the past, it will be translated onto the quad boards. The players from those periods will gain the experience from our moves?” Outaforium asked looking at two of the quad boards closest to him. Zenn nodded his head in agreement and pressed a key and a pawn appeared on one of the quad boards to his left.

“The pawn on this quad will be of your choice, that will mean you will be an ambassador to Atlantis and make the connection there,” Zenn said. “That is one on that board. What about the 16th century and the board for that?” Outaforium asked looking at Zenn who was looking out into space for a moment before turning back to the chess boards, then at Outaforium. “The reserve currency of the planet is being transformed from one nation to a group of nations,” Zenn said looking at the main chessboard. 

“Do you foresee a move on one of the quadrants that might will make a difference?” Qutaforium asked. “My idea is to take the long road to implement the plan. Not one, but three boards will be used to ride on. The fourth one will add to the other three when the time for it to be used. What is happening in 2023 is a big mess, with the anonymous council’s avatars playing the role of leaders. They look like those who once was, now empty shell with no mind of their own. So the fourth quad board will be chambered with the use of the past to make it lighter, more maneuverable, and faster” Zenn said.

“Are you saying we will use those individuals who are pawns, eventually having the ability of a knight, a bishop, or a king surrounded by the power of a castle?” Outaforium asked. “Yes, and their spouse will travel with them and eventually become their queen in their matters,” Zenn remarked looking at the first quadrant nearest to him. “So, the first place I think we are looking at is Atlantis, then the Renaissance era and Hawaii, then the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, followed by the stages of the Computer age,” Outaforium said looking at the four quadrants.

“You will be an ambassador in the Atlantian phase, an old man related to the priest regarding the Mayan period and a native who is interested in surfing, a landowner representative in the Industrial era, and yourself in the computer age. Let's go over some preliminary moves and how that might play out” Zenn said picking up a pawn from the Atlantis quad board that turns into a knight when he lifted it and placed it on square C2 on the sub-board of 64 squares.

“What I’m guessing is that we will start in Atlantis and then travel back and forth from there to Hawaii since we made a move there already, then Italy and build upon their wealth in Panama,” Outaforium said. “We have already started in the 16th century since we were in Hawaii moments ago and you will return there to share what will be, and learn to surf, then go to Italy and have someone from there go to Panama,” Zenn said.

As Zenn remove the knight from the sub-main board and returned it to the Atlantis quad board, which turned it back into a pawn. Then pulled a pawn out of thin air and place it onto the Renaissance quad board. It turned into a knight the same as the previous pawn in Atlantis. But this time it was during the later part of the Renaissance and a vision window came up and showed what was happening in that period. “We will use this scenario for starters,” Zenn said. “I agree, this way the pawn from Atlantis can contribute to the effort being made by the pawn in Italy and both will meet in Panama,” Outaforium said looking at the other quadrants and saying “If” and then became quiet.