Episode 2

What's in Store


Though he didn’t have the money to buy a surfboard, Rocky knew he would get one someday. So, just wanting to get out with the lockdown easing up, he went to a local surf shop near the beach and was looking at the surfboards. The manager was talking to his salesperson and said “Did you asked your friend of wanting to do some work at the factory.” “I did, but he wasn’t interested” answered the salesperson. “Anyone else who you might know would be interested” asked the manager. “No, but I can asks around some more” said the salesperson.


“Excuse me” Rocky said. “Yes, can I help you” the manager replied. “I couldn’t help but hear you were looking for someone to do some work. What is it that you wanted done and perhaps I can help” Rocky said thinking of making some money. “We are cleaning the glassing room floor at the surf factory and need someone to help our other helper” said the manager. “I can do that” Rocky said without asking what it entailed. The manager looked at Rocky and said “What’s your name.” “It’s Rocky sir” replied Rocky. “Ok Rocky, if you are interested doing that kinda work be there Saturday morning at 8 am and you can start” the manager said while writing down the address and directions of how to get there.


Having found work by chance, Rocky tells his parents that he got a part time job at a surf factory. He told them what the manager had told him of taking out the tar paper floor in the glassing room and re-flooring it again with new tar paper. “That’s good Rocky, is it just the cleanup for now” asked Vector. “Yes, the money I make will go toward my surfboard that I’m saving for” Rocky said somewhat excited. Saturday came and Rocky was at the surf factory being told what to do.


“Rocky, after you and Jorge finished removing the cover. Take the new roll and refloor the glassing room. After that clean around the hallway to the sanding room” Ernesto the manager said. “Yes sir” Rocky answered back as the two began removing the major items in the room. After an hours the sweat ran down the side of Rocky’s face. “Today is muy caliente” (very hot) Jorge said as he folded part of the floor covering of tar paper and old harden excess resin outlines of surfboards that had been glassed in the past. Rocky was doing the same and tearing manageable sections out and the two guys would take out the sections together out the dumpster.


The laminator had finished a few boards before the cleanup began and had the boards hot coated and placed in the sanding room. He would wait for the glassing room to be taken care of before laminating again. After the floor covering was in place, the boards in the sanding room were taken out to the parking lot as the sanding room was being cleaned. Rocky was paid for his work and was leaving when Jorge asked Rocky “Would you be interested in a 9' 2" longboard” “What kind is it” asked Rocky.


“It’s a Siete Palmas Surfboard, I had for 2 years and was wanting to get a new one. It has a few dings I recently got while surfing Cave in the Wall. My leash broke and the board got dinged upped on the rocks. Will sell for cheap, $100 dollars” Jorge said. “Where is it and can I see it” asked Rocky. “It’s in my van outside. Been busy so I left it there for now” Jorge said. So they went out to the parking lot and Rocky looked over the board. “That is a big gash on the bottom and a smaller ding on the rail and a few snackles sprinkled over the length of the board. I don’t know Jorge, will you take $70” asked Rocky. Jorge thought it over and said “Ok.”


Jorge had just left and Rocky was about to call his dad when he sees the laminator drive up to glass a few boards. He sees the board that Rocky had just purchased. “Going to fix the dings” asked the laminatior. “Ah, I think so. How do you do that” asked Rocky. The laminator looked at Rocky knowing he was green behind the ears and said “You will need some resin, cabasil, catalyst and fiberglass. Have you fix a ding before” he asked. “No, not really” says Rocky. Remembering when he first started, the laminator felt sorry for Rocky and spent some time with him to described what to do. “I’m Steve and I know what you are going through. Been there way back when. So clean the inside without taking too much foam off and sand around the dings with sandpaper. Do you know how to use a sander” asked Steve.


“No” said Rocky. Looking at his watch, Steve had some time to show Rocky a few things before glassing some boards. “Alright lets go to the sanding room with your board” Steve said while walking into the shop and Rocky followed with his board. Putting a couple of old towels on both sanding racks, Steve had Rocky place his board on the racks with the bottom up. Getting a knife, he pry the crushed fiberglass open to see the extent of the cavity in the foam. Using his knife with a serrated attachment cuts the excess fiberglass off to expose the gash. He does the same for the ding on the rail.


“Ok, watch me use the sander and I will have you try it” Steve said putting on a mask and giving one to Rocky. So with the sander on Steve started on the rail. Lightly landing and taking off around the ding. Before saying “This is feathering the area for it to be clean of any soiled area of dirt and grim or other foreign substance like wax or oil that will effect the holding power of the resin to the surface.” Rocky watched as Steve place the board side ways in the rack and glided the sander onto the area and off the area in one continuous motion. Then tilting it over to get to the other side of the rail contour. After he had done that he would get a scrape piece of 100 grit sandpaper and sands over the area where the sander had just done.


Going over to the gash area. Steve draws a rectangular outline of 2” X 4” around the gash area and carefully cuts it out with his knife, not going no deeper than 1 inch. With a rectangle of 2”X4”X1”deep Steve says “Ok, you’re going to sand around the rectangle area with the sander” while holding the sander and showing Rocky the moves he should make while around the big ding without the sander being on. “Got it” asked Steve. “Yes I think so” Rocky said while taking the sander and getting ready to pull the trigger. Turning on the sander, Rocky lands lightly and lifts back up. “You can press a little bit more, but remember you can sand through the fiberglass within seconds” said Steve.


Feeling a little bit more confident with Steve next to him, Rocky puts more pressure on the sander as it grinds away and the dust starts to fly. Going around the ding and getting the area sanded Steve tells Rocky “Ok, thats good. You handled the sander quite well. Better than others I know who tried it” said Steve giving Rocky a compliment as he continued “Now lightly go over the bigger snackles with the sander and hand sand the smaller ones.”


Grabbing a roll of 3/4” masking tape Steve places it around the ding areas. On the rail area, the tape is extended across the gap, with rows of tape making a reservoir across the ding area for the resin to fill in and match the contour of the rail. Cutting a piece of foam 2”x4”x1 1/2” Steve places it in the gap to see how it fits. Then takes it out and places it near the gap where it will be placed. With everything in place Steve pours a dixie cups of sanding resin for the snackles and places it to the side of the table. Then fills a paper coffee cup with laminating resin, cabasil and a small amount of white pigment and adds the catalyst and begins stirring the mix.


Starting with the rail ding, he fill the cavity in the rail and making sure there isn’t air pockets and pressing his stir stick with excess resin inside the ding. Then moving over to the larger ding, he fills the rectangle a third of the way before pushing down the foam piece into the slot. Pouring excess resin around the plug, he use masking tape by placing one end further away form the foam piece and taping it to an area of 6 inches from the foam patch. Then pulling the tape across and over the foam piece and rubs the tape to it and pulls it across onto the bottom and rubs it to hold the foam piece down. After that Steve put catalyst in the dixie cup and brushed the sanding coat onto the snackles and said “There you go. Now all you need to do now is level the foam with a sand block on the bottom and sand the rail to match the contour. Place a layer of 4 oz. fiberglass on both those areas. Put a sanding coat on that, sand it after it drys and that should do it. Come back tomorrow and I will show how.”


“Thank you Steve, what time tomorrow” Rocky asks. “About 4 in the afternoon” Steve replied. The next day Rocky was there and Steve showed him how to finish the ding. “Our sander needs someone to hand sand for him would you like to learn” asked Steve. “Why sure, when can I start” asked Rocky. “Wednesday, show up around 9 am” Steve answered back. “Alright, I will be here next week on Wednesday at 9 to sand ” Rocky said before calling his dad to pick him up and take his board home.


After picking up Rocky and his board, Vector and Leo are walking around the block discussing some serious matters. “Leo do we have enough to get through a major upheaval in the banking system some are talking about” Vector asked. “I have been keeping an eye on our situation with the banking system and if it crashes. I cashed in our stocks except for the gold and silver mining stocks. With the cash we have at the house and having enough in the bank to pay for our monthly expenses, we should be Ok” Leo said.


Vector continued walking without saying a word before Leo added to their train of thought. “What if we move out of the city into a rural setting and grow our food and start a farm, but still commute to work.” “That sounds good to me, but we need to let our wives know” Vector said. Turning the corner towards their house Outaforium is walking towards them. Both looked surprised. “Well, what a pleasant surprise Outaforium. It’s been awhile since we lasted talked. It is good to see you” Leo said. “Yes, how are Outaforium” asked Vector.


“As usual, taking the good with the bad and weighing the matter accordingly. You may know this already Leo and Vector of the crisis that is looming” Outaforium said in his calm manner. “You mean the economic and political situation” mentioned Leo. “Yes, that is what brought me here to discuss with the both of you about that and a few other events” said Outaforium. Vector looked at Leo and then at Outaforium and said “What are the few other events you are talking about Outaforium and how should we prepare for it.”


“Just imagine that the money you have in your pocket becomes worstless. You should have a backup plan to compensate for it” Outaforium said. “We do Outaforium, we have precious metals to take of the transition” said Vector. “Well, I somewhat surprise, you two have been doing your homework” said Outaforium as he continued “The internet might go down for a day or a week. That would make things more confusing to everyone wouldn’t you say. These are just a few events that could happen” Outaforium remarked.


“How much time do we have before then” asked Leo. “About two months” answered Outaforium. “Outaforium there is something else besides what you have told us, can you tell us what it is” asked Leo. “Zeuyu has an offer for the both of you. To stay the course you are on with the possibility of regaining your wealth and riches again as before or return back in time wherever that maybe and live your life out there” replied Outaforium.


“Can you give us time to think that over” Leo said while looking at Vector. “You have two days, I will be back by then” Outaforium said as he walked near a building and disappeared. “We need to talk with our wives and get their input on this” said Leo. “To tell you the truth, I feel like we are yo-yo’s going up and down and getting tired of going around in a circle. But that life” Vector said. Once back at home the couples were discussing what might happen and should they go forward or return back to a more simpler time.


“If we do go forward, there is no guarantee none of us won’t catch the virus or other possibilities from the depression we will be going throughr” Flo said. “Plus it may take a longer time to find a cure for the virus and the likely hood of hyperinflation and war is something else to consider” said Artemesia. “On the other hand we all can make it through and be well off with a substantial amount of income as we grow older” added Leo. “What about our kids” Artemesia asked looking at Vector.


“If we stay here there will be no reason to tell them now” said Vector knowing they were more interested into computers and other modern devices compared to the older times. “I’m a forward thinking person and the challenge before us is going to to be rough. But life is not guaranteed to no one and to grow you must continue on, so I vote to go forward” Leo said. “There is no future for me in the past if you are not there. I will go forward with you into the future to live our lives together” said Flo. “If it weren’t for you two we wouldn’t be here, so we too will go forward and deal with whatever the future has in store” Vector said while holding Artemesia hand.


“Well, if the global system goes into a shock and you get online and type in on your browser “What about a hand baskets to hell” the search engine might reply back “Service down, Try later”. So, we will just have to do what we can and hopefully our preparation will solve our basic needs” Leo said while looking.

      COPYRIGHT 2020 Thomas Takao