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Episode 10

Preparing for the next Move


Having a few places to look at on the North Shore, Vector and Artemesia are driving through Haleiwa with their surfboards on top of their rental car. They see local people going in and out of IGA market and pull in to get something to drink before driving out to Sunset Beach. Artemesia is looking over the list of places with her map as Vector drives slow pass Laniakea looking at the small surf. Once passed Waimea Bay Artemesia tells Vector to make a right up the hill to some open lots that are available. They looked around at the lots with ocean views and then Artemesia says “This acre lot is 45 thousand.” “Not bad, it has a view” Vector said walking around and taking pictures. After a few more lots they drove back down to Kam Highway and headed north.


After stopping at a few houses for sale in the area, Vector parked the car at Sunset Beach where the surf was flat. They decide to go back to Laniakea and paddle around and catch some small waves before going back to Honolulu. Returning to Waikiki they are sitting on their beach towels and Vector mentioned “I’m going to cancel our trip to Australia and instead go to Tahiti in three weeks. But before then we can go see the other islands here before we go to Tahiti. Then come back here for a week before returning back home to the mainland” Vector said. “Thats Ok with me” Artemesia said.


Looking down the beach from where they were Vector see a catamaran on the beach an 1/8 of a mile away and says to Artemesia “Lets go down there and check out that catamaran” pointing at the catamaran. They approach the boat as it is being pushed off the beach. Vector asked “Are you going out for a sail and if so, can we come aboard.” “There is a $30 fee for each person, but you have to hurry if you want to go” the skipper said.


“Ok, I have the cash for me and my wife” Vector said. “Come on board you two, there is a ladder over here” the person said going to the port side hull where a ladder was located. The person lends a hand to Artemesia as she climbed aboard on the side ladder, then Vector. “You made it in time, this is the last trip out for the day. I have a few other guest on board. My name is Captain Ron, what is your names” he asked. “I’m Vector and this is my wife Artemesia” Vector said. Pointing to the other couple “That is Henry and Gladys from Kansas and the gentleman next to me is a good friend, his name is Woody. The other two guys are my deckhands Ollie and Bert” Ron said as they slowly moved through the canal in the reef.


Once pass the reef marker Ron had Henry and Gladys and Vector and Artemesia introduce themselves so as to get to know each other. Ron introduce Woody and said he was a catamaran designer, sailor, surfer and pilot who is visiting from Maui. “What a pleasure to meet you Woody” Vector said. “It nice to meet you all here in Waikiki” Woody said. We were thinking about getting a catamaran and going to talk with Rudy Choy about having one of his designs” Vector said.


“Good choice, Rudy is a very good catamaran designer” Ron said interrupting Vector and Woody’s discussion. “Yes, I know him too and he is a great guy” Woody said as Ron steer the catamaran out to the southwest beyond the other boats that were closer to shore. “So you surf Woody” Vector asked. “Yes, started when I came over here awhile back. Makaha, Sunset Beach, here in town and over on Maui. Do you surf” he asked. “Yes I do and so does my wife” Vector said. “What line of work do you do” Woody asked. “I’m into commercial real estate” Vector said. “I have seen the prices for houses here continues to go up. Why, when I first came to Hawaii the properties were dirt cheap compared to now” Woody commented.


The afternoon went by as they sailed along the coast with gust of winds happening now and then, causing one of the hulls to lift out of the water. Moving along everyone was enjoying the ride, the sun was lowering to the west as the catamaran returned to shore. “It was nice meeting you Woody, Henry, Gladys, Ollie, Bert and Captain Ron” Vector and Artemesia said as they got ashore onto the beach. Waving go bye to everyone, Vector and Artemesia walked back to their beach towel knowing that they probably won’t be seeing anyone of them again.


Having two weeks before going to Tahiti they flew over to the Big Island to see how it is over there. Flying alongside the eastside of the Big Island, Artemesia was looking down at the Kamakua coastline before their landing at Hilo Airport. Going over to their hotel where they would be staying for a few nights.Looking at the tour brochures that was on the front desk of the hotel Vector and Artemesia decided to go on those tours.


The beginning of the first tour went by Radio Bay in Hilo Bay and the mooring docks there in the morning. Then going over to Akaka falls and Wapio valley and the small towns along the way before returning to Hilo. Then the next day goi out to the town of Pahoa and the black sand beach of Kalapana and to Poihiki boat ramp and the tree tunnel of Old Pahoa road. Then drive up Highway 11 to Volcano National Park in the afternoon. The next day tour was out to the Kailua Kona side and places of interest including Honokohau Harbor noted on the brochure before taking the long way around and returning to Hilo. The next day they would fly over to Kahului Airport on Maui.


Spending a few days on Maui, surfing and sailing on Lahaina side and looking over Maalaea Harbor before spending the early morning crater sunrise at Haleakala Volcano after which they would look at properties at Makawao side that were for sale there. The following day their schedule had them flying over to Kauai and see the sites there. After landing and going over to their hotel room, they surfed Poipu side and would check out the harbors at Nawiliwili and Port Allen. Seeing Waimea Canyon and driving to the northside of the island to Hanalei and the anchorage and properties there.


After returning to Oahu they took a day to go over the properties and harbors that they had been to in Hawaii. Before their flight to Pape’ete, Tahiti. After their flight to Tahiti they were surfing a few local spots with hardly anyone out and chartering a boat out to Moorea and Bora Bora for a few days at each location before staying in Tahiti for the remainder of their stay. They returned back to Hawaii for a week before flying back to Orange County.


After arriving home, they went to see their children and find out what has been happening at Mesa Atlantis. The management team of the company continued growing the business and were diversifying the company into other fields of interest. Frank and Rocky started a start up company in surfwear. While Velidia had completed her undergraduate classes and was going on to graduate school. After touching base at home Vector and Artemesia went to see Leo and Flo who had return from their trip to Europe and the Carrbbean islands.


“How was your trip Leo” Vector asked. “It was great, we had a wonderful time recollecting the past at the varies capital cities and viewing the art works of their museum. We went out to the countryside of England and France and spent some time out there. We cruised the Greek islands for a few weeks before flying over to Trinidad and cruised the Lesser Antilles islands of Grenada, St. Vincent, Barbados, St. Martinique, Antigua, the BVI and the USVI and to Puerto Rico. Where we flew back from” Leo said.


“Talk about out there, you two had a great trip. We just went to Hawaii and Tahiti. But we did have fun and did our homework on what we want to do in the near future. Any tips you want to share from your list of what is going to happen” Vector asked. “Sure, lets go out in back and talk about it” Leo mentioned. “Will you excuse us, I’m going to show Artemesia some pictures of our trip and my new dresses that I got from the different place. Especially the picture of my evening gown I purchased at Christian Dior that they were holding until I returned home” Flo said.


Leo looked at Flo with a smile and said to Vector “I got some really good tips for next year” as they went out to the back and Flo and Artemesia went to her walkin closet of thier master bedroom. “First tell me what type of sailboat you are going to have in the islands” Leo asked. At first I was leaning towards a couple designers in Australia. But after visiting Gil in Costa Mesa and seeing pictures of Jim Arness’s boat Seasmoke and Buddy Epstiens’s boat Polynesian Concept. I decided to get a Rudy Chow design. After sailing with Woody Brown in Waikiki and noticing Joe Quigg’s designed boat for Joey Cabell. I was hooked on the Hawaiian catamaran designs” Vector said.


“Sounds good to me, what size were you thinking about” Leo asked. “Around fifty feet, where Artemesia and I can handle her without too much difficulties. There are a few bays I want to anchor at and do some skin diving during different times of the year” Vector answered. “Where abouts” Leo asked. “Hanalei Bay, Waimea Bay, Honolua Bay and Tahiti during our winter months, which is their summer months and other islands in Hawaii like Lanai, Molokai and the Big Island during the winter months there” Vector said.


“How’s business” Leo asked. “Doing great, that reminds me. What’s on your list in the near future to invest in” Vector asked. “There is McDonald who are placing a driveup window to their restaurants in the near future, which will increase sales. Sony and Panasonic who are growing, a couple of oil companies is on the list along with teams in professional sports that have won their championships later this year. Before you leave I will get you that list for you” Leo said. “Amazing how knowing what will happen can make you so much money” Vector said looking out at the ocean.


“History repeats itself and we have been in this type of scenario before. What we do now will prove whether we learned from our lessons or we make the same mistakes as before” Leo reminding Vector of where they are at and where they are going. “So, we are in the thick of things now and we may be in the thin of things later is what you and Outaforium are saying. I can’t put a distinct idea to encapsulate the thin of things, but it an idea of solving that question continues to swirl around me” Vector replied.


“If you do find a glimpse of it, let talk some more and maybe a solution can be found of what we should do before the year 2030” Leo said before changing the subject when Flo and Artemesia came walking through the sliding glass door out into the patio. “What you two been talking about” Flo asked with a smile. “We are trying to figure out what to do before the year 2030 and to protect our love ones from the unforseen danger that awaits us all” Leo said walking over to Flo and asking Artemesia “What did you think of Flo’s haute couture dress.” “I loved it, but that was a pretty penny she paid for it” Artemesia said looking at Vector who turned and looked up at the sky knowing the price of such a dress, before walking over to her.


“Did you bring your golf clubs in your car” Leo asked Vector then looking at Artemesia. “Yes we did” answered Artemesia. “Care for a round” Leo asked. “Where at” Vector responded. “Pala Mesa, I know the course superintendent. We met while surfing the other day” Leo said. Vector turned to Artemesia and said “Sound like fun, what do you say” asked Vector who looked at Flo as she nodded her head to say yes. “Alright, I’m game for a round” Artemesia said.


Vector’s beeper went off and called Rocky who told Vector that someone tried stealing his plane and the authorities had caught him. Vector would need to fill out the paper work at the airport. So Vector and Artemesia took a raincheck on the playing golf and went home to take care of the matter. Leo and Flo went anyway and had a fun time. On the way back they stopped at a local restaurant in Fallbrook before going home.


The following week Vector and Leo were flying to Florida and the Bahamas in Leo’s jet plane. It was on Leo’s things to do list of investing into a resort and golf course. Flying over to Fort Lauderdale in Florida and to Nassau in the Bahamas to look at the resorts and golf courses. First flying to Fort Lauderdale and spending the rest of the day there before going pm to Nassau the next morning.


Leaving Florida Leo’s was halfway there when his compass on his plane started acting up and the cloud formations became turbulent. The plane began to sway in an unexpected motion and the control panel went blank. “What’s happening Leo” Vector asked. “Not sure what is happening with the controls of the plane” Leo said. “Do you think what they say about the Bermuda Triangle is true” Vector said as the plane stabilized and the controls came back on, with the clouds opening up with the ocean below them and an island coming into view.


End of Part 2


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Part 3 The Sign of the Times