Shapers, Glassers and Surfers Stories


  Jack O'Neill 1923-2017

The Legendary Founder of O'Neill Wetsuits Santa Cruz, California


George Downing 1930-2018

Legendary Pioneer Surfboard Shaper of Hawaii

Clarence Maki  1924-2010

Legendary Hawaiian Water Surf Photographer

Kenny Tilton

Tilton Surfboards   

Big Island of Hawaii,


Wayo Whilar

Jim Phillips

Joe Kuala 1943-2010

Progressive Expression Surfboards

Kauai, Hawaii

Ben Aipa

Aipa Surfboards

Oahu, Hawaii


Mike Perry

Shaper for Blue Cheer Surfboards

Santa Monica, CA / Australia

Bing Copeland

Legendary Surfboard Shaper Hermosa Beach, CA

Bing Surfboards


Carl Ekstrom

Legendary Shaper, Glasser, and Designer

San Diego, CA

Johnny Rice 1937-2014

Johnny Rice Surfboards

Santa Cruz, California


Rosemari & Johnny Rice

Legendary Johnny and Rosemari Santa Cruz, CA


Don Koplien

Shaper / Glasser

Huntington Beach, CA

Rich Harbour

Alan Sitt

Shaper / Glasser / Pilot / Sailor

Peru / Hawaii


Steve Friedman

Sonny Vardeman

Shaper / Glasser / Lifeguard

Hermosa Beach, CA


Steve Boehne

Tony Channin

Channin Surfboards

Encinitas, CA

Clyde Beatty Jr.

Shaper / Glasser / Surfer

Clyde Beatty Surfboards

Steve Clark

Clark Surfboards

Encinitas, CA

Randy Draper

Glasser / Boat Captain

Maui, Hawaii

Doug Haut

Haut Surfboards

Santa Cruz, California


John Kies

David Pu'u

Guilhem Rainfray

Guethary Surfboards

Guethary, France



Danny Brawner

Glasser / Drummer

San JuanCapistrano, CA

Bruce Gabrielson PhD.

Surfboard Builder / Mech. Engineer

Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

Steve Dunham

Dunham Surfboards

Nosoro, Costa Rica

Rich Wilken

Shaper / Architect

Wilken Surfboards

Pacific Palisades, CA


Allen White

Allen White Surfboards

Cocoa Beach, Florida


Bruce Fowler

Stroker Surfboards

Santa Barbara, CA



Roberto Damiani

Damiani Surfboards


Henry Lelot

Matt Calvani

Bing Surfboards

Encinitas, CA


Oscar Pedro Larghi

Shaper / Glasser



Ed Townes

ET Glassing

Cocoa Beach Florida


Bud Gardner 1947-2019

Legendary Shaper

Bud Gardner Surfboards

Melbourne, Florida

George Lanning  1941-2019

Legendary Shaper

San Diego

Tony Mikus 1947-2014

Legendary Glasser

Santa Cruz, CA

Bob Simmons 1919-1954

Legendary Shaper / Designer

Norwalk, California


Dan Heritage 1945-1997

Surfboard Builder / Shop owner

Sea Isle City, New Jersey

Chuck Dent 1944-1980

Legendary Surf Shop owner of Huntington Beach

Leslie Anderson

Female Glasser

Northern California


George Draper

Legendary Surf Shop Owner

Huntington Beach

Ned McMahon

Foam Information

Loren Humprey

Surfer-Ding Repair Specialist Retired

Encinitas, CA       

Frank Addleman

Surfing into Health

Author,Teacher, Coach, Surfer

Santa Ana, CA

Weekend Surf Trip

With Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Jason Bogle, Dayton and Colin Eberly when they were teenagers.

Reaching Wapio Valley

A story about a 1.2 mile road on the Big Island that started in 1899 and was safely completed in 1997.

Evening on the Hill

A get together of a few shapers

The Ding  Santos, Brasil

About the Legendary Brazilian Surfboard Builder Homer after a long day at the shop.

Surfing the Gulf Stream

Delivering a catamaran from Maryland to Florida

Mystery of  Surf Sphinx

A story of a time when Surfing was taking off.

1968 World Surf Contest

The gathering of surfers for a contest

Gene Cooper

Cooperfish Surfboards

Santa Monica, CA

Mickey Munoz

Mickey Munoz Surfboards and Paddleboards

Capistrano Beach, CA

Mike Bright 1937-2017

Glasser, Paddleboard Champion,

Olympic Volleyball Champion

Malibu, CA

Randy Rarick

Randy Rarick Surfboards

Sunset Beach, HI

Gerry Lopez

Gerry Lopez Surfboards

Lightning Bolt Surfboards

Bend, OR

Rory Russell

Rory Russell 

Rory Russell Surfboards

Lightning Bolt Surfboards

Oahu, HI

Carl Hayward 1956-2005

Hayward Surfboards

Huntington Beach, CA

Chris Hawk 1951-2009

Hawk Surfboards

Huntington Beach, CA