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Unknown Found Out 4 Doing Chess 

By Thomas Takao

The incoming tide has brought a message in a bottle, its cork sealed with wax guaranteeing not to last the change as it bobbles along. It has drifted for who knows how long, to come across a dry fringe of the reef before finally being pushed upon the sandy beach. Where it has come to rest and the wax begins to melt. Further up the beach is a Dome built on a bluff that overlooks the Bay of Yesterdays. Where a large catamaran is anchored offshore, though the bottle had been wandering out at sea for quite some time before their arrival. The guests on board have been brought to the island by an extraterrestrial race known as the Zoritians. They were the ones that developed the Dome and were overseeing the operation. The Zoritians were in stealth mode some two kilometers above Manana Island monitoring the location.

The morning light of the Summer solstice enters through the Dome’s sophisticated polycarbonate sheathing, that is covering the equilateral triangular grid framework. The height of the Dome is 50 meters with the diameter being 100 meters. Along the inner surface of the grid, is a LED-colored lighting arrangement within a holographic projectors spaced out every meter on the framework. It is being controlled by Tau Mu the exascale supercomputer.

Tau Mu is located below the main chamber and takes up all of the middle floors with three magnetic power stations spaced out evenly among the computers supplying the power. The Zoritians gave names to their computers, and consider them family members. When Tau Mu was developed, they considered it to be the soul mate of Gosetta the onboard computer of their spaceship. Besides the two major computer systems, there is the newly developed offspring of Gosetta named Octane. That system was placed onboard Vector’s new spacecraft.

The bottom or third floor is at sea level where three docks are located. The dock closest to the entrance is where the large 20 person inflatable tender is located. Next to it is the construction-research submarine, and next to that is Vector’s new spacecraft at the third dock. The spacecraft had been upgraded when the move to the 21st century was made. The main entrance to the docks is from a channel from the open ocean, a large carbon composites roll-up door like a garage door, at the south side of the Dome.

At the top level where the road to the beaches and mountain begins is where the garage warehouse is located. The vehicles, equipment, and surfboards are situated there. Next to the garage is a two glassing rack surfboard research factory where surfboards are going to be made by Rocky, Fraxinus, and Darmax. Who are the two sons and son-in-law of Vector. The Dome and the surrounding area is invisible from 150 meters up and outward of 100 meters from its diameter. Everything within the parameter of the barrier is visible.

The information of the past in Gosetta would be used to interact with Tau Mu. One of Tau Mu’s capabilities was to take data from Gosetta vast library and turn it into a visual scene of the events that took place in the past or by projecting what might be along the lines of hypothetical events in the future. Tau Mu’s processor can read the nano string technology code that the Zoritians have developed and use it to stretch the fabric of time and space.

The Zoritian’s wanted a secluded place to research their concept of what was, what is and what if, to dial into an advanced realistic holographic mechanism without the prying eyes of satellites or secret agents. The Dome became that creation and would soon be in use. There was news that the Greatest Economic Mess in history was happening in Europe and that the US wasn’t far behind. Japan was being shaken by turmoil in its economy as well. The Zoritians knew that the fiat Ponzi scheme was coming to an end. This was the reason they had built the Dome, in preparation for it and their final move before departing back to where they came from. The project was not something done overnight but years in the making. They had been on earth for years, but not in the ordinary sense of being in a specific period. But, by traveling back and forth between the past and the future.

When they first arrived, they needed to gather as much information as possible. So they downloaded everything from the Web, to enhance their storage library of earth’s information. This was made possible by turning Gosetta into a digital vacuum cleaner. Tapping into satellite signals, and ground base stations that were connected to internet service providers. Also using links that were connected to universities and their libraries, hospitals, medical centers, research, and business facilities. After downloading the data, they found out what a mess many businesses and countries were in. Besides the economical mess, they also found out that the planet was on course to losing many of its people from the Mess.

The Zoritians could see what was going on regarding the "Big Mess" where the need to change to a new monetary system was in order. Those who are in the know are not going to relinquish their control of the economy and the people. Where the other side of the coin, the people who want a better life for their children had other ideas. So the good guys were up against war, diseases, and starvation. It didn’t look good for them, but somehow they were going to steer a different course than the one being implemented. With that in mind, the Zoritians wanted to help in some way but were unclear about how they were going to do it. After running scenarios in ways of helping out. Gosetta responded by mentioning going back into the past and getting ideas of how things got the way that they did, then going into the future to build on what they learned.

So, they went back in time and recruited two human associates whom they would need as their go-between for other humans. They brought one of them and his family from Etobiius a satellite city of Atlantis to Panama in the 16th century. Where he would join another individual from Italy, who was in Panama in search of finding an island in the Pacific Ocean. But fell in love and would marry. He did not want to fulfill his original assignment, but by order of the King, he went looking. Then Leo would go into business with Vector the person from Atlantis. Which would take them to the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. 

After being in those periods, the Zoritians were getting ready to move to Manana Island and complete their mission. Besides getting ready for what was in store for them in the future. The two had amassed a large fortune by being at the right place, at the right time in Panama while waiting for the Zoritians to make their moves. Outaforium mentioned to Vector and Leo, that once they have accomplished their final move on the chessboard, they would leave planet earth and return to Zorivia. Taking with them their memories and the rare earth mineral of Yttrium, Gadolinium, and Dysprosium that they had gathered and compacted into micro cubes.

After being told this, they were transported onto the catamaran and sailed over to Manana Island. Where Outaforium was waiting for them to anchor and with an avatar crew member came by in the 20 person inflatable tender and took everyone over to the docks under the Dome. After  securing the lines to the dock, they got off the boat and Outaforium explained the capabilities of the other vessels in the loading dock locker room. After which they walked up the stairway to the second floor where Outaforium said: “The doors are locked for security reasons, let's go up to the first-floor chamber.” They walked up and Outaforium pointed to a keyboard pad that was near the doorway, that controlled the chamber.

Turning around and looking up at the wall, he pointed to a painting done by a legendary French artist. “Zenn thought it to be appropriate for it to be here in the chamber. This was after he found out about it in one of Gosetta’s art history folders. So, when we were checking up on you and Leo during the periods of the 1890s. We happened to have made a side trip to Tahiti in 1897 and made a duplicate of it and acquired the original. The title of the painting is “Where do we come from, What are we, Where are we going” Outaforium said.


                                                                       To be continued….