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Episode 14

"Shift in the Wind"

Getting used to his spacecraft Vector started to fly into the future, one century at a time. Flying into the tenth year of the 21st Century he notices considerable changes in Panama from the previous century. That the canal had been turned over to the country of Panama and that Panama had expanded the canal operations. Not knowing the reason for the change and the reason for the expansion, Vector dials in the date and time on the monitor, within a moment's notice he had returned home to the 16th century. The next day during his usual routine his spacecraft indicates he is being followed.

After sea trials, Viajero de Estrellas (Traveler of the Stars) is at the docks and Leonardo is walking back to his office when Vector shows up at the docks. "Leonardo, this morning when I was flying around the coastline of South America, Peru in particular. I was being followed by another spacecraft. I communicated to Zor 2 about my situation and he indicated they were watching what was happening aboard their ship. Those following me were scouts for the Exwaxers, the mothership of the Exwaxers let Zor 2 know that they spotted me in the 21st century and again in the 16th century flying one of their spacecraft.

They asked what Zeuyu was up to, knowing that they were being watched. Zor 2 said that they had encountered the Exwaxers before and knew they were planning to take over the planet" Vector said. "After all this time you had been flying around Outaforium hadn't let you know of them?" Leonardo asked. "I asked the same question to Zor 2 and he said they were going to tell me, but wanted to wait to do so. I guess that I'm a pawn of Zeuyu and he wanted to see what the Exwaxers moves were once they saw me flying around. I was being watched by Zeuyu, so harm would come to me. Somewhere in time I would be noticed and had to draw their attention without acting like I knew they were there." Vector said.

"Then what happened?" Leonardo asked knowing there was more to the story than meet the eye. "When I came back to the 16th century the Exwaxers followed me, but Zeuyu was following them on this dimensional chess board. That is when I noticed them and they knew it. Since there were no other spacecraft for centuries until I came onto the scene. They figured Zeuyu knew what they were up to. The communication between them became harsh and both they and Zeuyu had their shields up. The Exwaxers disappeared from the scene to their hideout in the solar system. Zor 2 communicated this to me and said Outaforium would like to have a meeting with me and you tomorrow morning at Sapphire Bay" Vector said. "So, that is the reason for the meeting," Leonardo said.

Meanwhile, Outaforium is on the Mothership in discussion with Commander Zeuyu. "Those Exwaxers from the planet Xeogul are determined to eliminate Vector!. We brought Vector to Portobelo so that he and Leonardo would work together as a team for our plan to counter the Exwaxers plan in 2030 " Outaforium said. 
So, if the Exwaxers eliminate Vector, all the planning and scheduling we had done would have been for not, and their plan of dominating the world would still be in play. We need to prevent that from happening. First, we need to send Vector and Leonardo to the year 2019 for them to get a glimpse of what it will be like, second have the option of an accident or an event to make them aware of their friendship is more important than money, third send them to 1970 to have them build their monetary reserve" Zeuyu replied.

"They will need a big reserve and business experience to counter those on the other side of the chessboard that is being influenced by the Exwaxers. Their experience here is just a warm-up for what they will encounter in the future. An opening moves on our side to see what the Exwaxer's move might be in 2030. Vector is 39 and Leo is 34 years old currently since they would have spent a year from 2019 to 2020. That would mean they will be one year older in 1970. The ten years leading up to 1980 is the period they will make their fortune. After that, they will be 49 and 44 years old and will be at their peak of physical and mental capabilities. Then 1980 will be the launch pad just like what they will go through in a few weeks of having their assets situated into 2019, but this time it will be 2030 where all the bets will be on the tables. The biggest event of their lives" Outaforium said.

The next morning Outaforium was beamed down to Leonardo's patio area where Leonardo and Vector were waiting. Outaforium appears before Leonardo and Vector. "Those aliens who are after you Vector will soon be after Leonardo, Florencia, and your family because of your association with them," Outaforium said. "From what Zor 2 has mentioned about them and their goal, it seems to me that they are going to make everyone slaves out of the poor, middle and upper-class people on this planet," Vector said. "Yes, that is why we have to relocate you, Leonardo, and your loved ones out of harm's way, by sending you to 2019 in the 21st century, then after a year, you will go back into the 20th century in 1970. Why we chose those dates is to get you acclimated to where you will be, then go back in time to prepare you all before returning to 2030 once 1980 has taken place" Outaforium said.

"So we willing going to 2019 into 2020, then back to 1970. What does that have to with the Exwaxers?" Vector asked. Exwaxers will not know where you have gone to. By leapfrogging to 21st century than after a year goes back to 1970 will give you and us time to prepare for them in 2030 when they will try to take over the entire world" Outaforium said. "You mean to say those aliens who are after Vector and us are going to take over the world in 2030," Leonardo said. "Yes, that is the reason they are after you now in the 16th century. They found out what you are doing now will change everything in the future. That is why they must eliminate you and put history back on course. Which we will do anyway after you leave here" Outaforium said.

"What should we do, we have our operations and finances here and nothing in 2019," Leonardo said. You will soon find yourself in a new situation in a few weeks. The question is how will you transform your wealth from here to where you are going without it disappearing into history. A problem to get you ready for the many problems to face you" Outaforium said. Leonardo looked at Vector who was in deep thought and then back at Outaforium. "I have a few options that come to mind but will need some more time to plan it out. The land is one of them, gold and silver another. What says you Vector since you have been where we are going and have a better idea of what to do" asked Leonardo. "I was thinking about stocks, bonds, gold, silver, land, and art. Maybe some cryptocurrencies, I got some on my last visit. That is a form of digital currency that can be used to purchase items just like how a peso can buy things today" replied Vector as he continued "It's going to be interesting and there is much to consider in what should be done and how to do it."

"Three weeks is all we will grant you, plan wisely," Outaforium said. "You may know this already of the monetary development that will happen in the years we are there. Any insights you would like to share with us Outaforium" Leonardo said as he looked at Vector and then back at Outaforium. "All I can say is health is your true wealth and be prepared for some trying times there in the future!" remarked Outaforium as he placed both hands out in front of himself, then swung them outward in a circular motion. A vision of the area where they will be going appears. "This is Panama City, four hundred years from now. There will be many changes that will happen so get uses to the idea of change and be prepared" said Outaforium with no person or vehicles in the image. He closed his arm as his hands met in a clap as the vision disappeared.

Leonardo looked over to Vector then to Outaforium and asked "Outaforium is there something happening there in the image. Has there or will there be something that will change civilization as we know it. Also, the reason we have to leave is that the Exwaxers are after Vector and now us. Could you explain why is it that Vector has traveled through time and I and Florencia will be making the leaps across history because of it?" Part of Outaforium explanation was true the other part was partly true. "We had orders from our home base to go back 10,000 years and do some research on the people of Atlantis. One of my specialties has been studying civilizations throughout history. That is why I was chosen to be in charge of the research. So we went back and came to the island of Etobiius a satellite colony island of Atlantis. That is where I met Vector and we became friends. Zeuyu suggested to me that Vector might be a good subject to study for our research and I agreed. There were others and
 a few were brought aboard for another location.


The island became unstable and was about to erupt, we removed Vector and his family to a different location. We put the question to our computers of where and when would be a comparable time period in history for Vector to be in.  It brought up Panama in the latter part of the 1500s. This time period was the discovery and development of North and South Americas. So that is why we took Vector and his family to Panama. He would need employment and I looked for a place that he could learn and grow. That is where you come in Leonardo, I found out you were in charge of the gold shipments in Portobelo by way of your father-in-law the governor" Outaforium said.

"It was a close call when the island exploded and at the same time, my family and I made it to the vortex chamber that Outaforium had transformed us into. After a brief moment, the chamber disappeared and we were walking on a dirt road outside of Portobelo" Vector recalled. "I picked them up and took them to your hacienda. We knew Vector could help out Leonardo. So after Vector and his family were settled in, we taught Vector how to use one of our spacecraft to help you grow and prosper. Now I'm in the same situation again of relocating Vector and you from harm" Outaforium said looking over to Vector then back at Leonardo. "Well, what do you think Leonardo," asked Vector. "We have a lot of planning to do!" Leonardo said.

It was getting close to the departure date and Vector and Leo did the best they could getting their assets situated when the Exwaxer aliens targeted Vector for elimination. They went to his ranch and destroyed his spacecraft and house. But, before that happened Zeuyu was keeping track of the Exwaxers and figured out what they were going to do next and had Outaforium relocated Vector, Artemesia, their children to Leonardo and Florencia's residence before sending them through the vortex into the future.

They stepped through the time vortex also known as a wormhole onto a deserted beach south of Panama City, Panama. They came from the end of the 16th century into the summer of 2019. In the distance, they could see skyscrapers above the trees and vegetation. Walking along the water's edge their footprints are embedded into the darker moist sands of the beach. A surge from a small swell rolls up the beach and erases some of the footprints as the group walked towards the city.

"What do you think Vector?" asked Leo. "Well, it looks just the way I left it a year and a half ago in my spacecraft. Which was a week ago in real-time. Up ahead a few hundred meters to our left are some stairs that lead to some beachfront stores" Vector said pointing to the locations of the steps. Everyone looked ahead as they continued walking, after about 10 minutes they reached the stairs and the beachfront stores. A station wagon taxi was parked on the boulevard next to the shops.


Walking up to the taxi Leo sees the driver reading a newspaper and says to him in Spanish "Excuse me senior, we would like a ride" Putting down his newspaper the driver says "Si" and gets out of the cab to help his passengers. "Where to," asked the driver. "Costa Topaz tres Flamingo" replied Leonardo looking over to Vector who nodded his head down and up. The driver looked at Leonardo with curiosity and said "Si Senior" and was off. Arriving in front of a gated mansion Vector paid the driver with the currency that he had and thank him for the ride. Vector walks over to a secret compartment near the gate and enters the code to open the gate, They walk up on one of the driveways that led to one of two houses.

"You did well to get us these houses for us on your trips here. Going inside Leo and Flo's house, Vector tells everyone "Our house is next door situated across the backyard garden" pointing at the building on the other side of the koi pond. "Artemesia and the kids can get settled in. Leo and I will go over to the bank and take care of business. We will be back in about an hour" said Vector going over to a cabinet where the keys to his and Leo cars and trucks are located. "We will go shopping while you two are away. Take the truck and we will go in the car" said Florencia knowing what she had to do.

After explaining where what is and how to turn things on and off Leonardo and Vector drove off to the bank. They are discussing their financial holdings along the way and whatever else was on their minds. After arriving at the bank Leo opened his account and had Vector transferred funds from his account into his. The paperwork for his vast landholdings and the key to his catamaran had been placed in a safety deposit box at that bank by Vector. He had used his spaceship flying in and flying out of the centuries to make the necessary arrangements the weeks before their arrival.

"The key to your catamaran is at the bank's safety deposit box. Where do plan on sailing to" asked Vector? "I was thinking about going to Hawaii for a few months and then to the Marquesas for about a month or so. After that I will have a better idea of where else to go" said Leonardo. After taking care of business they drove over to Golden Rock Marina to see Leonardo's catamaran that Vector had purchased and had delivered to Panama. It was built by a boat building company in Panama and design by a firm in California. "Follow me," said Vector who knew where to go. "There she is," said Vector pointing to Leo's catamaran. "She's fast, comfortable, and has the latest computers with all the equipment needed, you will be happy with her," said Vector as they continued walking.

"What have you named it" asked Vector. "Go with the Flo" answered Leonardo. Vector noticed that Leonardo was looking around the harbor then back at the city. "What is it Leo, you seemed distant for some reason," asked Vector. "I was looking into the future and could see something that is going to happen next year," said Leonardo. "And that is" continued Vector. "I will explain later," said Leonardo as Vector nodded his head down then up. Vector had flown into that time period and already knew what was on Leonardo's mind, but wanted to hear what Leonardo would say about it.

It wasn't long before they were at the slip of his catamaran, walking up the transom on the port side of the catamaran to the cockpit. Leo gets out his key and unlocked the sliding glass doors. "There is going to be a major slow down in the economy next year. Let go inside and discuss this some more" said Leonardo as he and Vector walked into the salon. Moving to the salon tables and the galley Vector and Leonardo walk over to the navigation and computer station which is on the starboard side. "I only know a fraction of how to use the software and we can go over what I know later. There are tutorials on the system you can use to get up to speed. I can help you with the computer's operating system. Once you get the basics you can research more by going online" said Vector.

"Ok, Flo, and I will do just that" replied Leonardo looking over to the monitor screen, keyboard and mouse. "She is a 55 footer, the port hull was designed as your stateroom and many amenities were added. The starboard hull has a forward berth and the stern area had a workshop that could convert to a berth. I know you and Flo will like her just as you planned" said Vector. Going to the galley and looking at the arrangement of the refrigerators and freezers before stepping outside to the cockpit and sitting on the lounge seats.

"You might want to start preparing to sell your stocks, looks like the Stock Market may take a crash next year" Leonardo mentioned to Vector. "Yes, will do that and bonds before the end of the year, I have my art collection at a secure location" replied Vector. "Whose paintings do you have" wondered Leonardo. "I have many from different time periods, some from the impressionist era with a few Monets, van Goghs, Gaugains, and a Cezanne. I bought them very cheaply and now they are worth millions. I even have a sketch by da Vinci" said Vector pausing for a moment and remembering how he got it.

"So you have plans to sail to Hawaii and the Marquesas, what about Tahiti," asked Vector. "Yes, not sure of the date, but sometime next year," said Leonardo. "Ahoy their mateys, can I come aboard," said a stranger on the dock. Both Leonardo and Vector turned to see who it was, they see Outaforium. "Outaforium what brings you here," asked Vector. "I was sent by Zeuyu and have a message for you. He has another spaceship, which was sent to us from our planet for you to use. Similar to the one you had previously, but with more features" said Outaforium. Leonardo looked at Vector who had a smile on his face. Then Outaforium explained the where and when Vector would pickup his craft and the additional training he would need.

Outaforium explained, "I will see you at your house next Monday " After briefing both of them he stepped into the salon of the catamaran and disappeared. Vector looked at Leonardo and said "Things just got more advanced" Vector said looking at his watch and continued "We have to be getting back." Walking back up to the parking lot they talked about their next moves and buying a few things that they would need before going with Outaforium the following week.

Once back home Vector saw everyone was relaxing after their shopping trip. Artemesia and Velidia are putting away the groceries, Rocky and Frank were learning how to use the computer and the internet with instructions that Vector had left on the computer desk. Leonardo found Florencia seated next to the Koi pond watching some of the koi swim by, while other Kois gather around the pond's edge near them making a puckering sound, suggesting that they are hungry. Looking over to the waterfall Florencia is thinking back about their times in the 16th century and her life before Leonardo and her girlhood days.
She is horseback riding along the coast, her days in Spain, and making friends there. Then she recalled the gala ball that her father had and when she met Leonardo, Captain Montoya, and Claudette and all the things she and Leonardo had done before getting married. "Leo now that we are here, what can we expect and what will we do," she asks. "There is going to be a pandemic which will change history," said Leonardo looking down and rubbing his forehead with his left hand.

Florencia looked at Leonardo and said, "Ok, I'm going to get a glass of wine, do you want one." "Yes, that will be fine," Leonardo said watching a golden butterfly koi swim by. Meanwhile, Vector was telling Artemesia the same thing Leonardo was telling Florencia "Outaforium stopped by Leo's catamaran and told us that Zeuyu was letting me have another spaceship." Artemesia looked up into the sky and said "After you get the spaceship, what

are you going to do." "There is a few things that come to mind," answered Vector.
The next day they all went to a surf shop to purchased surfboards for everyone. "Surf shops around the world are going to have a difficult time next year. When the lockdown and quarantine happen because of the pandemic, retail shops large and small will have no customers for a while. People are going to hold back on purchases and buy only the necessities. Building supplies for surfboards are going to get expensive and there will be fewer builders" said Leonardo holding a surfboard away from the wall rack and looking at the rail contour.

"So the boards we get today are going to be the ones we have for a while," said Florencia. "Maybe, I will have to get some supplies and have a shop at our new location where I can build us a few if need be later" answered Leonardo. "I couldn't help but overhear what you said Leo. That's a good idea" said Vector as he moved along past them looking at the boards in the shop. After everyone got a surfboard, trunks, bathing suits, leashes, and wax, they went surfing at a local beach outside of town. Everyone was having a fun time catching waves. Sitting out in the lineup Leonardo says to Vector "Flo and I are going over to the cat tomorrow for a day sail. Can you and the family join us?" "I will see what Artemesia has in mind, but most likely we can go sailing tomorrow," said Vector.

On a starboard tack, Leonardo is at the helm with Rocky and Frank seated behind him, Vector, Velidia, Florencia, and Artemesia are seated at the cockpit lounge. Artemesia is talking about when she, Vector, and the family sailed over from Atlantis to Etobiius and how much slower the vessel that they were on compared to Leo and Flo's catamaran they were sailing on this day. Vector wasn't noticing the speed until Artemesia mentioned it. "Leo, how fast are we going" asked Vector. "We are at 22 knots, no 24, it just jumped to 27 knots" replied Leonardo. Vector looked at Artemesia and said "Wow" as she continued with her story.

"The accommodation on that trip was rough, but we managed, though I did get seasick a couple of times during rough seas" expressed Artemesia shaking her head sideways. Vector looked back at the wake of the catamaran and had a recollection of the trip as well. How important it seemed back then doing what the king wanted to be done, but now with newer challenges on the horizon, it's just a far off memory. The week went by fast and a meeting is taking place with Leonardo and Vector at Vector's backyard. "I have been in contact with a few of the companies we have interest in and made arrangements to meet with them," said Leonardo. "Are you talking about our holdings in the gold and silver mines?" asked Vector. "Yes, and a representative with a Depository Vault Company in Switzerland," said Leonardo.

Just before Vector was going to say what was on his mind he sees Outaforium appearing out of the blue and is walking towards them. "Outaforium, how are you. I was just about to mention you and the spacecraft" replied Vector. "That's what I thought you would say. We will be going to our spaceship shortly" said Outaforium looking at both Vector and Leonardo, who had turned around to see Outaforium approaching. "You caught us off guard, let me go tell Artemesia that we will be gone for a while with you," said Vector rushing inside and after a few moments rushing back out as Leonardo and Outaforium were discussing what will be happening in the global economy. "I told her to let Florencia know that you and I will be with Outaforium and should be back in a few hours," said Vector.

Within a few seconds of mentioning what he had done, all three disappeared and reappeared in the transport room. There before them was the spacecraft, bigger than the previous craft that Vector had before. "Follow me," said Outaforium as he walked towards the spacecraft. As they got closer a door appears and opens up with a set of stairs protruded out to the ground. Outaforium leads the way into the spaceship's entrance bay. From there he walks over to an area and lifted his hand up and waved sideways, another door opens and they walk through a corridor to the main control room. "You will notice Vector that these controls are similar to the last ship you were on and if you hover your hand over the controls that you are not familiar with, it will instruct you of what to do with a hologram text message. Just ask the ship's computer, her name is Honey if you have any doubts" mentioned Outaforium.

"Have a seat and let's go for a ride" said Outaforium pointing to the seat where he should sit. Vector moved into the seat and looked over the controls and said "Leonardo have a seat" he pressed a button and the floor opened up and a seat came up from the floor. Leonardo sat in the seat and kept quiet while Vector moved his hands around. The spacecraft began to move and hovered in place. The rear door to the transport room opened "This is a different time period and more monitoring systems are in place," said Outaforium. "What do you mean" asked Leonardo being curious. "There are satellites in space monitoring what is happening on this planet. So Vector, you should turn on the advance cloaking system of the ship and you should be Ok" said Outaforium. After doing so, Vector turned the ship around and moved out into space. "Yes, just like before, but smoother!" said Vector with a smile on his face. "Let go back to Panama to Portobelo," said Leonardo. Vector nodded his head to say yes and prepared the craft for the flight.

"If there are any questions you might have Vector. Just press the emergency frequently button to get a hold of me or Zor 2 or ask Honey and she will let you know. For now, I am going back to the mother ship. You can fly wherever you like and just keep the cloaking system on" said Outaforium as he disappeared from the spacecraft. Leonardo looked at Vector who was adjusting the controls and said "We should be there in less than a minute" said Vector turning on the monitor as they are traveling above the mountains then down to sea level.

"Whereabouts did you have in mind," asked Vector. "Do you remember when we moved the 100 tons of gold from my residence to the cave in the valley? That is where I would like to go" said Leonardo. "Ok, we should be there soon, ah, we are there now" mentioned Vector. "Can you scan inside the cave and tell if the gold is still there?" asked Leonardo. Looking over to the controls, Vector sees the button. Then looking up at the monitor he says "Yes, it's still there." "Good, I'm going to deposit it in Switzerland and then sell the land," said Leonardo. "Anything else, while we are in the area", asked Vector. "No, if something should pop up I will take care of it later," said Leonardo. "

"Vector, I've been looking into the future lately and besides the pandemic, there is going to be an economic disturbance. That's what Outaforium and I were talking about when you went to Artemesia. This economic collapse will change everybody's lives and how they perceive what money should be" said Leonardo before continuing his train of thought. "This world we are in will be going into a severe depression in the years ahead and we will have to get ready for it. Let's talk about it later after we get back home" said Leonardo.

"I wouldn't mind staying a little longer, but we have to be getting back, Artemeisa has plans for this evening." "Ok, said Leonardo with many things running through his mind. It wasn't long before Vector was parking his craft next to the garage/warehouse. Vector and Leonardo got out of the craft which was in invisible mode. "There is a lot for you to do Leo and me as well. Let talks some more tomorrow, but for now, I'm going to spend some time with Artemesia and the kids" said Vector walking towards his house. "Ok, I'm going to let Flo know what we have been up to and see what she has in mind," said Leonardo waving to Vector as to express see you later. Walking into the kitchen Leonardo sees Florencia preparing dinner. "Flo, that spacecraft Vector has is something else, and if it can do half the things his previous spacecraft did, it's going to make for an interesting stay in this century," said Leonardo to Florencia. "Where did you go Leo,?" asked Florencia.

"I asked Vector to take me to the cave where the 100 tons of your father's gold was. It's still there and with the help of Vector and his spacecraft, we will relocate it to Switzerland for safekeeping. The land where the gold is, is still under our control, so that won't be a problem" said Leonardo going over to the sink and picking a cleaned carrot from the strainer to chew on. What's for dinner?" asked Leonardo. "We are having fish, Spanish rice, and salad" replied Florencia. "Ok, I will get cleaned up," said Leonardo. "Will have some white wine when you return," said Florencia as she kept a watch of what was cooking and what to do next. Twenty minutes later the two are seated at their backyard patio table having dinner, sipping their wine, and talking about the future while the sunset turns to nightfall.