Episode 5

Setttling In


It had been 6 months since Leo and Vector first went surfing down south, when Leo was looking for a place to move too. Leo and Flo found a house in Oceanside after that trip and it was located on the bluff overlooking the ocean, near the Harbor. After purchasing the house Leo and Flo would go to the Del Mar Race track and bet on the horses that he knew would win. How he was able to do this was during the week before going back to the 1970’s Leo was on the internet researching what had happen in business and sport during the 1970’s


Having lost the ability to look into the future in exchange to save Vector, Artemesia and Velidia. Leo knew where he was going and studied those area of interest so as to make it easier for himself and Flo. Having information of dates, description of event and outcome made for a valuable list of data that he and Flo could live off of. When the day came, they were prepared to go back into the past with their list of data, they could start over with a cushion.


It was like the dream that he had when he and Flo were visiting Kai’ike and Hokuao. In that dream Leo and Flo were tranformed to Hermosa Beach in the 1950’s and 60’s and made a lot money by betting on the horses at first and then going on to more profitable ventures. After awakening from that situation, they were once again in Portobello and would meet Vector and his family after inheriting the gold and silver mines from Vincenzo’s will. When Flo’s father passed away she would inherit his fortune of gold and land.


Leo and Flo having a substantial amount of wealth is when Vector came into their lives with his spacecraft, which made their opportunities expand beyond the horizon. Then the other alien race who targeted Vector for elimination showed up and changed their outlook. Having Zeuyu and Outaforium on their side made for a new adventure possible in modern day Panama.


But do to unforeseen event, Leo and Flo had to start all over when Vector, Artemesia and Velidia were in the accident and they had to make a choice of bringing them back and losing everything they had or keep on going with their wealth. After their decision and Leo lost his ability to see into the future and Vector lost of his spacecraft made life difficult, making ends meet was hard. Then when Outaforium asked the question of where would you like to go and live, that thought of the past came back to mind, where the future back then, was now the past and has come back into to play.


With that in mind Leo developed a plan that vaguely described the reason of going back to the 1970’s. With that and his overall plan, he and Flo and the Durasels would get out of the situation that they were in and jump start a new beginning. Vector had been using the name Durasel since the transformation into the 21 century Panama and would use it instead of his last name that he had in the 16th century.


With the money that they had accumulated in the short time after starting over Leo and Flo used the money to put a down payment on their residence and started to implement their plan of betting on the horses as in the dream and go from there. After the income started to flow in Flo and Leo would once again be sailing. They bought a 36 ft. Cross trimaran and placed it at the harbor. After that, their income bracket took a big leap. They would start taking flight lessons and get their pilot licenses. It wasn’t long before they purchased a Learjet 24 and had it at the Oceanside Airport located on Highway 76, a few miles from their house.


Leo and Flo were having the Durasels over for the weekend. Before going out to surf out front, the Durasels talked about what they had been up to. Though Flo already knew what was happening since she and Artemesia would talk over the phone whenever they had the time. Rocky and Frank were starting to make their own surfboards in the barn. Frank talked about what he was doing in school and majoring in architecture. Rocky was taking business classes, while Velidia was majoring in Oceanography.


Vector with his experience in maintenance engineering found a job for a property management company. After two months he was promoted to a supervisor position and was responsible for properties in Orange and Riverside counties. Artemesia was staying home and doing research on varies opportunities that she and Flo were interested in.


They would all go surf in the morning and lay around the beach until noon and go back to the house to cleanup and get ready for an afternoon sail down to Leucadia and come back by late afternoon. After cleaning up, they would dine out and go see a movie titled “Two Mules for Sister Sara” and afterwards return to the house and talk about the day before calling it a night.


The following day they would drive over to the harbor and surf the south jetty and later that morning drive over to the airport and fly out to San Clemente island, then swing north to Catalina island. Looking down on Avalon before flying pass Two Harbors and out to the west around the South Bay and the smoggy haze that was over the basin. Looking down at the mountain ranges of the area before flying along the coast to Santa Barbara,


Leo would land at the airport in Goleta and rent a car for the afternoon. The Vi’s and the Durasels went sightseeing around the harbor and the downtown area. Stopping by the Yater’s Surfboard shop the group went in and looked around and checked out Rennie’s and a few other shaper’s shapes. Having a late lunch before returning to the airport and flying back to the Oceanside airport. After the flight back the Durasels would get ready to drive back home to Costa Mesa. Thanking the Vi’s for a wonderful weekend, they drove off in their Falcon station wagon, driving north on Interstate 5 freeway.


Talking about the waves that they surfed, the day sail and flying over to Santa Barbara. Rocky says “What a difference from barely getting by in Panama to getting to go surf when the opportunity comes up, to sail and fly whenever. Boy, Leo and Flo have it made.” “Yes it just one of those thing that they figured out with their time. We as a family should be grateful for each other and that we are alive and well” Vector said looking at Artemesia and Velidia as traffic slowed down at the checkpoint.


Monday came and everyone was back to normal. Velidia, Frank and Rocky were attending their classes and planning on going places with their friends. Rocky and Frank would go into their shop and check up on their boards that they were working on before going to school and after they got back. Vector and Artemesia were out in Riverside County looking at HUD houses and buying them and fixing them up to sell. With his connections Vector also knew of apartments for sale and new developments to venture into with his friends at work.


Leo and Flo were planning on taking a vacation to Hawaii. Remembering their short stay previously before starting out on the mainland. They booked a reservation at the Pioneer Inn in Lahaina and would be staying for 2 weeks. After arriving at the Honolulu International airport, they would catch a flight the inter island flight to Maui with their luggage and surfboards. Walking over to the baggage claim area and watching the carousel of luggage go around in circles, they grab their luggage and surfboards and went over to the car rental yard and renting a Dodge station wagon, they drove over to Lahaina to check in. Leo looked out at the harbor and sees the waves at the Break Wall breaking 3 to 4 ft. “Flo, the waves look like fun, lets go out after we put away our luggage” Leo said.


After putting the sun tan lotion on their backs, necks and legs they walked across the breakwater rocks and paddled out, Leo and Flo were having a fun time surfing the south swells of summer after getting off the plane and the drive over to the westside. Surfing for two hours and feeling somewhat sunburnt, they went in to get some rest and enjoy the scenery. Feeling rested they make their way to Front Street and walked north alongside the seawall. Turning around after 6 blocks they strolled back on the other side of the street going into varies shops along the way.


The next day having breakfast Leo over heard someone mentioning the “Wharf” was on. Asking another waiter who looked like a surfer where the Wharf was he replied “About a mile from here, just go north and make a left. Excuse me I have a customer waiting” as he hurried back to the kitchen.

Leo and Flo drove north and spotted a car with surfboards making a left hand turn towards the ocean. They followed and saw the people parked off to the side and walking towards the beach, Leo and Flo soon followed.


They see a wave breaking across their view and continuing down the beach. There was about 12 people out and catching long rides. “Lets go out here Flo” Leo said while turning around to change. They stayed out in the water for a few hours catching some long lefts before going in and back to the Inn. “Leo let go over to Hana. I read some brochures about the place and it sounded interesting” Flo said. “Well It’s close to 11, we can get something to eat in Paia, then drive to Hana after that” Leo said.


Stopping at a fish cafe and having lunch Flo asks a waitress “Have you been to Hana and if so whats it like.” The waitress said “It’s very picturesque with waterfalls and ponds. Its a winding road with narrow bridges at some places. If you are going and want to spend some time in Hana. It will better to start early and enjoy the day more” she said. With that said Leo and Flo would go to Hookipa and watch the surfer for a half hour before going over to Wailuku and drive around before returning to Lahaina.


Flo and Leo would visit Hana, take in a crater sunrise on Haleakala, and do some sight seeing on the island of Lanai before spending a few days on Oahu. Their stay at Waikiki went fast and they would return home to begin working on their plans of building a company that would support their needs when 2030 arrives and when they are back in Panama. Vector is working around the farm after his day job and is driving around on his tractor and looking at the small orchard of oranges and avocados. He sees someone in the middle of the oranges orchard and drives over to investigate.


“Vector, how are you” greeted Outaforium. “Good Outaforium, you are the last person I would see in my orange grove today” Vector said getting off his tractor and walking over to him. “What brings you here” asked Vector. “Came by to see how things are going with you, your family and Leo and Flo” Outaforium said. “We are doing well and so are Leo and Flo. We spent the weekend over at their place” Vector said without mentioning how Leo and Flo had brought with them the information to make them sucessful. “Good, good. Zeuyu was saying he wanted to help you, so you will be financially stable and won’t have to worry about making a living like before in Panama” said Outaforium.

“I’m doing well right now. But, what did you have in mind” asked Vector.

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