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Episode 15

"Shift in the Wind"

Getting used to his spacecraft Vector started to fly into the future, one century at a time. Flying into the tenth year of the 21st Century he notices considerable changes in Panama from the previous centuries. That the canal had been turned over to the country of Panama and that Panama had expanded the canal operations. Not knowing the reason for the change and the reason for the expansion, Vector dials in the date and time of his period on the monitor , within a moment's notice he had returned home to the 16th century. The next day during his usual routine of checking out both coast, his spacecraft indicates he is being followed.

After sea trials, Viajero de Estrellas (Traveler of the Stars) is at the docks and Leonardo is walking back to his office when Vector shows up at the docks. "Leonardo, this morning when I was flying around the coastline of South America, Peru in particular. I was being followed by another spacecraft. I communicated to Zor 2 about my situation and he indicated they were watching what was happening aboard their ship. Those following me were scouts for the Exwaxers, the mothership of the Exwaxers were at a secret location.  Zor 2 knew that they spotted me in the 21st century and again in the 16th century flying one of their spacecraft.

They asked what Zeuyu was up to, knowing that they were being watched by them. Zor 2 said that they had encountered the Exwaxers before and knew they were planning to take over the planet" Vector said. "After all this time you had been flying around Outaforium hadn't let you know of them?" Leonardo asked. "I asked the same question to Zor 2 and he said they were going to tell me, but wanted to wait to do so. I guess that I'm a pawn of Zeuyu and he wanted to see what the Exwaxers moves were once they saw me flying around. I was being watched by Zeuyu, so I was being protected and no harm would come to me Zor 2 said. But they knew somewhere in time I would be noticed  to draw their attention without acting like I knew they were there." Vector said.

"Then what happened?" Leonardo asked knowing there was more to the story than meets the eye. "When I came back to the 16th century the Exwaxers followed me, but Zeuyu was following them on this dimensional chess board. That is when I noticed them. Since there were no other spacecraft for centuries until I came onto the scene. They figured Zeuyu knew what they were up to after talking with them. The communication between them became harsh and both they and Zeuyu had their shields up. The Exwaxer's scout disappeared from the scene. Zor 2 communicated this to me and said Outaforium would like to have a meeting with me and you tomorrow morning at Sapphire Bay" Vector said. "Ok, this sound complicated. I wonder what's next" Leonardo said.

Meanwhile, Outaforium is on the Mothership in discussion with Commander Zeuyu. "Those Exwaxers from the planet Xeogul are determined to eliminate Vector!. We brought Vector to Portobelo so that he and Leonardo would work together as a team for our plan to counter the Exwaxers plan in 2030 " Outaforium said. 
So, if the Exwaxers eliminate Vector, all the planning and scheduling we had done would have been for not, and their plan of dominating the world would still be in play. We need to prevent that from happening. First, we need to send Vector and Leonardo to the year 2019 for them to get a glimpse of what it will be like, second have the option of an accident or an event to make them aware of their friendship and how more important that is, third send them to 1970 to have them build their monetary reserve" Zeuyu replied.

"They will need a big reserve and business experience to know what to do and how to do it at that level. Their experience here is just a warm-up for what they will encounter in the future. An opening moves on our side to see what the Exwaxer's move might be in 2030. Vector is 39 and Leonardo is 34 years old currently since they would have spent a year from 2019 to 2020. That would mean they will be one year older in 1970. The ten years leading up to 1980 is the period they will make their fortune. After that, they will be 49 and 44 years old and will be at their peak of physical and mental capabilities. Then 1980 will be the launch pad, just like what they will go through in a few weeks of having their assets situated into 2019, but this time it will be 2030 where all the bets will be on the tables. That will be the biggest event of their lives" Outaforium said.

The next morning Outaforium was beamed down to Leonardo's patio area where Leonardo and Vector were waiting. Outaforium appears before Leonardo and Vector. "Those aliens who are after you Vector will soon be after Leonardo, Florencia, and your family because of your association with them," Outaforium said. "From what Zor 2 has mentioned about them and their goal, it seems to me that they are going to make everyone slaves out of the poor, middle and upper-class people on this planet," Vector said. "Yes, that is why we have to relocate you, Leonardo, and your loved ones out of harm's way, by sending you to 2019 in the 21st century, then after a year, you will go back into the 20th century in 1970. Why we chose those dates is to get you acclimated to where you will be, then go back in time to prepare you all before returning to 2030 once 1980 has taken place" Outaforium said.

"So we willing going to 2019 into 2020, then back to 1970. What does that have to with the Exwaxers?" Vector asked. Exwaxers will not know where you have gone to. By leapfrogging to 21st century than after a year goes back to 1970 will give you and us time to prepare for them in 2030 when they will try to take over the entire world" Outaforium said. "You mean to say those aliens who are after Vector and us are going to take over the world in 2030," Leonardo said. "Yes, that is the reason they are after you now in the 16th century. They found out what you are doing now will change everything in the future. That is why they must eliminate you and put history back on course. Which we will do anyway after you leave here" Outaforium said.

"What should we do, we have our operations and finances here and nothing in 2019," Leonardo said. You will soon find yourself in a new situation in a few weeks. The question is how will you transform your wealth from here to where you are going without it disappearing into history. A problem to get you ready for the many problems to face you" Outaforium said. Leonardo looked at Vector who was in deep thought and then back at Outaforium. "I have a few options that come to mind but will need some more time to plan it out. The land is one of them, gold and silver another. What says you Vector since you have been where we are going and have a better idea of what to do" asked Leonardo. "I was thinking about stocks, bonds, gold, silver, land, and art. Maybe some cryptocurrencies, I got some on my last visit. That is a form of digital currency that can be used to purchase items just like how a peso can buy things today" replied Vector as he continued "It's going to be interesting and there is much to consider in what should be done and how to do it."

"Three weeks is all we will grant you, plan wisely," Outaforium said. "You may know this already of the monetary development that will happen in the years we are there. Any insights you would like to share with us Outaforium" Leonardo said as he looked at Vector and then back at Outaforium. "All I can say is health is your true wealth and be prepared for some trying times there in the future!" remarked Outaforium as he placed both hands out in front of himself, then swung them outward in a circular motion. A vision of the area where they will be going appears. "This is Panama City, four hundred years from now. There will be many changes that will happen so get uses to the idea of change and be prepared" said Outaforium with no person or vehicles in the image. He closed his arm as his hands met in a clap as the vision disappeared.

Leonardo looked over to Vector then to Outaforium and asked "Outaforium is there something happening there in the image. Has there or will there be something that will change civilization as we know it. Also, the reason we have to leave is that the Exwaxers are after Vector and now us. Could you explain why is it that Vector has traveled through time and I and Florencia will be making the leaps across history because of it?" Part of Outaforium explanation was true the other part was partly true. "We had orders from our home base to go back 10,000 years and do some research on the people of Atlantis. One of my specialties has been studying civilizations throughout history. That is why I was chosen to be in charge of the research. So we went back and came to the island of Etobiius a satellite colony island of Atlantis. That is where I met Vector and we became friends. Zeuyu suggested to me that Vector might be a good subject to study for our research and I agreed. There were others and
 a few were brought aboard for another location.


The island became unstable and was about to erupt, we removed Vector and his family to a different location. We put the question to our computers of where and when would be a comparable time period in history for Vector to be in.  It brought up Panama in the latter part of the 1500s. This time period was the discovery and development of North and South Americas. So that is why we took Vector and his family to Panama. He would need employment and I looked for a place that he could learn and grow. That is where you come in Leonardo, I found out you were in charge of the gold shipments in Portobelo by way of your father-in-law the governor" Outaforium said.

"It was a close call when the island exploded and at the same time, my family and I made it to the vortex chamber that Outaforium had transformed us into. After a brief moment, the chamber disappeared and we were walking on a dirt road outside of Portobelo" Vector recalled. "I picked them up and took them to your hacienda. We knew Vector could help out Leonardo. So after Vector and his family were settled in, we taught Vector how to use one of our spacecraft to help you grow and prosper. Now I'm in the same situation again of relocating Vector and you from harm" Outaforium said looking over to Vector then back at Leonardo. "Well, what do you think Leonardo," asked Vector. "We have a lot of planning to do!" Leonardo said.

It was getting close to the departure date and Vector and Leo did the best they could getting their assets situated when the Exwaxer aliens targeted Vector for elimination. They went to his ranch and destroyed his spacecraft and house. But, before that happened Zeuyu was keeping track of the Exwaxers and figured out what they were going to do next and had Outaforium relocated Vector, Artemesia, their children to Leonardo and Florencia's residence before sending them through the vortex into the future.

They stepped through the time vortex also known as a wormhole onto a deserted beach south of Panama City, Panama. They came from the end of the 16th century into the summer of 2019. In the distance, they could see skyscrapers above the trees and vegetation. Walking along the water's edge their footprints are embedded into the darker moist sands of the beach. A surge from a small swell rolls up the beach and erases some of the footprints as the group walked towards the city.

"What do you think Vector?" asked Leo. "Well, it looks just the way I left it a year and a half ago in my spacecraft. Which was a week ago in real-time. Up ahead a few hundred meters to our left are some stairs that lead to some beachfront stores" Vector said pointing to the locations of the steps. Everyone looked ahead as they continued walking, after about 10 minutes they reached the stairs and the beachfront stores. A station wagon taxi was parked on the boulevard next to the shops.


Walking up to the taxi Leo sees the driver reading a newspaper and says to him in Spanish "Excuse me senior, we would like a ride" Putting down his newspaper the driver says "Si" and gets out of the cab to help his passengers. "Where to," asked the driver. "Costa Topaz tres Flamingo" replied Leonardo looking over to Vector who nodded his head down and up. The driver looked at Leonardo with curiosity and said "Si Senior" and was off. Arriving in front of a gated mansion Vector paid the driver with the currency that he had and thank him for the ride. Vector walks over to a secret compartment near the gate and enters the code to open the gate, They walk up on one of the driveways that led to one of two houses.

"You did well to get us these houses for us on your trips here. Going inside Leo and Flo's house, Vector tells everyone "Our house is next door situated across the backyard garden" pointing at the building on the other side of the koi pond. "Artemesia and the kids can get settled in. Leo and I will go over to the bank and take care of business. We will be back in about an hour" said Vector going over to a cabinet where the keys to his and Leo cars and trucks are located. "We will go shopping while you two are away. Take the truck and we will go in the car" said Florencia knowing what she had to do.

After explaining where what is and how to turn things on and off Leonardo and Vector drove off to the bank. They are discussing their financial holdings along the way and whatever else was on their minds. After arriving at the bank Leo opened his account and had Vector transferred funds from his account into his. The paperwork for his vast landholdings and the key to his catamaran had been placed in a safety deposit box at that bank by Vector. He had used his spaceship flying in and flying out of the centuries to make the necessary arrangements the weeks before their arrival.

"The key to your catamaran is at the bank's safety deposit box. Where do plan on sailing to" asked Vector? "I was thinking about going to Hawaii for a few months and then to the Marquesas for about a month or so. After that I will have a better idea of where else to go" said Leonardo. After taking care of business they drove over to Golden Rock Marina to see Leonardo's catamaran that Vector had purchased and had delivered to Panama. It was built by a boat building company in Panama and design by a firm in California. "Follow me," said Vector who knew where to go. "There she is," said Vector pointing to Leo's catamaran. "She's fast, comfortable, and has the latest computers with all the equipment needed, you will be happy with her," said Vector as they continued walking.

"What have you named it" asked Vector. "Go with the Flo" answered Leonardo. Vector noticed that Leonardo was looking around the harbor then back at the city. "What is it Leo, you seemed distant for some reason," asked Vector. "I was looking into the future and could see something that is going to happen next year," said Leonardo. "And that is" continued Vector. "I will explain later," said Leonardo as Vector nodded his head down then up. Vector had flown into that time period and already knew what was on Leonardo's mind, but wanted to hear what Leonardo would say about it.

It wasn't long before they were at the slip of his catamaran, walking up the transom on the port side of the catamaran to the cockpit. Leo gets out his key and unlocked the sliding glass doors. "There is going to be a major slow down in the economy next year. Let go inside and discuss this some more" said Leonardo as he and Vector walked into the salon. Moving to the salon tables and the galley Vector and Leonardo walk over to the navigation and computer station which is on the starboard side. "I only know a fraction of how to use the software and we can go over what I know later. There are tutorials on the system you can use to get up to speed. I can help you with the computer's operating system. Once you get the basics you can research more by going online" said Vector.

"Ok, Flo, and I will do just that" replied Leonardo looking over to the monitor screen, keyboard and mouse. "She is a 55 footer, the port hull was designed as your stateroom and many amenities were added. The starboard hull has a forward berth and the stern area had a workshop that could convert to a berth. I know you and Flo will like her just as you planned" said Vector. Going to the galley and looking at the arrangement of the refrigerators and freezers before stepping outside to the cockpit and sitting on the lounge seats.

"You might want to start preparing to sell your stocks, looks like the Stock Market may take a crash next year" Leonardo mentioned to Vector. "Yes, will do that and bonds before the end of the year, I have my art collection at a secure location" replied Vector. "Whose paintings do you have" wondered Leonardo. "I have many from different time periods, some from the impressionist era with a few Monets, van Goghs, Gaugains, and a Cezanne. I bought them very cheaply and now they are worth millions. I even have a sketch by da Vinci" said Vector pausing for a moment and remembering how he got it.

"So you have plans to sail to Hawaii and the Marquesas, what about Tahiti," asked Vector. "Yes, not sure of the date, but sometime next year," said Leonardo. "Ahoy their mateys, can I come aboard," said a stranger on the dock. Both Leonardo and Vector turned to see who it was, they see Outaforium. "Outaforium what brings you here," asked Vector. "I was sent by Zeuyu and have a message for you. He has another spaceship, which was sent to us from our planet for you to use. Similar to the one you had previously, but with more features" said Outaforium. Leonardo looked at Vector who had a smile on his face. Then Outaforium explained the where and when Vector would pickup his craft and the additional training he would need. Outaforium explained, "I will see you at your house next Monday " After briefing both of them he stepped into the salon of the catamaran and disappeared. Vector looked at Leonardo and said "Things just got more advanced" Vector said looking at his watch and continued "We have to be getting back." Walking back up to the parking lot they talked about their next moves and buying a few things that they would need before going with Outaforium the following week.

Once back home Vector saw everyone was relaxing after their shopping trip. Artemesia and Velidia are putting away the groceries, Rocky and Frank were learning how to use the computer and the internet with instructions that Vector had left on the computer desk. Leonardo found Florencia seated next to the Koi pond watching some of the koi swim by, while other Kois gather around the pond's edge near them making a puckering sound, suggesting that they are hungry. Looking over to the waterfall Florencia is thinking back about their times in the 16th century and her life before Leonardo and her girlhood days. She is horseback riding along the coast, her days in Spain, and making friends there. Then she recalled the gala ball that her father had and when she met Leonardo, Captain Montoya, and Claudette and all the things she and Leonardo had done before getting married. "Leo now that we are here, what can we expect and what will we do," she asks. "There is going to be a pandemic which will change history," said Leonardo looking down and rubbing his forehead with his left hand.

Florencia looked at Leonardo and said, "Ok, I'm going to get a glass of wine, do you want one." "Yes, that will be fine," Leonardo said watching a golden butterfly koi swim by. Meanwhile, Vector was telling Artemesia the same thing Leonardo was telling Florencia "Outaforium stopped by Leo's catamaran and told us that Zeuyu was letting me have another spaceship." Artemesia looked up into the sky and said "After you get the spaceship, what

are you going to do." "There is a few things that come to mind," answered Vector. The next day they all went to a surf shop to purchased surfboards for everyone. "Surf shops around the world are going to have a difficult time next year. When the lockdown and quarantine happen because of the pandemic, retail shops large and small will have no customers for a while. People are going to hold back on purchases and buy only the necessities. Building supplies for surfboards are going to get expensive and there will be fewer builders" said Leonardo holding a surfboard away from the wall rack and looking at the rail contour.

"So the boards we get today are going to be the ones we have for a while," said Florencia. "Maybe, I will have to get some supplies and have a shop at our new location where I can build us a few if need be later" answered Leonardo. "I couldn't help but overhear what you said Leo. That's a good idea" said Vector as he moved along past them looking at the boards in the shop. After everyone got a surfboard, trunks, bathing suits, leashes, and wax, they went surfing at a local beach outside of town. Everyone was having a fun time catching waves. Sitting out in the lineup Leonardo says to Vector "Flo and I are going over to the cat tomorrow for a day sail. Can you and the family join us?" "I will see what Artemesia has in mind, but most likely we can go sailing tomorrow," said Vector.

On a starboard tack, Leonardo is at the helm with Rocky and Frank seated behind him, Vector, Velidia, Florencia, and Artemesia are seated at the cockpit lounge. Artemesia is talking about when she, Vector, and the family sailed over from Atlantis to Etobiius and how much slower the vessel that they were on compared to Leo and Flo's catamaran they were sailing on this day. Vector wasn't noticing the speed until Artemesia mentioned it. "Leo, how fast are we going" asked Vector. "We are at 22 knots, no 24, it just jumped to 27 knots" replied Leonardo. Vector looked at Artemesia and said "Wow" as she continued with her story.

"The accommodation on that trip was rough, but we managed, though I did get seasick a couple of times during rough seas" expressed Artemesia shaking her head sideways. Vector looked back at the wake of the catamaran and had a recollection of the trip as well. How important it seemed back then doing what the king wanted to be done, but now with newer challenges on the horizon, it's just a far off memory. The week went by fast and a meeting is taking place with Leonardo and Vector at Vector's backyard. "I have been in contact with a few of the companies we have interest in and made arrangements to meet with them," said Leonardo. "Are you talking about our holdings in the gold and silver mines?" asked Vector. "Yes, and a representative with a Depository Vault Company in Switzerland," said Leonardo.

Just before Vector was going to say what was on his mind he sees Outaforium appearing out of the blue and is walking towards them. "Outaforium, how are you. I was just about to mention you and the spacecraft" replied Vector. "That's what I thought you would say. We will be going to our spaceship shortly" said Outaforium looking at both Vector and Leonardo, who had turned around to see Outaforium approaching. "You caught us off guard, let me go tell Artemesia that we will be gone for a while with you," said Vector rushing inside and after a few moments rushing back out as Leonardo and Outaforium were discussing what will be happening in the global economy. "I told her to let Florencia know that you and I will be with Outaforium and should be back in a few hours," said Vector.

Within a few seconds of mentioning what he had done, all three disappeared and reappeared in the transport room. There before them was the spacecraft, bigger than the previous craft that Vector had before. "Follow me," said Outaforium as he walked towards the spacecraft. As they got closer a door appears and opens up with a set of stairs protruded out to the ground. Outaforium leads the way into the spaceship's entrance bay. From there he walks over to an area and lifted his hand up and waved sideways, another door opens and they walk through a corridor to the main control room. "You will notice Vector that these controls are similar to the last ship you were on and if you hover your hand over the controls that you are not familiar with, it will instruct you of what to do with a hologram text message. Just ask the ship's computer, her name is Honey if you have any doubts" mentioned Outaforium.

"Have a seat and let's go for a ride" said Outaforium pointing to the seat where he should sit. Vector moved into the seat and looked over the controls and said "Leonardo have a seat" he pressed a button and the floor opened up and a seat came up from the floor. Leonardo sat in the seat and kept quiet while Vector moved his hands around. The spacecraft began to move and hovered in place. The rear door to the transport room opened "This is a different time period and more monitoring systems are in place," said Outaforium. "What do you mean" asked Leonardo being curious. "There are satellites in space monitoring what is happening on this planet. So Vector, you should turn on the advance cloaking system of the ship and you should be Ok" said Outaforium. After doing so, Vector turned the ship around and moved out into space. "Yes, just like before, but smoother!" said Vector with a smile on his face. "Let go back to Panama to Portobelo," said Leonardo. Vector nodded his head to say yes and prepared the craft for the flight.

"If there are any questions you might have Vector. Just press the emergency frequently button to get a hold of me or Zor 2 or ask Honey and she will let you know. For now, I am going back to the mother ship. You can fly wherever you like and just keep the cloaking system on" said Outaforium as he disappeared from the spacecraft. Leonardo looked at Vector who was adjusting the controls and said "We should be there in less than a minute" said Vector turning on the monitor as they are traveling above the mountains then down to sea level.

"Whereabouts did you have in mind," asked Vector. "Do you remember when we moved the 100 tons of gold from my residence to the cave in the valley? That is where I would like to go" said Leonardo. "Ok, we should be there soon, ah, we are there now" mentioned Vector. "Can you scan inside the cave and tell if the gold is still there?" asked Leonardo. Looking over to the controls, Vector sees the button. Then looking up at the monitor he says "Yes, it's still there." "Good, I'm going to deposit it in Switzerland and then sell the land," said Leonardo. "Anything else, while we are in the area", asked Vector. "No, if something should pop up I will take care of it later," said Leonardo. "

"Vector, I've been looking into the future lately and besides the pandemic, there is going to be an economic disturbance. That's what Outaforium and I were talking about when you went to Artemesia. This economic collapse will change everybody's lives and how they perceive what money should be" said Leonardo before continuing his train of thought. "This world we are in will be going into a severe depression in the years ahead and we will have to get ready for it. Let's talk about it later after we get back home" said Leonardo.

"I wouldn't mind staying a little longer, but we have to be getting back, Artemeisa has plans for this evening." "Ok, said Leonardo with many things running through his mind. It wasn't long before Vector was parking his craft next to the garage/warehouse. Vector and Leonardo got out of the craft which was in invisible mode. "There is a lot for you to do Leo and me as well. Let talks some more tomorrow, but for now, I'm going to spend some time with Artemesia and the kids" said Vector walking towards his house. "Ok, I'm going to let Flo know what we have been up to and see what she has in mind," said Leonardo waving to Vector as to express see you later. Walking into the kitchen Leonardo sees Florencia preparing dinner. "Flo, that spacecraft Vector has is something else, and if it can do half the things his previous spacecraft did, it's going to make for an interesting stay in this century," said Leonardo to Florencia. "Where did you go Leo,?" asked Florencia.

"I asked Vector to take me to the cave where the 100 tons of your father's gold was. It's still there and with the help of Vector and his spacecraft, we will relocate it to Switzerland for safekeeping. The land where the gold is, is still under our control, so that won't be a problem" said Leonardo going over to the sink and picking a cleaned carrot from the strainer to chew on. What's for dinner?" asked Leonardo. "We are having fish, Spanish rice, and salad" replied Florencia. "Ok, I will get cleaned up," said Leonardo. "Will have some white wine when you return," said Florencia as she kept a watch of what was cooking and what to do next. Twenty minutes later the two are seated at their backyard patio table having dinner, sipping their wine, and talking about the future while the sunset turns to nightfall.

Episode 16

"A Change on the Horizon"

The next day Leonardo's cell phone rings and it indicates Vector, he answers it and says "Hey Vector what's up" while looking out at the ocean. "Leonardo did you make arrangements with the bank representative about moving the gold from Panama to their vault in Switzerland," asked Vector. "Yes, it's been arranged. We need to pick up the gold and transport it to an empty warehouse in Panama City that I rented for a month. Also, there are special pallet containers I rented from a local mining company to place the bullion bars into. The containers will be here in a few days.

After we pick up the gold and take it to the warehouse, we will place them in the containers and have it transported to the airport. Where it will be loaded onto a rented jumbo size cargo plane and flown to Switzerland. I hired security guards and 20 armored trucks to haul the gold to the airport. So, everything is in place, and is the schedule for next Wednesday at 9:30 pm for the pickup" said Leonardo. "Sounds good to me. What time will you be over at my house" asked Vector? "I'll be over at 6:30 and get her done at Portobelo by 8:00 p.m. and be back at the warehouse by 8:05," said Leonardo. "Alright, I'll put that on my to-do schedule," said Vector. "Ok," said Leonardo as he hung up and went into his office.

The following day Leonardo is walking up to Vector's garage and sees Vector putting away some garden tools and asked "How's Rocky and Frank doing. Did they go surf?" "No, they are inside studying up on the Shaping software that I bought them. The shaping machine is being shipped next week. So they are taking lessons on the internet" said Vector as they walked over to the door of the spacecraft which opened up in front of them. "Great, I can learn to use the software at home and shape a few boards myself over here," said Leonardo getting into the craft.

They flew over to Portobelo to look over the site and spent an hour discussing how they were going to remove the gold at night. "Leo, I've been meaning to asks you. How did you get the power of being able to look into the future and the past" questioned Vector out of the blue? "I was in search of an island for the King of Spain and when I found the island, there was this one man who lived there that had specials powers. He was the one who gave me those powers. Besides being clairvoyant he made surfboards and surfed. Not having someone to pass his ability too, long story short, I inherited the power from him. That changed my life forever and was able to do things I couldn't have imagined before that. This was before you and your family showed up to our hacienda." recalled Leonardo. They continued to talk about the old times of their past as they hovered around before returning home.

The week went by and the containers were at the rented warehouse. It was time to transfer the gold from it's long sleep to the containers at Panama City, They flew over to Portobello and were hovering in front of the cave where the gold was. Vector turns on the sensors to detect where the cavity entrance was located in the mountain. After locating it he presses the matter removal button and the rocks, soil, and plants are encapsulated into a rectangular block form. Then like a large drawer Vector slides it out and moves it out of the way near the cave entrance. The large rectangular mass is held in place by an anti-gravity force field.

With the entrance exposed the gold is then removed from its resting place. By using the same device he does the same with the gold and places it in the opposite area of the entrance. After completing the task of removing all the gold, and placing it to the opposite side of the encapsulated soil, rock, and plants. Vector picks up the block of rock, soil, and plants and places it back into the entrance of the cave. Then he hovers over the gold and clamps onto it and makes it invisible. After getting things ready, they flew back to the warehouse in Panama City.

Having made the trip in a minute, he hovers in front of the warehouse and places the gold there before landing off to the side. Leonardo gets out and goes over to the warehouse and opens the sliding doors. He goes inside and drives back out with a forklift. Hovering back up above the pile of gold Vector scans the gold and grabs a block of bullion bars weighing 5 tons with his anti-gravity device and places it into the container pallet. Leonardo then puts the container to one side and gets another empty container. It is 8:30 and the transfer of the gold onto 20 containers is complete. Vector parks his spacecraft inside the warehouse in invisible mode and closes the doors. At 9:00 p.m. the 20 armor pick-up trucks arrive and Leo forks the container of gold into each armored truck, after which the drivers are off on their way to the airport. Leonardo would follow after the last truck with his truck that was left there earlier.

"Well, just have to sign off at the cargo plane. See back home" said Leonardo. "Alright" replied Vector as he locked up the warehouse after moving his spacecraft outside and closed the gate to the yard. He flew back home within a few minutes. Vector closed up the spacecraft and went inside his house. An hour later he gets a call from Leo "I'm on my way home, everything went well." "Just talked to Rocky and Frank and they are going surfing tomorrow morning, so I decided to go too," Vector said. "Yeah, that sounds good to me. What time are you all going" Leo asked? "5 a.m. we can take my car so we don't have to stay as long," Vector said.

After returning home Leonardo sees Florencia reading a book. "How did things go Leo," asked Florencia. "It went according to plan. We will need to go over our mining plans and see if we should sell our interest or hold on to what we got. Also, we should get ready to sail in two weeks to Hawaii" mentioned Leonardo heading into the kitchen to get a bite to eat and time to relax. The sun is just beginning to rise above distant mountains as the foursome paddled out into the lineup. "How do guys like the new software that you are learning" asked Leonardo looking at both Frank and Rocky. "Great, I can hardly wait to get the machine and do a few blanks," said Rocky. "Yeah, I've been thinking about going shorter and get more progressive with my surfing. This is going to be fun" added Frank looking at the peak sets coming their way.

They would enjoy the morning surf with a few others. After a couple of hours, more people paddled out. The pack grew and Leonardo and Vector decided to go in, while Rocky and Frank stayed out longer and got to know some of the guys out there. Drying off Leonardo says to Vector " Flo and I are going to Hawaii in two weeks for some time off." Meanwhile out in the water, Rocky is paddling back out after someone had cut him off on the wave he was on. Rocky looked at the guy and just kept paddling back out. The guy said to Rocky "Go back to where you came from." Rocky looked at him and didn't say anything and continued his paddled back out.

Rocky paddled over to Frank and told him about the guy cutting him off on the last wave. "He's a jerk, I saw him do the same thing to another guy about 15 minutes ago," said Frank. "Let's go in, I think dad and Leo might be waiting for us," said Frank. Getting back to the car Frank and Rocky got their towels and dried off. Leonardo and Vector were still discussing what they were going to do regarding their finances and projects on their minds. Frank walks up to his dad and told about what had happened to Rocky. Leonardo was listening in on the conversation and said "Don't mind him, there are better things to do than to fight over a wave."

Returning home Vector drops off Leonardo and drove the short distance to his house. Leonardo was thinking to himself about going to the harbor and doing some work on his catamaran GWTF (Go with the Flo). Entering the house Leonardo notices a note that Florencia had left on the kitchen counter. It was a reminder that she went shopping for office supplies with Artemesia and was going to look at some laptops. It wasn't long before Leonardo was at the harbor walking along the dock and looking at the other sailboats in the harbor. The flags were waving and the halyards swayed in the breeze. Getting to his boat, Leonardo looks around the cockpit before going into the salon. Walking over to the Nav station and the multi-media work station.

Sitting down in the U shape desk configuration he looks at all the electronics in front of him. The all in one AIS and Radar, the Forward-Looking Sonar, and a BGAN with its auto-tracing antenna location system. Then swiveling around to his other systems of a laptop, drawing tablet, audio-video system, and an HDMI connection that is tied into his TV, located in the middle of the salon hidden inside of the console.

After going back out to the cockpit Leonardo is sitting on the helm seat looking out at the channel, He is getting the urge to go sailing and decides to do so. Turning the engines on Leonardo walks over to the bow cleat and unties the line back to mid-ships and ties it to the shroud with the excess over the side. Walking onto the dock, he goes to the dock bow cleat and ties it and loops the line the cleat, and pull the excess line to the shroud next to its other end. Going over to the stern cleat he unties the stern lines and brings it on board. Turning on the engines, he goes forward and releases the bowline from midships, and pulls in the line onboard. Back at the helm, he looks around before pushing the starboard throttle forward and the port engine into reverse. The cat moves away from the dock as he presses the port throttle forward and angles slowly out into the channel.

Steering out into the bay, staying out of the channel shipping lane, after clearing the area where most of the boat traffic is, he turns on the autopilot and walks 
along the starboard side and pull the fenders onboard, and places them in the forward sail locker. Unzipping the mainsail cover and lifting the main halyard, the mainsail is up and he returns to the helm. Once he feels comfortable Leo unfurled the jib and is single-handedly sailing in the noonday breeze.

Spending a few hours of jibing and tacking Leo returns to the harbor with his fenders over the starboard side and is ready to dock the boat. Slowly motoring in he passes his slip then puts the port engine in reverse and the starboard engine forward before putting it in reverse then neutral. Tossing the bow and stern line onto the dock. Jumping off and tying the stern line to the cleat, then moving forward and pulling in the bow towards the dock before tying bowline to the dock cleat. Turning off the motor Leonardo get the shoreline water hose and washes off the top, sides, deck, and cockpit before leaving the cat.

Leo walks into the kitchen and sees Florencia with an unboxed laptop and says "New laptop." "Yes, we were browsing around and I happened to see a program of dressmaking and how it could take the design and make patterns from it. Velidia said she would help me out in learning the software. She is into fashion design as well and learned to use the program within a day, she is very intelligent and has a photographic memory. She gets that from her mom and dad. Artemesia helps me in selecting which laptop to get and what other software to have in it" said Florencia. "Sound great, you should be busy for a while" replied Leonardo. "Oh Leo, Artemesia invited us over to dinner tonight around 7. So let us plan on attending" smiled Florencia. "Ok, will
be in my office if you need any help," said Leonardo.

Vector was in his garage when Outaforium appeared outside "Vector, it is I Outaforium" said Outaforium. Vector raised his head and turned around toward Outaforium. "What brings you to these neck of the woods," Vector said in a humorous tone and a smile on his face. "I wanted to let you know, that there is an improved mechanism we received from our planet that will make your spacecraft more advanced than previously. Not as advanced as our, but still quite advanced compared to before" said Outaforium. "That is interesting what is it and what does it do better," asked Vector.

"It is a device that can make your craft turn on a dime without losing any speed and switch into stealth mode at the same time" answered Outaforium. Vector visualized what Outaforium had said and responded "How or when will you do that" asked Vector. "We will upload the vessel tonight and it will back in your facility the next morning," said Outaforium. "Ok, that sounds good to me. Is there any other news I should know about" asked Vector? "The repo market had a major disturbance last night. So get ready for the pandemic and economic turbulence next summer. That's it for now, so get ready" implied Outaforium as he nodded his head and turned around and disappeared. Vector returns to his house with the thought of what Outaforium had said and wondered why the change in the spacecraft and information about the future now.

Everyone was gathered around the dinner table and the food was being passed around. Velidia was passing the salad bowl to Leonardo and asked "How did you and Florencia meet" Placing the vegetables onto his plate and passing it on to Florencia, he said, "It's a long story." "We don't mind if you don't mind," Artemesia said looking at Florencia and then at Vector. "Ok," Leonardo said looking at Florencia who had a smile on her face.

Leonardo began his story of how he and his father were map makers in Florence, Italy and a Spanish Captain and his daughter came to their shop one day. "My father sold them a diary that had a small map with a mark on it, a mystery that baffled those who had tried to solve what it meant. The common belief at the time was that it was an island in the Pacific Ocean. Well, that small mark was an island and it changed my life. After meeting Captain Montoya and his daughter Maria. I would travel with them across the Atlantic Ocean to Panama. I liked Maria and we got along well. But during the trip over she would fall in love with another man, actually, one of the officers on board the ship we were on.

After the voyage, they would wed and return to Spain. Her father the captain and a rescued passenger from a pirate ship that was sunken by our ship fell in love. We went on a brief trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. The reason for that detour was because the ship's Captain and I were supposed to go on to find that location on the map had been delayed for 2 months. After returning from Yucatan. The Captain, his fiancee, and I were invited to the Governor's Ball, the governor was Florencia's father.

That is where I met Florencia" Leonardo said while looking up at the ceiling. "Yes, I remember that day," said Florencia looking at Leonardo as she took over from there "We went on a day sail and after that date, I knew there was something special between us. So we would see each other again. After that, the rest became history" Florencia explained while passing the salad bowl to Rocky.

After the dinner Vector was telling Leonardo out in the patio what was happening to his spacecraft and what Outaforium had told him of the future. "I know, let me tell you something else that is going to happen," Leonardo said looking around to see if anyone was around. One of the patio lights started to flicker before staying on as Leonardo continued "Looking into next year, everything is about to change. This virus that is going to happen will change the course of history. From what was going to be into we have to change our way of life." 
From what was going to be as usual into we have to change because there is going to be a lockdown." "So, what do we do" asked Vector. "Besides having cash, precious metals, Bitcoin, food, household items, security, medical supplies, and backup systems of tools, a generator and fuels would be a good idea. Not all at once, but in stages" said Leonardo.

Vector thought over what Leonardo had mentioned since he had only been in the time period before what Leonardo was talking about. "Since you brought this subject matter up, I can either go back and get what I need or go forward to see what to do next," said Vector knowing his capabilities were not restricted to the here and now. "I had a feeling you might say that" mentioned Leonardo taking a drink from his glass of wine. "So, I will have my spacecraft back tomorrow and we can fly over to Fiji and New Zealand in a couple of days. I have a few things I need to take care of here before going. There are some detailed plans I'm finishing up on regarding the house. I arranged some items from Auckland to be delivered in shipping containers to an open field near my structure in a couple of days" said Vector.

Having forgotten to mention what he was thinking about Leonardo said "That reminds me I will email over the drawing files of the property next door. I bubbled in a layer to that certain location where what I was thinking about regarding areas of interest. Have a look and see if any changes to those areas might make it better. I will be going over other files of the Fijian island later." "That sounds like a plan" Vector replied as he got up to go back inside. "Yes, in a couple of days will be fine, I have a few things I too need to take care of as well" mentioned Leonardo getting up and following Vectors in. The wind was up early and the thought of surfing went out the window. Florencia was busy with her laptop as Leonardo was planning on what to do on the Fijian island, the property in New Zealand, and his sail over to Hawaii. The Fijian island will be his research center for surfing and surfboards, the construction will be in phases.

Switching his thoughts to New Zealand, he is going over the rough sketch plans of a greenhouse range of 50 acres having hydroponics and aquaponics for vegetables and fishes in one portion of the main range and fruit trees in another. All being controlled by a computerized system at the house and an ipad with the wireless digital communication system. Next to it will be the 200-acre plot for other uses in the future. The solar panel area and a small hydroelectric generating dam next to the river was in one of the bubble areas. It will be the power source for the farming operation that was sent to Vector for his look over.

It wasn't long before Leonardo called Vector to see if he was getting ready to go. "Hey Vector, are we on schedule," asked Leonardo. "Yeah, come on over and we will go," said Vector. "Ok, will be over in 20 minutes" Leonardo replied. Flying over to Fiji to the island the agent had mentioned to Leonardo. Vector said "I'm going to try that maneuver the new equipment is supposed to do. Here goes" Vector said while watching the monitor and speed device. "Did you feel it?" asked Vector? "No, not really," said Leonardo. "Simply amazing, no G force lag or anything," said Vector returning on course.

Slowing down and hovering above the island where Leonardo was interested. Vector begins taking pictures
and does a flyover to gets a 3-dimensional wireframe modeling file for Leonardo to use later on his CAD program at home. Landing on the beach Vector and Leonardo exits the spacecraft and takes a walk around the location they landed at. Leonardo points further away from where they are at to a Point break a few hundred yards away from where some waves are breaking. "That looks interesting, on a bigger day it has the potential to follow the shore and break all the way here," said Leonardo looking past where they are and the darker color of deep water down the beach.

Turning around he sees a bluff of about 30 feet above the beach and starts thinking about putting a structure there. "Vector lets go back into your spacecraft and do a survey of that lagoon over there. See how deep it is and how the bottom is" mentioned Leonardo wanting to have a place to anchor his catamaran. Getting back in they go some distance from shore before the spacecraft lowered into the water. Looking at the bottom, it was sand for about 100 yards from the beach before a coral reef takes over. Vector takes the reading on the depth and contour of the bottom and the monitor reads 50 feet deep some 300 feet before the coral.

"Got the information on a wireframe model file using this advance sonar system on this ship," said Vector looking around the area with his cameras and gathering the data. "Good, I can start working on the concept of what I want when I get home," Leonardo said while jotting down some notes for later on. "Ready to go to New Zealand," asked Vector. "Ready, I got the info that I will need" answered Leonardo looking at his notes. Going straight up and making a splash as they leave the ocean and fly over to New Zealand.

Vector hovers over the boulders where his structure is located, he scans the location to see there were any disturbances. Then fly over to the containers. Let me dig a pit to put these containers in for the time being and cover them for now. The items in those containers are for my spacecraft garage" said Vector. "How big are you going to make your space garage," asked Leonardo. "100 ft. X 100 ft. with an underground passageway from the house" answered Vector. "With all the Bells and Whistles," asked Leonardo. "Yup, and more. Let's go over to the location you are interested in Leo" said Vector.

"Ok, that sounds good to me," said Leonardo. Landing at the house Leonardo and Vector take a walk around as Leonardo shared what he had in mind with the property "I made an offer and will know in a while if the owner accepted. After the paperwork is finished and the planning phase of the site will get underway with a design office and staff. Then have a large warehouse built near the house and start purchasing the equipment and tools that will be needed." "Heavy stuff like bulldozer, excavator, tractor, backhoe, excavator, forklifts, scissor platforms, and other equipment to build with. The road will be improved with parking lots located at the greenhouse, farmyard " explained Leonardo pointing to the general area where they will be. Vector looked at Leonardo and could tell he was eager in wanting to do it as soon as possible.

"Yeah, that sounds good to me, I have some conceptual designs back home and we can go more into detail of how the hydroponic, aquaponics, and aeroponics will blend in with the greenhouse, farming, and orchard operation," said Vector as they continued to walk around and toss ideas around. Meanwhile, Florencia, Artemesia, and Velidia are having lunch at a cafe and talking about starting their own business of a clothing line. "I have the use of a warehouse Leonardo had rented and stands empty currently," said Florencia drawing on a napkin of her ideas on the table. "I can do the design and research" added Velidia.

"My experience in office management would take care of that department, but we may be overlooking the seriousness of this pandemic Leonardo is talking about. If the worst-case scenario does happen, businesses will take a loss if history is my guide" expressed Artemesia being cautious of what the future may hold. "Ok, let's keep things in perspective and see what happens. Leo and Vector are working on various projects that will influence what we might do. Changing the subject I was wanting to take up golf. Would you and Velidia be interested in joining me in some lessons" said Florencia. "I would love to" expressed Velidia. "Yes, I had been meaning to get out more. That sounds like a good idea. Count me in, when is your appointment" asked Artemesia. "This coming Friday at the Coastal Bluff golf course, 10 o'clock," Florencia said with a smile. "That works for me" answered Velidia. "Yes, that sounds good to me as well" added Artemesia.

Having returned from their trip Leonardo and Vector are talking about what they are going to do when they heard the sounds of a 2x4 being cut by a saw and hammering in the background. "Let's go check out what Frank and Rocky are up to in their shop," said Vector. "Ok, I was wondering how things are turning out" replied Leonardo. They walk over to their shop on the other side of the garage which is where the shaping machine is going to be located. A new shaping and glassing room is connected to the side of the existing garage. Having cut a doorway from the garage to the new addition. Vector opens the door to the hallway of the new shop.

They see Rocky and Frank framing the glassing room. The 12'width x 20' length and the 12' height of the shaping room had been framed. "How things coming along," asked Leonardo. "Good, we are getting things done ahead of schedule," said Rocky stopping with what he was doing to explain their progress. "How were the waves today," asked Leonardo. 2 to 3 feet, but was blown out early. So we got more time to work on the shop" said Rocky. "It looks good boys, keep it up," Vector said walking around a brace that held up the sidewall section to the back wall before being connected.

Leonardo and Vector waved as they left the work area and went to Vector's backyard patio. "What should we do with our real estate portfolio," asked Vector. "Let's liquidate our holdings this year and get back into the market in 2022 after the dust settles," said Leonardo. "What about the mining operations" continued Vector. "We will hold on to them and start selling our oil shares" Leonardo suggested. After going over what they have and what to do next Leonardo concluded their discussion by saying "Going down to the harbor and take care of a few things I have in mind on the boat." "Alright, I have some things to do myself" added Vector as they both got up and went their way.

At his nav station, Leonardo is plotting out a course to take and jotting down notes of what or maybe of interests along the way. He hears the sound of a text message arrival and checks his phone. Florencia is wondering if he wanted to go for a daysail today. He texts back indicating he is at the boat and thinks it a good idea and replied to her message. Florencia is on board within an hour and they are casting off for a day into the breeze of the moment and the different points of sail. Out of the shipping lane, Leonardo is upfront getting ready the spinnaker pole and the spinnaker bag. They went downwind for about half an hour before changing sails and started their tack back home. Back at the dock and somewhat fatigue physically and refreshed mentally, they clean up before going onshore and back to the house. Florencia resumes her lessons on the different software that she wants to learn and sketches different ideas for garments design that popped up while looking at an object in her studio.

Leonardo meanwhile is seated on his patio and recollecting their daysail and looking into what might be of the future. As Leonardo continues to look ahead he sees food lines appearing and many who were unprepared for the sudden shock of being off from work find their pantries being depleted. Looking at the timeline of events and the schedule, Leonardo was thinking back about the thoughts he was having when they were on the boat and notes that he had jotted down. Taking a piece of standard size paper turned sideways he begins to sketch a chart and places notes at certain time intervals of what is going to happen. Underneath the above chain of events, he notes what he will do to coincide with the path they are on.

Leonardo's phone rings and it is a banker in Switzerland "Hello Gian, How are you" asked Leonardo. "Fine, thank you, I'm letting you know your gold is in our vaults and has been accounted for. Let me know if you need anything else" conveyed Gian. "Why yes, there is something I would like to have done. Would you know where I can get a hold of silver eagles" said Leonardo. "Why yes, I would need to talk to my friend at the mint, but how much were you looking for," asked Gian. "320,000 ounces, more if it is available" replied Leonardo. "Ok, let me ask. I will get back to you in a few days" answered Gian. "That sounds good, talk to you later, thank you, Gian," said Leonardo as he concluded their conversation by hanging up.

Going over the chart that he had drawn up, Leonardo started drawing a circle with the description in them and drew a line to a specific area on his chart. Leonardo gets another phone call and it is Vector. "Hey Vector, what's up," asked Leonardo. "The surf is up and is in good shape. My whole family is here at the beach and having a good time. Come on down and get some surf" said Vector. "Ok, just jotting down a few things I want to do and then go see if Flo wants to go," Leonardo said as he started putting away his chart into a folder nearby. "I will be there in about 40 minutes, Flo might want to go," said Leonardo finishing their discussion as Vector said "Ok" and hung up.

Driving up to the beach Florencia sees Vector and Artemesia on the beach under their beach umbrella with the afternoon glare reflecting off the waters. Walking over to them and watching some of the waves breaking at the same time. "It looks like fun out there," said Leonardo. "It is, go get some, still have a few hours left before sunset," said Vector as he started to describing some of the waves that he had ridden. Artemesia started telling Florencia about some ideas she had. Leonardo watches as another set appears and starts waxing his board and getting ready to go out. It wasn't long before he is paddling out, as Florencia is still talking to Artemesia. Leonardo gets out to the lineup and sees Velidia talking with Rocky and Frank. So he paddles over and joins in on the conversation. "Uncle Leo, the waves are fun and plenty to go around," said Frank. "Is Auntie Florencia here?" asked Velidia. "Yes, she is talking with your mom," said Leonardo as Velidia looked to shore.

"Here comes a set," said Rocky as he began paddling further out. Leonardo sees it too and paddles out alongside Rocky. "All your uncle Leo," said Rocky. Leonardo took the second wave of the set while Rocky took the third. Velidia took the first wave and was going in. Frank watched as Leonardo and Rocky surfed by. After half an hour later Florencia was out and enjoying the surf. After the surf session, everyone was back home, Frank and Rocky went to study the surfboard software, Artemesia and Velidia telecommunicating with Florencia about garment ideas, and Vector and Leonardo planning their next trip to New Zealand. In the middle of the week, Rocky and Frank received their shaping machine. Rocky is using their forklift to unload the crates and Frank is using the pallet jack to put the crates in the general location in the shop. Once everything has been unloaded, they will wait for the field rep to show up and help with the assembly of the unit next to the computer room.

While Frank and Rocky are opening the crates out in the garage. Vector is in his office designing the roads, 10-inch water supply route, the booster pumps, and generator and housing, the underground electrical system and the septic from the warehouse, greenhouses, and other facilities tying into the septic system. Leonardo is in the process of obtaining all the supplies and materials for a retractable greenhouse, insect screens, benches, piping for the hydroponic, aquaponic, and aeroponic equipment, tanks, and machines for the greenhouse to be shipped to New Zealand. Coordinating when the supplies will be arriving, alongside when and where the concrete walkways, curbs, and asphalt road material will be poured and installed.

After scheduling the work and having everything ready. Leonardo hired a company to do the work in phases at the site. While all of this was going on, Leonardo and Florencia were somewhere in between Panama and Hawaii in communication with Vector who told them about the Repo Market had exploded skyward and the banks were needing liquidity.


Episode 17

"The Look Back"

Sailing along with open ocean all around, Leo and Flo went about their daily routine of on and off watches, reading and studying subject matters that are of interest. Florencia has been on watch for a couple of hours and maintaining the course with a minor sail trim and looking at the speed they are traveling, direction of the wind and looking up the satellite weather reports. Leo is in touch with Vector who is informing him of what is happening currently and what he is planning to do.

“Flying over to New Zealand today in 2 hour or so. The boys can hardly wait for their boards to be glassed. Artemesia and Velidia are working on a clothing line for after the economic reset. That reminds me, I have been selling my stocks and bonds and getting more precious metals and crypto’s” Vector said through his custom VPN (virtual private network) line that Outaforium had setup for him. “Vector, there has been a change of plans regarding the sail over to Hawaii. Can you pick us and the catamaran up and take us to Fiji with you today. I happened look pass 2020 and saw some interesting developments in 2021 and want to get more done at our island before the global lockdown” said Leonardo going over his notes. “Sure, I have a few things to get done here and will be by in 2 hours” replied Vector. “All right, see you then” said Leo hanging up his phone and going over to the helm.

“Flo, Vector will be stopping by in a couple of hours and picking us and the catamaran up” said Leonardo. “Did you tell him why” asked Florencia. “ Yes, well most of the things at the ranch in New Zealand though I didn't mentioned  making a materials list for the construction at the island in Fiji. I have 3 optional wireframe models made and want to take pictures and place them into the location and get a better idea of how it will look like” explained Leonardo looking out to the horizon. “Take the helm, I’ll go to the galley and make some coffee” Florencia said as she went inside and took care of a few other things after starting the coffee.

Leonardo was going back and forth in his daydreaming while looking out at the horizon and the telltales of the mainsail and adjusting the steering wheel. Florencia returns with two cups of coffee and asked “When we were having dinner at Vector’s house last month we talked about how we met. What was it like before we met. Since we have time” she asked. “Ok, the seabreeze has got me in the mood of recalling what had happen before we met and how it changed my life” said Leonardo sitting back on the helm’s seat and was thinking back. He continued "I might have told you when Kai’ike told me.“ "You did, but I love their story, though sweet and sad, please go on" said Florencia.

"Yes, what happened before my journey that I went on was mentioned by Kai’ike after the first vision of him after we turned around. He explained of the diaries that I had before returning to Panama City" said Leonardo looking at Florencia then westward as the bows cut through the mid morning seas as he began the story. The morning lights filters through the Koa forest on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Where he the Kahuna Pa’pa he’e nalu (Priest of Surfboards) and ten of his villagers were at the base of a Koa Tree. Kai’ike was making a ceremonial offering of a few red fishes, some coconuts, and kava roots before cutting the tree down.

​Kai’ike starts his chant to Kane and the other gods. “We humbly remove this Koa tree so it can ride the waves and nourish the souls of those who stand upon it and to be free of those things on land while traveling across time and space. To return once again to shore, fulfilling the enchantment of being in balance with nature” said Kai’ike. After the ritual, the men began cutting down the tree systematically with their Ko’i ‘awilli adze. The sun was overhead and the sweat started to develop on the men’s foreheads and arms. It would take a few hours before the loud cracking sound of the tree breaking from the base could be heard. The men hurried from their position in the opposite direction of the falling tree.

​With the trunk on the ground, Kepoa who was overseeing the crew walked with Kai’ike as they discussed where the wedges would be placed. “I think we can get four planks from this one” said Kai’ike. “Yes, where should we place the wedges at” asked Kepoa. “Start here” said Kai’ike pointing at the outer edge of the trunk. “Then here, then here and here” said Kai’ike chipping a line on the trunk with his adze. Kepoa got two men at one end of the trunk and two in the middle. The others were cutting off the branches and placing them into a pile. Using the twine to stretch a straight line. Kepoa used his adze point and made a line following the twine. The men chipped along the lines and were ready to put the wedges in place and pound them into the trunk.

​ Noticeably disturbed about something Kai’ike tells his crew that he is going to the lookout point at Ho’ukahi (solitude) cliff that oversees the ocean and the village of Malu which is a few miles away. After walking to the lookout point Kai’ike is gazing towards the east out onto the ocean as a White Tern flies by. Kai’ike closes his eyes and contemplates his special gift of visualizing other places and people of the future. ​His father had this special gift also and was able to see thing that others did not. An another White Tern flies around and the thought of his father guides by.

Hovering 10 feet above the water behind them Vector is communicating with Leonardo. “Ok, furl your jib, lower the mainsail and secure all your sails and go to your starboard transom. I will move over and extend a magnetic gangplank for you and Flo to come on aboard my spacecraft” said Vector. After Leo and Flo are on board. Vector moves above “Go with the Flo” and places a force field around the entire boat and makes it and the spacecraft invisible. Locking on to the four corners of the force field the spacecraft is traveling at 1500 miles per hour towards Fiji.

“We will be arriving in Fiji in a few hours” said Vector putting the controls into autopilot. “Vector, we were talking about our past before you stopped by. May I ask, how was growing up in Atlantis like” asked Flo. “There was much to learn and do while growing up, education was very important for me and our society. My father was a statesman on the Council of Development. A group of men who would help the king run the city state. I became interested in building and designing structures and systems. I studied under a good teacher by the name of Herotobulis, whom guided me into related fields that enhanced my understanding of design. After my schooling at the academy I was unemployed for a few months before starting my new job with the king.

I met Artemesia at this time, she had graduated from her course of study and was freelancing selling her books on cooking, sewing, gardening and other topics of the time on her printing press that she made and on paper that she developed. She did all the text and diagrams. Wanting to expand her business she came to me to have a building designed. After finding out what needed to be done at the new location a fee was determined and rendered. I gave her a receipt and she looked at it and said “Where did you get this paper” she asked. “I told her I made it my self. We got into a long conversation of paper techniques. After that we found out that we had many things in common. We married a year later and have enjoyed each other’s company ever since.

Then the children came and we got busier with a lot work around Atlantis. The king would send me over to Etobiius to redesign the city there. Artemesia had her manager run the operation while she was gone. So, the whole family went and we got aquainted with the people living there and this is where I met Outaforium. We were there for about six months before moving into the 16th century and meeting you and Leo. The day we left was when the volcano on Etobiius erupted, we came to Panama, Outaforium knew Leo was looking for people to work for him. Before traveling in the time vortex Outaforium said he needed me and my family to go into the future because his superior wanted us to be a part of his plan and would give me a spacecraft if I did. After I agreed, we came into your time period and I received the spacecraft. With that spacecraft I had a vehicle to go back and forward into time. The rest you know about, the Exwaxers and why we are here in the 21th century” said Vector looking around at his monitors knowing that the other aliens were still out there.

Testing the ability of his spacecraft Vector went back to Athens and visited a class. The class was in an olive grove that was dedicated to the goddess Athena. Vector listened to the lecture while being behind a few students in the class. The teacher of politics is moving around in front of his class lecturing his views on the Good life “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others” said Plato looking at his class, then towards the Parthenon. “Excuse me Plato” Axiothea called out and interrupted Plato train of thought.

“Yes, what is it that you wish to know” responded Plato. “It is about Atlantis and its advance way of life, would you know of it” asked Axiothea as she looked at Plato with curiosity of what she had heard earlier. Plato looked at Axiothea and then turned toward the west and said “It may have been located pass the Pillars of Hercules.” Then turning toward the east he said “or Santorini, perhaps south to Crete.” After hearing Atlantis mentioned Vector returned to his spacecraft and went back some 8700 years before the question was asked. He was on the island of Etobiius a couple of months before he and his family were to have arrived. He knew the governor, who was a boyhood friend. Not wanting to change history, he was in the back of the room listening in on a meeting being held by the Council of Scholars and the Governor.

“Staroverticus what say you regarding the forecast for the week” asked Leuquotus the Governor of the island. “By looking at the clouds and time of season, there approaches a severe storm in the category of Hurican force winds” replied Staroverticus the Astronomer. “Systovial prepare for the winds, have your men take down the screen net of the Dome of Knowledge campus and reinstall and bolt down the wooden roofing for all rooms of the Dome. “Merananon have your men and women take account of the stores of food and water at the main warehouse and be ready when the time comes” said Leuquotus looking over at Merananon who is in charge of agriculture, along with food and water storage.

“Medicusum what is the status in your department” asked Leuquotus. “The main shelter is prepared with extra cots and supplies. Our supplies in medicinal plant extracts are sufficient and the people has been informed of the procedure once the alarm is set off for the incoming storm” said Medicusum. “Send a message to our outposts to the west and informed them of the storm we will be facing. Send our special messenger birds (3 with the same message will be sent). Very well, return to your duties and classes and get ready for the storm” said Leuquotus who adjourned the meeting. “General Cartuveral how is my son Stiforte doing in your class” asked the mathematician Numerouno. “He is doing very well, he is one of my brightness students” answered General Cartuveral as a smile came to the face of Numerouno as they left the meeting. Following behind them were Astronomer Staroverticus and Governor Leuquotus.” Staroverticus have you seen Ambassador Outaforium lately” asked Leuquotus.

“I did, about a few days ago at his residence” answered Staroverticus. “And” continued Leuquoutus. “He had been in communication with the aliens who had stopped by his area. They shared some information regarding a system for a vessel to breathe beneath the water”. “Then what happened” asked Leuquotus. “After that Outaforium had a meeting with Admiral Neptatuno and they discussed a vessel that could travel underwater and explore the bottom of the seas” answered Staroverticus pausing for a moment before continuing. “The admiral said he would have a few of his naval architect instructors begin drawing up plans to build that vessel. Not sure at what stage they are at in the planning” concluded Staroverticus placing his right hand on his chin.

After the meeting Leuquotus is walking by the center court of the Dome of Knowledge when he happens to see Outaforium. “Outaforium may I have a word with you” said Leuquotus. “Why yes, what is it” he answered back. “I heard the alien has shared some information about a vessel that can travel underwater” Leuquotus asked. “Yes, and I informed Admiral Neptatuno about it and he is working on a scale model of it currently. Also I have been informed that the King of Atlantis will be sending over his architect / engineer to redesign Etobiius” said Outaforium. Yes, I too have heard that. The person you talk of is a boyhood friend whom was a neighbors that I grew up with” said Leuquotus. “I did not know that, but now I do. He will be arriving in a month from now” Outaforium said sensing someone was nearby that was new to the island. Vector sensed Outaforium felt his presence and quietly went back to his spacecraft and returned to Panama in the late 16th century before the eruption of Mt. Orga.

“Thats it in a nutshell” said Vector as they got closer to the Fijian island. Florencia looked at the monitor and could see the island and lagoon on the screen. “What about over there at the sandy bottom, there” said Leo pointing to the spot on the screen. “Ok, go back to the exit door and get back onto the boat and set your anchors. I’m going over to my place and do some work there. Give me a call if you need some assistance. Otherwise will be back in a few days or sooner” said Vector from his control panel and waved saying see you two later. Once on “Go with the Flo” Leo and Flo set the anchor before going into their stateroom and changed into their swimwear, getting their snorkel, masks and fins out of the forward storage locker. Getting a few other items, they would go swimming around the boat and checked out the bottom, daggar board slots, propellers and rudders. The warm crystal clear turquoise lagoon made swimming around the boat a refreshing exercise.

Wanting to document the areas around the lagoon and island. Leon and Flo got out the drone and were in their 12 ft. dingy that had a 30 horsepower outboard motor, having lowered the dingy into the water, they were ready for the trip around the island. They followed the beach to the entrance of the lagoon, then south along the sandy beach of the atoll and the reef alongside of it. Moving north from the eastside along the main body of the island. Then coming to the cliffs area stretching along the ocean for a quarter of a mile. The height at some places were a few hundred feet high, that descended into the dark blue colors of deeper water. After a couple of hours of looking at the island from sea level and from above using the drone, Leo and Flo return to the boat.

After putting their equipment and gear away, Flo got on the satellite phone and started talking to Artemesia who were 7 hrs ahead. Leo is going over the photos that they had taken while they went around the island. Looking over his wireframe models and the locations of the island. Leo places one of the research structure onto the island image. Then removing it and placing another model in the same location. After an hour he has general idea of how the main buildings and lagoon will look like. The power and water supplies facilities was thought out and positioned. The dock and roads around the island were penciled in before doing the walk thru on the island.

After dinner Leo and Flo are seated in the salon talking about what was on their minds. “Flo, I did a 3D flyby using the models I had on file and the locations we video earlier” mentioned Leo as he turned on the TV with his remote control and ran a video that was on his computer. Flo was looking at the futuristic designs of the buildings and warehouse. “How long do you think it will take to have that built” asked Flo. “A few weeks, it will be prefabricated in New Zealand and brought over using Vector’s spacecraft. The reef design will take a little longer. The submarine, the underwater equipment and tools will be housed in a special warehouse by the docks. Wait, I have a clip of that on another video. I will get it now” said Leo going through his directory on screen. “Aaa, here it is” continued Leo looking at the submarine with excavating arms on it. Going through the motion of picking up sections of rock and sand.

As they watched the demonstration of the submarine, Leo switches to an underwater bull dozer pushing the sand and rocks around. “The surf reef is one thing, the making of pearls and growing osyters and muscles will be another” continued Leo showing a few minute clips of the subject matter that he was talking about and the area of the lagoon 2 where he was thinking about. The next day they are walking around the island and taking notes of where to put the catchment tanks for the water supply. They came to an open area where the solar panels would be placed. Climbing along the mountains on the eastside and walking around lagoon 2 beaches. Leo and Flo returned to the boat after scouting out places on the island and would continue their walk around for another few days.

Two weeks of compiling and designing their island residence, Leo and Flo were getting ready to sail over to New Zealand. After the 5 day sail over to their New Zealand ranch, they are tied up to the dock and adjusting to the cooler temperatures of the season. A quarter of the work there had been completed with the remodeling of the existing house and dock and the greenhouse and farm areas being worked on. After arranging varies companies to construct the modules for the Fijian location and to be stored there at the New Zealand facility before being transported to the island in Fiji. Leo and Flo would return to Panama after the security around their New Zealand ranch was in placed. Once back to their Panama residence Leo is busy selling his stocks and bonds and buying crypto-currencies, gold and silver ounces. He was in contact with a few mining operation in Africa and getting information about their estimates and track records.

Having walked over to Vector’s garage, Leo was checking out Rocky’s and Frank’s shop. He was in the glassing room with Frank talking about what they had made, are making and will make with 3 boards on the glassing stands waiting to be laminated. “How did your first designs work out in the surf” asked Leo. “It worked good, but we wanted to make them go faster and be more maneuverable. So these 3 are our next batch to test” said Frank. “Hey Leo, whats up” asked Vector who happened to be in the computer shaping room before entering the glassing room. “Just stopped by to see what Frank and Rocky were up too” said Leo. “Lets go outside and discuss a few things that are on my mind” said Vector. “Sure” Leo said as he finished his conversation with Frank by saying “Will see you later Frank, keep up the good work.”

“What should we do about oil stocks, should we buy more or sell” asked Vector. “I sold all of my interest in oil and was going to ask you about your shares, but slip my mind this morning when I started talking with Frank” said Leo as he continued “So, from what I gathered oil is going to take a slow down in consumption and auto sales will be affected.” “Ok, I will do the same. What else should we be focus on” asked Vector. “After the waves of virus and their economic turmoils and uncertainty. We should gear up in categories that people need and depend on. I have a few things in mind but want to do more research into it before saying we should go there” said Leo. “That sounds alright with me. I’m going over to New Zealand tomorrow, need a ride to check up on your project” asked Vector.

Having their morning coffee on the patio, Leo says to Flo “Flo I had another vision last night about what is going to happen next year. I’m going to stop construction in New Zealand and not develop our island in Fiji. Instead focus our attention here and stay in Panama. We will keep both locations and not build on them for now.” “That’s alright with me. But, what made you change your mind, is it because of the outlook of the pandemic and the global economic disarray” asked Flo. “Yes, this is going to be the “Greatest Depression” the world has ever seen” said Leo taking a sip from his coffee. “So, what should we do now” questioned Flo. “I will let Vector know of the change in plans and have all the things that was shipped to New Zealand brought here. I will look around for a location here to build on” said Leo.

“Should I start a clothing company here” asked Flo. “A design location and have it manufactured in Southeast Asia. But many retailers will go out of business and different types of businesses will pop up for the middle class, second hand clothing will be one area. So let me look into it some more and lets talk it over after I do” suggested Leo. “Ok, changing the subject, do you want to go surf” she asked. “Yes, I want to get wet and take my mind off of what is going to happen for now and think about it after we get back” said Leo. So they drove down to the beach and happened to see Vector, Rocky and Frank out in the water. Leo and Flo paddled out and went over to where Vector and the boys were sitting. “Vector, I was going to call you, but since you are here. There has been a change in plans regarding New Zealand and Fiji. I’m going to put everything on hold for now over there” mentioned Leo as a set appeared on the horizon and they started to paddled further out as they let the first two waves pass them by.

Flo who was a few meters behind them sees the opportunity and catches the first wave of the set. Rocky and Frank letting his dad and the others have the waves, are watching Flo take off and glide down the face of the wave into a flowing bottom turn. Getting half way up the face of the wave, she trims her board for the hollow section of the wave. Rocky and Frank starts yelling “Go Flo, right on”, Leo and Vector look back and can see Flo upper body racing acoss the waves. “She really likes that board that Rocky designed and finished shaped” said Leo.

“I like mine too” said Vector as he spun around and began paddling for the wave. “Ok, here I go” with that said Vector catching the third wave of the set. Thinking the next wave was his Leo was getting ready, only to find it was a 3 wave set. He paddles back in and waits for another set with Frank and Rocky. “Have you been getting use to the software” asked Frank. “Which software do you mean” replied Leo. “The shaping software” said Frank.

“Oh, I have been busy with other projects lately and only got to use it a little. Intro stuff, but will start getting into it soon. What about yourself, have you been using it” asked Leo. “I have been learning on it and getting use to it. I’ve been glassing more than shaping though. Rocky is really into it” said Frank. Turning to Rocky, Leo asks “What are you designing currently.” “A 6’ 0” 4 fin fish with 6 concaves” said Rocky looking at Frank. “It’s going to be interesting glassing and sanding it” said Frank looking at Rocky and Leo.

Vector and Flo are paddling back out and Flo mentioned “Artemesia said she and Velidia were going shopping this afternoon are you going over to New Zealand.” “No, I had plans in going over to Aftrica, Tanzania to be specific. Leo mentioned of a gold mining operation there and wanted me to check it out” said Vector. “Sounds interesting, will you be there for awhile” asked Flo. “No, for a few hours. Just want to scan the area and the sub-surface to see if it is worth investing in” answered Vector, then asked “Are you still thinking of going into the garment industry. Velidia has been busy sketching a line of garments on the computer.” “Leo mentioned I should hold off for now and he will look into some more” said Flo as they got back with the others.

After an hour and a half of surfing Leo, Flo and Vector were getting out of the water. Vector mentioned silver “Should we increase our holding in silver” he asked. “Yes, Mexico will stop their selling silver when the lock down happens, so we need to increase the amount we have. I have been in contact with a vault service here and made arrangements to have our silver stored there” said Leo. “So, the strategy is to place gold in Switzerland and silver in Panama” said Vector. “Yes, we needed to melt down the gold that we have and conform it to today’s standards. So Switzerland was the choice for our gold” said Leo. “Yes, I remember you telling me that when we made the pickup at Portobelo” said Vector looking at Flo who would tell Artemeisa later.

After drying off Vector waited for Frank and Rocky to come in and would go to Africa after that. Leo went to see an agricultural realtor about some acreage to build on. Flo, Artemesia and Velidia went shopping and to look at the clothing lines and get some ideas and have their own study group of what was selling and what the people were wearing. Having a list of mines to visit, Vector would visit 4 mines to gather data for each location before returning home to Panama. He would return another time to gather more data from 4 other mines in the country. After seeing the realtor and arranging a tour of 3 properties, Leo chartered a copter for that day and would visit those locations in a few days with Flo. With his business schedule taken care of for the day, he went to the harbor and would go for a solo afternoon day sail. After motoring out from his berth and raising the mainsail and jib. He was on a starboard tack for about 5 minutes when he received a phone call from Flo.

“Leo are you home” asked Flo. “No, just passed Pelican Rock on the boat for a days sail. Will be back in a couple hours” said Leo. “Just wanted to know if you wanted to go out for dinner tonight at Raul” replied Flo. “That sound alright with me. Where are you now” asked Leo. “I’m with Artemesia and Velidia and we are at the Plaza taking a break from our shopping” said Flo. “Ok, sounds good. I have to change tack, there is a few birds circling around up in front of me. It could be a cargo net or something. So see you at home in a few hours” said Leo as he adjusted the mainsheet and veered off the course he was on.

After traveling in a triangle Leo heads back to the harbor. After cleaning up he is at the parking lot when a teenage boy comes up to him and asks for money “Senior, do you have some dinero, my mother lost her job and we are having a rough time” said the boy. “Tell your mother to go to this location and talk to the manager (pulling a business card from his day bag) and tell the manager I sent her. He will find work for your mother. “Gracias Senior, muchas gracias” said the boy as he hurried off.

Seeing the boy disappear down the street, Leo calls the manager he had mentioned. “Luis, there will be a woman looking for a job. Find out what she can do and help her out” said Leo. “Yes sir, will do” said Luis. “Thank you Luis. How are things at the Farmer’s Market” asked Leo. “Very busy, there are more people shopping here. When that lady shows up, I can put her to work” said Luis. “Ok, thank you very much Luis, I have to go now” said Leo as he hung up.

After returning home Leo is sitting next to the koi pond watching the koi swim by and thinking about what he has to do. He hears the sliding glass door opening  “Leo, how was your day sail” asked Flo. “It was good, thought of a few things I might do next month. How was your day” asked Leo.


“Well, we went shopping and a mariachi band was playing next door at the plaza, so we sat and listened for awhile. After that we went to an art gallery and view works by local artists. Then we came home” said Flo walking over to the pond with a hand full of fish food and tossing it onto the pond. The koi swam over to the pellets that was floating on the surface and began feasting. “I have to put away the garments that I got” Flo said as she went back into the house.



Episode 18

"The Tee Slice into  the Woods"


Leo viewed the splashing by some of the fish and it brought back memories when Vector showed up. He had information of which mines they should invest in. Leo reaches out to the folders that Vector had and places them next to him on the patio table “Looking over the spreadsheets of the mines in Africa, mining operation H looks like the best to go with. Followed by A “Vector said. “What makes mine H more better than A?” Leo asked. “From the reading I got from the sensors and going into the future to see which did better” Vector said as Leo picked up the H file and placed it to the side of the other files.

“Changing the subject, Flo tells me she, Artemesia and Velidia are going to take golf lessons at the Flamingo Country Club and wanted me to do the same” Leo said. “Funny you should mentioned that, Artemesia asked me the same thing earlier, I told her I would” said Vector with a smile. “Well, looks like I’m going to take up golf too. So I’m going to gets some clubs before next week” Leo said getting up from his chair. “I got a set of Ping’s yesterday and going to take lessons from a different pro, then the one who will be teaching the girls. Why don’t you join me” asked Vector. “You know I think I will. Where and when are you going to take your lessons?” Leo asked.

“At the Emerald Forest Country Club every Thursday at 3 pm for 5 weeks. We can go in one car if schedule permits” answered Vector. “Can you let the pro there know I will be joining you” Leo said while picking a set of papers regarding the land he is about to purchase. “Will do about the lessons, I’m going over to New Zealand in an hour and work on my place” said Vector. “Ok” mentioned Leo as he got up and said “Going over to the realtor’s office, the realtor and I are going to do a walk through of the property I want to start a farm at. Let’s talk some more after you get back from New Zealand about the gold mines.”

Miguel the realtor was driving over to the property in his 4x4 truck and Leo was jotting down notes that he had in mind. The property was an hour’s drive from Panama City and there was water and power nearby at the location. After taking a few pictures of the main entrance, they parked at an open area. They could see a few different dirt roads going in varies directions. Miguel got out the plot plan and topo maps of the area and said “That road leads to the forest area” pointing at the road. Then pointing to the other roads and giving a description of where and what they lead too.

Miguel mentioned they would start on the road to the forest, then the one that followed the river before taking the one to the foothills. Leo would take pictures of interest to show Flo after he got back. After viewing what the end of the roads look like, they returned to the open area at the entrance of the property Leo said he was interested and would make an offer in a few days after consulting with his engineers. With the tour complete Miguel replied “That will be fine, shall will go back to Panama City.”

On their way back to town, Miguel asked “Have you been in Panama long.” Leo mentioned “My wife and I just moved here about a couple of months ago, but we are familiar with Panama.” “If there is any land services you might be in need of, please give me a call and I might be able to help” Miguel said as he was looking forward and driving. “Thank you for your offer, I will keep that in mind” remarked Leo looking out at the landscape as he was remembering the sail over to Panama with Captain Montoya and Maria.

After their golf lesson Leo and Vector are hitting a bucket of balls next to each other at the driving range. “My greenhouse pieces and farming equipment will be arriving next week from New Zealand. I still have 3 months left on my warehouse lease, so I will store my supplies and equipment there until the warehouse and office facilities is constructed at the acreage I recently purchased” Leo said after hitting his 7 iron. Pulling out his driver, Vector mentioned “I’ve been giving it some more thought on relocating back here with the complex that I was constructing in New Zealand. Since Artemesia and Velidia are pursuing their efforts into the garment trade with Flo and the boys are into making surfboards. I’m going to do the same as you and focus here for the next 5 years. The land there in New Zealand will remain in it’s natural state.” as Vector swung and his ball sliced to his right into the woods.

“You can relocate to my location, there is a mountain area to the south of the main construction site you can use if you want” Leo said pausing for a moment looking to see which club he wanted to use. “Ok, let’s go and see that place after we finish here” Vector said as he watched Leo get out his pitching wedge. Discussing what and when Vector would make his move, the two continued practicing on their swing. Returning home, they fly over in Vector’s spacecraft to the site where Leo was talking about. Flying over to Leo’s property which is 10,000 hectares in size (over 4,000 acres) and landed onto an open area of 40 acres a few hundred feet up on the side of the mountain. They could see for miles all around the site. “I like it Leo, I will start next week in bringing my stuff here. I have to clear the area and design a pump station by the river to get water up here. This will work out much better and I can spend more time with my family” Vector said with a smile.

“Right on, now you know where it’s at. Lets go back home, there is a few things I need to do and let Flo know of our plans” Leo said while thinking about the time he met Florencia and the properties her father owned. He drifted back in memory to that time period. The memory faded as Vector lands his spacecraft in his yard and Leo returns to his house and sees Flo relaxing in the backyard patio. Latter that night Leo gets a call from Artemesia “Leo, Vector hasn’t return from a meeting with Outaforium. He told me he would be back in a couple of hours. That was 4 hours ago” Artemesia said with a worried tone in her voice. “Do you know what the meeting was about” asked Leo. “Kinda, he received a call from Outaforium and after he hung up, Vector told me that he was going to Bolivia, somewhere near Lake Titicaca.

Outaforium had informed him about Exwaxers and that they were tracking him. From what Outaforium could tell they were up to no good. Vector mentioned that the meeting wasn’t going to take long and would be back soon. After he left, communications from Vector went silent” Artemesia said. “I will be over in a few minutes” Leo responded. He and Flo walked over and knock on the back door. “Oh, Leo and Flo please come in” as they walked in Artemesia continued “I’m afraid something has happened to Vector.”

“I don’t have anyway of getting a hold of Outaforium” Leo said while looking at his phone and a text message that showed up and caught his attention. The text read: Leo, I was unable to phone Artemesia and you, something was not working on my phone as if someone had cut the lines. I rerouted a text message using a proxy number to Artemesia and that didn’t work. Then I tried sending it to you and it got through. Let her know I’m alright and I’m with Outaforium, Zeuyu and their crew in a remote location in Bolivia and coming home soon. My spacecraft had a malfunction on my way to the meeting, as if something had drain the energy from it. Outaforium beamed me aboard their ship and repaired the damages. End of text.

Leo read the text out loud and then said “Well, I wonder what did happen perhaps he might have dodged a bullet; so to speak. We will see him soon.” “What a relief” said Artemesia as she looked down and then back up with a sigh of relief at Leo and Flo. “Alright” commented Flo as Vector walked through the back door, Artemesia looked to see who it was and her eyes widen with emotions as she rushed toward Vector to give him a hug and a kiss. “Lets go into the living room and I can explained what had happened” Vector said as everyone followed him. He sat down in his recliner chair as Leo, Flo and Artemesia sat on the sofa. “I can tell you this situation that I was in went well beyond what I could have ever dream of” Vector said stopping for a moment and asking Artemesia for a glass of water and she went and got the water. “Thank you my dear” said Vector as he continued with his story.

“It started when I got a call from Outaforium after returning from the Leo’s new place. He said I should leave the house and meet him and Zeuyu in Bolivia, I asked why. He said that I was being watched and something might happen to me and my family because of Exwaxers who were after me from the 16th century. Thinking they would destroy my spacecraft again, I told Artemesia I had a meeting with Outaforium and went to the spacecraft and took off. After turning on my radar I could tell the aliens were ten miles above me and were following me to Bolivia. All the while they were being watched by Zeuyu who took over and communicated with them and me that I would be under Zeuyu control. My spacecraft was attacked and Zeuyu beamed me aboard the mothership’s transport room and where Outaforium explained to me what had happened.

“We know it’s late and you and Artemesia have been through a difficult ordeal, I can go over a few things with you in the morning, so we have to be getting back and let you two have your moment together” Leo said while getting up and extending his hand to Flo on leaving. “Good night Leo and Flo and thank you for stopping by” Artemesia said. “Yes Thank you” added Vector. The next morning Leo had a meeting with Vector in his backyard. “So what else was discussed with Zeuyu and Outaforium” asked Leo. “Besides the Exwaxers, Zeuyu and Outaforium discussed what was going to happen in the future. They used their computers to describe the outcome of the Pandemic and the economic crisis and it didn’t look good. It’s going to be scary for many they said” Vector said.

Leo sat back after asking his question and started wondering and looked into the future. The more he concentrated, the more he became disturbed. Something changed from his previous views as if he saw what was going to be but had changed after he left the vision. “What I previously saw changed and it is different. Zeuyu and Outaforium knows something that I didn’t foresee” said Leo. “Something or someone alter the course of history that was going to happen. Well I’m glad you are still here and we just have to go from here. We can cutback on projects and sell a few of our assets and be prepared for next year and manage with less” Leo remarked as he leaned forward resting his elbows on the arms of the chair clasping both hands in a pray posture. 

“What if it gets really bad and it takes a lot longer for any resembles to return. Is there a plan B” asked Vector. “We can go back in time, stay where we are in time or advance into the future and the unknown lifestyle” Leo said speaking in a general outlook. “Alright that sounds like a plan. Care to go surf” Vector asked. “No, I want to look into a few things currently and get a better idea of what to do” Leo said. “Ok, I need to get out in the water and take my mind off of what has happen, then see what direction my family and I should go” Vector said as he got up and started thinking about going surfing. Returning home Vector sees Rocky and Frank moving around in their shop and asked Rocky “How was surf.” “It was small getting smaller with the tide” was Rocky’s reply. Wanting to surf Vector went into the house and checked out the surf report from around the world. He decided to check out a deserted beach in southern Ecuador to surf. He got his board into the spacecraft and took off for a couple of hours.

Hovering over the location, he sees 3-5 feet waves breaking across the point. Vector lands on the beach and turns on the invisible cloak to his spacecraft and went out. He had surfed here once before recently and was familiar where to paddle out and come in from. Getting into the water felt good and he forgot about what had happen previously. After the first wave and paddling back out for more, time went fast. After catching 20 waves and paddling back out a couple hundred yards each time. Feeling refreshed like he had charged his batteries Vector was ready to go back home, though tired his mind felt better and not as stressed as when he first got there. After returning and getting a bite to eat, Vector laid on the couch and fell asleep. He was dreaming of his younger days while growing up in Atlantis.

The plans for the site grading had been approved and the work at Leo’s property had begun, A couple of D7 Cat bulldozer were working near the entrance clearing the area and roadway to the hillside plot where Vector’s was going to build. Leo and Vector are next to Leo’s truck going over the plan of the terrain the D7 are clearing out when Outaforium appears. “Leo and Vector, I have news for you two from the future. The 2020 elections were held and there has been some chaos caused from it. So what you are doing now maybe affected. “Zeuyu has an offer for the both of you. To stay the course you are on with the possibility of losing most of your wealth or return back in time to 1970 live your life there when surfing was at it’s Golden Age of Design Evolution. Then come back to this time period when you are older and had a memorable life. Zeuyu said you can chose where you would want to live” replied Outaforium.

“Can you give us time to think that over” Leo said while looking at Vector. “You have two days, I will be back by then” Outaforium said as he walked around the truck and disappeared. “We need to talk with our wives and get their input on this” said Leo. “To tell you the truth, I feel like we are yo-yo’s going up and down and getting tired of going around in a circle” Vector said. Once back at home the couples were discussing what might happen and should they go forward or return back to a more simpler period and have more time to go through in life. “If we do go forward, there is no guarantee none of us won’t catch the virus or other possibilities from the depression we will be going throughr” Flo said. “Plus it may take a longer time to find a cure for the virus and the likely hood of hyperinflation and war is something else to consider” said Artemesia. “On the other hand we all can make it through and be well off with a substantial amount of income as we grow older” added Leo. “What about our kids” Artemesia asked looking at Vector.

“If we stay here there will be no reason to tell them now” said Vector knowing they were more interested into computers and other modern devices compared to the older times. “I’m a forward thinking person and the challenge before us is going to to be rough. But life is not guaranteed to no one and to live in the latter stages of the Golden Era surfing sounds fun to me, so I vote to go back” Leo said. “There is no future for me without you, so I will go back with you into the past to live our lives together” said Flo. “If it weren’t for you two we wouldn’t be here, so we too will go bacj and deal with whatever it has in store” Vector said while holding Artemesia hand.

“Well, if the global system goes into a shock and you get online and type in on your browser “What about a hand baskets to hell” the search engine might reply back “Service down, Try later”. So, going back won’t seem back” Leo said.

A couple of days later Leo and Vector are watching Rocky and Frank testing their new surfboard at a beach break. Vector and Leo notice a person walking up the beach towards them. After a few minutes they met up with the person. “Outaforium, good to see again” Leo said as he extended his hand to shake his. Vector does the same as Outaforium mentioned “Well it good to see the both of you again, have you given it much thought of staying or leaving.”

“We have Outaforium and we decided to leave and go to Orange County, California in the time period of 1970 ” answered Leo. “Where abouts in Orange County” asked Outaforium. “Huntington Beach / Costa Mesa, Then we might meet our destiny in 2030” answered Leo.


“You mean to say of all the places to live you chose Orange County, California?” Outaforium asked somewhat intrigued. We talked about it and everyone thought it to be a good idea” Leo explained and Vector nodding his head in agreement. Vector changed the subject and mentioned “A comet has appeared and some are thinking it’s an omen of bad things to come. What say you Outaforium.” “As you know if it is not one thing, it’s another. Looking back in history when a comet appears, there have been pestilences, wars, floods and famines. This time looks no different, but the magnitude is much greater. Besides what has been mentioned, there will be global currencies thrown in for good measure. In other words, the aura of uncertainty is in the air” Outaforium said while scratching his head.

“Besides hyperinflation, economic depression and perhaps war, what else could be in the cards?” Leo asked. “Yes and to make matters worst our sensor on board our ship are indicating a possible huge solar flare pulses from the sun which can cause electronic component to fail on a global scale. If that should happen, all bets are off. So going back and having time to cherish is not so bad” Outaforium said as he started to walk up the beach. “See you later Outaforium” Vector said as Outatorium turned and waved and Leo did the same before he disappeared.

After an hour of watching Frank and Rocky surf, both came in. Leo says “How did the board feel Frank.” “Ok, just need more time on it” Frank said. Rocky came in after Frank and said “My other board rides better. Back to the drawing board.” Once back at home a meeting with Flo and Artemesia was taking place in the kitchen. “We saw Outaforium at the beach this morning and told him what we talked about. He understood and would get back to us tomorrow. More than likely we will be going to Huntington Beach” said Leo as his mind was jumping around with why, what, when, where and how things were going to be when they jump back into history.

The next day a knock at the door and it is Outaforium. Leo invited him into the living room. Leo gave Vector a call and he and Artemesia came over, They all sat as Outaforium told them what Zeuyu had decided. “He agreed on Huntington Beach and there will be a small farm on the outskirt of Santa Ana / Costa Mesa for you Leo and Floencia and Vector and his family. It is a cozy place with eucalyptus trees near the barn with the house on a bluff overlooking Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley” Outaforium answered. “After the transition will we still have our knowledge of the past and the future and how should we go about our stay there” asked Leo.

“Yes, all of you will have your knowledge and how you use it will make a world of difference. So, Zeuyu has made arrangements for all of you to stop by the Dali Lama residence and have a talk with him before settling down in your farm house. You will need funds to get you by until things get better. Have the cash in your possession when you go. I will take care of everything here” said Outaforium. “That means sell whatever we can in a week before we go?” Leo asked. Outaforium paused for a moment as if he was communicating with Zeuyu, then said “Yes, that will be alright” and with that said Outaforium went into the kitchen and vanished.

From that moment, Leo and Flo were busy getting ready as well as Vector and Artemesia who would explain to their children what was going to happen. Leo would sell their cars and Rocky to give his board away if he didn’t sell it. 

Before they knew it a week had passed and Outaforium was there to send them off. Within a moments notice of their travels, Outaforium wish them well before they entered the vortex. Their new adventure started in northern India where they came upon the Dali Lama strolling toward them. “How are you sir” asked Rocky. “I am well and it is interesting meeting you all here on my stroll. How are all of you” he asked. “We are on a journey that will takes us to California” mentioned Frank. “Where are you from” asked the Dali Lama. “We are from Panama” answered Velidia. “Oh, taking a short cut” he answered with a smile. Everyone began to laugh.

“This journey my children talk about has to do with going back and living a new direction which is different than lifestyle we were on” Vector said. “If we sound vague and not getting to the point. I apologize for all of us for doing so. We were told by a friend to talk to you and get a better idea of how to live life in general” Leo said trying to explain why they were there. “From what I gather you all are not from this time period” The Dali Lama said. “How did you know” asked Flo. “I had a dream of meeting people of the future when the comet Tago-Sato-Kosaka arrived” the Dali Lama said.“What a coincidence, we left when the comet Neowise appeared” said Leo remembering his father once telling him that he was born under the Great Comet of 1577. They continued their conversation for an hour before being enlighten with his words about life in general. After which they thanked him for his time and left Northern India on a bus to New Dehli. It took awhile to get to Palam Airport and with that time they viewed the rural setting they were traveling through. Recollecting what they were told earlier by the Dali Lama and where they had been previously in history.

After the buses and taxi rides, they showed up at the airport. There to greet them was Outaforium, waving them to come to where he is. “Wouldn’t it had been easier to send us to Orange County from Northern India, than to take a plane from here” asked Vector. “The reason being was to get you all acquainted to how it is in other countries and an appreciation to where you are going. Here are your tickets for Pan America Airlines to Kai Tal Kowloon airport. There will be a layover in Hong Kong, for one day before flying over to Hawaii for another layover, before arriving at LAX. A rental car has been arranged at Hertz. From there you will go to the farm house with the keys to the house under the front door floor mat” Outaforium said while handing Leo the tickets for the flight over.

First stop at Kowloon mid morning and a ferry ride to Hong Kong before noon. They will be staying at the Hilton for the night. After checking in they went sight seeing around town and look at the some of the inexpensive garments that were for sale. The ladies bought a few dresses, while the guys thought of buying a suit, but changed their minds. After going up to the park at Victoria Peak and other places of interest listed on a brochure that Vector had picked up at the airport. They returned back to the hotel and had dinner at the Eagle’s Nest on the upper floor of the Hilton overlooking the harbor at night. They flew out of Kowloon and the long flight to Hawaii before landing at the Honolulu International Airport. Another layover of 1 day and a taxi drive to Waikiki. Once again after checking in, they were out and about laying on the beach at Canoe’s. Renting 3 surfboards they were surfing the afternoon away. In the evening they would take in a show with Don Ho as the main attraction. They retired early as to catch up on some sleep and get ready to leave in the morning.

Finding their seats on a Western Airline’s plane, their were once again in flight and heading towards the mainland. Arriving around 9 pm and waited for their baggage before going to the car rental lot and getting a station wagon for their trip to Costa Mesa. It was midnight after following the directional map that Outaforium had given them in India. Finding the key under the mat, they went inside to find sleeping bags piled in a corner of the living room.

The next morning Leo and Vector were walking around the yard and checking it out. They see a 1955 ford pickup truck parked in the barn with the keys in the ignition. Leo starts it up and says “Let go get some breakfast for everyone at McDonalds and be back to wake them up.” After driving around on Harbor Blvd. they found the place and return back to the house with breakfast for everyone.“Hot dogs, look Frank, Outaforium has a truck for us” said Rocky rushing over to check it out. “Whoa, hold on a minute. I think its for all of us currently, but I know Leo or I won’t mind you using it whenever, after we get another car for ourselves” Vector said while calming Rocky and Frank down. “That reminds me Vector, lets take the rental car back and go look around for some used cars for you and I and then the ladies” Leo said looking into his hand bag for some cash.

After getting into the truck Vector asks Leo “Where are we going to find a new or used car lot.” “Lets go to a gas station and put some gas into the truck and ask the attendant where one is” Leo said. Pulling into a Mobil station Leo pays for the gas and ask where a car lot was at. “You can stay on this road toward the 405 freeway a few miles or make a left at Adams and go west to Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach and make a right there, a car lot will be on the right side a few miles” said the attendant. They drove to the Chevy dealership on Harbor Blvd and looked around before going back to Adams Street and to Beach Blvd and stop by a couple of dealerships there. “Well we now know where to bring our wives for the cars to choose from. “Lets stop by the beach and check it out” Vector said as the drove toward the beach and got on Pacific Coast Highway heading north. “There’s a pier let stop there” suggested Leo as he got closer to the pier. Parking on PCH along side of a garage at 3rd St. they put a few coins in the meter and walk towards the intersection at Main St. passing the Golden Bear Night Club.

Crossing over to the pier they walked towards the lifeguard station at the middle of the pier. Looking over to the southside a few surfers were out. Then crossing over to the northside there were more surfer out. Some were riding the waves underneath the pier as a surfer with a helmet on, kneepaddle back out. “Hey Vector do you want a beer” questioned Leo pointing to a pub. “Ok” said Vector. They went inside and sat on the stools and looked north up the beach to a condominium and had a beer, after finishing their mug they were on their way back to Main Street.

After walking back to their truck Vector and Leo made a right hand turn onto Main St. and another a right hand turn onto Walnut Ave. traveling south to Lakeview Ave where they see PCH and turns toward the beach and making a left onto PCH and returned home.


After setting in at their new residence Leo took Flo to the car dealership where he and Vector had gone to the day before. They walked around and Flo saw a 1969 Ford Mustang and wanted to get that. Leo was attracted to a 1968 Ford F150 pick up truck that had been discounted. The salesman came out and would make the sales on both vehicles. Flo would take Leo back to pick up his truck and take Vector and Artemesia to a different dealership where Artemesia would get a 1966 Ford Falcon station wagon and Vector would buy a 1964 Chevy El Camino. Rocky would get the 1955 Ford F100 pickup truck that they had been using, while Frank would get a 1967 Volkswagon van and Velidia would get a 1969 VW bug. 

Having a lot to do around the farm Leo suggested and everyone agreed to buy a tractor with a scrapper and tiller for the open field areas and a 6’ X10’ trailer to haul the debris to the county dump. To make it less crowded in the house, Leo had purchased a house trailer from a mobile park for himself and Flo. Placing it where it could tie into the sewer line and be about 15 feet away from the main house. A weeks later while having lunch with everyone in the kitchen Vector asked Leo “Why did you decide on moving here instead of staying in 2020.” “We were in the calm of the storm that was about to happen. With the build up of all the funny money, something was about to give and the dam of complacency was about to collapse with the wave of devastion wiping out the many. I figure we had a few month before that would happen” Leo explained while looking back. “Now we are going through a time period that you have chosen, why was that” continued Vector.

“Before making the move I researched the different times in history and the 1970’s stood out as an era that many changes were happening. The development of the personal computer in the mid 70’s, space exploration in the early 70’s and surfboard designs through out the 1970’s and beyond” Leo said. “Why do you say surf design” remarked Vector. “Surfboards designs were changing and maneuverability on the waves were taking off with the shorter boards compared to the longer boards of the 1960’s. Surfboard designs in Australia, Hawaii and California were leading the way with the surfers and shapers developing shapes for that to happen” explained Leo thinking back when Kai’ike taught him to surf and shape and wanting to get back into surfing again.

Leo is talking to Flo and says “Flo, Vector and I are going over to the Frog House to look at some surfboards. We will be back after that” Leo said stepping out from the trailer and walked over to Vector who was in his truck waiting for him. Driving down the Coast Highway towards the Santa Ana River jetty they pull over at the Frog House. Going in Leo walks over to the board rack and sees a 7’ 6” Bing Surfboard with round pintail with a shaped by Mike Eaton on the lower portion of the deck. He pulls it out and looks at it for about 10 minutes and says to Vector “I like this board, I’m going to get it.” Vectot turns to Leo and says “Yeah nice board” as he sees a used 9’6” G&S Skip Frye model. He walks over to it and pull it off the rack and places it on the carpet floor looking at the deck then the bottom.

The salesman comes over and says “Hi, my name is Paul can I help you.” Yeah, how much is it” Vector said. Paul answers back “Lets see, the price has been taken off, it’s $90.” “Why was it for sale” asked Leo. “The owner was moving to Oregon and decided to sell it” Paul said. Leo wanted the board and was thinking it over when Paul remarked “I will throw in 2 bars of wax for free.” “I take it” Leo said. “That’s $90 with 2 bar of wax as well” Paul said. “I would like to buy the 9’6” G&S” Vector said pointing to the board on the floor. “Ok, thats $100 with 3 bars of wax” Paul said.

“How much is your wetsuits” asked Leo. “The long john’s are $85, the short johns are $55 and the Beaver tails are $60. Would you like to try them on, there is a dressing at the back of the shop” Paul said. After both Leo and Vector tried out the long john and beaver tails and felt alright in them. “Hows the surf out front” asked Vector. “The wind came up early so it’s not good. I talked to someone about 10 minuets ago and he said Trestle’s was 4-6 ft and in good shape.

After putting the boards into the back of Vector El Camino, Leo says “Lets check the surf out” wanting to surf on his new used board. Not having far to go, they drove over to Brookhurst St. which is less than a mile away and turned around from the direction they came from. They see a few cars park off the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), half in the sand the other half on the road. “Lets check it out” asked Vector. “Ok” Leo said. Walking over to the jetty and the steel pier that was being dismantled they notice people out surfing a left breaking wave from the Newport Beach side towards the mouth of the Santa Ana river. “Hey that looks like fun. Lets go out” Leo said. “I’m with you” replied Vector as the hurried back to Vector’s El Camino and the boards. Having a couple of towels behind the seat they cover the lower half of their bodies and put on their wetsuits.

Walking back to the water’s edge they paddle out and the wind was starting to pickup. Sitting further north than the guys by the peak. Vector sees a wave and he paddles for it and stands up. With the tide being low, the wave walled up and within a few seconds the front end of Vector’s board did a nose dive in front of the wave. Vector get launched like the cartoon character Superman, before splashing onto the water and going into a tumbling cycle in 5 feet of water. Leo was watching what had happen to Vector from behind and would let the set of waves pass. Then he noticed a peak with a shoulder and paddled for it, taking off at an angle. Making it to the bottom and gliding across the section before the wave turned into a wall and collapsed in front of him as he straighten out and slowed down before jumping off onto the sandy bottom placing a hand on the surfboard as not to let it drift away.

Vector and Leo would adjust to the waves and catch a few short rides before going in and returning back home. Back at home Vector is building surfboard racks in the barn for their surfboards. Leo is in the trailer writing down of things to do as he is listening to a FM radio station. He hears someone mentioning this is Gabriel Wisdom with the noon day surf report from San Diego. It’s 4-6 ft and fair shape. Then he hears someone else from Huntington Beach say its 3-4 ft and poor conditions followed by Hermosa Beach and Ventura.

Cleaning around the property, Leo says “I heard the surf report and there is surf down south. Care to go surf to San Diego tomorrow” asked Leo as they were loading up his truck and trailer with branches, weeds and old lumber that had been laying in the field for years. “I have to ask Artemesia if she has plans for tomorrow, but that sounds good to me. Will let you know after we get back from the dump” Vector said. Artemesia was in the trailer, sitting in the kitchen with Flo talking about going to South Coast Plaza the next day. “Need to get some living room furniture and some clothes and shoes. Do you want to go to South Coast Plaza and do some shopping” asked Artemesia. “I was thinking about going up to the Mart in the garment district in LA, but that can wait. Sure I will go with you” Flo answered back.

Rocky, Frank and Velidia had started classes at the local coast college nearby and were getting use to being in school. They were busy attending their classes and had homework to do. During a two hour break between classes Rocky and Frank were discussing their situation and thinking about getting some surfboards. “Rocky I was talking with some guys in class who surf and they mentioned about their last surf session. How a fun they had surfing Salt Creek, just the three of them. One of them asked if I surfed. I told them I just moved here from Panama and would learn as soon as I got a surfboard. My schedule is open tomorrow, let go gets some surfboards” Frank said.


“Ok, don’t have any classes tomorrow. What about going to Huntington Beach and stop by some shops there” asked Rocky. “Yeah, ok lets plan on it tomorrow around 11” Frank said and started thinking about surfing and his next class. Velidia met two girls in her Oceanography class and would become friends with them. They invited her to go with them to a cafe after class. She did and got to know them better. Meanwhile at the dump “It sure smells and the flys are bugging the heck out of me” Vector mentioned pulling a branch out of the trailer. “We are almost finished” Leo said throwing debri from the back of his truck bed.

After the dump, driving back to the house Leo says “Vector, Flo was thinking about getting a place of our own and let you and Artemesia have the farm with your kids.” “Where were you two thinking about” asked Vector. “Not far, maybe San Clemente or Oceanside” Leo said. “If we go down south tomorrow and surf we can look at some areas down there to get a general idea” Vector suggested. “That’s not a bad idea. I will asked Flo if she wants to go” Leo said. Later that afternoon Leo is talking to Flo “Vector and I are going surfing tomorrow and look around for some properties in the Oceanside area. “Would you like to come and check it out” asked Leo. “Artemesia and I are going to do some shopping tomorrow. What about you and Vector surf and check out some of places that might interest you and if it is to your liking we can go back during the weekend and I can see and talk about it” Flo said. “Ok, that sounds like a plan” Leo said and would let Vector know and Vector would let Leo that he got the Ok also.

Leo and Vector left the left the house at 4:30 am in Vector’s El Camino, traveling south on the 405 freeway as more traffic was flowing in the opposite direction. Stopping at Doheny State Beach with the sun climbing over the Santa Ana mountains, they watched the blurry lines in the darkness turn into waves of 3 feet rolling towards shore. “Tides kinda low, let keep going further south” Leo said.Getting on the Coast Highway to San Clemente they park it near the San Clemente pier. The waves were walled and didn’t look inviting, so they got back onto the freeway and drove to Basilone Rd. and pulled off to the shoulder of the road overlooking the coastline. “Hey, the waves look like fun and only a few guys out” Vector said and notice a couple of cars with surfboards pass them as they drove south. “Follow them, they are probably going to the surf” Leo said as Vector got it of park and put it into drive. “There they are pulling into a side road. I will follow” mentioned Vector making a left hand turn.

They came up behind the cars who were paying to get in. It was their turn to pay and the ranger said $1 dollar please, as Vector handed him the dollar. “Kinda expensive” said Leo. “Get a yearly pass and your cost will be much less” replied the ranger. “How much is a yearly pass” asked Vector. “$35” the ranger said giving them their receipt and told them to put it on their dash. Pulling up along side of the beach they watched the surfers ride San Onofre. “Let go out, that looks like fun” Leo said. “What about those waves we saw” asked Vector. “That’s a long walk up the beach. Maybe next time” Leo said as Vector pulled in facing the ocean. They hurried to put on his wetsuits and wax up. They paddled out and caught about 30 waves each. “Leo, I’m going in. My armpits feel sore where the wetsuit was rubbing there” Vector said seeing another set of waves coming in. “Ok, I’m going in too” Leo said. Drying off and taking their wetsuit off onto the ground. Leo was watching others who had gotten out wash their themselves and their wetsuits with plastic water bottles and thought to himself thats a good idea as he tossed his dirt covered wetsuit in the back of the truck under his board.


Driving down to Oceanside, Vector looked at his gas gauge and noticed it was registering a quarter full. “I’m going to get some gas once we get into Oceanside” Vector said. It wasn’t long after passing the rest stop that they pulled into a gas station. “Hey, this station is cheaper than the one in Costa Mesa. It’s only 65 cent a gallon here compared to 74 cents there” Vector said as he pulled in. Driving east on Highway 76 Leo was looking at the open land area next to Camp Pendleton and on the Oceanside of the road. As they continued looking, they came up to an intersection stating Vista to the right and Fallbrook to the left.

“Let go to Vista and check it out there” Leo mentioned as he looked at the open area that the road went through. As Vector continued to drive Leo was jotting down notes of what he saw and thought. Making a right on Oceanside Blvd. Vector was driving back towards the beach. Then Leo said “Make a left up ahead on El Camino Real.” After hearing Leo, Vector made the turn and thought “Was this the place my car was named after” as he asked out loud. “Never thought of it before, but most likely” Leo said as he kept a watch of the surrounding area writing any for sale sign location.

Passing Batiquitos Lagoon they drove a few miles and the open land to Encinitas Blvd.


Where Leo had Vector make a right turn. Going over the hill and down towards the 5 freeway as Vector was driving towards the beach, they came up to a parking lot at the end of the road where Moonlight State Beach is located. Looking a the people and the waves which looked like fun. Knowing the tide was going to high and the temperature was in the low 80’s. Vector said “Lets go out Leo.” Noticing a shower Vector said “Let wash off our wetsuits and just go out in our long johns.” It wasn’t long before they were paddling out. After surfing for another 2 hours, Leo and Vector were physically tired, but were mentally stoked on surfing as they drove home.


Episode 19

"The Harbor and Airport"


It had been 6 months since Leo and Vector first went surfing down south when Leo was looking for a place to move to. Leo and Flo found a house in Oceanside after a couple of times there and it was located on the bluff overlooking the ocean, near the Harbor. After purchasing the house Leo and Flo would go to the Del Mar Race track and bet on the horses that he knew would win. How he was able to do this was during the week before going back to the 1970's Leo was on the internet researching what had happened in business and sport during the 1970s.

Having information about dates, descriptions of events, and the outcome made for a valuable list of data that he and Flo could live off of. When the day came, they were prepared to go back into the past with their list of data, they could start over with as a cushion. It was like the dream that he had a week before he and Flo were to go back in time. In that dream, Leo and Flo were transformed to Hermosa Beach in the 1950s and '60s and made a lot of money by betting on the horses at first and then going on to more profitable ventures.  

Leo and Flo having a substantial amount of wealth are when Vector came into their lives, which made their opportunities expand beyond the horizon. Then the Exwaxer race came into the picture and targeted Vector for elimination, which changed Leo and Flo the outlook of their own well being. But, having Zeuyu and Outaforium on their side made for a new adventure possible in modern-day Panama.

Foe unforeseen events, Leo and Flo had to start all over with Vector, Artemesia, Velidia, Rocky, and Frank. After they decide to go back into the past Leo knew he would lose his ability to see into the future and Vector his spacecraft would make life difficult. Then when Outaforium asked the question of where would you like to go and live, that thought of the past came back to mind, where the future back then was now the past and with that being the case he could profit from it. With that in mind, Leo developed a plan, with that plan, he and Flo and the Durasels would get out of the situation that they were in and jump-start a new beginning. Vector had been using the name Durasel before but would change it to Vacaray when they made the move.

With the money that they had accumulated in the short time after starting over Leo and Flo used the money to put a down payment on the house and started to implement their plan of betting on the horses as in the dream and go from there. After the income started to flow in, Flo and Leo would once again be sailing. They bought a 36 ft. Cross trimaran and placed it at the harbor. After that, their income bracket took a big leap. They would start taking flight lessons and get their pilot licenses. It wasn't long before they purchased a Learjet 24 and had it at the Oceanside Airport located on Highway 76, a few miles from their house.

Leo and Flo were having the Vacaray over for the weekend. Before going out to surf out front, the Vacarays talked about what they had been up to. Though Flo already knew what was happening since she and Artemesia would talk over the phone whenever they had the time. Rocky and Frank were starting to make their own surfboards in the barn. Frank talked about what he was doing in school and majoring in architecture. Rocky was taking business classes, while Velidia was majoring in Oceanography and met someone named Duramax in her classes.

Vector with his experience in maintenance engineering found a job for a property management company. After two months he was promoted to a supervisor position and was responsible for properties in Orange and Riverside counties. Artemesia was staying home and researching varies opportunities that she and Flo were interested in.
They would all go surf in the morning and lay around the beach until noon and go back to the house to clean up and get ready for an afternoon sail down to Leucadia and come back by late afternoon. After cleaning up, they would dine out and go see a movie titled "Two Mules for Sister Sara" and afterward return to the house and talk about the day before calling it a night.

The following day they would drive over to the harbor and surf the south jetty and later that morning drive over to the airport and fly out to San Clemente Island, then swing north to Catalina island. Looking down on Avalon before flying past Two Harbors and out to the west around the South Bay and the smoggy haze that was over the basin. Looking down at the mountain ranges of the area before flying along the coast to Santa Barbara,

Leo would land at the airport in Goleta and rent a car for the afternoon. The Vi's and the Vacarays went sightseeing around the harbor and the downtown area. Stopping by the Yater's Surfboard shop the group went in and looked around and checked out Rennie's and a few other shaper's shapes. Having a late lunch before returning to the airport and flying back to the Oceanside airport. After the flight back the Vacarays would get ready to drive back home to Costa Mesa. Thanking the Vi's for a wonderful weekend, they drove off in their Falcon station wagon, driving north on Interstate 5 freeway.
Talking about the waves that they surfed, the day sail and flying over to Santa Barbara. Rocky says "What a difference of being in Panama to being here, to sail and fly whenever. Boy, Leo and Flo have it made." "Yes, it just one of those things that they figured out with their time. We as a family should be grateful for each other and that we are alive and well" Vector said looking at Artemesia and Velidia as traffic slowed down at the checkpoint.

Monday came and everyone was back to normal. Velidia, Frank, and Rocky were attending their classes and planning on going places with their friends. Rocky and Frank would go into their shop and check up on their boards that they were working on before going to school and after they got back. Vector and Artemesia were out in Riverside County looking at HUD houses and buying them and fixing them up to sell. With his connections, Vector also knew of apartments for sale and new developments to venture into with his friends at work.

Leo and Flo were planning on taking a vacation to Hawaii. Remembering their short stay previously,  they booked a reservation at the Pioneer Inn in Lahaina and would be staying for 2 weeks. After arriving at the Honolulu International airport, they would catch a flight the inter-island flight to Maui with their luggage and surfboards. Walking over to the baggage claim area and watching the carousel of luggage go around in circles, they grab their luggage. Their surfboards were brought out by the airline personnel and they went over to the car rental yard. After renting a Dodge station wagon, they drove over to Lahaina to check-in. Leo looked out at the harbor and sees the waves at the Break Wall breaking 3 to 4 ft. "Flo, the waves look like fun, lets go out after we put away our luggage," Leo said.

After putting the suntan lotion on their backs, necks and legs they walked across the breakwater rocks and paddled out, Leo and Flo were having a fun time surfing the south swells of summer after getting off the plane and the drive over to the Westside. Surfing for two hours and feeling somewhat sunburnt, they went in to get some rest and enjoy the scenery. Feeling rested they make their way to Front Street and walked north alongside the seawall. Turning around after 6 blocks they strolled back on the other side of the street going into various shops along the way.
The next day having breakfast Leo overheard someone mentioning the "Wharf" was on. Asking a waiter who looked like a surfer where the Wharf was he replied "About a mile from here, just go north and make a left. Please excuse me I have a customer waiting" as he hurried back to the kitchen. Leo and Flo drove north and spotted a car with surfboards making a left-hand turn towards the ocean. They followed and saw the people parked off to the side and walking towards the beach, Leo and Flo soon followed.

They see a wave breaking across their view and continuing down the beach. There were about 12 people out and catching long rides. "Let's go out here Flo" Leo said while turning around to change. They stayed out in the water for a few hours catching lefts before going in and back to the Inn. "Leo let go over to Hana. I read some brochures about the place and it sounded interesting" Flo said. "Well It's close to 11, we can get something to eat in Paia, then drive to Hana after that" Leo said.

Stopping at a fish cafe and having lunch Flo asks a waitress "Have you been to Hana and if so what's it like." The waitress said "It's very picturesque with waterfalls and ponds. It is a winding road with narrow bridges at some places. If you are going and want to spend some time in Hana. It will better to start early and enjoy the day more" she said. With that said Leo and Flo would go to Hookipa and watch the surfer for a half hour before going over to Wailuku and drive around before returning to Lahaina.

Flo and Leo would visit Hana, take in a crater sunrise on Haleakala, and do some sightseeing on the island of Lanai before spending a few days on Oahu. Their stay at Waikiki went fast and they would return home to begin working on their plans of building a company that would support their needs. Vector is working around the farm after his day job and is driving around on his tractor and looking at the small orchard of oranges and avocados. He sees someone in the middle of the oranges orchard and drives over to investigate.

"Vector, how are you" greeted Outaforium. "Good Outaforium, you are the last person I would see in my orange grove today," Vector said getting off his tractor and walking over to him. "What brings you here," asked Vector. "Came by to see how things are going with you, your family, and Leo and Flo" Outaforium said. "We are doing well and so are Leo and Flo. We spent the weekend over at their place" Vector said without mentioning how Leo and Flo had brought with them the information to make them successful. "I'm doing well right now. But, what did you have in mind" asked Vector.

"I came here to remind you Vector, that you were allowed to return in time with your knowledge. Knowing what will happen before it happens is a very powerful tool that Zeuyu and I trusted you, your family, and the Vi's with. We do want you to honor our decision by not letting others know of the future and let destiny take its course. Even though your presents have altered a small segment of that. To what extent only time will tell" Outaforium said as he looked around the orange grove and continued.

"We know Leo is using the information that he took with him and is building a fortune as he had done before and after the 16th century. We knew that would happen, but there is a line he must not cross, or otherwise, his and Flo's stay here will be cut short" Outaforium calmly explained. "What is that line you speak of Outaforium?" questioned Vector. "It is when he deals in political issues with his money and influence others for his personal gain. That is when he and Flo would be returned to 2020 without much money. He will be like many in the middle classes whose lives have been affected" Outaforium said.

"We will do as you say and I will inform Leo of the line you have mentioned and that he should take care of what he is doing. I give you my word" Vector said. "Also there is something else I want to mention regarding your stay here in California. There is going to be a real estate boom and many will profit from it. Some of those companies and other industries will grow larger in time but will file for bankruptcy during the decade you have left. This is the outcome of the greatest depression in the history of this planet will occur" Outaforium mentioned.

"Why are you telling me this" asked Vector. "Do you remember when we met?" asked Outaforium."Yes, as if it was yesterday; It was after the meeting of council on Etobiius, your carriage was on the side of the road and you were looking at the city from the hillside. When Leuquotus and I drove up in his carriage and he asked "Outaforium how are you, do you need assistance" questioned the governor. You turned to us and said, "No, just taking in the view" you said. Then you asked "I would like to talk to me about the things he was mentioning at the meeting. Could we have a chat at my residence to go over a few things?" Then I said, "Yes, that would be fine." "What about tomorrow morning," you asked and I said, "Yes, tomorrow morning will be good." After the brief discussion, Leuquotus and I continued on our way.

 "You have a photographic memory and your intelligence is beyond anyone who came from Atlantis. Your engineering background and working for Leo and Flo during the golden age of Spain has added to that knowledge. Then by learning to fly our spacecraft that we lent you and only added to your skill. What I'm saying is that you are someone we invested our time in and care about. No other individual has that status from us" Outaforium said.
"Since the days of Atlantis and Etobiius, I never thought my travels will bring me here to where I am. My world has been a learning process, far more advance than compared to others I have known. I have gained much knowledge through your guidance and protection. I and my family are grateful for that. Now with a pandemic 50 years into the future awaiting us, will 2030 be a time where the coronavirus is under control and what will the global economies look like" asked Vector.

"The bioweapon that was created will mutate many times over. Those individuals that plan on its expansion were evil people and have met their doom is all I can tell you now" Outaforium mentioned to give some insight into what will happen. "There will come a time when you will start your own business and your wife, sons, and daughter will work for you. Just remember the world will be going into an economic depression and a disease that will change history" with that said a shimmering light encapsulated Outaforium before he disappeared.

Putting his tractor into 2nd gear then to 4th gear, Vector was moving down the row of orange trees in a hurry. Vector makes his way home and talks with Artemesia, telling her what Outaforium had told him. After talking it over with Artemesia, Vector would call and set up a meeting with Leo and Flo at his house. They would stop by the next day. After telling them what Outaforium had told him, he mentioned "I'm going to start a company in real estate. Would you and Flo be interested in joining us" asked Vector. "Why yes, I think that would be great for the both of us" Leo said.

"For starters, I can get a variance to build an office by the street at the corner of this property, submit the plans to the building department and sub-contract most of the work and go from there. Flo and Artemesia can be in charge of the office" Vector said. "Rocky, Frank, and Velidia will work part-time and finish their classes this semester and switch over to real estate this coming fall and work full-time next year," Artemesia said. "Then anything else would be considered a side venture and done without the need of getting approval from either of us, like a house or car things like that. Something larger, we will need to talk about it" Flo mentioned.

"What will be the name of the company," asked Flo. "What about using the first letter of our names to name the company" suggested Vector. "V-A-L-F" said Flo. "What about Mesa Atlantis Properties," Leo said. "I like the sound of that" Vector added. "I like that, too," Flo said looking at Artemesia. "I like how it represents the current with the past and MAP is a catchy acronym," Artemesia said agreeing with everyone. "Mesa Atlantis Properties it is," said Leo. "Let's take a walk Vector and talk about that and see what you have done to the farm lately" mentioned Leo. "Yes, why don't you take a walk while Flo and I catch up on a few things," Artemesia said.

Walking out to the barn Vector shows Leo the shop Rocky and Frank had setup. The boards they were working on and the board's Vector, Artemesia, and Velidia were riding. "How are the waves lately" asked Leo. "They've been small to flat. How's it at your place" Vector asked. "About 2-3 ft., there is a south swell on the way and it should be here in a few days," Leo said. "Sounds good to me, I get antsy when I haven't surfed for a while," Vector said. "I know what you mean, I have to jog to keep in shape when it goes flat," Leo said.

Flo and Artemesia are talking about what the office décor should look like and what type of software to use and modify for their type of business. From logo to statement type, internal procedures with their accounts receivable to accounts payable, and everything else they could think of. Artemesia made some coffee and kept on thinking about what else to do. Meanwhile out in the barn Vector goes to the refrig and grabs a couple of beers and walks outside hands one to Leo who was sitting on a tree stump next to the barn. Vector grabs a foldable beach chair and sits nearby. Both pop the tabs of their cans and take a sip.

"Does does your boys drink beer?" asked Leo. "No, I placed them in the frig before you came. I knew we would need something to celebrate with once the meeting was over" Vector said. "I'll drink to that" Leo said raising his can. "To Mesa Atlantis Properties," Vector said as his can met Leo's in mid air. "Why don't you get a pilot license and start flying" suggested Leo. "I've been thinking about it and I think I will" Vector said. "What kind of plane were you thinking about" asked Leo. "I was thinking about getting a Cessna Citation," Vector said. "That sounds interesting," Leo said and continued with other subjects that he had in mind "What other areas besides LA and Orange County were you thinking of to pursue." "The San Jose and the bay area for one and some of the coastal regions like Santa Maria, Moro Bay, Ventura, the South Bay, and North County San Diego" Vector said.

"What about Hawaii," asked Vector. "Yes, that too and a few other places," Leo said taking a sip from his can of beer. "There are some beachfront properties we drove by when we were there that looked interesting. Not sure if they are still on the market. But that's an idea also" Leo said. They continued their talks when their wives walked around the corner of the barn and towards them. "There you two are. Flo has a few things she has to do at home, so they need to get back" Artemesia said. "Oh, that's right. I completely forgot about our appointment later this afternoon with our sailmaker" Leo said preoccupied with the new company.

"Ok, let continue doing our homework and talk it over at our next meeting in a week," Vector said. With that said Leo and Flo went back to the harbor. Vector and Artemesia continued talking about what else they should be doing. After the dust of starting a company had settled. The Vacaray's and Vi's were very busy with going to places, making deals of buying and selling, renting, hiring more employees, maintaining the properties, and taking vacations. Rocky and Frank took a two-week vacation to Hawaii to see the latest shapes and what was happening in surfing and look around for available properties. After landing they went and got a rental car and drove to their hotel with their two boards each. Franks says to Rocky "Well, let's go surf Ala Moana since the North Shore is flat." "Ok, I'm going to ride my 6'3" square tail," Frank said. "Yeah, I'm going short also and ride my 6'4" round tail," Rocky said looking into his luggage for his trunks.


After getting to the parking lot and finding a space to park at, they walked over to the beach and paddled out.
One of the locals was paddling in and was upset for some reason. As he paddles by he commented "Haole go home" and continued paddling in. "What do you think of that Rocky," Frank said feeling uncomfortable about the statement. "He mad about us surfing in their territory," Rocky said. Another person who was paddling out and heard the comment came up to the guys paddling and said "Don't mind that guy he came from the mainland a few years back and thinks he owns the place, a real jerk. But, don't rip people off out there and try to stay cool" as he paddled out faster than Rocky and Frank.

"Thanks," said Rocky as the person who commented stayed silent and continued paddling out. Once in the lineup, Frank and Rocky could sense a pecking order of the people out in the water. As they watched when the sets come in, the crowd would let the better surfer catch the waves while they waited for a wave the others had missed. Eventually Rocky would catch a wave with someone would take off in front of him and would ride the wave with Rocky following. The same would happen to Frank. After awhile Frank and Rocky would get waves to themselves after proving they were above average in their surfing abilities and staying cool on the waves while others would take off in front of them.

After a couple of hours, they paddled over to Kaisers and got more waves to themselves before going in. The next day they surfed Canoes and Queens and had a fun time with the crowds. After hearing stories from Leo about Maui, the guys got plane tickets to Maui and flew over. By chance while going over to Lahaina's side, Maalaea was breaking and only a few people out. They decided to ride the longer boards that they had brought. Frank's was a 7'10 round pin and Rocky's was a 7'6" diamond tail. After paddling out and sitting with the others who were out, they watched as one surfer took off. The top of the wave's white water zippered across the section and continued to move in a fast-breaking manner passing the surfer and leaving him behind in the soup.

Rocky paddle for a wave and did an angled takeoff, doing a backside bottom turned as he crouched low as the wave took off and left him in the dust as the white water took over. After coming up after his wipeout, he thought to himself this is the fastest wave he had ever surfed on. As he watches the same thing happening to Frank on the wave after his. He smiled while paddling past Frank and said "These waves are "Fast" and unbelievable. Surfing for an hour they decided to go to Lahaina and surf there. Driving up to the place where Leo had mentioned, they both were excited in seeing 4 to 6 feet of waves breaking left. About 15 people were out, it didn't seem to be crowded. After catching their first waves, they were stoked on the conditions and would surf for 5 hours. Being burnt out and their arms feeling like spaghetti noodles they went in to get something to eat.

Flying back to Oahu with a few days left on their vacation, they drove around the island as they did on Maui. They look around at the properties on the windward side and took pictures of the scenery. It wasn't long before they are flying back home. Telling their story about their trip to Hawaii and the real estate on Maui and Oahu, it was back to work on Monday and getting adjusted from laid back to hurrying to get things done.

Vector had hired a couple of friends from his previous company and they would be taking some of the load off his back and be responsible for their people under them with the different regions they were covering. Meanwhile, Leo who was a part of the company as an investor and had other investments under his umbrella was making a considerable amount of income with his data sheet that he brought over. Whatever Leo invested in Vector got a piece of the action and was doing quite well himself and both were multi-millionaires a year later.


Episode 20

"Set Sale"

The inflow of more people from out of state and other countries continued to grow as the cities and counties prospered while the congestion on the freeways became noticeable. With the growth happening, Mesa Atlantis Properties office building grew to a 3 story office complex next to the original site. In the conference room, Vector and Artemesia are talking about their situation.

"We were well to do in the 16th century and we were rich in the 21st century in Panama. What if we lived a simpler life and still have funds for a rainy day" mentioned Artemesia. "What did you have in mind," asked Vector. "Be less active in our company and focus on things we would like to do in our leisure and enjoy life. I was thinking about sailing around the world and see other lands" Artemesia said. "Well ok, but first let's talk to Leo and Flo since they have been sailing for quite a while and get us some insights of what it might look like. I will give Leo a call" replied Vector.

After making the call and they drove down to Oceanside to Leo and Flo's house a few days later. They greeted each other and went into the backyard. They talked about the earthquake that happened the other "Did you feel the Sylmar quake in the San Fernando Valley, it shook the house and woke us up" asked Vector. "Just barely, but heard about it on the news. So you want to sail around the world, what made you decide on that" Leo said. "Actually it was I who suggested it," Artemesia said before Vector could answer. "Let's look at the pros and cons of doing what Artemesia has in mind. I wouldn't mind doing that myself" Flo said as Leo turned to her and wondered.

"Like anything in life, you have to take the good with the bad. It takes fortitude for those not so perfect days of storms and not feeling well or being sick for an extended amount of time. Certain places are not safe, do to thugs, robbers, and pirates at different locations on land and sea" Leo said. "And there will be times where there is nothing but ocean for weeks on end. If something breaks or malfunctions, you have to do the repairs, be it plumbing, electrical, mechanical, or medical. But there is something about being out there and feeling free and easy. You have the winds taking you to places others only dream of, that by itself makes it worthwhile" Flo said expressing the other side of the coin of adventure.

Looking at the treetops "The wind is picking up, let go out to the harbor and go for a sail" Leo said. Driving over to their trimaran and doing the preliminary check of the boat before Flo turns on the motor after she does Leo who is on the dock unwraps all but one of the dock lines and then walks alongside the dock before tossing the bowline to Vector and jumps onboard. Flo slowly backs out and turns the stern away from the harbor entrance before pushing the throttle forward and begins going forward slowly passing the fuel dock and jetty. Leo is bringing on board the 3 fenders from the starboard float and puts them away in the forward bow locker.

Sailing at an angle toward the pier on a starboard tack with the main and staysail up. Flo has Artemesia at the helm, coaching her on what to do and what to say to the others if she wants to change course. With the sails trimmed everyone is sitting in the cockpit and discussing the lifestyle Vector and Artemesia would be sailing into. "Have you looked into some boats?" asked Leo. I've been looking at monohulls since I read about multihulls likely to pitchpole and flip over under stormy conditions or going too fast. So I've been recently been at looking mono hulls instead. The Nautor Swan 40 & 48, Morgan Out Island 41, Crealock 37, and C&C 39 were some of the boats I have seen in the magazines. The Swan 48 is what I'm learning to" Vector said.

"The more we talk about sailing around the world, I'm getting the bug of doing the same" Leo said as Flo smiled and not adding to the discussion until Artemesia asked, "Flo have you given it much thought." "I have thought about it whenever I hear it mentioned, but feel much more comfortable on land for now," Flo said. Continuing to go south until they see the powerplant at Carlsbad, Flo mentions to Artemesia to switch directions. Artemesia tells the guys "Prepare to go about." Vector goes forward and walks the clew of the staysail around the mast after Leo releases the sheet from the winch. As Artemesia veer off toward the west onto a port tack. Leo moves over to the starboard winch and tightens the jib sheet and Flo adjusts the boom.

After everyone was back in the cockpit Leo asked Artemesia "What made you want to go sail around the world." "I was watching a program on TV the other day and just as you mentioned the adventure was a motivator for me wanting to do that" Artemesia said. Leo looked at Vector who nodded in agreement without saying a word. Flo had gone inside the galley to make some sandwiches and had returned with chips and water to go with the sandwiches for a late lunch.

Taking the paper plates and cups into the trash bin, Flo cleaned up was enjoying the moment of not doing anything after that. The crew made another sail adjustment and were sailing north back to Oceanside Harbor. "Have you heard from Outaforium lately" asked Leo looking at Vector? "Why yes, I was in the barn the other afternoon and he came in and told me about the things that were happening since we left Panama. The pandemic had happened and most of the countries had a lockdown, where the people were confined to their place of residence.

Many businesses went out of business and the economies of the world hyper-inflated with all the money printing to prevent a total collapse. China is being blamed for the coronavirus by the global communities. It's a bio-weapon that continues to mutate. Besides that, China had heavy flooding during the summer months of that year and many villages and cities were cover with water. Some places were as high as 10 feet. The largest dam in the world hasn't collapse yet as I speak, but with all that water flowing to the ocean they had to release it at a historical rate" Vector said.

"What does that mean" asked Leo. "What Outaforium said it wasn't good for China. All that water has chemical pollution from the sewage waste being mixed into it. The water has water-borne diseases, debris, the corrosion of metal in buildings and bridges, oil and gas from all the abandoned cars, trucks, and buses. All that set in on the land after the water has subsided. The agricultural land will be damaged for future generations" Vector said. "Wow, the poor people," Flo said as Leo shook his head sideways in the sadness of the thought.

The subject matter was changed and Leo asked "What else did Outaforium had to say about the times in which we live now." "That reminds me, he did say something about investing in Intel next year," Vector said. "Yes, that is on my cheat sheet. They are going public next year at $24. AMD is another stock that is on my list. Gold is at $40 so I'm going to get some now" Leo said. The ladies started talking about the latest fashions and movies. While the guys changed the subject and talked about surfboards and surfing.

Approaching the jetty entrance at the harbor, the wind had turned calm and the water was glassy. Leo and Vector took down the jib and main and got out the fenders. Flo was at the helm as they motored in, Leo and Vector were watching the waves on the other side of the breakwater. The waves were 3-5 feet breaking in a high tide manner. "You see what I see," Leo said to Vector. "Yelp" answered Vector. Flo was telling Artemesia what she was doing and how to prepare to dock at their berth. After securing the lines to the dock the girls cleaned up the salon and Leo watered down the deck and sides of the boat while Vector shrubbed the areas where the water was squirted at. Both were in a hurry to clean up and go surf.

Leo had extra surfboards for Vector and Artemesia. After everyone changed and walked down to the beach and found a place to put their towels, they paddled out for an evening session. The group would clean up after surfing and go out for dinner near the pier and Coast Highway. After ordering their meals Leo asked Artemesia "What do you think about getting a boat and sailing to places unknown now." "Getting used to sailing is something we should do first and then decide to decide on going around the world in a sailboat," Artemesia said looking at Vector. "I'm with her" Vector said with a smile. They would return home and Vector would start looking around for a boat and where they would keep it.

A couple of days later, Sunday morning in the kitchen "How was your day with the Vi's" asked Velidia who happened to had been away on a backpacking trip at Big Bear Lake and was at the kitchen table having toast and orange juice. "It was very good, we had a wonderful time. We sailed and surfed. Your father is going to look for a boat for us and we are going to be sailing some more" Artemesia said while making breakfast for Vector. "Good morning Vel, what are you up too" asked Vector having walked in and hearing part of the conversation. "I'm going golfing with my new boyfriend at Cliffs by the Sea this morning, our tee time is at 8. Mom says you are going to look for a sailboat" Velida said.

"I have a few sail magazines on brokers and boat for sales. I made a call about 10 minutes ago and made an appointment to see one today. Your mother and I are going to look and see it this morning. After that, I have a few projects to work on this afternoon" Vector answered and continued with "Whose this new boyfriend?" "He is in my oceanography class and we have a lot in common" Velidia said. "What's his name?" Vector asked. "His name is Darmax" Velidia said. Pausing without saying anything Vector started to think back about the name. "Well, you two have fun," Vector said. "Ok, got to go" Velidia said looking at her watch and finishing her orange juice as she raced out the door.

"I knew a student named Darmax back at Etobiius, I wonder," Vector said to Artemesia and changed the subject by asking "Where are Rocky and Frank." "They went to the beach earlier this morning, I heard them say they were going to the Rivermouth when I came into the kitchen," Artemesia said as she took hers and Vector's breakfast to the table and asked about the boat they were going to see. "It is a Swan 48 over in Dana Point," Vector said taking a sip from his coffee. "Let's take our boards and surf Doheny if it is good or fun looking," Artemesia said taking a bite from her plate.

Meanwhile "Look at that right" Rocky said as he and Frank were waxing up their board on the beach. "All right, it's going to be good for at least an hour I hope" Frank mentioned as he places his wax under his towel and hurried out. Rocky was close behind as they walked waist-high into the incoming surge, before jumping over the white water and started to paddle out. With only 10 surfers scattered along with the takeoff areas near the metal pillons, they continued to paddle as the white water from a set pushed them back a couple of times. After 5 minutes they were sitting out in the lineup waiting for the next set.

Back at the house, after breakfast Vector made the call to let the owner know that they were leaving and would be there in an hour. Artemesia got a few things for their drive down to Dana Point and Vector got ready and placed the boards in the back of his new 71' silver body and blacktop Chevy El Camino with mag wheels. Tying a rope across the boards laying across the back end of the raised tailgate. It wasn't long before they were fueling up at the gas station. "Look Art, the gas is going up, it's 42 cents a gallon, last week it was 40 cents. After filling up they were off driving down the 405 south to the I-5 Y and Dana Point.

Before meeting with the owner of the boat they drove slowly along the side street next to the harbor entrance. Watching as the waves rolled in at 3 feet and it looked like fun. Turning around and getting back on the main drive, they made their way to the parking lot where the Swan was located. Going to the locked gate where it branches out to the docks they met the owner Red Keddidohopper. After the cordial greeting, they walked down the ramp to the dock where the boat was located.

Artemesia looked at the boat and was very much taken by her as if she knew this was for her. Vector looked at the clean lines of the hull and her rigging and he too was impressed. Red said, "I liked her very much and hate to sell her, but I recently had to file for bankruptcy and needed to pay for my losses." "What line of work do you do" asked Artemesia. "I worked as a comedian at Vegas," he said as they went aboard. Walking around the deck and checked out the forward sail lockers and sails, the anchor locker, and the chain and windlass before going to the cockpit and saloon. "She sleeps six comfortably and has plenty of storage for a long passage, a very well design salon," Red said waving his arm across his body in a slow-motion manner. The nav station had adequate room to plot and read charts and a good size book rack above the table.

Talking story of his trips to Catalina that he made in a short time that he owned the boat and his plans of where he wanted to go. "Does the slip go with the boat?" Vector asked. "It does, but you will have to notify the harbormaster and make the arrangements," Red said. After a half, an hour Vector said to Red "Can you excuse us for a minute we need to go on deck to discuss our decision. "Why yes, be my guess," Red said. Vector and Artemesia went to the bow of the boat and talked it over. "I really like this boat Art. I want to get it" Vector said. "Me too," Artemesia said as they walked back to the salon to let Red know of their decision to buy the boat after it had been inspected by their boat surveyor. After shaking hands Vector and Artemesia would soon be the new boat owners later the following week. With that done, they went inside the campground's parking lot and went surfing.

​Monday came and Rocky says to Frank "Well, I going to shape a board today on our day off and go over to Wind of the Sea to get some blanks. A few 7'2"'s and a kneeboard blank." "I'm going over to Crystal Glass Supplies down the street and pick up a 5 gallon can of laminating resin, 4 rolls of ¾" tape, and black pigment," Frank said looking around the shop to remind himself of things he was running out of. Rocky took off for Huntington Beach as Frank poured hot coats on two boards before leaving to get supplies.

Vector and Artemesia had flown to the Livermore Municipal Airport to look over some land that was for sale. Located in Pleasanton near Sunol the price was quite reasonable for the 1000 acre lot that was for. "What do you think Vector" Artemesia asked. "It has really good potential for a commercial and residential setting," Vector said. "Ok, let's get it" Artemesia said writing down a note to let the office know of their decision. After flying back to Costa Mesa, they drove home and Vector got on his tractor to till some rows of his orchard as Artemesia got a hold of her secretary to get the ball rolling regarding the land in Pleasanton.

Vector has his top people running the company that is growing and doing well. He and Artemesia are spending more time aboard their new boat "There She Goes". Sailing out a few miles around the harbor at first then to Oceanside to spend the weekend there with Leo and Flo or to sail to Newport Beach and back on a daysail. As they gain more experience they would plan trips to Catalina's Avalon Harbor and Two Harbor on holidays with an occasional 7 to 10 day sail to the Channel Islands and anchor off of Coches Prietos in Santa Cruz Island and a couple of other anchorage locations around the island.

Then sail over to Santa Barbara Harbor for a couple of days before returning south to King Harbor for a day and bike ride on the Strand. From 1 St. to 22nd St. in Hermosa Beach and back to the Chart house next to breakwater. To have an early dinner and watch the small waves breaking in front of them from their table. They would spend the night at King Harbor before making the run around Palos Verdes and veer away from commercial freighters as they entered the shipping lane as they made their way south to Dana Point harbor by sailing two miles off the coast of Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, and Laguna Beach.

After returning home Vector and Artemesia decided to buy a house closer to the Dana Point harbor and found a location up the hill overlooking the harbor, it was about 7 minutes drive away. They would keep the Costa Mesa facility and let their kids have the house to live in. Vector and Artemesia would stop by Leo and Flo's house after the move was made and catch up on what they had been doing. "Long time no see, strangers," Leo said.

"We've been very busy and you two were gone for a couple of months in Europe and Thailand. How was that?" Vector asked. "We had a great time seeing the places I remembered as a child growing up in Italy and enjoyed the time in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and the islands of Greece, Thailand was nice but somewhat humid. We did some surfing on some surf charters and caught some great waves" Leo said as he paused for a moment as he recollecting the places.

"Since being back I heard they had surf trials for the US surf team here. The surfers representing the US down in San Diego are riding swallow tail shapes because of their maneuverability" Leo said. "That's interesting, Rocky and Frank are saying short twin fins boards with larger swallowtails are being called "Fishes" and are becoming popular. I've been busy and haven't been paying much attention to surfing lately. But, I'm getting back into it after a short absence of a couple of months. So, there some wave out front I noticed and we brought our boards" Vector replied.

"Come on in Flo has been waiting to see you two," Leo said as he led the way to the backyard. "Hi Vector, Hi Artemesia how are you, you are a sight for sore eyes," Flo said laughing. "I'm fine and the kids are doing good," Artemesia said as she hugged Flo. "How do you like your new place," asked Flo. "We love it, the scenery is good and we get an ocean breeze in the afternoon and it not far from the harbor," Artemesia said looking at Vector.

Vector was looking at the waves breaking by the pier, the waves out front, and the ones at the jetties. "Tides look low with the waves walling up" Vector said. "It's going back up in a half an hour, it should get better when it does. Been sailing?" asked Leo. "Just day sailing lately and started joining in on some races that the yacht club has going on. Have you done any sailing since being back" Vector asked? "No I haven't, just checked up on the boat after getting back, but I do need to get back out there," Leo said with a smile. "Have you done any flying?" Vector asked.

"Why yes, yesterday I went over to San Jose and checked out Intel's facility and talked to their receptionist and told them I was a stockholder and asked questions about their projections for their product, which they said was good. Then I went over to Xerox's facility and asked a few questions about their graphic's user interface that they were developing and they told me there working on it and weren't allowed to discuss the matter said the person whom I was talking with. After that, I drove around the San Jose / Milpitas area and looked at some open land there. Some good size lots. I bought a couple" Leo said.

"Do you remember the streets the other open lots were on that you didn't buy" asked Vector? "Yeah, I do. I will give you the info before you leave" Leo said. "The potential there is looking good says my research department," Vector said as Artemesia and Flo were listening. "Ok, ok we can talk about business later, let's go surf and enjoy the day," Flo said and Artemesia nodded her head to agree. "Surf it is," Leo said looking out and seeing a left breaking across the sand bar. It wasn't long before they were out in the water going right and left. Cheering each other on as they took off on a peak and traveling down the line. After a couple of hours, they went in and spend the afternoon at the patio talking story.

"You must come over and see our house after that join us in an afternoon regatta race with the yacht club," Vector said. "Ok, we will be there around 11," Leo said. The next day the Vi's were visiting and looking over their house. "Nice house and a wonderful view," Flo said from the upstairs study. Leo and Vector were in the garage looking at Artemesia's 1972 911S Porsche. "Nice car, how does she like it," Leo asked.

"She likes it a lot. Makes her feel younger" Vector said with a smile. "Are you going to get one too?" Leo asked. "No, I'm happy with my work truck. It gets me where I want to go and I carry my surfboard in the back. What more could I ask for. Say, let's go get the girls and hop over to the harbor" Vector said going through the door that led from the garage into the house as he was thinking about getting ready for the race. Driving over to the harbor in the Vi's 72' Mercedes 300 SEL, it took 5 minutes to get there by catching all the lights green on the way down. Parking is in the lot and walking over to the dock where "There She Goes" is tied up.

After getting ready Vector is on the dock walking the bowline as Artemesia backs her out slowly. Tossing the line to Leo, Vector jumps on boards grabbing the starboard shroud, and straddles the lifeline. Motoring out to the main channel and out past the entrance. Vector goes to the mast and hooks up the halyard to the mainsail as Leo collects the side fenders. Hauling up the mainsail, Vector is just about there but needs a little help from the winch to top the mainsail.

Artemesia sees a group of boats gathering near a committee boat and steers in that direction. "We usually do this race with the club when we have time. They call it the Beer Can race, the more I do it, it helps me be a better sailor and get more out of sailing. We aren't that good yet, but we enjoy the spirit of racing and learn something new about how we sail. We start at the committee boat and go out to the outer buoy and sail south to another buoy and race back to the committee boat. But for now, we just circle before the start. As you know we can't cross the starting line until it's time" Vector said. Waving to the people on the other boats whom they know and have a race against before. Vector is Artemesia's statistician and sail handler while she steers. 
"Looks like the current is flowing south through the starting line and the wind is coming from the west southwest at 12 knots. We can go on a port tack at the start and aim high or go on a starboard tack to catch more wind and then go to port. If we do the port tack at the start we might have an extra tack to do to go round the buoy" Vector said.

"If the fleet goes on a starboard tack most likely you will get shadowed. What if you do the port tack halfway from the harbor and the headlands of the point, then go on starboard until you pass the headland and tack again for the first buoy, might that be another option. What do you think" asked Leo. "Ok, let see what the fleet does at the start. We have 10 minutes before the first warning" Vector said. The second warning was given at the 5-minute mark and Artemesia looked at her wristwatch as did Vector, Leo, and Flo. With most of the fleet on starboard, tack Vector says "We will go on a starboard tack too" to Artemesia. She stays clear of the oncoming boats in front of them and goes behind them and swings over to the start line on a starboard tack and the race is on.

After the race concluded "There She Goes" came in 9th and everyone onboard had fun. Vector was treating at the new restaurant Jolly Roger that had opened up. The ladies had wine and the guy had a mug of beer before ordering dinner. Laughing over what had happened and the fun that they had. Leo and Flo drop off Vector and Artemesia and mentioned that they couldn't stay and drove back home. The next day Vector was working in the garage with the garage door opened. He hears a knock on the wall and turns around to see Outaforium.


"Hello Vector" greeted Outaforium. "Oh, Outaforium good to see you, what brings you to these neck of the woods," Vector said with a smile. "Oh, to see how you are doing and let you know what is happening back in early 2021. You're going to be shocked to find out how the system had broken down that the President of that time period fought for the constitution with his opposing party and had to use whatever means available to him by law" Outaforium said. "It sounds like something came to a boil. Is that why you and Zeuyu sent us back here to enjoy our life while we still can before that chaotic times in history reappear?" Vector asked. "Yes, that and something else. I have been called back to the ship. I will be back later" Outaforium said as he walked out towards the street and disappeared.


Episode 21

"A New Cat"

After Outaforium had left Vector went inside and talked with Artemesia about what they should do and make a time table of those things that needed to be done as they approached the transition period in 8 years. "We won't know how it will be in the 2030s and if our investment will make much sense once we are there," Vector said looking out at the harbor from their living room window.

"What we know now doesn't add up in the future. What then should we do that will help us make it through the hard times" asked Artemesia. "We know the land is permanent, the precious metal will hold its value, and food and water is a must to have. The paper currency will be good into the 2020s, but a digital form of it will more than likely be used or take over. As we got a glimpse of it before coming here into the 1970's" Vector said feeling his way through his question that he said out loud. "The clues Outaforium is giving us of what is happening then and what we should be doing now does seem blurry because of the covid-19 virus and its character of a continuous state of mutating."

"If that is a given and if a vaccine is developed for one form of it, but not another then it will be a big mess for the politicians to figure out. How that will be done is something beyond my intellect" Artemesia said tossing ideas out at Vector. "Let's think about it some more later. Do want to go to San Onofre and surf" Vector asked. "Yes, I will make a lunch for us and bring the beach umbrella and we can talk some more about what we should do on the beach," Artemesia said. "Ok, I'll put the board in the truck and get ready" Vector replied while thinking about 5 different options that came to mind after saying what he was going to do about the surfboards.

Paddling out at San Onofre both Vector and Artemesia left their thoughts of the future next to their towels on the beach and concentrated on getting through the white water to the takeoff spot. Artemesia catches an outside set and is gliding by Vector who yells out "Good one." She continues to concentrate in front of her and walks up to the nose of the surfboard, then back peddles to her sweet spot on her board. Cutting back and bottom turning again to pick up more speed in a trim position. After the wave breaks and turns into a wall of white water rolling to shore, she kicks out and paddles back out. Vector catches a fun wave and does the turns and cutbacks before kicking out as well. After a couple of hours, Artemesia would go in and dry off. Putting on her sunglasses to shield her view from the afternoon glare, she sees Vector catch a large outside wave.

Sitting on her beach chairs and watching Vector make the first section of a long wave, she takes a sip from her bottle of water as Vector is surfing down the beach. He would paddle in after kicking out and walk back up the beach to where Artemesia was sitting. "I liked your idea you had out in the water," Vector asked while drying himself off. Artemesia turns to him and says "I think it will be better as she placed her book down. "That last wave got me thinking. We can ride the average wave and enjoy it and not remember it in a year. But, riding something special like a big outside wave and ride it for a long time will last a long time in memory" Vector said using surfing as an analogy. After an hour or so of talking about places and things to do they notice a VW van driving up to them.

It was Leo and Flo driving up for an afternoon surf session. Leo parks next to Vector's El Camino. "Hey, what a surprise finding you two here. Have you already been out, we wanted to get some waves and here we are" Leo said looking at Flo and back at Vector and Artemesia. "Yeah, we were out for a couple of hours earlier and have been enjoying the day. We were thinking about going back out" Vector said looking at Artemesia who had a smile on her face. Artemesia added " We were thinking about sailing around the world, but changed our minds and came up with another idea of leaving a boat in Hawaii and sail around the islands there. This way we can fly back and forth from the mainland in our plane and fly to Tahiti from there and just charter a boat for our time there and fly back to Hawaii, then back to the mainland " "What made you decide on that concept" asked Flo to Artemesia.

"We decided to not spend time out in the open ocean, which would have taken the majority of our time. Instead, we would spend it more with our family and enjoy the essence of sailing which is sailing to places without the hassles of watches, breakdown in open ocean and storms getting there" Artemesia said. "That sounds good to me, lets talk about it after we get back in," Leo said while watching another set roll in.

All four went out and after an hour and a half, Vector and Artemesia came in and watched Leo and Flo stayed out for 45 minutes longer before they too came in and resumed where they left off. The sun was going down and Leo went to the back of his van and got a box of firewood that he brought for a campfire. Flo had brought some leftover from the night before in an ice-chest. Artemesia had some leftovers and extra bottles of water. Leo got out the paper plates and plastic spoons, forks, and knives, and a roll of paper towels.

As the sunset faded to the darkness of night, all four were in their beach chairs talking stories about what had been, what is going on, and how they were going to deal with the future as the flames rose and crackled when Leo added another piece of wood to the fire. It was getting close to closing as the other parked cars began to leave. Vector and Leo were cleaning up and putting out the fire, as Artemesia and Flo with their flashlights looked around to see if the guys had left anything behind. Before leaving Leo invited Vector and Artemesia for a day sail the next day. Vector said he and Artemesia would like that and they would show up around 10:30. With that said it took Leo and Flo 20 minutes and Vector and Artemesia 35 minutes to get home and call it a day.

The next day before going to the harbor Vector and Artemesia are sitting in Leo and Flo's backyard. Talking about where they left off the evening before, Flo mentioned to Artemesia that she had some sketches of dress designs in her study, they both got up and went into the house. Leo heard his side gate to the house open and close and sees Outaforium walking towards them. "Hi Outaforium, how are you," Leo asked as Vector turned to see him walking towards them. "Good Leo, just stop by to chat for a short while before going back to the ship," Outaforium said, then looking at Vector.

"Vector, that something else I talked about previously has to do with all these hints about the 2020s and the 2030s. Zeuyu wants you to enjoy your life before what is going to happen. You and Leo will be old, but rich and have much knowledge and wisdom. With your resources that you will have then, we would like you to use as much of resources to help those without and in need. The scale will be quite huge" Outaforium said. "I think I know what you mean. In other words, I can't take it with me when I go sort of scenario" Vector said. "Your children will be fine with their own resources," Outaforium said.

Leo looked at Outaforium and said, "Well, we just have to enjoy life now and appreciate the memories that will be forthcoming and get ready for 2030." Yes, that's it in a nutshell. I will be going" Outaforium said as he disappeared. Their wives came back out and asked were they ready to go to the harbor and the guys said "Yes" and went around to the VW bus as Leo locked up. They drove over to the boat and after getting ready they left the harbor and were sailing along with a mild breeze from the west. They are talking about the old times in the 16th century and how it was during their short stay in 2019-2020. "I wonder how it will be in the 2030s," Flo said while off the coast of Encinitas as a squadron of pelicans glided by in a V formation.

"Since you will be leaving another boat in the islands, what kind of boat are you going to get" asked Leo. "Nothing concrete regarding the boat yet, but I was thinking about a catamaran. I was at the supermarket yesterday and was at the magazine rack. I saw a catamaran in one magazine and it was designed by Lock Crowther. I liked the design. I'm was thinking about seeing some of his designs in Australia. There were some other designers such as Rudy Choy a Hawaiian designer that I will be checking in Costa Mesa. Sailing by the coastal vicinity of Torrey Pines golf course, Leo turns around and heads back to Oceanside.

A few days later Vector is over at the boatyard where a Choy-designed catamaran was being built. Walking over to the warehouse where the cat was being worked on Vector looks inside and sees someone supervising the construction of the boat. That person sees Vector at the sliding doors and walks over to him. "Can I help you?" he said. "Well, I was thinking about getting a catamaran and heard of Choy cats being build here. So, I thought of seeing one of his designs" Vector said, "I'm Gil, what is your name" he asked. "I'm Vector, I'm in the real estate properties management business," Vector said.

"Let's go outside, a cat is being finished up that I can show you," Gil said. Gil gave Vector a tour of the facility and insight into where he came from. "I was born and raised in Hawaii," he said. "I'm going to Hawaii in about two weeks," Vector said as they continued to share each other's stories. One of Gil's workers came over to Gil needing his expertise about a certain procedure. He excused himself, but before he left Vector said "I have to be going also, thank you very much for your time." as he shook his hand before leaving.

Driving down Placentia Ave. Vector sees someone making a left-hand turn in front of him into a warehouse facility in a dune buggy. He looks closer and sees it is Dale Velzy driving into the parking lot of George Lee's Marine Taxidermy. Wondering why, but too busy to give it much thought as he drove by. Two weeks came and went, Vector and Artemesia are at the LAX airport getting ready to leave for Hawaii to look at some of the catamaran boats and properties there. Following the sun they arrived at the Honolulu International Airport the two hours difference earlier than the time back home. After picking up their luggage and surfboards at the baggage claims, they shuttled over to their rental car office and yard.

Having brought over a pair of Aloha racks for the rental car they would be using, Vector and Artemesia made the adjustments to fit the car and they drove over to Waikiki with their surfboards. Stopping first at a surfboard locker facility that an employee of Vector knew of by way of his friend who owned it. Getting settled in at their hotel room they walked across the street and would find a place on the beach to relax and view the scenery. They were somewhat tired and just felt like sitting around and getting a tan. After an hour and slightly sunburned, they went back to the hotel to their room and view the ocean from their suite.

Up early the next morning, they were at the locker getting their surfboards to go surf. Ala Moana looked crowded so they paddled over to Kaisers and spend a couple of hours there before driving over to the design office of the catamaran designer. The designer was on the mainland, so his assistant Tony showed them pictures of catamarans that they had designed and said "There is two located at the Ala Wai yacht harbor and another one at the Kewala Basin harbor." "Okay will be going back there and check them out, thanks," Vector said.

"You were there already," asked the assistant. "Not at the harbor to see boats, but we surfed Kaiser's" Vector said. "Oh, how was it," Tony asked. "It was fun, 3-4 feet with about 15 guys out," Vector said. "I think I will go out after work, thanks. See you later" Tony said as Vector and Artemesia walked back to their car and went over to the two harbors that were half a mile apart. Looking over the design from the docks since no one was on board. They took pictures of the 3 designs and went to the North Shore after that.

Having a few places to look at on the North Shore, Vector and Artemesia are driving through Haleiwa with their surfboards on top of their rental car. They see local people going in and out of IGA market and pull in to get something to drink before driving out to Sunset Beach. Artemesia is looking over the list of places with her map as Vector drives slow past Laniakea looking at the small surf. Once passed Waimea Bay Artemesia tells Vector to make a right up the hill to some available open lots. They looked around at the lots with ocean views and then Artemesia says "This acre lot is 45 thousand." "Not bad, it has a view" Vector said walking around and taking pictures. After a few more lots they drove back down to Kam Highway and headed north.

After stopping at a few houses for sale in the area, Vector parked the car at Sunset Beach where the surf was flat. They decide to go back to Laniakea and paddle around and catch some small waves before going back to Honolulu. Returning to Waikiki they are sitting on their beach towels and Vector mentioned "I'm going to make reservations and we can go to Tahiti in three weeks. Then come back here for a week before returning home to the mainland" Vector said. "That's Ok with me," Artemesia said.

Looking down the beach from where they were Vector sees a catamaran on the beach 1/8 of a mile away and says to Artemesia "Let's go down there and check out that catamaran" pointing at the catamaran. They approach the boat as it is being pushed off the beach. Vector asked, "Are you going out for a sail and if so, can we come aboard." "There is a $30 fee for each person, but you have to hurry if you want to go," the skipper said.

"Ok, I have the cash for me and my wife," Vector said. "Come on board you two, there is a ladder over here," the person said going to the port side hull where a ladder was located. The person lends a hand to Artemesia as she climbed aboard on the side ladder, then Vector. "You made it in time, this is the last trip out for the day. I have a few other guests onboard. My name is Captain Ron, what is your name" he asked. "I'm Vector and this is my wife Artemesia," Vector said. Pointing to the other couple "That is Henry and Gladys from Kansas and the gentleman next to me is a good friend, his name is Woody. The other two guys are my deckhands Ollie and Bert" Ron said as they slowly moved through the canal in the reef.

Once past the reef marker, Ron had Henry and Gladys and Vector and Artemesia introduce themselves to get to know each other. Ron introduces Woody and said he was a catamaran designer, sailor, surfer, and pilot who is visiting from Maui. "What a pleasure to meet you, Woody," Vector said. "It nice to meet you all here in Waikiki," Woody said. We were thinking about getting a catamaran and going to talk with Rudy Choy about having one of his designs" Vector said.

"Good choice, Rudy is a very good catamaran designer," Ron said interrupting Vector and Woody's discussion. "Yes, I know him too and he is a great guy," Woody said as Ron steer the catamaran out to the southwest beyond the other boats that were closer to shore. "So you surf Woody," Vector asked. "Yes, started when I came over here a while back. Makaha, Sunset Beach, here in town and over on Maui. Do you surf" he asked. "Yes I do and so does my wife," Vector said. "What line of work do you do," Woody asked. "I'm into commercial real estate," Vector said. "I have seen the prices for houses here continues to go up. Why, when I first came to Hawaii the properties were dirt cheap compared to now" Woody commented.

The afternoon went by as they sailed along the coast with a gust of winds happening now and then, causing one of the hulls to lift out of the water. Moving along everyone was enjoying the ride, the sun was lowering to the west as the catamaran returned to shore. "It was nice meeting you Woody, Henry, Gladys, Ollie, Bert, and Captain Ron," Vector and Artemesia said as they got ashore onto the beach. Waving go bye to everyone, Vector and Artemesia walked back to their beach towel knowing that they probably won't be seeing anyone of them again.

Having two weeks before going to Tahiti they flew over to the Big Island to see how it is over there. Flying alongside the east side of the Big Island, Artemesia was looking down at the Kamakura coastline before their landing at Hilo Airport. Going over to their hotel where they would be staying for a few nights. Looking at the tour brochures that were on the front desk of the hotel Vector and Artemesia decided to go on those tours.

The beginning of the first tour went by Radio Bay in Hilo Bay and the mooring docks there in the morning. Then going over to Akaka falls and Waipio valley and the small towns along the way before returning to Hilo. Then the next day they would go out to the town of Pahoa and the black sand beach of Kalapana and Poihiki boat ramp and the tree tunnel of Old Pahoa road. Then drive up Highway 11 to Volcano National Park in the afternoon. The next day's tour was out to the Kailua Kona side and places of interest including Honokohau Harbor noted on the brochure before taking a long way around and returning to Hilo. The next day they would fly over to Kahului Airport on Maui.

Spending a few days on Maui, surfing and sailing on Lahaina side and looking over Maalaea Harbor before spending the early morning crater sunrise at Haleakala Volcano after which they would look at properties at Makawao side that were for sale there. The following day their schedule had them flying over to Kauai to see the sites there. After landing and going over to their hotel room, they surfed the Poipu side and would check out the harbors at Nawiliwili and Port Allen. Seeing Waimea Canyon and driving to the northside of the island to Hanalei and the anchorage and properties there.

After returning to Oahu they took a day to go over the properties and harbors that they had been to in Hawaii before their flight to Papeete, Tahiti. After their flight to Tahiti, they were surfing a few local spots with hardly anyone out and chartering a boat out to Moorea and Bora Bora for a few days at each location before staying in Tahiti for the remainder of their stay. They returned to Hawaii for a week before flying back to Orange County.

After arriving home, they went to see their children and find out what has been happening at Mesa Atlantis. The management team of the company continued growing the business and were diversifying the company into other fields of interest. Frank and Rocky started a start-up company in surfwear. While Velidia had completed her undergraduate classes and was going on to graduate school. After touching base at home Vector and Artemesia went to see Leo and Flo who had return from their trip to Europe and the Caribbean islands.

"How was your trip Leo," Vector asked. "It was great, we had a wonderful time recollecting the past at the various capital cities and viewing the art works of their museum. We went out to the countryside of England and France and spent some time out there. We cruised the Greek islands for a few weeks before flying over to Trinidad and cruised the Lesser Antilles islands of Grenada, St. Vincent, Barbados, St. Martinique, Antigua, the BVI, and the USVI and to Puerto Rico. Where we flew back from" Leo said.

"Talk about out there, you two had a great trip. We just went to Hawaii and Tahiti. But we did have fun and did our homework on what we want to do shortly. Any tips you want to share from your list of what is going to happen" Vector asked. "Sure, let's go out in the back and talk about it" Leo mentioned. "Will you excuse us, I'm going to show Artemesia some pictures of our trip and my new dresses that I got from a different place. Especially the picture of the evening gown I purchased at Christian Dior that they were holding until I returned home" Flo said. Leo looked at Flo with a smile and said to Vector "I got some really good tips for next year" as they went out to the back and Flo and Artemesia went to her walk-in closet of their master bedroom.

"First tell me what type of sailboat you are going to have in the islands," Leo asked. At first, I was leaning towards a couple of designers in Australia. But after visiting Gil in Costa Mesa and seeing pictures of Jim Arness's boat Seasmoke and Buddy Epstiens's boat Polynesian Concept. Then after sailing with Woody Brown in Waikiki and noticing Joe Quigg's designed boat for Joey Cabell. I was hooked on the Hawaiian catamaran designs. I decided to get a Rudy Chow design" Vector said.

"Sounds good to me, what size were you thinking about," Leo asked. "Around fifty feet, where Artemesia and I can handle her without too many difficulties. There are a few days I want to anchor at and do some skin diving during different times of the year" Vector answered. "Whereabouts," Leo asked. "Hanalei Bay, Waimea Bay, Honolua Bay, and Tahiti during our winter months, which is their summer months, and other islands in Hawaii like Lanai, Molokai and the Big Island during the winter months there" Vector said.

"How's business" Leo asked. "Doing great, that reminds me. What's on your list shortly to invest in" Vector asked. "There is McDonald who is placing a drive-up window to their restaurants shortly, which will increase sales. Sony and Panasonic who are growing, a couple of oil companies is on the list along with teams in professional sports that have won their championships later this year. Before you leave I will get you that list for you" Leo said. "Amazing how knowing what will happen can make you so much money," Vector said looking out at the ocean.

"History repeats itself and we have been in this type of scenario before. What we do now will prove whether we learned from our lessons or we make the same mistakes as before" Leo reminding Vector of where they are at and where they are going. "So, we are in the thick of things now and we may be in the thin of things later. No matter, we only live once" Vector replied with a smile. Leo said "That's for sure." as Flo and Artemesia came walking through the sliding glass door out into the patio. "What you two been talking about," Flo asked with a smile. "We are trying to figure out what to do before the year 2030 and to protect our love ones from the unforeseen danger that awaits us all" Leo said walking over to Flo and asking Artemesia "What did you think of Flo's haute couture dress." "I loved it, but that was a pretty penny she paid for it," Artemesia said looking at Vector who turned and looked up at the sky knowing the price of such a dress, before walking over to her.

"Did you bring your golf clubs in your car?" Leo asked Vector then looking at Artemesia. "Yes we did" answered Artemesia. "Care for around" Leo asked. "Where at" Vector responded. "Pala Mesa, I know the course superintendent. We met while surfing the other day" Leo said. Vector turned to Artemesia and said "Sound like fun, what do you say" asked Vector who looked at Flo as she nodded her head to say yes. "Alright, I'm game for around," Artemesia said. Vector's beeper went off and called Rocky who told Vector that someone tried stealing his plane and the authorities had caught him. Vector would need to fill out the paperwork at the airport. So Vector and Artemesia took a raincheck on playing golf and went home to take care of the matter. Leo and Flo went anyway and had a fun time. On the way back they stopped at a local restaurant in Fallbrook before going home.

The following week Vector and Leo were flying to Florida and the Bahamas in Leo's jet plane. It was on Leo's things-to-do list of investing in a resort and golf course. Flying over to Fort Lauderdale in Florida and to Nassau in the Bahamas to look at the resorts and golf courses. First flying to Fort Lauderdale and spending the rest of the day there before going on to Nassau the next morning.

Leaving Florida Leo's was halfway there when his compass on his plane started acting up and the cloud formations became turbulent. The plane began to sway in an unexpected motion and the control panel went blank. "What's happening Leo," Vector asked. "Not sure what is happening with the controls of the plane," Leo said. "Do you think what they say about the Bermuda Triangle is true?" Vector said as the plane stabilized and the controls came back on, with the clouds opening up with the ocean below them and an island coming into view.