Episode 6

Getting Ready


“I came here to remind you Vector, that you were allowed to return back in time with your knowledge. Knowing what will happen before it happens is a very powerful tool that Zeuyu and I trusted you, your family and the Vi’s with. We do want you to honor our decision by not letting others know of the future and let destiny take it course. Even though your presents has altered a small segment of that. To what extent only time will tell” Outaforium said as he looked around the orange grove and continued.


“We know Leo is using the information that he took with him and is building a fortune like he had done before and after the 16th century. We knew that would happen, but there is a line he must not cross or otherwise his and Flo’s stay here will be cut short” Outaforium calmly explained. “What is that line you speak of Outaforium” questioned Vector. “It is when he deals in political issues with his money and influence others for his personal gain. That is when he and Flo would be returned back to 2020 without much money. He will be like many in the middle classes whose lives have been affected” Outaforium said.


“We will do as you say and I will inform Leo of the line you have mentioned and that he should take care in what he is doing. I give you my word” Vector said. “Also there is something else I want to mention regarding your stay here in California. There is going to be a real estate boom and many will profit from it. Some of those companies and other industries will grow larger in time, but will file for bankruptcy during the decade you have left. This is the outcome of the greatest depression in the history of this planet will occur” Outaforium mentioned.


“Why are you telling me this” asked Vector. “Do you remember when we met” asked Outaforium.

“Yes, as if it was yesterday; It was after the meeting of council on Etobiius, your carriage was on the side of the road and you were looking at the city from the hillside. When Leuquotus and I drove up in his carriage and he asked “Outaforium how are you, do you need assistance” questioned the governor. You turned to us and said “No, just taking in the view” you said. Then you asked “I would like to talk with Vectorus about the things he was mentioning at the meeting. Could we have a chat at my residence to go over a few things.” Then I said “Yes, that would be fine.” “What about tomorrow morning” you asked and I said “Yes, tomorrow morning will be good.” After the brief discussion Leuquotus  and I continued on our way.

The next morning I was at your residence and you said “Vectorus I was asked by the Star people that they wanted to meet you.” I said “Let me think about it and I will get back to you.” When suddenly I heard a strange noise, we looked up and I saw a flying ship of about 75 feet in diameter coming down and landing near us. You stood quiet as I looked over to the side of the vessel where a door opened and 3 Star people walked out and approached us. They were short with larger than normal heads and skinny bodies, with longer than normal arms with 3 fingers on their hands and 3 toes on their feet. Then you welcomed them “Greetings Zeuyu, Zor 2, Zor 3 my fellow travelers” then looked over to me and said “This is Vectorus the architect engineer I have told you about.”

Speaking in the same language as the ambassador the leader of the group began to talk “I am Zeuyu and these are my fellow travelers Zor 2 and Zor 3. We are from a distant planet of Xertron which is in another part of the galaxy, far, far away. We are learning about this planet and its peoples. One of things that make us different that the other species of space travelers is we share our knowledge for the betterment of others” said Zeuyu.

I sensed something was about to happen and said “I am a person of simple means who respect knowledge as you. There is much to learn and things to do, but I would prefer to do them here.” Without answering my statement, Zeuyu response was “What we will show you will not take up much of your time, so to speak. You will be amazed at the things that are being done in this window of time.”

“I sense I have no say in what is going to happen and not sure where you will be taking me” I said as I was transformed from where I was standing to within one of the ship’s rooms. Looking around I saw Zor 2 and said “Where are the others.” “My fellow travelers are in a different part of the ship and the Outaforium is back at his residence.

Touching his lead finger on the wall a screen appears. Touching the screen once again a view of the outside world is moving very fast. “We are traveling very fast in your way of thinking and within these seconds that we have been talking we have traveled thousands of mile across the surface of this planet. Beside the here and now, we also can travel from what has been, to what will be. It is the vortex of the 4th dimension that I speak of” said Zor 2. “You mean your ship can travel through time” I questioned. “Yes” answered Zor 2 before giving an example. “Below is the Pyramids of Egypt they have been constructed in your time period Vectorus” said Zor 2 as I stared at the smoothness of the surface and the precise angle of all four edges leading to a point at the apex.

Looking closer I noticed the pyramids had 8 sides instead of 4 by a slight angulation of each side toward its middle, like a slight vee. “The sun rays being absorbed into the smooth surface of the sides and is being transferred from the surface and channeled inward and is being converted into electrical charge” explained Zor 2. Then I noticed the space ship is situated over the tallest pyramid. “The ship is replenishing it’s energy supply from the sun and converting it to magnetic energy” said Zor 2. “I stood silent as I took in the magnitude of what was being explained to me” I said.

“To build this structure we used Phi in our formulation and left that mathematical formula here in Egypt for others to find and use” said Zor 2. “It must have took many men and a long time to complete this structure” I replied. “We used levitation to move and insert the heavy and light blocks of stone for the inner and outer parts of the structure. It took about a three months with six ships” answered Zor 2 as he continued “There is an inner passage way, where looking out at a certain time during the night you can see the 3 stars of the Belt of Orion.” After his explanation Zor 2 then pressed the screen and we were hovering over Etobiius and said “We are back Vectorus.”


“You have a photographic memory and your intelligence is beyond anyone who came from Atlantis. With your engineering background and working for Leo and Flo during the golden age of Spain has added to that knowledge. Then by learning to the fly our spacecraft that we lent you and only added to your skill. What I’m saying is that you are someone we invested our time in and care about. No other individual has that status from us” Outaforium said.


“Since the days of Atlantis and Etobiius, I never thought my travels will bring me here to where I am. My world has been a learning process, far more advance than compared to others I have known. I have gained much knowledge through your guidance and protection. I and my family are grateful for that. Now with a pandemic 50 years into the future awaiting us, will 2030 be a time where the corona virus is under control and what will the global economies look like” asked Vector.


“The bio weapon that was created will mutate many times over. Those individual that plan on its expansion were evil people and have met their doom is all I can tell you now” Outaforium mentioned to give some insight to what will happened. “There will come a time when you will start your own business and your wife, sons and daughter will work for you. Just remember you have 10 years before entering the world that has gone through a huge economic depression and a disease that is not under control, but could be. Get prepared for your life after the 1970’s as soon as possible” with that said a shimmering light encapsulated Outaforium before he disappeared.


Putting his tractor into 2nd gear then to 4th gear, Vector was moving down the row of orange trees in a hurry. Vector makes his way home and has a talk with Artemesia, telling her what Outaforium had told him. After talking it over with Artemesia, Vector would call and setup a meeting with Leo and Flo at his house. They would stop by the next day. After telling them also what Outaforium had told him, he mentioned “I going to start a company in real estate. Would you and Flo be interested in joining us” asked Vector. “Why yes, I think that would be great for the both of us and we can prepare for our return trip back the future” Leo said.


“For starters, I can get a variance to build an office by the street at the corner of the property, submit the plans to the building department and sub-contract most of the work and go from there. Flo and Artemesia can be in charge of the office” Vector said. “Rocky, Frank and Velidia will work part time and finish their classes this semester and switch over to real estate this coming fall and work full time next year” Artemesia said. “Then anything else would be considered a side ventures and done without the need of getting approval from either of us, like a house or car things like that. Something larger, we will need to talk about it” Flo mentioned.


“What will be the name of the company” asked Flo. “What about using the first letter of our names to name the company” suggested Vector. “V-A-L-F” said Flo. “What about Mesa Atlantis Properties” Leo said. “I like the sound of that” Vector added. “I like that, too” Flo said looking at Artemesia. “I like how it represents the current with the past and MAP is catchy acronym” Artemesia said agreeing with everyone. “Mesa Atlantis Properties it is” said Leo. “Lets take a walk Vector and talk about that and see what you have done to the farm lately” mentioned Leo. “Yes why don’t you take a walk while Flo and I catch up on a few things” Artemesia said.


Walking out to the barn Vector shows Leo the shop Rocky and Frank had setup. The boards they were working, the boards they. Vector, Artemesia and Velidia were riding. “How are the waves lately” asked Leo. “They’ve been small to flat. How’s it at your place” Vector asked. “About 2-3 ft., there is a south swell on the way and it should be here in a few days” Leo said. “Sounds good to me, I get antsy when I haven’t surfed for awhile” Vector said. “I know what you mean, I have to jog to keep in shape when it goes flat” Leo said.


Flo and Artemesia are talking about what the office décor should look like and what type of software to use and modify for their type of business. From logo to statement type, internal procedures with their accounts receivable to accounts payable and everything else they could think of. Artemesia made some coffee and kept on thinking what else to do. Meanwhile out in the barn Vector goes to the refrig and grabs a couple of beers and walks outside hands one to Leo who was sitting on a tree stump next to the barn. Vector grabs an foldable beach chair and sits nearby. Both pop the tabs of their cans and take a sip.


“Does does your boys drink beer” asked Leo. “No, I placed them in the frig before you came. I knew we would need something to celebrate with once the meeting was over” Vector said. “I’ll drink to that” Leo said raising his can. “To Mesa Atlantis Properties” Vector said as his can met Leo’s in mid air.


“Why don’t you get a pilot license and start flying” suggested Leo. “I’ve been thinking about it and I think I will” Vector said. “What kind of plane were you thinking about” asked Leo. “I was thinking about getting a Cessna Citation” Vector said. “That sounds interesting” Leo said and continued with other subjects that he had in mind “What other areas besides LA and Orange County were you thinking of to pursue.” “The San Jose and the bay area for one and some of the coastal regions like Santa Maria, Moro Bay, Ventura, the South Bay and North County San Diego” Vector said.


“What about Hawaii” asked Leo. “Yes, that too and a few other places” Vector said taking a sip from his can of beer. “There are some beach front properties we drove by when we were there that looked interesting. Not sure if they are still on the market. But that’s an idea also” Leo said. They continued their talks when their wives walked around the corner of the barn and towards them. “There you two are. Flo has a few things she has to do at home, so they need to get back” Artemesia said. “Oh, thats right. I completely forgot about our appointment later this afternoon with our sailmaker” Leo said preoccupied with the new company.


“Ok, let continue doing our homework and talk it over at our next meeting in a week” Vector said. With that said Leo and Flo went back to the harbor. Vector and Artemesia continued talking what else they should be doing. After the dust of starting a company had settled. The Durasel’s and Vi’s were very busy with going to places, making deals of buying and selling, renting, hiring more employees, maintaining the properties and taking vacations.


Rocky and Frank took a two week vacation to Hawaii to see the latest shapes and what was happening in surfing and look around for their father of properties that were available. After landing they went and got a rental car and drove to their hotel with their two boards each. Franks says to Rocky “Well, lets go surf Ala Moana since the North Shore is flat.” “Ok, I’m going to ride my 6’3” square tail” Frank said. “Yeah, I’m going short also and ride my 6’4” round tail” Rocky said looking into his luggage for his trunks. After getting to the parking lot and finding a space to park at, they walked over to the beach and paddled out.


One of the local was paddling in and was upset for some reason. As he paddle by he made a comment of “Haole go home” and continued paddling in. “What do you think of that Rocky” Frank said feeling uncomfortable about the statement. “He mad about us surfing in their territory” Rocky said. Another person who was paddling out and heard the comment came up to the guys paddling and said “Don’t mind that guy he came from the mainland a few years back and thinks he own the place, a real jerk. But, don’t rip people off out there and try to stay cool” as he paddled out faster than Rocky and Frank.


“Thanks” said Rocky as the person who made the comment stayed silent and continued paddling out. Once in the lineup Frank and Rocky could sense a pecking order of the people out in the water. As they watched when the sets came in the crowd would let the better surfer catch the waves while they waited for a wave the others had missed. Eventually Rocky would catch a wave with someone would take off in front of him and would ride the wave with Rocky following. The same would happened to Frank. After awhile Frank and Rocky would get waves to themselves after proving they were above average in their surfing abilities and staying cool on the waves while other would take off in front of them.


After a couple of hours they paddled over to Kaisers and got more waves to themselves before going in. The next day they surfed Canoes and Queens and had a fun time with the crowds. After hearing stories from Leo about Maui, the guys got plane tickets to Maui and flew over. By chance while going over to Lahaina side, Maalaea was breaking and only a few people out. They decided to ride their longer boards that they had brought. Frank’s was a 7’10 round pin and Rocky’s was an 7’6” diamond tail. After paddling out and sitting with the others who were out, they watched as one surfer took off. The top of the wave’s white water zippered across the section and continued to move at fast breaking manner passing the surfer and leaving him behind in the soup.


Rocky paddle for a wave and did an angle takeoff, doing a backside bottom turned as he crouched low. the wave in front of him took off and left him in the dust as the white water took over. After coming up after his wipeout he thought to himself, this is the fastest wave he had ever surfed as he watch in front of him the same thing happening to Frank. He smiled while paddling pass Frank and said “These waves are “Fast” and unbelievable. Surfing for an hour they decided go to Lahaina and surf there. Driving up to the place where Leo had mention, they both were excited in seeing 4 to 6 feet waves breaking left. About 15 people were out, it didn’t seemed to be crowded. After catching their first waves, they were stoked on the conditions and would surf for 5 hours. Being burnt out and their arms feeling like spaghetti noodles they went in to get something to eat.


Flying back to Oahu with a few days left on their vacation, they drove around the island as they did on Maui. They look around at the properties on windward side and took pictures of the scenery. It wasn’t long before they are flying back home. Telling their story about their trip to Hawaii and the real estate on Maui and Oahu, it was back to work on Monday and getting adjusted from laid back to hurrying to get things done.


Vector had hired a couple of friend from his previous company and they would be taking some of the load off his back and be responsible for their people under them with the different regions they were covering. Meanwhile Leo who was a part of the company as an investor and had other investment under his umbrella and was making a considerable amount of income with his data sheet that he brought over. Whatever Leo invested in Vector got a piece of the action and was doing quite well himself and both were multi-millionaires a year later.