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"The Rise and Fall of Riding the Wave"  18" X 24" Oil on Canvas  Takao                           Will be for sale

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"When We Were Young"  10" X 20" Oil on Canvas  Takao                                                                        Will be for sale

 The story behind the painting "The Best of Time"

Bing Copeland and Rick Stoner introduced to 

New Zealand a new era in surfing by way of the

Velzy shaped surfboard in 1958. Which in turn would

be the start of Bing Surfboards and Rick Surfboards.

The same could be said about the balsa surfboards 

which Dale Velzy had shaped and Greg Noll and MIke Bright took over to Australia two years earlier in 1956.

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Greg Noll, Mike Bright and Jeff White with their Velzy shapes a few years earlier before 1956.