"Moving to Another Island" 

The dawn of a new day was happening and the sun rays were reflecting off the bottom of the clouds on the eastern horizon. The enlightened body of Etobiius begins to show itself, as the curtain of night fade from the scene. The morning watch takes over the helm as the night crew is relieved of their duties. On the deck of the merchant ship Arro, is a special envoy of Arctoprotos the King of Atlantis. Vectorius the chief architect/ engineer to Archtoprotos, is looking forward to what is in store for Etobiius.

"Good morning Vectorius " Captain Nemasa said as the boat plowed through an ocean swell. Vectorius was near midships, holding on to the side rail. “Good morning Captain,” He said. "We should be arriving at Etobiius Harbor later this afternoon" the Captain mentioned. "My family and I look forward to being on land again," Vectorius said as he couldn’t sleep the night before. The Captain noticed a crew member approaching them "The helmsman would like a word with Captain" said the crewman. "Very well, please excuse me Vectorius " said the Captain as he returned to the helm.


 Vectorius looked toward Etobiius with the light of day behind him, recalling why he was on board this ship. It was over three months ago that he was summoned to King's palace on the center island. Where the King was on the 3rd-floor balcony, looking out at the circular ring channels of the city. The temple of Poseidon is nearby at the center of the island. Vectorius is escorted into the lounge chamber by the king’s servant. The King turns and looks at Vectorius “I have been informed by the star people that the water level of the sea will be rising, and we will need to relocate. I want you and your associates to design a new city of Atlantis and our satellite city of Etobiius” he said. 

“I will do as you say, but it will take 6 to 9 months to do the preliminary work and another six months to work out the details. Have the new locations been chosen for both places?” Vectorius asked. “Yes, let's go over to the tables with the maps and I will show you where,” the king said as they walked over to the table. Where the maps were stacked on the table.

“As you can see this map shows the surrounding area of Atlantis on a broad scale. To the south is the large land mass we know as Afriadicane. To the east is the sea of Mederrain and the lands that surround it and to the west is the great ocean of Atlanticasus. Where Etobiius is located on the far end and another large land mass is located. This is where the possibilities of the locations we will be considering are. So far, the Star people have suggested building another location by the mountains of Atlas and calling it Atlantis High. Using the existing Atlantis as it is until the water begins to rise. The same with Etobiius, but to an island nearby that will be suitable in elevation to be above what is expected. You will decide where the new Etobiius will be moved to” the King said.

“How much time do we have before they expect the water to rise to start occurring?” Vectorius asked. I was told around ten years” the King said. “My group should start working on that scenario as soon as possible” Vectorius said. “Yes, I will send a message to the Governor of your visit and that you will explain to him that you will find a new island to make the move to,” the King said. 


​"Very well, I will have my people start on the design here, My family and I will move over to Etobiius for the duration of the design and construction of the new Etobiius. I take my leave, my King," Vectorius said clenching his right hand into a fist and placing it near his heart as he turned to leave. Queen Netra entered the room as Vectorius is leaving. He bowed his head to the Queen, who nodded in approval. 

His memory faded from that moment and was back aboard Arrowa, as it continue to pound its way through the swells. Looking towards Etobiius, Vertorius braced himself for another swell as his thought of being in charge of designing two cities and the procedures of moving its people floated in his mind. As a large swell lifted the boat's bow up as it surged forward. The crew's morning routine of adjusting the sail and seeing things being secure was in progress. The day wore on and the winds began to decrease, and the whitecaps soon disappeared. It was smooth sailing into the afternoon. 

Later in the day, Arrowa approached Coral Harbor Bay under clear skies. After entering the harbor, the boat made its way past the fishing boats that were anchored near the shore on the south side of the harbor. The crew dropped the sail and brought out the long oars and began to row towards the dock. They approached the main dock, and slowly glided next to the dock. A line was tossed to the men waiting on the dock. The oars were removed from the water and the boat was pulled in. 

There on the dock, a representative of Governor Leuquotus awaited Vectorius's arrival. "Vectorius" the man called out from the dock. "Yes, here" as he lifted his right hand and waved with his family next to him. The man walked over to the side of the boat. "The governor has been waiting for you. I am Cirrus and my helpers will take your bags" he said. Vectorius pointed at their bags for Cirrus and his men to take. “Please follow me to the carriages and we shall soon depart," Cirrus said as Vectorius and his family followed.

Half an hour later as the sundial goes, the two carriages passed the Hall of Governance building and up the road to the Governor's estate. Vectorius sitting next to Cirrus who had the reins was getting ready to disembark from the carriage. "My men will take your luggage to the guest residence as they came to a halt. I will take you to the Governor’s house, please follow me". Stepping out of the carriage they are greeted with a marvelous view of the ocean and the coastline. The estate is located on a flat piece of land on the side of the mountain. The buildings of the General Assembly, the Dome of Knowledge, and the City below could be seen. 


 Cirrus would take Vectorius to the governor's study. Knocking at the entrance "Sir Vectorius is here" Cirrus said. "Good, thank you Cirrus. How are you Vectorius" the governor asked as he got up from his desk and walked over to welcome him. "Oh, let us go to the garden, where Victoria is at" Leuquotos said as they went to the garden where she was tending her plants. "Victoria, your brother Vectoius and his family have arrived. Let us go see them at the guest house" Leuquotus said. "How are mother and father?" Victoria asked. "Well, they send their love and well wishes" Vectorius responded by giving her a hug. Then they started walking to the guest house.

Leuquotus, Victoria, and Vectorius walk in and sees everyone relaxing. "Artemesia, Leuquotus, and Victoria are here" Vectorius said. "It is nice to see you again Leuquotus and Victoria, there is much to catch up on," Artemesia said. "How are you Rocosa and Fraxus, and where is Velidia?" Leuquotus asked. "She is in the other room and wasn't feeling well. She said she was still rocking on dry land" Artemesia said. "Yes, I was the same when we first came here. Artemesia let's take a walk in the garden and tell me how things are back home" Victoria said. "Yes," Artemesia said as she got up and went with Victoria. "You boys have grown since the last time I saw you two, will you excuse us II need to talk with father," Leuquotus said as he and Vectorius went out front.

"How is King Arctoprotos" asked Leuquotus. "He is doing well, there is information that he wanted me to go over with you. Perhaps we can discuss this later" said Vectorius looking at the Governor. "Yes, we can talk about it tomorrow, but for now you must be tired from your trip, please clean up and join us for dinner later this evening. Cirrus will come for you when dinner is ready" Leuquotus said and began talking about the people they knew, and the changes that were happening at Atlantis. After the dinner and the family shared their experiences of being out at sea for 35 days. The next morning Vectorius was taking in the view of the west side.

Leuquotus see him and walks over to say "Vectorius we have a busy schedule today of letting the council know of King Arctoprotos plan," he said. "Yes, let me go over it with you about the new location, construction, and relocating of the people," Vectorius said as he gathered his thoughts. "Yes, I'm sure other issues will arise as well," Leuquotus said. "The location has been determined by the Star people of the king. Atlantis’s new location is 10 kilometers from the existing location and will be as before until the move is started. Etobiius is going to a bigger island, where there is higher ground above the minimum height to be on the safe side” Vectorius said. 

“Where is this island you talk of?” Leuquotus asked. “It is not far from Norica (North America) and Cenorica (Central America). Though there are some wild animals that we will contend with, that can be managed" Vectorius said looking towards the Northwest. The island that the king's star people had found, has an elevation of 1800 feet above sea level!" Vectorus said. "Whereabouts are you talking about?" Leuquotus asked being more specific. "The Star people called it Cuboga" Vectorus said. 

"Who are these Star people you talk of?" Leuquotus asked. "They are people who the king's priest consults with. They are from space. The king has learned much from them and their abilities. They were the ones who mentioned that the sea level would be raising by 300 ft. in the future. I have not met them yet" Vectorius said.


 "Can you keep a secret, this is something I don't want to get out" Leuquotus said. "Yes, you have my word on it" Vectorius said. "We have one, maybe more of the star people here," Leuquotus said. "So, you know what I mean when I talk of the star people," Vectorius said as Leuquotus nodded his head. "Anyway, they told the king of the future and he was concern for his kingdom and people, that is why I'm here," Vectorius said. "What do they ask for in return for their services?" Leuquotus asked. "That I do not know, but the kings have made some kind of deal, that I'm certain of," Vectorus said.


 Leuquotus stood in silence knowing what Vectorius meant."Well, we have an ambassador who can communicate with the star people, like the priest you talk of. His name is Outaforium, an interesting man who seemed to know quite a bit of what the star peoples know. I will introduce you to him, he will be at the meeting" Leuquotus said. "That will be fine, getting back to the materials and construction of the new site. We will be importing the material from different sources and the craftsmen will come from here. I figured it will take two years to get the project half-built. We will have makeshift housing temporarily for the workers. The harbor and the housing for the people will be the first to be constructed" Vectorius said.


 Walking up to them was Cirrus who had a tray of nuts and fruits for them to eat and a water vase and cups to drink from. "Lady Victoria suggested I bring these items for you and Vectorius" Cirrus said. "Thank you Cirrus, but take them to Artemesia and the children, then go get the carriage ready," Leuquotus said. Vectorus reached and grab an apple "As you say, sir" Cirrus said as he took the tray back to the kitchen and went to the stable to get the horses ready, before taking the tray to the guest house. "Where were we, Oh yes, how long will it take to move the people to the new location?” the governor asked. “It should take about 6 months to transfer most of the people to the new location. After that, those that are still here will maintain the city until such time and then go to the new Etobiius" Vectorius said.


 "Why don't we take a trip around the island and talk about it some more and see what is here and how you will approach the move? Then go to the meeting" Leuquotus said. "Yes, let's check it out and go from there," Vectorius said. "I will be right back. I want to tell Victoria where I'm going" Leuquotus said as he went to the house. Vectorius went back to the guest house and told Artemesia, that he and Leuquotus would be seeing the island. 


After doing so, he went over to the stable where Leuquotus was waiting for Cirrus. "Did you tell Artemesia what we are going to do?" Leuquotus said. "Yes," Vectorius said as he and Leuquotus waited for Cirrus who was telling his crew what to do while he is gone with the governor. They got into the open carriage as Cirrus had come back and taken the reins. He began the downhill ride into the town of Eoso. Along the way, they see another coach had pulled over to the side and the driver is waiting for his rider to return to the carriage.


 "It Outaforium, I wonder what he’s up to. Cirrus pull over" Leuquotus said as the open carriage comes to a halt. Getting out, Leuquotus and Vectorius walk over to Outaforium. "Greetings Outaforium, what may I ask are you up to?" Leuquotus asked. "I happened to be going to your residence when I saw something that caught my eye out on the horizon," Outaforium said. "Outaforium this is Vectorius from Atlantis and he is going to inform us of what the King wants us to do," Leuquotus said pointing to Vectorius. "It is good to meet you again Outaforium" said Vectorius as he extended his hand. Outaforium extends his hand and shook the hand. "Well, it's good to see you again since we last met at the Council meeting at Atlantis," Outaforium said.