By Thomas Takao



Here we go Again

A spacecraft passes by a communication satellite that is circling in the corridor of the Thermosphere with other satellites. Noticing debris of rocket parts, old satellites drifting along, and meteors burning up as they enter the Mesosphere / Stratosphere layer. Other known substances such as titanium and stainless steel are making their way through the Troposphere to the oceans and land below.

Vector and Artemesia are taking their daily walk, instead of their usual path from the house to their zen garden, they took the trail down to the beach. While they strolled along the beach and talked about their family and life in general. They noticed a couple walking towards them. "I wonder who they could be?" said Artemesia as the strangers got closer. It wasn't long before the strangers were in front of them. "Hello Vector, Hello Artemesia" the male stranger said. Vector looked into his eyes and felt a slight chill. "I feel like we have met before," Vector said as he was feeling goosebumps on his arms.

"No we have not, but my father Outaforium has. My name is Uiopitalon but you can call me by my code name of Ralph. This is my companion Venulolaris and her code name is Alice. We were sent here to assist you where Outaforium left off" Ralph said as Artemesia watched and wonder what was in store for them. "How is your father?" Artemesia said. "He is doing well and is enjoying his time back home. He did mention that his time on earth was memorable" Ralph said. "Is this your first time on earth?" Vector asked. "Yes, it is, our Captain whose name is Nusor had been here before and so has Alice. Alice has a specialty in that she designs crop circle themes. She places hints for those who are interested to solve them" Ralph said.

When Ralph mentioned Alice was into crop circle themes, Vector thought of Leo and Flo's house with their crop circle designs in their yard. "Alice, my friend Leo is into crop circles designs and incorporated the concept into his landscape at his house," Vector said. "I'm sure Leo has an interest in mathematic" Alice said knowing who Leo was through her research of the people Outaforium had dealt with. As they talked the tide was rising and the surge of the ocean's water slapped Artemesia feet as she held her flip flops in her right hand. Vector looked down at her feet, then at Ralph "What do you have in mind on this mission?" Vector asked Ralph. "There is going to be a major change in the US, just like what had happened to empires in the past," Ralph said referring to the Roman, and European empires.

"How bad do you think it will be since you were sent here to inform us?" Vector asked. "Let's just say many will be hit hard by it and the few will try to rule the many" Ralph replied as Artemesia looked at Alice who was looking up. "Your ship is nearby?" Artemesia asked looking at Alice. "Yes, I just received a signal for us to return to the ship," Alice said as Ralph too looked up and said "Our ship senses someone else is in the area monitoring us. We shall be back tomorrow at your house" as he and Alice soon disappeared and returned to their ship. "Shall we go home and gather our thoughts there?" Artemesia said. "Yes, I think we need to talk with Leo and Flo" Vector said reaching out holding Artemesia free hand, as they turned and started walking back.

After getting home, Vector gave Leo a call and told him what had happened and would be over in an hour to discuss it some more. "Alright, I will tell Flo, you and Artemesia will be over," Leo said as he hung up. Driving over on the scenic road to Leo and Flo's house. Artemesia was flashing back to when she first met Outaforium and the day he left for home to his planet. "Vector, what do you think we should do and what about the family?" Artemesia said looking out at the ocean on one side of the road and the landscaped palms, trees, and vegetation on the other side.


Vector was thinking that Leo had done a good job with the landscape before he answered Artemesia question. "We need to plan wisely and project years ahead" Vector said as he drove up to the Vi's residence. Arriving at the house, Vector parked his truck in the center of a center of two circles in a circular driveway. Within the outer circle are geometric shapes and patterns representing a mathematical concept. "Every time I come here, I still am inspired by its design. How Leo had his architect use the alien crop circle design concept for the overall design of his residence, with the front of the house having a Frank Lloyd Wright style flowing into a futuristic spaceship exterior curvature. Adding to that, large stones in an upright position around the house with Moai typefaces carved into them to symbolize the statues of Rapa Nui island. Sprinkled a few other sculptures in the style of Henry Moore to give it a down-to-earth feel, reflecting the past as time moves forward in space" Vector said as Leo and Flo came out to greet them into their house.


"Well, here we go again, don't you think," Leo said as Flo hugged Artemesia and Vector, then Leo gave a pat on Vector's back before walking back to the front door. "You know Flo, it feels strange to have Outaforium's son returning here to continue where Outaforium left off," Artemesia said as Leo was holding the front edge of the open door as if he was turning the page to a new chapter.  



Air Avenue

After being beamed down, Ralph and Alice were at Vector and Artemesia's house talking about how Vector uses to fly around in one of their flying spacecraft. "It may seem like it was only yesterday to you, but to us, it seemed like a long time ago when I was flying around and doing the things no one else on earth was able to do" Vector said remembering the adventures that he was able to do. "Yes, it does feel that way, since time is measured in a different way for us. Being from a different galaxy where we live much longer than your species" Ralph said with a smile.

"What is it that you two are up to?" Artemesia asked. "We came to see if you would ask Frank if he would be interested in learning to fly one of our latest spacecraft. Like what my father had done for you Vector?" Ralph said as Artemesia squinted her eyes in disagreement. "Well, Frank has a lot on his mind running the company with Rocky. From what I know, he may accept your offer, but I would need to talk to him about it" Vector said as Artemesia interrupted Vector by saying "Maybe that wouldn't be a good idea Vector." Vector looked at Artemesia and knew where she was coming from. "Well, let's talk it over with Frank and Rocky and go from there. Is there something that your elders can foresee for doing what you say?" Vector asked wondering why they wanted Frank to fly one of their spacecraft.

"Yes, another one of our spacecraft has gone into the future and knows what will be. They have communicated back to our elders of what will be. By letting Frank operate one of the spacecraft, just by doing so he will change the course of history and cause a detour around what should happen and extend the existence of humanity" Alice said conveying how she and her species felt about the people of planet earth.

Sitting at his office desk going over a few projects, Rocky is switching from one window on his computer screen to another. He has five folders open and links to a calendar that he updating with known delays that are popping up on the project's sub-schedule spreadsheets. The five windows he is looking at are the cryptocurrency file, the secret spacecraft file, the observatory's daily fact-gathering sheet for the space mining missions, the island's security system proto call, and the calendar that each window is connected to.

Rocky gets a call from Frank "Rocky, I need to talk to you about something personal with me and Lucy. I'm at the driving range, can you meet me here" Frank said. Being surprised with what Frank had said Rocky responded with "Sure what about in 20 minutes, I have a few things to do before going." "Ok, see you then," Frank said with his new driver in hand. About half an hour later Rocky is walking up to Frank at the driving range with his bucket of range balls and his clubs. The driving range is part of the company's golf course which is only a couple of years old and looks like it, the plants and trees are still taking root of how the course should look like.

"What's on your mind Frank" Rocky said. "It's Lucy, she wants a divorce and moves to Switzerland with the kids. She felt this type of lifestyle is not for her. She says she doesn't mind being here, but there is something that has been troubling her, the feeling of being confined and being part of this family. She wants to expand her way of thinking, whatever that means. I don't want her and the kids to leave me. That's what been bothering me lately and I thought of coming here to let my frustration out through my swings. Like killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. But the more I thought about it the worst my swing became" Frank said. "Lets have a meeting with mom and dad at their house. I will let them know what is going on" Rocky said as he pulled out his 7 iron and took a few practice swings before knocking over his basket of balls and pushed one over to where he would be swinging.

Then he said "We received the car planes that we talked about a few weeks ago. They're at Hangar D. A few of our guys are going over them to make sure they are in working order. Do you want to go over there after here" Rocky said as he swung at the ball near his feet? Hitting it and creating a divot where his club head hit the ground. Looking up he watches his ball go right. “That didn’t go well” he said as he twisted his lower back a few times to loosen it up. He pulls another ball in front of the previous with his club. "Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing it, that sounds interesting," Frank said taking a swing at another ball with his driver. Rocky watched how far his ball went. "Hey, did you get a new driver? That sounded sweet and the distance you got looks longer" Rocky said.

"Yeah, I just got it before going on the trip to the Yukon. It's the Big Mother Tucker by Faraway Golf Clubs" Frank said feeling better with his mind being clearer after telling Rocky what was going on with him and Lucy. Just like the times in his life when they were younger and things were uncertain and Rocky was there to ease his mind. They continued hitting balls and talked about surfboards and surfing. "So, let go over and see the car planes," Frank said getting down to his last few balls. Driving over to the Hangar D in separate cars they see Henry who was in charge of the mechanics talking to a few of them by the side parking lot. "Hi Henry, hey guys," Frank said as Rocky walked over from his car. "How is the car planes, Henry?" Rocky asked. "All are working well, the batteries have been charged. We test drove and flew them around to make sure they were in working order" Henry said.

"Frank and I are going to take one for a spin to the harbor and back," Rocky said. "Alright, the guys have a few other things that are on their schedule today. See you when you get back" Henry said as Rocky and Frank got into the car plane nearest to them. Rocky would be doing the driving as he drove it out to the side road of the runway. "Here we go" Rocky said as he switched from drive mode to fly mode. The wings extended out and the propellers opened up and began spinning. The craft began to hover up and continued to 50 feet. Rocky waved to the guys and took off for the harbor.

Frank asked about the association and how things were going about the development of the cryptocurrency. Rocky turned to Frank and then forward and down and back up. "It is still being discussed and we are weighing the factors. We have as an advantage, in that we can back it up with gold, silver, other precious metals, and oil. We still need to work out the details. I got word that the big boys are positioning themselves for a major collapse, way bigger than we first anticipated. I let a few of others know of this and they said we should put it on the shelf and let the dust settle" Rocky said. "Does that mean the association should put it on hold until this economic uncertainty has settled in a few years, then go forward with it?" Frank asked. "Maybe, we need to talk about it some more with the other guys in the association and go from there," Rocky said.

The vehicle was cruising at 100 feet. "How fast can she go?" Frank asked. "About 80 mph in flight and 40 mph on land, look there's the harbor. I will do a flyby a couple of times" Rocky said as a few of the guys on the docks were pointing to them and then waved. Rocky waved back and said, "I'm going over to the observatory" while looking at the split screen of the monitor showing the view of below and to the rear of the vehicle. “I’m going over to the observatory. Need to pickup something” Rocky said flying towards the observatory and gaining altitude, Rocky goes into hover mode once he is there and descends to the parking lot. After landing, Rocky pressed the button to retracts the propeller, then the wings. He put it in park before turning off the electric engine.

"I need to get some data and pictures dad took last week. He said it is in a folder on his desk in his observatory office when I talked to him earlier" Rocky said. "That sounds interesting," Frank said as he followed Rocky upstairs to the office. Halfway up to the third floor, Rocky said "We are coming up with ways in approaching the asteroid belt, but getting there is one thing, bringing back the element materials is another. We need to be able to diagnose what is on the asteroid and not spend time on one that has little value. More of a Type M or V type asteroid with rare element qualities. So, not only having the speed to get there but able to know what it is made of is what we are up against in designing that spacecraft."

"That means if we go with one design and it doesn't do what we want. We will have to start all over again from scratch?" asked Frank. "You got that right, the cost could be astronomical" replied Rocky as they reached the door to the platform of the telescope. Walking over to the side office Frank and Rocky go over the photos and notes that Vector had written down. On a scratch pad near the folder, the guys see numbers and a name behind them. "It looks like a list to be sent to the IAU for consideration. Let's leave that there, dad might have forgotten to put it in his drawer" Rocky said opening the data folder.

"Dad has the asteroid belt in quadrants with id numbers and names within the quadrant group, written on the attached pictures. It's is a complicated quest" Rocky said looking at the pictures and continued with his thoughts "The bigger asteroids have to be thought out some more and what jurisdiction if any they might be under. The question of how long to stay on it as it moves away from earth, and what to do to mine the elements. That might mean having a space station on the moon." After twenty minutes of going over the photo and data. The guys went back down to the car plane. "I'm going to drive it back to the Hangar D and see how it drives.

Going downhill and getting acquainted with the brakes, Rocky was thinking about the possibility of having a fleet of car planes for his personnel. After getting back, they see Henry who was the only one there. The threesome talked about the possibilities of the car plane and centralizing the use. "Frank, you, Henry, and I will test them out for a while. If it goes well, I will order some more. For now, they will be kept here at this Hangar D until a special garage would need to be built at yours and my house to accommodate it" Rocky said looking over the car plane. "I will put the car planes away for now," said Henry getting in it and driving it into the hangar.

"Ok Frank, since we are here, let go over to Hanger C and see the new jet you took to Alaska. I want to check it out before my trip to Peru. I hadn't had the time to see it. I've been really busy" Rocky said walking over to his car, he puts the folder from the observatory onto the passenger side seat. "Ok, I will meet you there," Frank said as he got into his car and drove over to Hangar C where the new company jet was located, Rocky followed. Going inside the hangar Frank gets the remote control for the side door. After it open they walk up the airstairs and enter the plane, then to the lounge area.

Looking it over from the front of the plane near the cockpit, Rocky sees the separate lounge chairs in the main salon and sits in one of them. Rocky asked Frank "How was the trip to Alaska." "It was on the Canadian side of the Yukon River Valley. We flew into Dawson City airport and took an SUV to the exploration camp" Frank said as he paused and went over to the liquor cabinet and poured a couple of glasses of old scotch and handed one to Rocky. "Yes, driving up to the camp and meeting everyone. We flew around in a copter to get a bird's eye view of the outer perimeter and then took a ride around some of the general areas where they had been taking core samples. One batch was sent back to our main lab and the other samples were looked over with the geologists there at the site. The exploratory team had done the drone terrain filming and geological CAD mapping of the core drilling sites and id the quartz vein of the locations" Frank said.

"Did you do any fishing" Rocky asked taking a sip of his scotch. "I brought my light tackle and fly rod with me and caught some Rainbows and Arctic Chars. Someone I was talking to at the camp mentioned a mouse lure that he had that floated on the surface. He let me use it and I caught a couple of steelhead with it. During that fishing excursion, a grizzly came by the river and our guide shot a round into the air as we moved out of there and returned to camp. I had a good time and the site looks promising, but we're still at the go / no go stage. The permitting is standard and the geological, economical, and environmental parameters are within reason. The core samples are being studied and weighing the options. If go, then we will align the funding. What this I hear about the Andes" Frank said taking a sip from his glass.

"Yes, there is a site in the Andes near Ecuador and Peru's border. Jacinto, who was in the contest gave me a call about doing a joint venture. I will be meeting him next week there" Rocky said finishing his drink when his cell phone rang. "Hello, yes, Otto how are you. Ok, I will look over the resume and have my secretary take care of it after I talk it over with my IT guy. I will have more info on the next contest soon, talk to you later" Rocky said as he hung up. He gets another call from Vector for him and Frank to stop by the house for a talk about something of importance that had come up. "Ok, I will let Frank know, he is here with me now and we can stop by in about half an hour," Rocky said.



Up in the Clouds

A spacecraft is in the clouds where Ralph and Alice are in a discussion with Nusor. The ship is in stealth mode, a three-layer defense mechanism consisting of an outer layer of radar adsorbing purotonic cloak particles put in place by a magnetic field, which is in front of a mirror element of sandilatum that is activated by a negative on the surface of the ship. Through micro jets, H2O is being pressured out into cloud vapors. "It will take two to operate the craft. We will have to teach both Frank and Rocky in its use" Nusor said. "Yes, we knew that, but wanted to break in the thought of having someone without causing too much disturbance to Artemesia of having both Frank and Rocky in the spacecraft," Alice said while another meeting was happening on the island below.

Vector, Artemesia, Rocky, and Frank are seated in the living room. They are listening to Frank explain his current situation with Lucy. Vector looked at Frank and said "If Lucy truly feels that way and no longer wants to continue with the marriage, and you do not want to give up what you have worked for. Then you two will most likely have to figure out what will be best for your children and yourselves." "She mentioned we are not who we once were. Any hope of restoring the love we once had seems to be fading. She has her mindset on leaving and I don't want to go, my life is here" Frank said. "Well, sometimes things don't work out in a marriage, people change," Vector said as he paused for a moment then continued.

"When I was in your situation way back when of learning to fly the spacecraft Outaforium offered, your mother was with me all the way, even though it was filled with uncertainty for her. That is the difference between some women, some will and some will not want to go any further out of their comfort zone. Whatever you decide, your mother and I will be behind you. Oh, there is something else I need to talk to you about. This past week your mother and I had a visit from Outaforium's son and he wanted to know if you would like to learn to fly and use one of their spacecraft" Vector said as Rocky's facial expression became excited as he thought of all the possibilities a spacecraft could do for the company's space program and the money they would save.

"Why would they want to teach me how to fly their spacecraft?" Frank asked. "Ralph, Outaforium's son said something is going to happen and it will have a profound effect on humanity. If you learn to fly it, it will have some sort of connection to the future and change it somehow. From what I know and the research observation I have done through the years. There will be a large meteor passing by the earth in the not-so-distant future. It could miss us or hit us and that would be the end of humanity is what they might be thinking. My relationship with Outaforium goes way back. It seems fitting that his son would be asking for you to be the one to fly the spacecraft" Vector said. Frank stood there for a minute thinking to himself the weight that will be on his shoulders. "I think it's a no-brainer, knowing what they and we know. I will do it" Frank said. "He and his companion Alice will be returning to find out what you have decided. I think they will be pleased with your decision" Vector said.

"Do you know what this means for our space program? Unbelievable Frank, it will take our company to the next level. Mom do you have any wine or beer in the frig?" Rocky asked. "I think there might be a bottle of chardonnay or merlot in the wine cupboard," Artemesia said. "May I get a glass of it, I just want to calm my thoughts after hearing what dad just said. Does anyone else would like a glass?" "No thank you," Artemesia said. "I'll pass also" Vector responded. "No thanks, Rocky" Frank responded to the offer. Rocky got up and went into the kitchen.

"If you do decide on learning to fly the spacecraft, I will be by your side if you want me to. Until you feel comfortable in dealing with the challenge" Vector said. "I remember all the times you and Uncle Leo went on those trips," Frank said. Vector started to recall the moments flashing by in his memory as Artemesia looked at Vector and thought of those times and how she worried for Vector. There was a knock at the door and Vector went to see who it was. "Oh, Ralph and Alice, we were just talking about you and the spacecraft. Please, come on in" Vector said as Ralph and Alice came in.

Vector introduced Ralph and Alice to Frank who said "It is nice to meet you two." As Rocky came back into the room and placed his glass of wine down and greeted the both of them "My father has told me who your father is and of your request to have Frank operate one of your spacecraft. That is something I find interesting. It is good to meet you both" Rocky said. "It is a unique experience, to say the least," Ralph said looking over to Frank and Rocky. "Yes, the more I think of it, it makes sense to do so on my behalf," Frank said. "That is good to hear, Alice and I are pleased with your decision," Ralph said as he turned to look at Vector, Artemesia, and Rocky, before continuing on with his conversation about Frank.

"Rocky, would you be interested in learning the usage of the spacecraft as well?" Ralph asked. "Why sure, I wouldn't mind learning to fly your spacecraft," Rocky said. Vector was pleasantly surprised with the direction the conversation was going, as Artemesia had her reservation on the subject matter. "One of the differences of the spacecraft you will be using compared to the one your father used is the speed increase and the payload it can carry. It also can eliminate excess materials of the elements you should be in search of" Alice said as Rocky was getting very excited with each additional bit of information the spacecraft could do. "How much faster is the spacecraft compared to the previous model?" Vector asked. "Double the speed of the one you had," Ralph said as Vector was recalling the time he flew from the South Pole to the North Pole in under 12 minutes.

Rocky was taking this all in and thinking about the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and how much material he could bring back and sell to the tech markets. Other questions raced through his mind of where on the island he would keep the spacecraft, where he could have a smelting factory to separate the trace element from core materials. If on the island or another location and the procedures involved in the process, and security.

Vector was looking at Rocky, and then at Frank before asking Ralph his age "How old are you, Ralph?" "I was born over 10000 years ago," Ralph said. "I was born over 10,000 years ago in Atlantis. We are of the same age in a roundabout way" Vector said. "What a coincidence. That would mean that Artemesia and I are of the same age as well" Alice said. "Does that mean those on your planet live a very long life and is there a problem with overpopulation?" asked Frank. "It is a controlled setting where our parents may have a child after they have reached 15,000 years inexistent. So Alice and I will have to wait another 5000 years before we can have a child. It is in her biological clock" Ralph said.

"What do you call being together in your race, is it called marriage or something else on your planet? Artemesia asked. "It is called Mootallzz," Alice said looking at Ralph. With the conversation of marriage being discussed, Frank began thinking of Lucy and how they fell in love. Being kind and compassionate to each other at first. Then being happy when they were with each other and being free to do things without being tied down he thought. Then realizing destiny had another path for him to follow. As everyone else was talking about different things aboard the spacecraft. Frank quietly sat in his chair wondering about the day he and Rocky might have to save humanity.

"So, we will give you a few days to get ready for your lessons and let you know a day ahead of time by calling you on your cell numbers," Alice said changing the subject of age and marriage. "Yes, we will be expecting your call" Rocky said as he finished his glass of wine. Ralph and Alice returned to their spaceship, Frank went home to see Lucy and tell her what had happened at his parent's house. Rocky drove home with a million ideas running through his mind. He took the long way home by driving by the beach. The waves were breaking 2 to 3 feet and had some shape to them. Since he always carries a board with him. He pulls over and decides to get wet and go surf.

Once out in the water and catching waves he forgets everything on land and becomes a kid again paddling for the waves and thinking about his last ride. The sun was going down and the colors of sunset framed his mood and it was time to go intake it easy and think about what's for dinner as he drove home with his headlights on. As if the scene was in a software program, we zoom out from the darkness and following the rotation of the earth onto an area where there is light from the sun.

At the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Encinitas Blvd, a couple was just about to cross the street heading south on the west side in the afternoon. A car suddenly stops, the driver didn't expect them to cross since the signal turned red for them to cross. The driver looked at the couple and turned his head sideways to say no you don't and went on his way. Not far from there at Morris's house. "Morris, I received an email from Caribbean Galaxy Mining and they asked if you could send your resume to them. I wrote their email address down for you to get back to them. That Otto guy must have given a good word to them" Kathy said. "Do you think I should, or bypass the inquiry?" Morris replied after having a second thought of moving if he was accepted.

Turning off the TV, Morris and Kathy would talk about the major decision that would take place

in moving to another location. "Well things are becoming expensive with the taxes government have been adding for next year and the economy isn't doing that well as they say it is" Kathy said. "There is a drought going on and our water bill will be increasing. That will mean food prices are going up as well. But it is nice to live here, even though it's not as it uses to be. I remember when my father took me to the old Lumber Yard to get wood to build things with. Now there are the large Home Improvement Stores and the hustle and bustle of traffic jams. Not the old lackadaisical days of a coastal town feel" Morris said.

"Yes, my brother said they are going to have buoys, where they take a number for who gets the next wave, ha, ha, just kidding," Kathy said. "You know it is getting more crowded out water but is to be expected. You know, I won't mind starting over someplace else. What do you think Kathy?" Morris asked. "I don't mind, as long as we are together, we can make it happen wherever we are at," Kathy said. "Well, I will send my resume tomorrow after I update it," Morris said as he walked into his computer study room.

In his computer study room, Jacinto is going over the site where the company that he is working for is about to go into partnership with CGM on the possibilities of finding a vein. Looking over where the site is, how far away from the nearest big town. How to get the machinery and supplies there, and will the laborer be mixed with locals and specialist brought in. All the contingency plans go into a project of the size that will be undertaken by two companies. Jotting down notes on his scratchpad when Margarita comes into the room.

"Margarita, Rocky emailed me the plans for the site that we might be involved with. He says he is going to visit us for a day or two next month. We will probably go surf and play golf when he arrives. Just wanted to let you know ahead of time" Jacinto said looking at the plans and then at Margarita. "I'm going to see my mother, then go over to the market. I should be back in a few hours" Margarita said. "Can you get me a six pack of Pilsen Callao" Jacinto said. "Si" Margarita said as Jacinto put his thought back onto the site plan and looked at the dual monitor setup with the split screens of a spreadsheet that is linked to the other monitor's screen and the legend on the site plan.

With 4 viewports, two with the cad's site and engineering drawing files, and the other monitor with the spreadsheet and the word document below it. Stopping for a moment to adjust the volume on his stereo system to get the mood of his research more to his liking. Finishing up on his contingency plan on weather conditions and road washouts, Jacinto steps out to stretch his legs and get some fresh air. He sees Margarita driving in, so he goes over to help her with the groceries. After putting the bags onto the kitchen table, he gets a bottle of cerveza and takes it out to the backyard. Where he takes a drink to take the edge off his thoughts and begin to relax while watching the sunset.



Paddling from Winter to Summer 

The next morning Jacinto was out surfing and thinking about his meeting with Rocky. He sees a set coming and decides to wait and see the second or the third wave. He goes for the second wave and starts paddling for it, he catches it and his mind is focused on the wave as he glides down the face of the wave. Meanwhile further north in California, Morris to is out in the water surfing. It is winter in Peru and summer in California with Morris wearing trunks and a wetsuit vest as a warm current has flowed in from the south, he sees a set coming in.

The water is warm in the Caribbean and out at the harbor, Rocky is aboard Hot Diggity taking a walk around the deck and checking out the rigging. He gets a call and it is Ralph. "Rocky, You and Frank will be beamed up to the ship and we will begin your lessons tomorrow at 8 am. So, be ready" Ralph said. "All right, sounds good. See you then" Rocky said as he hung up and called Frank. "Frank, what are you up to?" Rocky asked. "I'm flying overhead by the harbor, taking a morning cruise on the car plane," Frank said as Rocky looked up and could see him as a large dot in the sky. "Just got a call from Ralph about our lesson tomorrow," Rocky said. "Yeah, I got a call also. You want to meet at the observatory?" Frank asked.

"Ok, I will fly over there in 30 minutes. I'm checking out my boat for a daysail tomorrow and just about through" Rocky said as he turned around and headed to the stern of the boat. "Ok, I'll be there in the office" Frank replied as he turned to the south and was over the observatory in a few minutes. After deciding where in the parking lot to land, he hovered down and landed on the lawn near the entrance of the building. Rocky was getting into his car plane and started his flight to the observatory, he hovers to a certain height before moving forward in the direction of the observatory.

Frank is in the office as Rocky walks in. "Well, the most expensive part of starting the space expedition has been solved with the use of Nusor spacecraft. All the designing, developing and testing is taken care of, just like that" Rocky said snapping his fingers and continued "I looked over the island to where we can build a spaceport and where we can keep the spacecraft. Still determining the size of the warehouse facility for the materials we get from outer space. The site has to look like it is being used for something other than rare earth materials and to have a quadruple redundancy security system" Rocky said opening his briefcase where the printout of the island and ideas for the type of structure they could build.

"The materials and the process of crushing and smelting of the elements may cause the question to what we are doing here on this island?" Frank asked. "The environmental aspect of it will be questionable. The toxic material that will be produce and the effect it will have on the workers handling it. It will most likely harm the sea and animal life if there should be an accident. Yes, you are right. We need to study it some more" answered Rocky. "What if we have another place for the factory and unload there, and keep the spacecraft here?" Frank added.

"That would make more sense. But, what about another country instead of the US. Say Ecuador or Peru next door?" Rocky said thinking about his meeting with Jacinto and having two types of operations, separated but close by, connected by a road. "That might be a better idea than having it in the states. After it has been made pure, we can bring it back to the island to be stored, secured, and distributed from here" Frank said as Rocky was thinking of other options as they continued to brainstorm all different ideas using the spacecraft Nusor would let them use.

"Has Lucy changed her mind about leaving?" Rocky asked. "No, she and the kids will be leaving tomorrow. The company plane will take them to Zurich at 7 am and they will be staying with her mother" Frank said. "Oh well, maybe time will change her mind. Never can tell" Rocky said looking at his watch "I have a meeting at headquarters, I'm going to have a teleconference call with the cryptocurrency steer committee." How is that going, will they want to have a coin?" Frank asked.

"Some of the Latin American countries are thinking about making it legal tender. It has to be back by something. The dollar or the Yuan or the Euro might not be good enough. From the latest information that is going around, the big boys are doing their best to change the minds of the crypto-community to dump it. They have their digital coin off on the wing and are going to swoop in and have theirs come in and fill the void. It was all planned out, they made the money out of thin air to buy existing coins, then they dumped it at a specific time to cause a panic for those who bought in at a higher price" Rocky answered. "What do you think will happen to the digital currencies from those countries?" Frank asked. "Some are saying many people will not use those government digital currencies. Something about it can be used against them. Got to go" Rocky said as he went to the car plane to fly over to the meeting at the corporate headquarters.

Vector, Artemesia, Flo, and Leo are in Leo catamaran on a day sail around the southern waters of the island. "What do you think of Ralph and Alice?" Leo asked looking at Vector. "They are the same age as Artemesia and Me. Their race has a very long life expectancy. After they left my house, Ralph gave me a call and mentioned there was a meteor traveling outside of the solar system and it is projected to hit earth in 2030 or sooner. That is why they came to warn us and help in a preventive way by letting us use their spacecraft" Vector said. "If I were younger, I would have done the same as Frank and Rocky. But now, we are older and not as alert to make decisions quickly. A younger mind needs to be in charge" Leo said.

"Yes, to cherish what time we have left seems like a good idea to me," Vector said looking at Artemesia and she at him. Leo turned to look at Flo who was at the helm as the boat was cutting through the waters and its wake disappearing behind them. Flo looks up at the main and adjusts the course they are traveling on. Leo walks over to the traveler and slightly takes it in more toward the starboard side, as if he read Flo's mind. A fishing boat a few hundred meters in front crossed their path and continued on their way.

One of Rocky's sportfishing boats from Galaxy Bay was out trolling for some game fish. One of the guys sees something swimming behind them. As it go closer it got bigger, "It's a whale shark, it must be the granddaddy of whale sharks, it's huge over 60 fifty" said Pedro as it lifted its head next to the stern and the tip of its tail was visible. Some of the guys rubbed it snout. "Wow, it smiled at me after I touch it, it seems to be conveying something. I don't know, but it made me feel warm inside" said Salvador as it swam alongside for a few minutes as Salvador watch, then it submerged back down and faded from the scene. "It communicates that," said Pedro. "What a rare sight to see such a large creature so calm and benevolent, I don't believe what I felt," said Salvador as Joseph the Captain said "It's time to go back in. I too, felt it's Salvador, To live and let live."

After a few more course adjustments and the breeze started to die down. They went back to the harbor to have dinner there before going home to their houses. Flo had cooked Mahi Mahi that Leo had caught while they were sailing. Artemesia made the salad as Flo got the potatoes from the oven. Leo got out a bottle of Grand Chablis as Vector was looking at the outside and inside of the observatory through his phone security app which was connected to the cameras. Flo and Leo bring out the meals for their guests. "How's Frank and Lucy doing?" Leo asked Vector. "Frank is taking it in stride and has to get used to not have Lucy and the kids around. We too will have to adjust to not having them come over on weekend" Vecto said as Artemesia sighed and looked at Flo who understood how Artemesia felt.

"Frank and Rocky are starting their lessons on flying the spacecraft tomorrow," Vector said. "Rocky too?" Leo said somewhat surprised that both of them will be learning. "Yes, the craft is bigger than the one we rode in. It will do much more too!" Vector replied. "What was the reason they wanted the both of them to learn to fly the space?" Leo asked. "The Zamuutors, knew that an asteroid the size of Texas would be on a collision course with earth in the not so distant future. It could be a year or twenty years. Depending on a few factors. That is why Outaforium had his son come to warn us. This is what Ralph told me after we had a meeting with him and Alice the other day" Vector said looking at Artemesia and Flo.

"What else can they use it for until that time and will they have to return it once they accomplish the mission," Leo said. "I would think so, but Rocky at first was going build a spacecraft for mining asteroids. Then this fell on his lap and all of sudden he had something handed to him which would have cost the company, billions and billions of dollars and there was no guarantee it would do the thing this spacecraft that Zamuutors are letting them use could do. Some of the elements are rare or nonexistent on earth" Vector said as Leo mind started to calculate what that meant to the company.

"Heck, besides the gold and silver, the other elements will make the company wealthy beyond anything we could dream of. Something like what King Charles must have felt when all those galleons were unloading all that gold from the New World to their treasury vaults" said Leo. "Yes, something like that, but 10 or 30 times more value," Vector said. "Does Lucy understand that?" Leo said. "No matter, she and our grandchildren will be 
taken care of, I will make sure of that" Artemesia said. "Oh, this dinner is delicious," Vector said complimenting Flo and wanting to change the subject matter to something less personal.

Frank and Rocky were beamed up the next day and are in the spaceship under Nusor's command. Ralph and Alice are there to greet them in the spacecraft cargo compartment and are walking around the craft to get an overall view of it. Its diameter was in the range of 30 meters. "This is way larger than the one dad had," Rocky said remembering seeing the old spacecraft a couple of times back at their Panama house when they were younger. Then Ralph using his remote control has the door of the spacecraft open up. Half opening down with steps and the upper portion swinging up in a gullwing manner.

Ralph and Alice lead Rocky and Frank around the bottom level through the outer corridor that encircles the forward propulsion engine room and rear storage compartment. taking up half of the bottom level. Taking steps up to the next level, they are in the control room with sub-compartments rooms consisting of the computer system and navigation control systems. Transport controls for loading into the storage compartment and additional compartments for other crew members. Ralph walks over to the central controls and sits in the command pilot's seat. Alice walks over to the co-pilot seat and waits for Ralph to start the lesson. Frank and Rocky have placed themselves near them to see what is what.

Ralph turns on the communication hologram system and gets a hold of Vector who is in the observatory doing some research. A mild tone, part of the signal is turned on and is centered in the room. Vector turns his head to see the hologram of Ralph sitting with Rocky and Frank on both sides of him, with Alice next to Rocky. "Hello Vector, I'm showing Frank and Rocky one of the ways that the ship can communicate to your position. I will have another receiver placed in your room for a better reception when the craft is farther away. But, for now, we can communicate ship to shore with this system. It can also have text and voice options available" Ralph said as Rocky and Frank's hologram waved at Vector.

"This is going to be interesting," Vector said watching Ralph go through the motions of operating the craft with Frank and Rocky. "Besides the receivers, we can download our monitors and computer systems for your use. Your observatory will make a quantum leap forward from where you are now with the tools that you have to the ones you will have" Ralph said as Vector's imagination was tingling his facial skin, like a current of positive electron flowing through his nerves. "I will be able to be with my sons as they travel through space," Vector said watching Rocky and Frank move around slightly as they heard what Ralph was going to do. "We have to get back to our lesson, so I am tuning out for now. All the best" Ralph said as they faded from the room.

Vector was absorbing the moment as he looked around and began to wonder where all of this was going. After about 10 minutes, Vector thought it was time for his walk with Artemesia and locked up and went home, where Artemesia was getting ready for their walk to the zen garden or the beach. "Did you catch up on some work at the observatory?" Artemesia asked. "Yes I did, let's take a walk to the beach and I will tell you about," Vector said as he reached out for Artemesia's hand before they began the walk. "You know, the more I learn the less I know. I don't know where it is taking me, but I'm going to find out. With you next to me, I know it will be worthwhile" Vector said as they began their walk to the beach.


flyin saucer3.png


Which Way

Rocky and Frank spent the next two weeks going over the controls and test riding the craft with Ralph, who was overseeing the procedure. Occasionally Alice would be in the co-pilot seat as both Rocky and Frank would watch and become more acquainted with the craft. One of the controls they learned was the weapons of the craft. The short and long-range laser beams, multi-proton impulse bullets, the electrical static blanket net, and the super-sonic nuclear vapor torpedo. They would go to a remote valley at a high elevation in the Andes and test the weapons, except for the vapor torpedo, which would be detected by the many spy satellites orbiting the planet.

"Why the craft would have such an arsenal is to protect itself from other alien ships that are here on earth. Our records show 15 different alien species, over half are friendly and the others are suspicious. They too have weapons aboard their spaceships and spacecraft. Some are more sophisticated and others less. You can look them up through the computer system onboard and what type of ship or craft they belong to them" Ralph said. "Here, let me bring up a race that is in this vicinity. "Boolarians" is a younger occupant to this area compared to us. They are a benevolent race and we get along. Then there is Wuutuuey, they are deceivers and pretend to be friendly" Alice said bringing up the images of those two alien races onto the monitor screen.

"How did you bring them up?" Rocky asked. "You can use a voice command if you know what to ask for or type in a couple of hotkeys and a list will appear. Right next to that Hot Key is the crop circle program. To do crop circle designs, press this key and a few prompts come up. Asking for geometric circle patterns of choice. The area where the pattern is to be placed. Along with the diagnostic of crop material. You can press this button or say go, then the design is imprinted onto the field and the crop material is vacuumed into a ball and vaporized. That is what I did before being switched from one assignment to another. It kept my creative side flowing so to speak when we finish one thing and do another" Alice said.

"Ralph, I want to run this by you. Can we copy how this spacecraft was built and find out what type of materials were used to construct it?" Rocky asked. "We knew one of you would ask that question before we were going to train you and Frank. We do not know when we will be called back to our planet, Nusor doesn't want that information to be given out. The computer system in this vehicle will know if you do try to. When that happens the both of you will be taken back and dropped off on your island and the craft will return to the Mother ship. So, you can use it until that day of saving the planet happens and after that, it will return" Ralph said.

"I understand about what not to do with the spacecraft. But can we use it for other things like capturing asteroids for their trace elements and other items of interest until that day of the return of the spacecraft, I mean accomplishment!" Rocky said. "Yes, in your quest for whatever elements you seek in this solar system" Ralph replied while looking at Frank. "You have our word that we will not copy the spacecraft," Frank said. "What I can do is give you a set of plans of an older vehicle that runs on radioactive diamonds. The electromagnetic propulsion system is an old system, but more advance of what is available currently in the military. The system will run for 20,000 years. Then the diamond light will go out. You won't be up to speed compared to us. But it will move fast. This set of plans are for the spacecraft your father flew on. It can get you started on advanced space vehicle design, without the trials and errors. Anyway, I will have the plans for you next week" Ralph said.

"Alrighty then! We will have you Rocky and Frank to start doing the things that you have been taught" Ralph said as he moved out of the seat he was in and let Rocky take his spot with Frank sitting shot-gun (co-pilot) They would spend the rest of the day learning to move in different directions at different speeds, in space and underwater. A special course was planned in hypersonic speed and time warp variables later into their lessons. The lessons came and went "Well, we feel that you two are capable of operating this space. After you have constructed a place for the craft, we allow you to fly it there for your use" Ralph said as they were over the island before beaming Rocky and Frank back to their houses. Ralph and Alice went back to the mothership to let Nusor know how the lesson went.

Frank would begin researching hangar designs that would be best for the spacecraft. Rocky was thinking about his new adventures and running the business and the other things that were being worked on. Their free time was during the weekends and Rocky called Frank on a Saturday. He wanted to talk about a few things. "Let's meet at hangar F, I have a few things to talk about, your ideas of the spacecraft hangar and where we should have our mining operation for the asteroid meltdown facility," Rocky said. "Ok, see you in a half an hour" Frank replied as he closed the open views on his monitor screen and looked for the folder with the hangar plans.

Walking around in the very large hangar, where their 747 cargo plane was located Rocky says "I had a few engineers do some preliminary designs for our South American site. I have them on the table in the office. What about the hangar at your house?" "I have two preliminary plans with landscape plans," Frank said. "Landscape?" asked Rocky. "Blending the side of the mountain into the hangar. I have the plans with me" Frank said as he looked at the folder that was next to his side.

Rocky went over the plans with Frank and like the one where the hangar doors were a 3 tier stepped block wall with artificial rocks to both sides of the sliding doors. A large landing pad was in front of it, which is next to the carport for the cars and car planes were situated. The sliding block wall worked separately from the concrete roof ceiling which opened like the block wall. The hangar was just slightly larger than two spacecraft next to each other. From 100 feet up from it, the hangar looked like part of the hill where it was located.

"How long will it take to build this?" Rocky asked. "A few months, everything is modular and is all ready to be shipped. It just needs to be transported and reassembled. We will use the 747 to pick it up. The excavation should take a few weeks and pouring the concrete and having the motors in place should take another month" Frank said as Rocky looked it over. "Alright, let's start making the calls to get the ball rolling. Here are some of the concepts for the mining facility near the other silver and gold mine that we are going to do with Jacinto's company. It should take a year to get it operational. The runway will be long enough for our biggest planes to fly into to bring in the equipment and supplies" Rocky said. "That yard is a year away, Should we have another area where we can start keeping the asteroids at.

And are we going to need a special group of employees for working with these new trace elements at the northern Peru facility and here" Frank said "Let's take a flight over tomorrow in the corporate jet and check it out of where the new yard might be and get an idea of the terrain. I have to be back in the afternoon. I have to take Mary out for an evening sail" Rocky said. "Yeah, sounds good to me," Frank said.

I have a teleconference in an hour about the crypto situation with a few of the guys" Rocky said putting away the plans back into their folder. "Ok, I'm going over to the observatory and see what dad up to and tell him Ralph is letting us on a set of plans of the spacecraft he flew around in," Frank said. "Ok, he'll like that. Got to go, see you at hangar D will have the jet ready at 4:30 I will fly there and you can fly back" Rocky said.

At the teleconference meeting, the question of how they would back the crypto-currency with precious metals, oil, and the different countries currency. "Rocky, what's up with the cryptos and the association's introduction of a crypto coin?" Otto asked. "What do you think of this. What about having an association office in Panama City where we will have a vault. It will be the headquarters for the crypto-coin" Rocky said. "It sounds good" Herman replied while writing something down. "Herman or Rocky, have you given it a name?" Otto asked. "We are still working on it, but the other things need to be in place. I can be one of the depositors to back it. I can put a billion in gold, and 100 million in silver. The other guys can put whatever precious metals or currencies into the different vaults the association will have, That will be a start " Rocky said.

Otto is listening and jotting down notes about the What, When, Where, and How in a scribbled writing into his notepad. The meeting went on for another hour and some details were worked out with newer issues popping out from a hidden scenario. "We are going to need more time to work the kinks out."
"Ok, let's meet again next week on Wednesday," Rocky said. "Rocky, any ideas on when the next surf and golf tournament might be?" Rainy asked. "Yes, it will be at Panama for the Grand Opening of the Crypto coin Headquarter's. The surf will be after the golf. About the same as the last one, but different. Will send a message out to those who were in it on the last contest and the others who were thinking about it too, so there may be others at the course or break. Ok, thanks everyone" Rocky said and waved to everyone and went off the air.

After his meeting, Rocky flew over to the observatory to be with his dad and Frank to talk about the different possibilities and schedules he and Frank would go on. "We will need to practice using the craft for at least a couple of months on earth before going out and get involve with something we know little of except for the books and videos that we had read and viewed," Frank said. 'Oh, dad Ralph said he has plans of the spacecraft you flew in. Would you be interested in helping your two sons on a project?" Rocky asked. "Yes Frank told me about it. But sure, I can do that with you two," Vector said looking at them and thinking back to Atlantis when they were little kids. "Great dad, No hurry, whatever you think, we have the funds for this" Rocky said.

Morris meanwhile was up at the Hill getting a board shaped. Entering the shaping room without opening the door. We find Morris on one side of the shaping rack where Jim is walking backward while cutting the outline of the blank out. "Been surfing?" Jim asked. "Last Thursday at Beacon's," Morris said as he moved towards the door to give Jim more room, as he is about to squeeze the trigger of his Skil 100. The sound of the planer blade cutting through the foam is a legendary sound that starts the process of another surfboard being shaped. Morris stepped outside of the room with just a crack to see into the shaping room. He looks in and Jim sees him at the same time. He was approaching the tail on his second cut.

20 minutes later Morris is in the shaping room watching Jim cleaning the outline slightly, barely pushing or pulling on either side with his extended sanding sword. Morris gets a call from Kathy his wife and she wanted to know what he wanted for dinner and could he help her with a few things with her computer. "Ok, I'm on the Hill. I'll be there in 20 minutes" Morris said and closed his phone. "I have to go, Jim, I filled out the glassing info with Tony," Morris said. "Hey, I heard you were moving to Puerto Rico," Jim said. "Yeah, this new board is for there," Morris said. "Puerto Rico, Oh yeah, tubed at Crashboat's" and Jim began telling stories of the different spots and surfing Tres Palmas on a big day. 25 minutes later Morris gets a call from Kathy. "Oh, we started talking story and I was remembering our time there six weeks ago. Ok, I'm leaving now" Morris said as he closed the shaping room door.



To the Belt


Flying over the Ecuadorian / Peruvian borders, Rocky points to an area in front of them and says "We are over the area where our geologist says it might be worthwhile. By having the Peru Mine Group work with us, their expertise will make it better. This project will be an opportunity to see if we can work with them on other locations" as Rocky went into a sweeping wide turn over the area while Frank was taking pictures.  After a few more circles around the area, Rocky flew to the Bocas del Toro side of Panama where the company has a private airport which is part of the banana plantation that the Ag division operates.

Flying up the coast, Rocky veers off along the coast "There's Silversback, I hear the place is ledgy when bigger. One of these days we should go surf it" Rocky said as he does another flyover to get a better glimpse of the waves before continuing towards the small airport. Rocky calls into lets his personnel at the airport know that he is coming in for a quick landing and taxing back to the takeoff area to switch pilots and would be taking off again. The control tower returned his call stating it was all clear for him to do so. "Rocky, this meeting you are having with your ag manager, what is it about?" asked Frank.

"I forgot about his birthday which is today and didn't get him something earlier, so taking care of two things with one flight made sense to me," Rocky said as he came in for a landing. "It will be a few minutes. I need to take his present into the office and be right back" Rocky said unbuckling from his seat and grabbed the present on the seat that was closest to the exit door. Frank made the switch and got ready when Rocky returned. Ten minutes later Rocky comes out with the manager who happened to be there. Both said a few words and Rocky patted his manager's back and waved goodbye and he waved back. After adjusting to the co-pilot seat Rocky was ready to take off. "What did you get Jose for his birthday present?" Frank asked. "I got him a gallon of vintage Red Mountain wine vintage 1967" Rocky said. "What the" Frank said. "Just kidding, I got him Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac from the wine warehouse" Rocky said with a smile. Frank pressed the throttle forward and they were on their way home. After landing, Rocky picked up Mary and the two went for an evening sail, as promised.

The design of the 30-meter square cube had the slope of the roof at the same angle as the surrounding hill. The roof had two parts and opened in the middle as it slid on side rails. After the construction of the hangar, the structure was filled in with surrounding hillside to camouflaging it. A warehouse was placed 100 meters away. By using the spacecraft special functions they cut off weeks of work into days. Removing big sections of dirt and rocks in a cut and fill procedure. The building site was ready to go in no time. The building materials were brought in using the company's 747 cargo planes to the storage area at the airport. Where the spacecraft would pick it up at night and transport it to the large concrete pad next to the carport and house. Heavy-duty generators were in place With the modulated steel framing parts organized and placed at different locations as the crew of 300 workers were busy assembling the parts. Portable workshops were putting the parts together and the forklifts were moving the parts to the large cranes.

Besides hangar Z, a gable roof storage warehouse was also being built. Its dimensions were 100' wide by 400' long and 40 ft. high, the shell of the structure was built in 5 days. The two large cranes were brought over from the harbor and airport. The one from the harbor returned to continue it use with the work there with the shipbuilding and mast stepping and other assigned functions that were happening with the expansion of the harbor. The empty containers that were used previously to bring the part placed at an open area, to be used later for asteroid material containers and stored on the south end of the warehouse stacked four high. The people in the portable office trailers were busy overseeing the development of the project and it was built in less than a month. With minor touch up being done.

Rocky was anxious for hangar Z to be completed and the spacecraft to be allowed to move into their hangar. The day came when they could do just that, after their flying around and finishing up on a few lessons. Ralph said "Well, go ahead and take her to the new hangar and we will go back to the mother-ship after that." looking at Alice with a smile.

Frank had control of the craft while it hovered above the entrance to the hangar as the outer cover opened up. Then the inner dome doors opened up and the spacecraft lowered into the area before coming to a rest on the floor. "Good Frank, we will be going now. See you in a couple of days. If there is any questions just give us a call on your cell" Ralph said as he and Alice started to fade and soon disappeared. Frank closed the dome doors and then the roof of the hangar. Getting out of the craft, Frank and Rocky went outside, where Rocky had parked his car plane. "I'm going to my office, I have a few things to finish. I'm going surfing tomorrow and do a dawn patrol, there are waves at the Twilight Zone. The swell is picking up and it should be good for a couple of days" Rocky said. "Yeah, I think I will get some waves too, I have a new 7'10" mini tanker I want to try out. See you there in the morning" Frank said thinking about surfing as Rocky got in his car plane and flew off to his office.

The next morning Rocky was out before the light of day. Looking out at the horizon and seeing it slightly rising. Knowing the break, he paddles over to the takeoff spot and catches the wave at an angle. Looking at the top silhouette of the wave, Rocky is going by instinct and what he can see, with the glow of day on the eastern horizon Rocky can see the contour in front of him. Frank had just driven up with his headlights on. He could see the waves rolling in as Rocky kicks out. Frank hurries into his trunks, added another coat of wax from the night before, and paddles out. "Rocky saw that last wave you caught. Pretty good ride, how do you like your latest board?" Frank asked. "This is the second time riding it and like it.

I had this idea after the golf and surf contest of this hybrid board of taking various concepts from the shortboards and incorporate them into the longboard. I used the shaping machine and its database at the surf shop at the harbor and had Cerio glass it" Rocky said as he turns his head toward the horizon. With his left hand, he grabs the rail and says "Another set." Frank sees the waves coming and began paddling out with Rocky. They would surf for an hour and a half before going in.

After their surf session, Rocky and Frank were back at the hangar Z and getting ready for the cruise without Ralph and Alice. Flying up to the upper atmosphere, they began orbiting the planet in stealth mode for an hour before returning to the hangar. Rocky and Frank then went over to the observatory to go over the plans regarding the asteroid mining with their dad. Vector had been busy going over the spacecraft plans when they came into his office. "Frank, Rocky, I went over the plans of the spacecraft that Ralph gave you. We should build it at hangar Z at the west end of the warehouse where it is empty. I will need to tool up for it and it might take about 6 months, maybe less" Vector said. "Ok, just make a list of what is needed and I will get it" Rocky said as was going over the latest photo from the telescope camera. "Where are these pictures taken from?" Rocky asked.

"That quadrant near Mars is around 35 million miles from Earth. There are more clusters in the gap between Jupiter and Mars. Vector's phone rings and it is Leo. "Hey Vector, what are you doing today?" Leo asked. "Flo and I are going sailing this afternoon, care to join us?" Leo asked. "I'm working on a couple of things, but yeah we can go, what time will you be at the docks?" Vector asked. "3," Leo said. "Ok will let Artemesia know," Vector said as he hung up and refocused on the asteroids. "I will have more for you two in a couple of days. I will text you both at our next meeting" Vector said. "Alright, sounds good to me. I need to get back to the office" Rocky said. "Yes, dad and I will take a walk around the warehouse site where he wants to build the spacecraft. We can do that this morning" Frank said as Vector placed the pictures and notes back into the folders.

Rocky was in his office at a telecom conference with Jacinto. "Jacinto has your company changed its mind about the project" Rocky asked. "Yes, we had an election, and the candidate who previously stated he would allow the mining was not elected. So, we will have to let the dust settle and see what is going to happen" Jacinto said. "Then we shall hold off as well. Our other project that was going to be a part of the one we were talking about will continue but at a different country" Rocky said looking over a map of southern Ecuador. "Ok, let's postpone our meeting until the dust settles. I will reschedule for 3 weeks from now. Maybe sooner if things become clearer with the new government" Rocky said as he concluded the meeting and would call back his Realtor in Panama City who left a message.

"Rogelio, how are you. You left a message of finding a place for our new office and vault location" Rocky said. "Yes Rocky, I will email you the details. It is a 30 story building near the ocean in the business district. Would you like to stop by this week and look at it?" Rogelio said. "I can be there tomorrow. Can you pick me up at the airport to go look at it" Rocky said. "Why Yes, what time?" Rogelio asked. "See you at 10" Rocky said. "Ok, see you then," Rogelio said as his 
call ended. Rocky was back on the telecom conference screen and is talking to Otto and Herman about what is happening with the cryptocurrency coin. "Otto, Herman, I received information on our crypto office location. It's a 30 story office skyscraper. In the business district of Panama City" Rocky mentioned as he placed the pictures of the building to the side of the main screen.

"Have you come up with a name for the coin?" Herman asked. "Met L coin," Rocky said. "Met L coin," Otto said with a pause and continued "That sounds like metal, so I'm ok with it," Otto said as he looked at the building pictures. "I'm going to see the vault in the building tomorrow. It uses to belong to a bank that went bankrupt" Rocky said. "Rocky, I was in communications with Aman and he knows the chairman of his company who is very much interested in backing you on the cryptocurrency coin and would like to meet you and talk about investing 500 million in gold and 100 million in silver," Otto said. "Good to hear, Otto. I will update what I find out tomorrow and share it next week" Rocky said as a few more questions were asked before the conference ended.

"How is Frank and Rocky doing regarding the spacecraft that they are learning on?" Leo asked Vector while they were sailing along in the afternoon breeze. "They have a full plate to contend with regarding the spacecraft and everything related to it. Plus their mining operation and the cryptocurrency coin venture they want to get into" Vector said casually, remembering the time when he and Leo had started out back in Portobello. Artemesia looked at Flo who had a smile looking back at her, both knew what they had been through, as Flo steered the boat back to the harbor.

At the docks, Leo sees Frank by the shipbuilding warehouse and waves to him and he waves back. Frank walks over to Leo's boat and sees what they had been up to. "How was your day sail?" Frank asked. "We had a fun time," said Flo who was listening in. "Yes, we did. What are you up to?" Leo asked. "I shaped a blank on the shaping machine. It was something I thought of this morning while surfing with Rocky this morning. Had some free time so I took advantage of it" Frank said. "What kind of board did you shape out?" Leo asked. "A 5'11" round pin. I added a little more foam at the wide spot along the rail and a slightly more tail rocker. You know the waves are still good at Twilight Zone" Frank said.

"Flo and Artemesia are you two up to surfing some waves?" Leo asked. "Yes, I haven't surfed in a while," Artemesia said. "Me too," Flo said right after Artemesia's reply. "Well, Twilight Zone here we come," Vector said as they washed the boat and got ready to go surf. Their extra boards were in the ship-building warehouse locker and were similar to the ones at home. Frank flew ahead of them and was out in the water with Rocky and Mary. Driving up to the parking bluff, they see the waves rolling in with Frank, Rocky, and Mary out in the water surfing 3-5 ft point break waves.

They all stayed out until the sun dipped below the horizon and watched the green flash happened. After the flash, they all caught the next waves and rode the white water in. Drying off next to their cars and car planes, Flo said "We still have some items from the day sail we can use some of the items to cook a meal with." "They're still some wood leftover from the last cookout," Leo said. A meal was cooked up and a few stories were talked about. After an hour and a half, everyone returned to their houses and called it a day. While Frank was flying to his house, he gets a call from Ralph. "Frank, how are you and Rocky getting used to operating the spacecraft?" Ralph asked. "We are getting used to it" Frank replied.

"What I called about is Alice and I will be stopping by the observatory and show your father certain locations where you and Rocky can go to get your first batch of asteroids. We called your father and he will tell Rocky the same thing we are telling you. So, we will be there at 8 am" Ralph said. "Yes, I will be there," Frank said. "Good, we will see you then," Ralph said as he hung up. Rocky and Frank are with their dad next to the photo table when Ralph and Alice show up and are walking towards the table. "Morning" Ralph said as he started to explain how they should approach the asteroid belt. Using 3D holograms with dotted light trails from earth to a certain area of the Belt. After a 30 minute basic explanation of what to look out for and what direction they should approach.

"You will use the Element detector to find out what is in the asteroid. After finding out what is in it and the amount. You can then decide to harvest or continue to another and analyze it. You can place a marker beam on the one you might want after scanning the area. We will go out with you on your first time out and we will show what to do and when to do it" Ralph said as Vector came across a thought while imagining what Ralph was explaining. "Ralph, what if the object is large. How would that be brought back through the atmosphere without causing alarm to the other countries, let alone the US military?

"Once the object is chosen, a plasma shrink wrap is used as a coating, Each object that is chosen is connected to the previous object by way of electromagnetic strings like a train. The coating absorbs heat and is invisible to radar or any other detectors. It will pass through the atmosphere without being noticed, just like the spacecraft. Once the spacecraft has returned to the base, the wrap is then deactivated. Each container is decoupled from the other" Ralph said as Vector nodded his head to suggest he understood. "This spacecraft is more advance than the one your father let me use back in the day," Vector said.

"We will schedule the event in 2 days. We will meet at Hangar Z at 10 am" Alice said as Ralph was removing some of the holograms around them, including the train of shrink wrap containers that conform to the asteroid shape and are made from neutralized matter that is produced from the sub-generator of the main propulsion unit. "So that is how we are going to transport the asteroids from the Belt back to our island. Then transported over to our smelting facility. Where that is, is being worked out due to unforeseen events that had occurred" Rocky said. "So we will see you at Hangar Z and go from there," Frank said. "Until then," Alice said as they started to fade before disappearing.




Space Coin

After a few weeks, Frank and Rocky are getting used to the spacecraft and its ability to collect and move materials in stealth mode, traveling at different speeds and distances. The moon was one of the places on the list that they were going to. Having talked about it for a week, now on this day, the spacecraft was going. With the hangar doors open the spacecraft slowly went up, then took off vertically into outer space. "Alright, we will go into orbit first, I entered the coordinates of where a Wormhole will be located. Then in the next minute or so we will veer off to that Wormhole I know of" Ralph said as they entered into the Wormhole and within a minute, they were orbiting around the moon. "That's something I didn't know was there," Frank said being amazed by the Wormhole they just came out of, as they were orbiting around the moon in stealth mode. "You should approach and leave the moon in stealth," Ralph said.

"The first and only load we will be taking back today will be of lithium, I know of a place from a previous excavation. This lithium's main advantage compared to the lithium found on earth is, it keeps a longer charge" Ralph said as Alice was helping Rocky set the parameters of the material to be extracted, which was the size of a 20 ft. cargo container. After doing so, the sections were removed from the surface and suspended in space, each block is covered with a shrink wrap plasma substance that solidified on contact.

The procedure took around ten minutes to make a train of ten blocks, Ralph turned to Alice and raised his hand to tell her to stop making blocks. Alice removed her hand from the monitor screen as Rocky watched her fingers and the screen "The rectangular plasma blocks that were suspended in space are starting to hook up end to end and was ready to be taken back to the island" Alice said as she looked at the printout on the screen. It had calculated the weight of each block to weigh 10 tons.

The train was all set and the spacecraft began energizing the links from the spacecraft to the last mineral block of the train. at the same time, the train went into stealth mode. Where now the spacecraft and train were invisible. They started their return trip back by using the same wormhole they had taken to get there. They came out of the wormhole and were orbiting around the earth when they descended to Manana's island their home base.

Once back, they slowed down over Frank's house and hovered over the large concrete open lot next to the warehouse and hangar, where the custom shipping containers were stored and waiting for the load to be placed in it. Twenty containers were waiting, but only 10 would be used after Ralph changed the load from 20 to 10. The end doors were open and facing the spacecraft. Frank disconnects the train and picks up each load and inserts it into the container and disengages the plasma wrap after the doors have been closed. "Good work Frank," Alice said as the last of the lithium block was put away in its container.

"Alright, nice job the both of you did. We will be going back to our spaceship. If there is any question about what you are not sure of or if your father has a question or two, let us know and we will help you out. Give us a call" Ralph said as they returned to their spaceship. Frank and Rocky hovered over to the spacecraft hangar and proceeded to land the spacecraft in its hangar. Frank's cell phone rang a couple of times. "Oh, high dad, what's up?" Frank asked. "Your mother wants to know if you will have dinner with us. She just got finishing talking with Mary and she and Rocky will be over" Vector said. "We just got back and placed the spacecraft in its hangar," Frank said with Rocky next to him. Just then Rocky's cell phone rings and it's Mary. "Hi Mary, yes he is next to me. He is talking with dad right now. Ok, meet you there" Rocky said as everyone showed up half an hour later. With everyone there, they talked about the spacecraft Vector was building and what the guys did during the day. "Where is uncle Leo?" Frank asked. "They sailed over to Antigua for the weekend. What about your schedule Rocky" Artemesia asked.

"I will be in Panama taking care of business this week and Mary will be visiting family. I will be reviewing a building that CGM (Caribbean Galaxy Mining) had bought and was in the state of being updated for the crypto coin CGM and the other miners are about to introduce. The new headquarters is where the new crypto coin which was originally named Met L Coin, but changed to FutureX2 coin after further review by the committee. Also, we are going over the white papers" Rocky said looking at the freshly caught lobster and dorado by the fishing guys at the harbor and now tonight's dinner. It had been a long day for Frank and Rocky and they looked it.

A cup of coffee to start the week, Rocky is at hangar CST viewing the heavy equipment being loaded onto the jumbo cargo planes. Knowing it will be at the PC airport later in the day. But for now, Rocky is getting into his private jet and would be flying to Panama City where another cargo plane has been there for a few hours earlier. A copter had been flown in on one of previous cargo planes for Rocky to use at the main airport.

After arriving on a Monday, Rocky went to see a couple of locations where the surf contest could be held at. Having a list of beaches where the surf sites will be held Rocky flew over some of the sites and will have someone talked to the owners of the sites to get an idea of what to do once the site has been chosen. After weighing where to hold the surf contest. Rocky went over to a few golf courses and chose a place where a group of 8 could shot a couple of rounds, After checking the surf and golf contest locations, he gives Jacinto a call and asked how things are. "Jacinto, this is Rocky. It should be a few months before we can hold the Surf and Golf tourney here in Panama. The building needs a few more things that were overseen. Other than that, it's going at a good pace" Rocky said. "Good to hear, I too have some good news. The location has the paperwork taken care of and we are gearing up on our side" Jacinto said.

"I will have my staff get ready and we can coordinate the funding to get things going," Rocky said thinking of the gold and silver mine, the new smelting facility for the asteroid elements that will be melted, which is a year and a half away from going into production. "When are you going to the Andes site?" Rocky asked. There is going to be a meeting with our geologist and top managers at the end of this week" Jacinto said. "What time?" asked Rocky. "They will meet at 10 on Friday," Jacinto said. "I will be using the company's copter. It came over with the heavy equipment that was flown over" Rocky said looking at his watch. "So, you will be there at 10 Friday" Jacinto asked. "Yes, I will be there and we can take a flight around the area and make a detour to our new office building in Panama for a couple of hours, then bring you back to the campsite of the mining operation," Rocky said. "Good, I will see you there," Jacinto said.


It was Friday and Rocky, his pilot and crew were coming in for a landing in a modified Sikorsky Seahawk helicopter at the makeshift helipad of the mining location. Rocky and his crew land and attend the meeting. After the meeting Jacinto, Rocky and his crew flew off and went flying around the area where the new gold mine would become operational in a couple of years. After flying around for an hour in the surrounding areas and the mountains they would be mining, Jacinto mentioned an update from their geologist. "It's a Mother of a Lode" pointing to 3 mountain tops next to each other. Rocky was surprised at what Jacinto had said and smiled at the thought of backing the crypto coins with more precious metals. On the side trip to the office building in Panama, Rocky and Jacinto talked about golf and surfing and the latest boards they were riding. "Jacinto, there is our new office building. They will be working on the vaults for another few years" Rocky said as they got closer to the building, as the pilot landed on the helipad on top of the building. A person was waiting for them to land and take them downstairs to do a tour.

Before going downstairs to the penthouse, Jacinto looked around at the scenery and the coastal views north and south. Starting at the top level, Rocky, Jacinto, and Floyd the manager of the building went down to the 10th., 11th, and 12th floor as Doug the pilot went back to the airport to do a few things and would return in a couple of hours. A few of Floyd and his associates and technician would be going with them to answer any questions they might have about new mainframe computers that were in the rooms. "Pretty cool, those mainframes must cost a pretty penny?" Jacinto said. "Yes it did, but it's worth it. With a trillion dollars of precious metals, oil, and new crypto coins flowing through here, we are going to need the horsepower to help with future possibilities" Rocky said.

Rocky tells Jacinto and Floyd they are going back up to the helipad, where Doug will be waiting for them. He will be taking them to the surf site and the golf course where they will be playing at. After taking the elevator to the top floor, Rocky walks around to the balcony from the elevator and goes up a flight of stairs to the helipad. "On the side of the entrance /exit shed where the door opens up to, is a remote control communication unit," Floyd said as they stepped onto the helipad and walked around the top of the building. Pointing to the outer perimeter, Floyd says "Sanctions, 4 feet in height with 3 cables at the top, middle, and bottom section of the sanctions. There is netting circling the complete area of the helipad with additional safety netting over the side edge" said Floyd.

Rocky walked over to the edge with his safety harness and lifeline on and grabbed the top cable and looked down at the traffic, then back to where he is at. "If the winds continue and become stronger. A red light is automatically turned on to indicated high winds" Floyd said as he pointed to the safety line attached to their harness hanging near the exit door. With Rocky, Jacinto, and Floyd watching Doug bring the copter in for a landing. "Jacinto, put on your safety harnesses and lifeline, the wind is picking up," Floyd said. With their lifelines connected, they walked over to the copter. Floyd took the harness and lines from Jacinto and Rocky. He would take them back to the shed after waving to them that he would see them later.

Flying up the coast near Costa Rica, Rocky is pointing at an area in front of them "This is one of the places we might use for the surfing" Rocky said pointing to the break. "Where is that?" Jacinto asked. "Pavones" Rocky said as the copter veered back to Panama City. "There are two courses in the city we might use, for now, I have to decide which one we will use later. For now, we will be heading back to the mine site" Rocky said as they went back and dropped Jacinto off, before returning to the airport to take his private jet back home. Taking an hour and a half before calling to the control tower before landing. Flying in Rocky noticed "Twilight Zone" was breaking, After landing, he flew over to the beach in his car plane and caught a few waves before it got dark and the weekend was around the corner when his phone rang. "Rocky, how are you. Just called back to let you know my company's top management is glad to have you onboard and look forward to working with you. Getting waves today?" Jacinto said knowing Rocky had mentioned something about surfing before landing at the mining site, before letting Jacinto off.

"Just got a few waves at Twilight Zone, which is located on the south side of the island. Going over to the surf shop and see if the guys finished my machined shaped 9' 4" round pin. We got a new add-on for our shaping machine. It sits parallel to the existing machine and flips the blank over and finishes the shapes without someone flipping it over. Like the design a lot and can hardly wait to get it in the water, it's being glassed with carbon and epoxy using vacuum bagging. Going home right now and have dinner with my wife and after that go over to the shop and check my new board out. I will see you next week and let you know when. Thanks for calling" Rocky said before hanging up and changing back to his board shorts, tee-shirt, and walking flip flops. Having flown home in his car plane, Rocky decided to take it easy and spend the rest of the night with Mary. The next morning he went over to the shop and picked up his new board and flew over to the Twilight Zone and tried out his new board which weighed ten pounds.

He had an interesting session and the new board would become his new favorite. The turns and cutbacks were easier to do, because of the weight loss. It made it easy to do floaters and kick-outs and paddled like a longer board. With that in mind, he would be taking Mary to Panama City the following week to visit her family and spend more time with her. Having second thoughts of using the penthouse for their residence. Rocky had his real estate department look into other place outside of the city.

Frank's hangar2.jpg


Change of Plans

In a telephone conversation with Leo, who is on the runway at HNL airport. He and Flo are returning from their business trip to Singapore. They are getting ready to take off in the company jet after refueling. Vector is explaining the difficulty he is having building the spacecraft with the resources that he has. "Where are you now," Leo asked. "I'm in my observatory office looking at my dual screen monitor. On one screen I have 4 spreadsheet documents and 2-word documents. On the other screen, I have 4 images of the spacecraft that Rocky and Frank are using and the other two are the spacecraft
we used back in the day" Vector said. "We are about to take off, I will call you tomorrow morning and we can go surf in the morning and talk some more about the spacecraft," Leo said. "Alright, see you when you get back. Oh, by the way, there is a northeast swell starting to happen. We should get some fun waves tomorrow" Vector said concluding the conversation.

Returning to his problem-solving thoughts, Vector was still trying to figure out where he would get the materials needed and how to produce the parts. Going over the plans, he wasn't sure what some of the material was and where it came from. His phone rings and he answers it. "Vector, this is Ralph. Frank gave me a call yesterday and mentioned you were having second thoughts on building the spacecraft. I can stop by and help you if you like?" Ralph asked. "Yes, after studying this project for a couple of months, I'm way over my head. When can you stop by?" Vector asked.

"Alice and I can be there in 15 minutes. We will be out of the area later today" Ralph said. "Yes, 15 minutes will be fine," Vector said looking at the screen. "Alright, we will see you then," Ralph said as he hung up. Vector got up and walked over to the window, he would look out toward the harbor and the distant clouds as his mind started to drift back to the days of Atlantis once again. "Oh well," he said to himself, returning to his desk. Vector made a list of a few questions he would ask Ralph and Alice. A few minutes later Ralph knocked on the office door and came in with Alice. Vector turned his head and got up to greet them.

"Ralph and Alice, it's good to see you both again. I'm having second thoughts about building this spacecraft" Vector replied. "We thought you would, we weren't sure how far you could go before you realized it. By giving you the plans, we wanted to open an avenue in your mind to the nuts and bolts of the spacecraft and other possibilities that you may encounter along the way of future spacecraft" Ralph said as Alice added to the insight of why they were teaching him this "Our civilization learned these lessons in space travel way before I was born. Our people have continued along those lines of advancement ever since" Alice mentions while looking at Vector's computer screens.

"So, the more I learn the less I know is what I'm thinking. What do you suggest in how I should go about approaching this project" Vector asked. Ralph looked at Vector with a smile and said "Rocky and Frank has a spacecraft which is a newer version of the one you once had. With that in mind, Nusor has permitted me to let you use another spacecraft we have. So, instead of you building it, and taking the time to do so. He had decided to let you use a newer model that has a few more advanced features compared to Frank and Rocky's. Let me show you what it looks like" Ralph said as he proceeded to stretch his right arm out with the palm of his open hand facing up as a miniature holographic spacecraft appeared.

With his left hand facing down above the small holographic replica, Ralph began moving it by moving his hand in a counterclockwise circular motion. "Even though it looks like the one Frank and Rocky are using, it is more advance. One of the features of this spacecraft has, is it can create a protective dome the size of a small city, where no human weapon can penetrate it. Another item in its toolbox is that it has a beam that can dig a tunnel by vaporizing the material it is digging through. It can dig 1000 zok in our terms, or 3000 feet by way of how you measure things. There are other advanced features you will learn about once you become acquainted with the spacecraft" Ralph said. "When will I start to learn its usage?" Vector asked. Starting next week, first, we will have a meeting with your sons tomorrow and go over the location where you will store it. How it will be used and other defensive mechanisms that it has onboard" Ralph said looking at Alice. "Yes, we will meet at Frank's yard tomorrow at 10 am. I will let Rocky and Frank know of what is going to take place after we leave here" Alice said as Ralph placed both hands together and the hologram disappeared.

"Ralph, Leo is returning from his trip to Singapore and will be back later tonight. Can he be part of the demonstration with us tomorrow?" Vector asked. "Yes, that will be alright" Ralph replied looking at Alice and mentioned, "My father told me about those days of Leo and thought you two should do things together. Way before Nusor came up with the idea of you using a spacecraft again" Ralph said.

Meanwhile, at Manana's island airport, a group of future employees had finished their indoctrination with the company and were getting ready to take a tour of the island. One of the new employees was Morris, whom Otto had suggested to work for Rocky. After being hired, Morris moved to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico from Encinitas, California a couple of weeks earlier. He and the group of Developers/ Programmers were discussing in the van that was taking them around to different locations on the island. The places were the harbor, observatory, and the airport where they flew into and would be flying out of. Back at the observatory Ralph and Alice were saying their goodbyes and were walking out the door. Vector returned to his computer and closed the windows he had open and shut downed the computer before locking up his office and going home.

Back at the corporate headquarters, Rocky is in a conference call with the group of guys that were in the last surf and golf contest. "We have sent out a progress report to all of the members of our association of where our new location will be and the description of the new building which will be the headquarters of our new cryptocurrency. The date it will become operational is still tentative and monthly reports of its progress will be sent out once we get near the launch. The name of the new cryptocurrency will be FutureX2 coin and more will be mentioned at our next meeting. This meeting will focus more on the surf contest and the golf tournament" Rocky said. "Where will it be and when?" Delbert asked. "It will be in Panama, a place called Quad Palms. That will be for two days and the golfing will be at Flamingo Pond Country Club, that will be for two days also. The format will be just like the last golf and surf contest" Rocky said.

"Will there be special accommodation for the contestants like the last time?" Herman of Moby Investment Mines of Canada asked. "Yes, there will be, Quad Palms is located at an isolated bay on the northern border of Panama and has no accommodations. We will have "Hot Diggity" and two other vessels, a small freighter with the necessary supplies and personnel that will be running the contest. It has additional berths for new contestants if that should be necessary. I have received inquiries from others in the association to enter the event. The freighter will have a helipad on the stern of the ship for a helicopter. There will be a doctor and a nurse on board, just in case there might be an emergency or anything else that it can be used for. A third boat has been added for security reasons with armed security personnel on standby in case of foul play from outside people. The freighter and "Hot Diggity" will be anchored close to each other" Rocky said.

"What about the golf course?" Rainy of Mountain Yellow Bullion Exchange asked. "There are individual cottages at the Flamingo Pond course. The guys can bring their wives or share the cottage with another member of the group" Rocky mentioned as he noticed Todd raising his hand, then asking "Girlfriends too." "Yes, if you like, also for our security there will be plainclothes personnel with us" Rocky answered as the meeting continued for another hour before it concluded. After the meeting, Rocky gets a call from Frank.

"Rocky, dad had a meeting with Ralph and Alice and was told he's being upgraded from building the spacecraft to receiving a newer model spacecraft already built. It is more advance than the one we are using. He wants us to be at my house tomorrow when they bring the spacecraft to the hangar where the other spacecraft is located" Frank said. "What time?" Rocky asked. "10 am," Frank said. "Have you looked at any surf spots on the island?" Rocky asked. In a couple of places, the tide is going low. Stanley's Diner is where I will be going in a few hours when the tide comes back in. I'm going to bring fins and snorkel and go after a lobster for dinner after our surf session" Frank said. "Give me a call and I will go out with you," Rocky said. "Ok, will do" Frank answered back while being parked at the harbor in his car plane.

A van pulls up into the parking lot and 15 people step out of it. They were the new employees which included Morris. They were being given a tour of a specific location on the island. Larry the personnel manager who was conducting the tour waved at Frank. Frank walks over to them and introduces himself. "Hi, I'm Frank. Nice to meet you all. I hope you are all doing well and getting to know our island headquarters. Which department are you people going to be working in?" Frank asked. "They are in the cryptocurrency developer/programmers group and will be working at the regional

office in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Going surfing later" Larry asked. "Yes, there is a new northeast swell of 3 to 5 feet," Frank said. Morris watched and listen to what was said and became curious. "Excuse me, I was wonder do you surf on a short or longboard. I also surf" Morris said.

"Longboard" Frank answered back. "I ride a longboard myself and occasionally a mini tanker, my name is Morris," Morris said shaking Frank's hand. "What a coincidence, I surf too," another person in the group said as everyone focused their attention on the lady who commented. "What is your name," Frank asked. "My name is Trish" Trish replied as a smile came to Frank who was attracted to her. "See that building over there. That's where we have our surf shop. It has a shaping machine, a shaping room, and a 3 glassing rack glass room. Next to that is our boat building warehouse and yard. Where we build our boats, both sail, and motor. There are a few of our boats out in the harbor and some others out at sea doing some fishing" Frank said as he looked at his watch and knew he had to do some work at his house before going surfing. "Larry will show you around, I'm kinda busy and have to be going. Nice to meet you all." Frank replied as he started walking back to his car plane.

"What an interesting car he has," Trish said. "He and his brother Rocky and father have one," Larry said. "Rocky the chairman of the company?" Trish asked. "Yes," Larry said. The group started looking at each other and thought to themselves of what an interesting person Frank was. "All right we will be taking a walk over to the docks and have some beverages at the company's boat and will go over to the surf and boat shops, then over to the airport for a tour there, before you all catch your flights back to Puerto Rico," Larry said.

After the tour and returning to San Juan, Morris sees Kathy waiting for him at the parking lot for their drive back to their new residence in Aguadillo. "How were your intro and our to Manana Island?" Kathy asked. "It went well, I met one of the owners. He is a cool guy who surfs. There are waves on that island. We were going to see the observatory but ran out of time. Most likely next time. Let's have dinner in the old town and do club hopping here in San Juan and get a hotel room for the night" Morris said. "Ok," Kathy said thinking about doing some dancing and partying around on a Friday night.

The next morning Vector, Rocky, Frank, and Leo were standing around waiting for Ralph and Alice to show up. Some 50 feet away from them a spacecraft appeared with Ralph and Alice exiting out the side door. The group walked over to the craft and walked around it. "It is slightly different and bigger," said Vector observing other distinct characteristics of the craft. "Shall we go for a ride?" Ralph said as everyone entered the spacecraft. "This craft has the special feature of going back and into the future. The other craft you and Rocky are using had that feature but was taken out. Now you will have that feature on this craft. For example, we are going to use this feature. Please be seated" Ralph said as he placed the information into the system of when and where they are going.

Suddenly they are over Florence, Italy during the tail end of the High Renaissance. Leo felt goosebumps on his arms. "This is one place I wouldn't have imagined being at this morning. It seems so strange, yet heartwarming. "We are only observers and do not intend to change anything in this period. But look at the screen and you will see Leo and his father working at their mapping-making studio. This is where it began" Leo said as a tear came to his eyes as he thought of the moment.

"Ok, we are going back to the future," Alice said looking at Leo, knowing the feeling he was experiencing. Within a moment's notice, they were back in the hangar where the other spacecraft was located. "That was interesting," Vector said. "I will be back tomorrow at 7 am to instruct you all in how to use the craft. Each class will last an hour. Ralph has other projects he is involved with tomorrow and will be back the following day. The course will take a couple of weeks to do. I will see everyone tomorrow" Alice said as the guys exited the craft and she and Ralph waved before disappearing back to their mother ship.

teeing off 5.jpg

Episode 9

The Unexpected

Rocky had driven over to his getaway beach near his house and was walking on the beach and thinking of his father's new spacecraft, Frank's space mining expeditions that they had just done and will do. The Andes mining development, the launching of a new crypto coin and the Surf and Golf tournament that would be happening in a couple of weeks, and the new boards he had made for the event. Besides the other ventures and investments that are on the books. Looking out onto the horizon he was also thinking about his marriage and how he and Mary were becoming more distant with each project he was doing. Just like how Frank's marriage with Lucy turned out and the divorce that would follow. He needed to refocus on their relationship and set a course where they both are in the same boat.

Walking along the water's edge, his cell phone rings and it is Otto. "Hi Otto" Rocky said. "Rocky, how are things going with the Surf and Golf tournament?" Otto asked. "Hot Diggity, Primary Load (the freighter with supplies and medical staff) and You Betcha (the security boat) had gone through the Canal and the escort pilots had been picked up from all three of boats on the Pacific side of the Canal. The boats are on the docks and will be waiting for the golf tournament to be over. They will be taking the contestants and guests to Quad Palmas for the surfing event. Also, I will not be in the golf or surfing tournament as a competitor this time. I have too much going on" Rocky said.

"Oh well, I understand your position on this matter. Where is the place we will be staying for the golfing?" Otto asked. "Shooting the Breeze Resort, everything has been taken care of regarding the accommodation and the resort has two 18 hole championship courses," Rocky said looking back out at the ocean. "Great, just checking, will see you a day before the event," Otto said. "Yes, will see you there. But I will need to touch bases on a few other things later this week. I'm away from my desk currently. I will give you a call in a few days" Rocky said. "Ok, talk to you later," Otto said as he hung up. Rocky calls Mary "Let's go for an evening sail on Windy (a 24 ft. replica of a trailer able Norm Cross trimaran, like the one he had built when they lived in Costa Mesa) I can pick you up in ten minutes." "Ok, see you then" Mary replied as Rocky drove over to the house and flew over to the harbor after picking her up.

He gets a call from Frank "Rocky, dad and I are planning on going for a ride next week to a place where dad said he noticed an asteroid that looks interesting. He's been tracking the flow of the asteroid belt lately" Frank said. "Ok will stop by the observatory tomorrow and go over what you two are up to. Right now, Mary and I are going for an afternoon sail" Rocky said. "Alright, see you tomorrow" Frank replied" and hung up. The trimaran had been used a few days earlier by Rocky and was ready to go. It had been taken out of storage a week earlier. With a few modifications to the wing amas, sails, and running rigging, everything else was of original in concept with plywood and the WEST epoxy system, the spars of mast and boom still being spruce.

Rocky motors out passed the breakwater using the steering handle of the outboard motor. "Mary, take over the steering, I'm going up to the mast and put the main up," Rocky said as Mary took over the steering of the outboard. After hoisting the mainsail, he would go back to the cockpit and unfurled the jib. The conversation drifted along without mentioning work or anything else related to it. There they were talking about when they first met and all the good times they had. "Things have become convoluted with our relationship and I want clear it up and get back on the right tack," Rocky said as Mary understood where he was coming from, turned off the motor and pivoted the helm into the water and Rocky pivoted the outboard out of the water and let out the jib sheet with a smile. After an hour of sailing, they returned to the harbor refreshed as if they charged their relationship batteries.

The next day after letting his vice presidents know what to do and his secretary take care of calls to the office. He was in a meeting with his dad and Frank. "Good luck on the tournament. You want to go fishing this Friday?" Frank asked. "Let's make it next week, I will be flying over to Peru and seeing Jacinto about a few things we need to do over at the Andes's mine. After that, we are going surfing at Cerro Azul. So Friday and Saturday are out. When are you and dad going out to the asteroid belt?" Rocky asked. "In about a week" Frank answered. "What about going fishing on Tuesday for a few hours in the morning?" Rocky asked. "Yeah, that sounds good. Let's meet at the harbor at 5, I will tell George to schedule the crew and get the boat ready for that day" Frank said. "Ok, will call Monday to make sure it's on. I need to stop over tomorrow and go over some things on the spacecraft" Rocky said.

The following day they were watching the asteroid simulation on Vector's monitor screen as they discussed how to approach the different sizes of asteroids and not get bullet holed by smaller objects. "We need to have our shields up all the time when in those fields," Frank said as they continued watching and wondering. A game plan was worked out, but more thought would go into their plans and adjustment were being made before the expedition. They would talk some more about the trip into the asteroid belt with Vector suggesting a few things that came to mind.

It was long before they were on the stern of the fishing boat watching the wake of the boat as they went out to the fishing grounds. George slowed down once in the fishing area and began to trolls with lures, before having the crew hook up a few rigs with some live bait. It wasn't long before they got two hits and the fight was on, just as the sun popped up on the eastern horizon. After a couple of hours of catching dorados and mackerels, with the largest dorado being around 17 pounds and the rest in the 10-pound range. They headed back into the harbor.

The crew washed off the boat and cleaned up around the fly-bridge, stern area, and gear as Rocky went to the office and Frank over to the observatory. Looking over the list of competitors and where they were from, what was their golf handicap and years of surfing. Rocky had a general discussion with his committee and how the 24 golfers were going to be assigned to the carts. After he meets with his staff, Rocky would have a telecommunication conference and explained the general rules and where to go after arriving at the airport, Rocky then went over to the observatory and continued with his dad and Frank at where they left off the previous day.

The golf contest day had arrived and the announcer would start the tournament off by saying "On the first tee we have Billy, Jacinto, Otto, and Cliff." Who were on the tee, ready to swing away. Silence fell, with a few guys whispering to others guys in their carts. Cliff had the honors followed by Billy, Jacinto, and Otto. The first group was off in search of their balls on the fairway. With the next group waiting for the first group to hit their balls and be on their way.

Play continued as each group made the turn back to the clubhouse with Cliff of HPH Mines in the lead being at even par, followed by Billy of Sofa Mountain Mines at 3 over, Jacinto at 7 over. Rocky drive up in one of the course's Marshall cart after they had teed off on the 14th hole. "Howzit Jacinto?" Rocky asked. "Not bad, but not so ah, well," Jacinto said. "Forget about everything and think about the here and now my friend" Rocky said. Jacinto took a deep breath and exhaled out and then smiled. Standing over his ball, about to hit his second shot on a par 5 hole, Jacinto concentrated for a few seconds before hitting his 3 wood. "Great shot Jacinto, I think you are on the green" Rocky said.

Driving up to the green, Jacinto sees his ball was a few feet from the hole. Staying calm, he marks his ball and studies the putt. Everyone had putted and it was Jacinto's turn, standing over his ball looking back and forth from the ball to the hole. He noticed a slight curve right at the cup where everyone else had putted below it and missed. Aiming above it by an inch of the hole, he squeezed the trigger and watched as his ball catches the rim and circle the entire hole before dropping in. "Oh man, I thought I blew it" Jacinto said pretending to wipe his forehead, tossing his arm down. "Good putt, I bet you your heart skipped a beat" Rocky said driving off to see what the other guys were doing. Jacinto would birdie the next 2 holes when the first group came up to the last hole. By this time Cliff and Billy were tied at 2 over when they came up to the 18th hole.

Otto and Jacinto hit their third shots into the water and would go over to the drop-off spot. Both Cliff and Billy had laid up in front of the pond like Otto and Jacinto. Both put their pitching wedges back into their bags and got out their 9 irons after seeing Otto and Jacinto shots into the water. Cliff was away, so he would hit first. His shot was right at the pin flying over about 10 feet before it backed spun to 5 feet of the flag. After seeing that, Billy looked at Cliff who was riding with him in the cart, and then focused on the green. He hit his ball and it flew right at the flagstick and hit it, dropping 3 feet away. They didn't know it, but the winner of the hole would take the tournament. Cliff and Jacinto had putted out with pars. Now it was Cliff against Billy as Cliff lined up his putt and lightly stroked it. It looked like it was going in when the ball hit a small cleat mark and veered off to the right at the hole and stopped a few centimeters away. Cliff said "Fuckkk" as he tapped in. After the miss, Billy would

redo his routine of looking it over before going up to the ball. He tapped his ball and went straight in.

"Way to go, Billy," Jacinto said as Cliff gave Billy the thumbs-up sign. Cliff tapped Billy on the back and said "Good game, all the best for tomorrow final round" as they shook hands as they walked off the green. After turning in their scorecard, the group went over to the snack bar "The beers are on me" Rocky said who was watching the outcome of their putting. "How is the mine in the Andes coming along?" Otto asked after taking a sip of his beer. "There have been some delays, but that is to be expected. We should be in production in a year and a half" Rocky said smiling at Jacinto,

After the round, the groups gathered once again at the hotel's Ballroom in the evening for some causal fun entertainment. Their wives and girlfriends were enjoying the dinner and getting to know each other some more. Rocky and the committee were seated at the front of the other tables. Rocky stood up and got everyone's attention. He began sharing the progress of how the crypto coin was coming along.

"Our new headquarters and vaults are located in the business district in Panama City. Other regional locations will be added when demand increases. We will be selling precious metals and back crypto coins with it. The buyer will have the option of buying both precious metals and cryptos. The precious metals can be shipped to the buyers and be in their possession or kept in our vault in an allocated state and be available when they should ask for it. Also, they can use it to purchase our cryptos with it by way of the going rate of the metals. The cryptos will be denominated into one-thousandth of a unit of one.

Until that time foreign currencies will be evaluated at the point of transaction. There will come a time when fiat currencies will devalue to the point of being worthless. Then to obtain the cryptos or precious metals a barter setup and will be used to exchange for the crypto coin or the gold or silver and vice versa. There are still more details to work out and we are hoping to have them available by next year. So Otto will explain the format for the golf tournament" Rocky said as he looked over to Otto, who stood up and walked over to the podium. "Let's give a hand to Rocky for his efforts in making this possible" Otto said as he clapped and looked at Rocky who waved at the guest who was clapping with Otto.

The following day the final round was played at the outer course and Billy had won the golf part of the tournament. He was so excited about winning the monster box of gold. He ran around the 18th green and saw a patio couch nearby and jump on and jump off. "That a boy," Rocky said after seeing Billy's reaction to winning the prize.

After the golf contest, everyone involved got onto the assigned boats and was getting ready for the trip out to Quad Palmas. Someone noticed black smoke rising from the business district. Rocky receives a phone call from the Panama City police department. Their crypto office building in Panama City had been bombed and the lower three floors were damaged. He hurried over to the site to see the damages himself. "We have the area cordon off and are investigating the scene. If you have any questions, here is my card to get in contact with me" Inspector Jose said. Rocky could see the structural damage that has occurred and would have a structural engineering firm check it out in a few days. Somewhat depressed about what had happened. Rocky would continue with the surfing event, as the boats made their way up the coast to the surf contest location.