Episode 1

Different Frame of Mind


In the spring of 2020 Frank and Rocky were working inside their shop when two local police officers stop by to inform them that their mother had been in an auto accident and was in critical condition. Their father and sister had died at the scene. They were told that Vector was driving at the time and Velidia who was in the backseat on the driver side were killed instantly by a semi truck that had ran a red light, crushing the left side of the car. Before following the officers to the hospital, Frank called Flo and told her what had happened.


Sitting in the hallway Rocky notices Leo and Flo walking towards them. “You boys alright, if there is anything I or Flo can do let us know” Leo said with a sad face. Flo had been crying most of the way to the hospital said a few words of encouragement before wiping the tears with her handkerchief. They talked for an hour before Leo and Flo went home. Rocky and Frank would stay the rest of the day until guests were to leave at 9 pm. The following day Leo and Flo helped with the arrangements of Vector and Velidia’s funeral while Rocky and Frank were back at the hospital as their mom was still in the intesive care unit.


A few days later Outaforium showed up at Leo’s house and told him that with Vector’s passing Zeuyu decided to take back the spacecraft. Leo asked “Could you go back in time and save Vector from that moment.” Outaforium said “I discussed that scenario with Zeuyu and he said it was possible, but there will be a price to pay if that were to happen. You, Flo, Vector and Artemesia would lose everything you own except for $1200 in yours and Vector’s bank accounts. If you were to decide to exchange everything, when I say everything, that includes your vision into the future. But you will have your memories and only you would know of your loss. You will have to explain what had happen to Vector, Artemesia and Flo. All four of you will still have your intelligence.”


“You mean I would be homeless without all the assets that I had accumulated through the centuries, except for the $1200 in my bank account” Leo said while weighing his decision. “Alright I will do it, but I would like to have 48 hours before that happens and 2 cell phones after it happens, one for me and the other for Vector” replied Leo thinking ahead. “I will tell Zeuyu and he will arrange the change in 2 days before and 2 cell phones after it happens” Outaforium said.


After his meeting with Outaforium, Leo would see Flo and tell her of the deal that he had made. She was behind him on the decision to sacrifice what they have to bring back the people they loved. The 2 days passed by before the transition happened. Then Leo in his backyard was feeling a swirling sensation as his backyard disappeared and a beach reappeared. He, Flo, Vector, Artemesia and their children are once again walking on the beach in Panama City.


Vector mentions “There is some steps further up the beach.” Then Leo explains to everyone “Thing are not going to be like it use to be. All I have is $1200 to get by with and Vector too will have $1200 compared to what we had before being in the vortex. We will need to be more aware and stretch our funds to last until we can increase our amount and get better situated." “What happened Leo” asked Vector. “You and Velidia were in an accident and were killed and Artemesia was in critical condition. This happened in the future and Flo and I made a deal with Zeuyu and Outaforium to traded everything that we own to get you back” answered Leo looking at Flo before continuing.


“It’s going to be way different than what we thought it would be. There is going to be hardships that we are not use too. But we have each other and that’s what counts, so this is what we are going to do. One thing we do have is what they call cell phones. I have one and you have one Vector, look in your pant pocket. I arranged that and will need to get the service for them after we go to the bank. It is important for us to communicate with each other by voice and text. So once we get activation I will text you the basics and call to establish what they call a link” Leo said as everyone was listening.


“What do we do now Leo” asked Flo. “Vector and I will go to the bank and withdraw some cash to get what we need for now. Then we will need to make some money to get situated. Before agreeing to the terms of Zeuyu conditions, I did some homework to get ready for our new future. I looked into where we can rent a house for $400 a month. It’s not the best of locations, but it will do for now. So Vector and I will go to the bank and get the funds we will need. Rent a house and meet back here before we go shopping for the items we will need” Leo described as he was thinking ahead. Flo noticed a place under a palm tree where the others would wait for them.


“Where is the bank and how are we going to get” asked Vector. “There is a branch office a few miles away and we will take the bus there. After that it’s another few miles to where the housing is and make arrangements to rent the house for a month. Then go back and get everyone to go shopping. There is a store a couple blocks away from the place where we will be staying” Leo said. “You sure did some research Leo” Vector said as they got onto the crowded bus.


After getting their supplies and doing what Leo had described, everyone was in the small house cleaning the rooms. After that everyone was in the living room and talking about what they were going to do next. “The guys with their sleeping bags will sleep in here and the ladies will have the bedroom with their sleeping bags. Tomorrow I will look in the papers for job opportunities and go from there. Flo can apply for a job at a few large hotel as interpreters and Vector can look and see in the engineering maintenance department at a couple of different facilities. While Artemesia will watch over the kids and our belongings until we get better situated. She too can work and add to the funds we will need to move from here” explained Leo.


Leo and Flo by coincidence found employ at the same hotel and would take the rail system to get to work. Vector found a position at the canal zone as a backup maintenance personal and take the bus to work. After their first payday they would find another location which had more rooms and was closer to work. Before the full scope of the pandemic had taken place and before the modified lockdown. The group was at the beach on a Sunday afternoon relaxing and discussing what to do next. “Leo what do you think we should do during the lock down when no one is allowed to move around” asked Artemesia.


As they talked about their current and future situations, Leo was watching a few people surfing the beach break. This reminded him of his past and knowing he couldn’t afford to buy a surfboard just yet, sat and wonder about it. Flo looked at Leo and then at the surfer and knew he wanted to surf. “First things first, getting a surfboard can wait” she said. Frank and Rocky were watching too and knew they needed to get a job before they could afford to get a surfboard. “I’m going out for a swim and do some body surfing, anyone care to join me” Vector said while getting up. “I will dad” said Velidia getting up and holding her dad’s hand. Rocky looked at Frank and both got up and ran down to the water’s edge and dove into the water.


“Leo, what can we do to make additional funds to make it easier for us during these times” asked Artemesia. “Well, with the funds we have I’m going to invested half of it in a mask supplier who is on the Bolsa de Valores de Panama Exchange and get some silver mining stocks in Mexico and Peru. Those shares should be sound and will be rising. There are a few other products that look interesting, but will wait and see before making a move into other investments. There maybe more than one wave to this pandemic.


Summer arrived and some businesses were beginning to reopen while other remained closed. Vector is discussing what to do with Leo and Flo after picking them up in the groups car as he driving them home from their work. “Here we go again with the virus, what do you think we should do” asked Vector. “I sold the remaining shares of the mask company today and put half of that into our savings and invested some into Uhaul stocks and got a monster box of precious metals with the other half. The mask profit will help out if we get laid off again. Looks like our mining shares are going up and is supposed to go higher in a few months, so we will be alright” Leo said thinking of a few more avenues to travel on.


Arriving home to their 5 bedroom house they have rented, the boys are upstairs reading up on computer programming languages and sharing their computer with Velidia who was studying a few different cad software programs. With Artemesia and Vector using their computer for research by way of the internet as Flo and Leo are doing the same with their computer. Knowing that the US stocks are being manipulated and a crash may happen without notice. Leo, Flo, Vector and Artemesia are in the kitchen having a meeting about the possibility of a global Great Depression and what they should do and how to protect themselves physically and financially.


“If the Fed can’t manage the markets and we have inflation, are we Ok” asked Artemesia. “We have those precious metal coins to help out for that. So we should be Ok” Leo answered. “What do you think about the 3 Gorges Dam” Leo asked Vector. “If it goes 400 million people will be affected by it. The harbor at Shanghai will be flooded and a tysunami of water will hit South Korea. That plus a plague and famine with a collapse of certain markets” replied Vector. “Wow, how devastating” said Flo.


“Are the schools going to open back up Velidia” asked Artemesia. “I’m not sure, they still haven’t decided” Velidia said while looking at Frank and Rocky who were nodding their heads in agreement. Leo had a worried look knowing things wasn’t going back to normal for quite some time and the younger generation's future will be affected.

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