I had taken a fashion show class after returning from "Surfing the Gulf Stream. I thought it would be interesting to do a photo shoot in parallel with the fashion show that would be happening. I called a few shapers to see if they would like to be in it. I had gotten the Ok to use a few of Hurley International's clothing lines for them to wear. The guys in the photo above said they didn't mind and would meet at Dana Point Harbor. Left to right: Steve Clark, Jim Phillips, Bob "The Greek" Bolen, Dale Velzy, and Mickey Munoz.

I was a member of the Adventura Sailing Club in Dana Point and got the use of a 45 ft. Hunter sailboat for another photo shoots the following day. I had asked a few young ladies in the class if they would like to model a female line of Hurley's garments. One said she would, so we met at the parking lot of the college, and drove over to Hurley's warehouse. Going through the aisles of clothing's, she chose what she wanted to wear. After the selection, we went over to the harbor an hour later and boarded the boat that we would be shooting on.


The sailing club would have someone drive the boat from its berth to the fuel dock to be refueled. Helping out with the dock lines, we were on our way to the outer channel of the harbor along the breakwater. We would start taking the pictures on the channel starting at the bow and mast area. Then at the fuel docks, we would go down below into the salon and do the interior photos. On the return trip, we drove out to the entrance buoy and circled it before going back to the boat's berth. The ride to the fuel dock and back went smoothly. The garments were returned the following day and a new line of clothing was picked up for the show a few weeks later. The show had college-age female and male models who would do a trial run a week before the event. Everything went well and the show was enjoyed by the large crowd that was there.