Episode 7

To sail around the World


The inflow of more people from out of state and other countries continued to grow as the cities and counties prospered while the congestion on the freeways became noticeable. With the growth happening, Mesa Atlantis Properties office building grew to a 3 story office complex next to the original site. In the conference room Vector and Artemesia are talking about their situation.


“We were well to do in the 16th century and we were rich and poor in the 21th century in Panama. What if we lived a simpler life and still have funds for a rainy day” mentioned Artemesia. “What did you have in mind” asked Vector. “Be less active in our company and focus on things we would like to do on our leisure and enjoy life. I was thinking about sailing around the world and see other lands” Artemesia said. “Well ok, but first lets talk to Leo and Flo since they have been sailing for quite a while and get us some insights of what it might look like. I will give Leo a call” replied Vector.


After making the call and they drove down to Oceanside to Leo and Flo’s house a few days later. They greeted each other and talked about the earthquake that happened the other. “Did you feel the Sylmar quake in the San Fernando Valley, it shook the house and woke us up” asked Vector. “Just barely, but heard about it on the news. So you want to sail around the world, what made you decide on that” Leo said. “Actually it was I who suggested it” Artemesia said before Vector could answer. “Let’s look at the pro’s and con’s of doing what Artemesia has in mind. I wouldn’t mind doing that myself” Flo said as Leo turned to her and wondered.


“Like anything in life, you have to take the good with the bad. It takes fortitude for those not so perfect days of storms and not feeling well or being sick for an extended amount of time. Certain places are not safe, do to thugs, robbers and pirates at different locations on land and sea” Leo said. “And there will be times where there is nothing but ocean for weeks on end. If somethings breaks or malfunctions, you have to do the repairs, be it plumbing, electrical, mechanical or medical. But there is something about being out there and feeling free and easy. You have the winds taking you to places others only dream of, that by itself makes it worthwhile.” Flo said expressing the other side of the coin of adventure.


Looking at the tree tops “The wind is picking up, let go out to the harbor and go for a sail” Leo said. Driving over to their trimaran and doing the preliminary check of the boat before Flo turns on the motor, after she does Leo who is on the dock unwraps all but one of the dock lines and then walks along side of the dock before tossing the bow line to Vector and jumps onboard. Flo slowly backs out and turns the stern away from the harbor entrance before pushing the throttle forward and begins going forward slowly passing the fuel dock and jetty. Leo is bringing onboard the 3 fenders from the starboard ama of the boat and puts them away in the forward bow locker.


Sailing at angle toward the pier on a starboard tack with the main and staysail up. Flo has Artemesia at the helm coaching her of what to do and what to say to the others if she want to change course. With the sails trimmed everyone is sitting in the cockpit and discussing the lifestyle Vector and Artemesia would be sailing into. “Have you looked into some boats” asked Leo. I’ve been looking at monohulls, since I read about multihulls likely to pitch pole and flip over under stormy condition or going to fast. So I’ve been recently been at looking mono hulls instead. The Nautor Swan 40 & 48, Morgan Out Island 41, Crealock 37 and C&C 39 were some of the boat I have seen in the magazines. The Swan 48 is what I’m leaning to” Vector said.


“The more we talk about sailing around the world, I’m getting the bug of doing the same” Leo said as Flo smiled and not adding to the discussion until Artemesia asked “Flo have you given it much thought.” “I have thought about it whenever I hear it mentioned, but feel much more comfortable on land for now” Flo said. Continuing to go south until they see the powerplant at Carlsbad, Flo mentions to Aretemesia to switch directions. Artemesia tells the guys “Prepare to go about.” Vector goes forward and walks the clew of the staysail around the mast after Leo releases the sheet from the winch. As Artemesia veer off toward the west onto a port tack. Leo moves over to the starboard winch and tightens the jib sheet and Flo adjust the boom.


After everyone was back in the cockpit Leo asked Artemesia “What made you want to go sail around the world.” “I was watching a program on TV the other day and just as you mentioned the adventure was a motivator for me wanting to do that” Artemesia said. Leo looked at Vector who nodded in agreement without saying a word. Flo had went inside the galley to make some sandwiches and had returned with chips and water to go with the sandwiches for a late lunch.


Taking the paper plates and cups into the trash bin, Flo cleaned up was enjoying the moment of not doing anything after that. The crew made another sail adjustment and were sailing north back to Oceanside Harbor. “Have you heard from Outaforium lately” asked Leo looking at Vector. “Why yes, I was in the barn the other afternoon and he came in and told me about the things that were happening since we left Panama. The pandemic had happen and most of the countries had a lockdown, where the people were confined to their place of residence.


Many businesses went out of business and the economies of the world hyperinflated with all the money printing to prevent a total collape. China was blamed for the corona virus which the global communities are calling it the CCP virus, short for Chinese Commuist Party virus or Covid 19. It’s a bio-weapon that continues to mutate. Besides that China had heavy flooding during the summer months of that year and many villages and cities were cover with water. Some places as high as 10 feet. The largest dam in the world hasn’t collapse yet as we spoke, but with all that water flowing to the ocean they had to release it at a historical rate” Vector said.


“What does that mean” asked Leo. “What Outaforium said it wasn’t good for China. All that water has chemical pollution from the sewage waste being mixed into it. The water has water born dieases, debris, the corrosion of metal in buildings and bridges, oil and gas from all the abandon cars, truck, and buses. All that setting in on the land after the water has subsided. The agricultural land will be damaged for future generations” Vector said. “Wow, the poor people” Flo said as Leo shook his head sideways in sadness of the thought.


The subject matter was changed and Leo asked “What else did Outaforium had to say about the times in which we live now.” “That reminds me, he did say something about investing in Intel next year” Vector said. “Yes, that is on my cheat sheet. They are going public next year at $24. AMD is another stock that is on my list. Gold is at $40 so I’m going to get some now” Leo said. The ladies started talking about the latest fashions and movies. While the guys changed the subject and talked about surfboards and surfing.


Approaching the jetty entrance at the harbor, the wind had turned calm and the water was glassy. Leo and Vector took down the jib and main and got out the fenders. Flo was at the helm as they were motored in as Leo and Vector were watching the waves on the other side of the breakwater. The waves were 3-5 feet breaking on high tide manner. “You see what I see” Leo said to Vector. “Yelp” answered Vector. Flo was telling Artemesia what she was doing and how to prepare to dock at their berth. After securing the lines to the dock the girls cleaned up the salon and Leo watered down the deck and sides of the boat while Vector shrubbed the areas where the water was squirted at. Both were in a hurry to cleanup and go surf.


Leo had extra surfboards for Vector and Artemesia. After everyone changed and walked down to the beach and found a place to put their towels, they paddled out from for an evening session. The group would cleanup after surfing and go out for dinner near the pier and Coast Highway. After ordering their meals Leo asked Artemesia “What do you think about getting a boat and sailing to places unknown now.” “Getting use to sailing is something we should do first and then decide to make the decision of going around the world in a sailboart” Artemesia said looking at Vector. “I’m with her” Vector said with a smile. The Durasels would return home and Vector would start looking around for a boat and where they would keep it.


A couple of days later, Sunday morning in the kitchen “How was your day with the Vi’s” asked Velidia who happened to had been away on a backpacking trip at Big Bear lake and was at the kitchen table having toast and orange juice. “It was very good, we had a wonderful time. We sailed and surfed. Your father is going to look for a boat for us and we are going sailing more” Artemesia said while making breakfast for Vector. “Good morning Vel, what are you up too” asked Vector having walked in and hearing part of the conversation. “I’m going golfing with my friends at Cliffs by the Sea this morning, our tee time is at 8. Mom says you are going to look for a sailboat” Velida said.


“I have a few sail magazines on brokers and boat for sales. I made a call about 10 minutes ago and made an appointment to see one today. Your mother and I are going to look and see it this morning. After that I have a few project to work on this afternoon” Vector answered. “Ok, got to go” Velidia said looking at her watch and finishing her orange juice as she raced out the door.


“Where is Rocky and Frank” asked Vector. “They went to the beach earlier this morning, I heard them say they were going to the Rivermouth when I came into the kitchen” Artemesia said as she took hers and Vector’s breakfast to the table and asked about the boat they were going to see. “It is a Swan 48 over in Dana Point” Vector said taking a sip from his coffee. “Lets take our boards and surf Doheny if it is good or fun looking” Artemesia said taking a bite from her plate.


Meanwhile “Look at that right” Rocky said as he and Frank were waxing up their board on the beach. “All right, it’s going to be good for an least an hour I hope” Frank mentioned as he place his wax under his towel and hurried out. Rocky was close behind as they walked waist high into the incoming surge, before jumping over the white water and started to paddleout. With only 10 surfers scattered along the takeoff areas near the metal pillons, they continued to paddled as the white water from a set pushed them back a couple of times. After 5 minutes they were sitting out in the lineup waiting for the next set.


Back at the house, after breakfast Vector made the call to let the owner know that they were leaving and would be there in an hour. Artemesia got a few thing for their drive down to Dana Point and Vector got ready and placed the boards in the back of his new 71’ silver body and black top Chevy El Camino with mag wheels. Tying a rope across the boards laying across the back end of the raised tailgate. It wasn’t long before they were fueling up at the gas station. “Look Art, the gas is going up, it’s 42 cent a gallon, last week it was 40 cents. After filling up they were off driving down the 405 south to the I-5 Y and to Dana Point.


Before meeting with the owner of the boat they drove slowly along the side street next to the harbor entrance. Watching as the waves rolled in at 3 feet and it looked like fun. Turning around and getting back on the main drive, they made their way to the parking lot where the Swan was located. Going to the locked gate where it branches out to the docks they met the owner Red Keddidohopper. After the cordial greeting they walked down the ramp to the dock where the boat was located.


Artemesia looked at the boat and was very much taken by her, as if she knew this was for her. Vector looked at the clean lines of the hull and her rigging and he too was impressed. Red said “I liked her very and hate to sell her, but I recently had to file for bankruptcy and needed to pay for my losses.” “What line of work do you do” asked Artemesia. “I worked as a comedian at Vegas” he said as they went aboard. Walking around the deck and checked out the forward sail lockers and sails, the anchor locker and the chain and windlass before going to the cockpit and saloon. “She sleep six comfortably and has plenty of storage for a long passage, a very well design salon” Red said waving his arm across his body in a slow motion manner. The nav station had adequate room to plot and read charts and a good size book rack above the table.


Talking story of his trips to Catalina that he made in the short time that he owned the boat and his plans of where he wanted to go. “Does the slip go with the boat” Vector asked. “It does, but you will have to notify the harbor master and make the arrangements” Red said. After a half an hour Vector said to Red “Can you excuse us for a minute we need to go on deck to discuss our decision. “Why yes, be my guess” Red said. Vector and Artemesia went to the bow of the boat and talked it over. “I really like this boat Art. I want to get it” Vector said. “Me too” Artemesia said as they walked back to the salon to let Red know of their decision to buy the boat after it had been inspected by their boat surveyor. After shaking hands Vector and Artemesia would soon be the new boat owners later the following week.

With that done, they went inside the campground’s parking lot and went surfing.


Monday came and Rocky says to Frank “Well, I going to shape a board today on our day off and go

over to Wind of the Sea to get some blanks. A few 7’2”’s and a kneeboard blank.” “I’m going over to Crystal Glass Supplies down the street and pick up a 5 gallon can of laminating resin, 4 rolls of ¾” tape and black pigment” Frank said looking around the shop to remind himself of things he was running out of. Rocky took off for Huntington Beach as Frank poured hot coats on two boards before leaving to get supplies.


Vector and Artemesia had flown to the Livermore Municipal Airport to look over some land that was for sale. Located in Pleasanton near Sunol the price was quite reasonable for the 1000 acre lot that was for. “What do you think Vector” Artemesia asked. “It has real good potential for a commercial and residential setting” Vector said. “Ok, lets get it” Artemesia said writing down a note to let the office know of their decision. After flying back to Costa Mesa, they drove home and Vector got on his tractor to till some rows his orchard as Artemesia got a hold of her secretary to get the ball rolling regarding the land in Pleasanton.


Switching to a different Tack


Vector has his top people running the company that is growing and doing well. He and Artemesia are spending more time aboard their new boat “There She Goes”. Sailing out a few miles around the harbor at first then to Oceanside to spend the weekend there with Leo and Flo or to sail to Newport Beach and back on a daysail. As they gain more experience they would plan trips to Catalina’s Avalon Harbor and Two Harbor on holidays with an occasional 7 to 10 day sail to the Channel Islands and anchor off of Coches Prietos in Santa Cruz Island and a couple of other anchorage locations around the island.


Then sail over to Santa Barbara Harbor for a couple of days before returning south to King Harbor for a day and bike ride on the Strand. From 1 St. to 22nd St. in Hermosa Beach and back to the Chart house next to breakwater. To have an early dinner and watch the small waves breaking in front of them from their table. They would spend the night at King Harbor before making the run around Palos Verdes and veer away from commercial freighters as they entered the shipping lane made their way south to Dana Point by sailing a mile off the coast of Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach.


After returning home Vector and Artemesia decided to buy a house closer to the Dana Point harbor and found a location up the hill over looking the harbor, it was about 7 minutes drive away. They would keep the Costa Mesa facility and let their kids have the house to live in. Vector and Artemesia would stop by Leo and Flo’s house after the move was made and catch up on what they had been doing. “Long time no see, strangers” Leo said.


“We’ve been busy and you two were gone for a couple of months in Europe and Thailand. How was that” asked Vector. “We had a great time seeing the places I remembered as a child growing up in Italy and enjoyed the time in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and the islands of Greece and Thailand was nice and humid. We did some surfing on some surf charters and caught some great waves” Leo said as he paused for a moment as he recollected places that wasn’t mentioned.


“Since being back I heard they had surf trials for the US surf team here. The surfers they chose are representing the US down in San Diego. I heard swallow tail shape are in do to their manueverability” Leo said. “That’s interesting, Rocky and Frank are saying twin fins are being used more and others are placing different size fins to go along with the center single fin” Vector said and continued.


“I’ve been busy myself, I haven’t been paying much attention to surfing lately. But, I’m getting back into it after this layoff of a month. So, there some wave out front I noticed and we brought our boards” Vector replied. “Come on in Flo has been waiting to see you two” Leo said as he led the way to the backyard. “Hi Vector, Hi Artemesia how are you, you are a sight for sore eyes” Flo said laughing. “I’m fine and the kids are doing good” Artemesia said as she gave Flo a hug. “How do you like your new place” asked Flo. “We love it, the scenery is good and we get an ocean breeze in the afternoon and it not far from the harbor” Artemesia said looking at Vector.


Vector was looking at the waves breaking by the pier, the waves out front and the ones at the jetties. “Tides look low with the waves walling up” Vector said. “It’s going back up in a half an hour, it should get better when it does. Been sailing?” asked Leo. “Just day sailing lately and started joining in on some races that the yacht club has going on. Have you done any sailing since being back” Vector asked. “No I haven’t, just checked up on the boat after getting back, but I do need to get back out there” Leo said with a smile. “Have you done any flying” Vector asked.


“Why yes, yesterday I went over to San Jose and checked out Intel’s facility and talked to their receptionist and told them I was a stockholder asked questions about their projections for their product, which they said was good. Then I went over to the Xerox’s facility and asked a few questions about their graphic’s user interface that they were developing and they told me their working on it and wasn’t allowed to discuss the matter said the person whom I was talking with. After that I drove around the San Jose / Milpitas area and looked at some open land there. Some good size lots. I bought a couple” Leo said.


“Do you remember the streets the other open lots were on that you didn’t buy” asked Vector. “Yeah I do. Will give you the info before you leave” Leo said. “The potential there is looking good says my research department” Vector said as Artemesia and Flo were listening. “Ok, ok we can talk about business later, lets go surf and enjoy the day” Flo said and Artemesia nodded her head to agree. “Surf it is” Leo said looking out and seeing a left breaking across the sand bar. It wasn’t long before they were out in the water going right and left. Cheering each other on as they took off on a peak and traveling down the line. After a couple of hours they went in and spend the afternoon at the patio talking story.


“You must come over and see our house, after that join us in an afternoon regatta race with the yacht club” Vector said. “Ok, we will be there around 11” Leo said. The next day the Vi’s were visiting the Durasels and looking over their house. “Nice house and a wonderful view” Flo said from the upstairs study. Leo and Vector were in the garage looking at Artemesia’s 1972 911S Porsche. “Nice car, how does she like it” Leo asked.


“She likes it a lot. Makes her feel younger” Vector said with a smile. “Are you going to get one too” Leo asked. “No, I’m happy with my work truck. It gets me where I want to go and I carry my surfboard in back. What more could I ask for. Say, lets go get the girls and hop over to the harbor” Vector said going through the door that led from the garage into the house as he was thinking about getting ready for the race.


Driving over to the harbor in the Vi’s 72’ Mercedes 300 SEL in 5 minutes by catching the lights green on the way down. Parking it in the lot and walking over to the dock where “There She Goes” is tied up.

After getting ready Vector is on the dock walking the bow line as Artemesia backs her out slowly. Tossing the line to Leo, Vector jumps on boards grabbing the starboard shroud and straddles the lifeline. Motoring out to the main channel and out pass the entrance. Vector goes to the mast and hooks up the halyard to the mainsail as Leo collects the side fenders. Hauling up the mainsail, Vector is just about there but needs a little help from the winch to top the mainsail.


Artemesia sees a group of boats gathering near a committee boat and steers in that direction. “We usually do this race with the club when we have time. They call it the Beer Can race, the more I do it, it helps me be a better sailor and get more out of sailing. We aren’t that good yet, but we enjoy the spirit of racing and learn something new about how we sail. We start at the committee boat and go out to the outer buoy and sail south to another buoy and race back to the committee boat. But for now we just circle around before the start. As you know we can’t cross the starting line until it’s time” Vector said.


Waving to the people on the other boats whom they know and have race against before. Vector is Artemesia’s statistician and sail handler while she steers. “Looks like the current is flowing south through the starting line and the wind is coming from the west southwest at 12 knots. We can go on a port tack at the start and aim high or go on a starboard tack to catch more wind and then go to port. If we do the port tack at the start we might have an extra tack to do to go round the buoy” Vector said.


“If the fleet goes on a starboard tack most likely you will get shadowed. What if you do the port tack halfway from the harbor and the headlands of the point, then go on a starboard until you pass the headland and tack again for the first buoy, might that be another option. What do you think” asked Leo. “Ok, let see what the fleet does at the start. We have 10 minutes before the first warning” Vector said. The second warning was given at the 5 minute mark and Artemesia looked at her wristwatch as did Vector, Leo and Flo. With most of the fleet on a starboard tack Vector says “We will go on a port tack” to Artemesia. She stay clear of the on coming boats and goes behind them and swings over to the start line on a port tack and the race is on.


After the race concluded “There She Goes” came in 9th and everyone onboard had fun. Vector was treating at the new restaurant Jolly Roger that had opened up. The ladies had wine and the guy had a mug of beer before ordering dinner. Laughing over what had happen and the fun that they had. Leo and Flo drop off Vector and Artemesia and mentioned that they couldn’t stay and drove back home.


The next day Vector was working in the garage with the garage door opened. He hears a knock on the wall and turns around to see Outaforium. “Hello Vector” greeted Outaforium. “Oh, Outaforium good to see you, what brings you to these neck of the woods” Vector said with a smile. “Oh, to see how you are doing and let you know what is happening back in 2022 so you won’t be to shocked to find out when you all go back there in 2030” Outaforium said. “It sounds like something not so good had happen and you are going to let me in on what it is” Vector said.


“Yes I am. Many people who have never been through a depression got a rude awakening. They were thinking after the pandemic lockdown there will be a light at the end of the tunnel that they are going through and everything will be fine after the lockdown. What they didn’t know was that the light they were seeing in the tunnel was a freight train” Outaforium said in a sober tone as he continued.


“Even in this country during the 2020-2021 years there were mass layoff, foreclosures, homelessness, bankruptcies, increase of taxes including wealth tax which caused a mass exodus of rich and middle income people and starvation to the lower classes do to hyperinflation. Those who were prepared weathered the storm, other less fortune, those thinking otherwise had their lives changed and were never the same after that. The monetary system went through changes and the governments were monitoring everything the people were doing by way of digital currencies. The leaders of states had bad ideas which contributed to the down fall to their constituents. It wasn’t a very good situation for many. You have this time to prepare when you go back to a changed environment.”


“That is why you and Zeuyu sent us back here to prepare for our return in 8 years. What happened in surfing during this time” Vector asked. “It was a chain reaction where people had no jobs. The retail stores, the restaurant, the sporting event had no spectators and the sponsors had no viewers to advertise too. The airlines had less flights and hotels had no reservation. Many manufacturing companies of goods had to close and food prices went up all that affected surfing" Outaforium replied.


 “Well, the 2020’s sure looks like hard times. So what they said about it being worst depression ever turned out to be true. I will let Leo know what we talked about and get ready when we return to the future” Vector said feeling drained. “I feel bad about bringing you back news, but the world is changing. We will talk again” Outaforium said as he walked out of the garage and disappeared as he was beamed back aboard his spaceship.