Episode 5

The Outline takes Shape


Hovering 10 feet above the water behind “Go with the Flo” Vector is communicating with Leonardo. “Ok, furl, drop and secure all your sails and go to your starboard transom. I will move over and extend a magnetic gangplank for you and Flo to come on aboard my spacecraft” said Vector. After Leo and Flo are on board. Vector moves above “Go with the Flo” and places a force field around the entire boat and makes it and the spacecraft invisible. Locking on to the four corners of the force field the spacecraft is traveling at 1500 miles per hour towards Fiji.


“We will be arriving in Fiji in a few hours” said Vector putting the controls into autopilot. “Vector, we were talking about our past before you stopped by. May I ask, how was growing up in Atlantis like” asked Flo. “There was much to learn and do while growing up, education was very important for me and our society. My father was a statesman on the Council of Development. A group of men who would help the king run the city state.


I became interested in building and designing structures and systems. I studied under a good teacher by the name of Herotobulis, whom guided me into related fields that enhanced my understanding of design. After my schooling at the academy I was unemployed for a few months before starting my new job with the king.


I met Artemesia at this time, she had graduated from her course of study and was freelancing selling her books on cooking, sewing, gardening and other topics of the time on her printing press that she made and on paper that she developed. She did all the text and diagrams. Wanting to expand her business she came to me to have a building designed.


After finding out what needed to be done at the new location a fee was determined and rendered. I gave her a receipt and she looked at it and said “Where did you get this paper” she asked. “I told her I made it my self. We got into a long conversation of paper techniques. After that we found out that we had many things in common. We married a year later and have enjoyed each other’s company ever since.


Then the children came and we got busier with a lot work around Atlantis. The king would send me over to Etobiius to redesign the city there. Artemesia had her manager run the operation while she was gone. So, the whole family went and we got aquainted with the people living there and this is where I met Outaforium. We were there for about six months before moving into the 16th century and meeting you and Leo.


The day we left was when the volcano on Etobiius erupted. That was the day we came to Panama and Outaforium knew Leo was looking for people to work for him. Before traveling in the time vortex Outaforium said he needed me and my family to go into the future because his superior wanted me to be a part of his plan and would give me a spacecraft if I did.


After I agreed, we came into your time period and I received the spacecraft. With that spacecraft I had a vehicle to go back and forward into time. The rest you know about since we were there for ten years. Then I found out about another alien race and they were after me for having the ability to do what they were doing” said Vector looking around at his monitors knowing they were still out there.


Testing the ability of his spacecraft Vector went back to Athens and visited a class. The class was in an olive grove that was dedicated to the goddess Athena. Vector listened to the lecture while being behind a few students in the class. The teacher of politics is moving around in front of his class lecturing his views on the Good life “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others” said Plato looking at his class, then towards the Parthenon. “Excuse me Plato” Axiothea called out and interrupted Plato train of thought.


“Yes, what is it that you wish to know” responded Plato. “It is about Atlantis and its advance way of life, would you know of it” asked Axiothea as she looked at Plato with curiosity of what she had heard earlier. Plato looked at Axiothea and then turned toward the west and said “It may have been located pass the Pillars of Hercules.” Then turning toward the east he said “or Santorini, perhaps south to Crete.”


After hearing Atlantis mentioned Vector returned to his spacecraft and went back some 8700 years before the question was asked. He was on the island of Etobiius a couple of months before he and his family were to have arrived. He knew the governor, who was a boyhood friend. Not wanting to change history, he was in the back of the room listening in on a meeting being held by the Council of Scholars and the Governor.


“Staroverticus what say you regarding the forecast for the week” asked Leuquotus the Governor of the island. “By looking at the clouds and time of season, there approaches a severe storm in the category of Hurican force winds” replied Staroverticus the Astronomer. “Systovial prepare for the winds, have your men take down the screen net of the Dome of Knowledge campus and reinstall and bolt down the wooden roofing for all rooms of the Dome.


“Merananon have your men and women take account of the stores of food and water at the main warehouse and be ready when the time comes” said Leuquotus looking over at Merananon who is in charge of agriculture, along with food and water storage.


“Medicusum what is the status in your department” asked Leuquotus. “The main shelter is prepared with extra cots and supplies. Our supplies in medicinal plant extracts are sufficient and the people has been informed of the procedure once the alarm is set off for the incoming storm” said Medicusum. “Send a message to our outposts to the west and informed them of the storm we will be facing. Send our special messenger birds (3 with the same message will be sent). Very well, return to your duties and classes and get ready for the storm” said Leuquotus who adjourned the meeting.


“General Cartuveral how is my son Stiforte doing in your class” asked the mathematician Numerouno. “He is doing very well, he is one of my brightness students” answered General Cartuveral as a smile came to the face of Numerouno as they left the meeting. Following behind them were Astronomer Staroverticus and Governor Leuquotus.” Staroverticus have you seen Ambassador Outaforium lately” asked Leuquotus.


“I did, about a few days ago at his residence” answered Staroverticus. “And” continued Leuquoutus. “He had been in communication with the aliens who had stopped by his area. They shared some information regarding a system for a vessel to breathe beneath the water”. “Then what happened” asked Leuquotus. “After that Outaforium had a meeting with Admiral Neptatuno and they discussed a vessel that could travel underwater and explore the bottom of the seas” answered Staroverticus pausing for a moment before continuing. “The admiral said he would have a few of his naval architect instructors begin drawing up plans to build that vessel. Not sure at what stage they are at in the planning” concluded Staroverticus placing his right hand on his chin.


After the meeting Leuquotus is walking by the center court of the Dome of Knowledge when he happens to see Outaforium. “Outaforium may I have a word with you” said Leuquotus. “Why yes, what is it” he answered back. “I heard the alien has shared some information about a vessel that can travel underwater” Leuquotus asked. “Yes, and I informed Admiral Neptatuno about it and he is working on a scale model of it currently. Also I have been informed that the King of Atlantis will be sending over his architect / engineer to redesign Etobiius” said Outaforium.


“Yes, I too have heard that. The person you talk of is a boyhood friend whom was a neighbors that I grew up with” said Leuquotus. “I did not know that, but now I do. He will be arriving in a month from now” Outaforium said sensing someone was nearby that was new to the island. Vector sensed Outaforium felt his presence and quietly went back to his spacecraft and returned to Panama in the late 16th century before the eruption of Mt. Orga.


“Thats it in a nutshell” said Vector as they got closer to the Fijian island. Florencia looked at the monitor and could see the island and lagoon on the screen. “What about over there at the sandy bottom, there” said Leo pointing to the spot on the screen. “Ok, go back to the exit door and get back onto the boat and set your anchors. I’m going over to my place and do some work there. Give me a call if you need some assistance. Otherwise will be back in a few days or sooner” said Vector from his control panel and waved saying see you two later.


Once on “Go with the Flo” Leo and Flo placed a double anchor setup before going into their stateroom and changed into their swimwear, getting their snorkel, masks and fins out of the forward storage locker. After getting a few other items, they would go swimming around the boat and checked out the bottom, daggar board slots, propellars and rudders. The warm crystal clear turquoise lagoon made swimming around the boat a refreshing exercise.


Wanting to document the areas around the lagoon and island. Leon and Flo got out the drone and were in their 12 ft. dingy that had a 30 horsepower outboard motor, having lowered the dingy into the water, they were ready for the trip around the island. They followed the beach to the entrance of the lagoon, then south along the sandy beach of the atoll and the reef alongside of it.


Moving north from the eastside along the main body of the island. Then coming to the cliffs area stretching along the ocean for a quarter of a mile. The height at some places were a few hundred feet high, that descended into the dark blue colors of deeper water. After a couple of hours of looking at the island from sea level and from above using the drone, Leo and Flo return to the boat.


After putting their equipment and gear away, Flo got on the satellite phone and started talking to Artemesia whose was 7 hrs back into yesterday’s evening. Leo is going over the photos that they had taken while they went around the island. Looking over his wireframe models and the locations of the island. Leo places one of the research structure onto the island image. Then removing it and placing another model in the same location. After an hour he has general idea of how the main buildings and lagoon will look like. The power and water supplies facilities was thought out and positioned. The dock and roads around the island were penciled in before doing the walk thru on the island.


After dinner Leo and Flo are seated in the salon talking about what was on their minds. “Flo, I did a 3D flyby using the models I had on file and the locations we video earlier” mentioned Leo as he turned on the TV with his remote control and ran a video that was on his computer. Flo was looking at the futuristic designs of the buildings and warehouse. “How long do you think it will take to have that built” asked Flo.


“A few weeks, it will be prefabricated in New Zealand and brought over using Vector’s spacecraft. The reef design will take a little longer. The submarine, the underwater equipment and tools will be housed in a special warehouse by the docks. Wait, I have a clip of that on another video. I will get it now” said Leo going through his directory on screen. “Aaa, here it is” continued Leo looking at the submarine with excavating arms on it. Going through the motion of picking up sections of rock and sand.


As they watched the demonstration of the submarine, Leo switches to an underwater bull dozer pushing the sand and rocks around. “The surf reef is one thing, the making of pearls and growing osyters and muscles will be another” continued Leo showing a few minute clips of the subject matter that he was talking about and the area of the lagoon 2 where he was thinking about.


The next day they are walking around the island and taking notes of where to put the catchment tanks for the water supply. They came to an open area where the solar panels would be placed. Climbing along the mountains on the eastside and walking around lagoon 2 beaches. Leo and Flo returned to the boat after scouting out places on the island and would continue their walk around for another few days.


After two weeks of compiling and designing their island residence, Leo and Flo were getting ready to sail over to New Zealand. After the 5 day sail over to their New Zealand ranch, they are tied up to the dock and adjusting to the cooler temperatures of the season. A quarter of the work there had been completed with the remodeling of the existing house and dock and the greenhouse and farm areas being worked on.


After arranging varies companies to construct the modules for the Fijian location and to be stored there at the New Zealand facility before being transported to the island in Fiji. Leo and Flo would return to Panama after the security around their New Zealand ranch was in placed. Once back to their Panama residence Leo is busy selling his stocks and bonds and buying crypto-currencies, gold and silver ounces. He was in contact with a few mining operation in Africa and getting information about their estimates and track records.


Having walked over to Vector’s garage, Leo was checking out Rocky’s and Frank’s shop. He was in the glassing room with Frank talking about what they had made, are making and will make with 3 boards on the glassing stands waiting to be laminated. “How did your first designs work out in the surf” asked Leo. “It worked good, but we wanted to make them go faster and be more maneuverable. So these 3 are our next batch to test” said Frank.


“Hey Leo, whats up” asked Vector who happened to be in the computer shaping room before entering the glassing room. “Just stopped by to see what Frank and Rocky were up too” said Leo. “Lets go outside and discuss a few things that are on my mind” said Vector. “Sure” Leo said as he finished his conversation with Frank by saying “Will see you later Frank, keep up the good work.”


“What should we do about oil stocks, should we buy more or sell our stocks” asked Vector. “I sold all of my interest in oil and was going to ask you about your shares, but slip my mind this morning when I started talking with Frank” said Leo as he continued “So, from what I gathered oil is going to take a slow down in consumption and auto sales will be affected.” “Ok, I will do the same. What else should we be focus on” asked Vector.


“After the waves of virus and their economic turmoils and uncertainty. We should gear up in catagories that people need and depend on. I have a few things in mind but want to do more research into it before saying we should go there” said Leo. “That sounds alright with me. I’m going over to New Zealand tomorrow, need a ride to check up on your project” asked Vector.


“Yes, the retractable roof system for the greenhouse has arrived and it will be installed soon. The refrigeration system in the cutting room of the warehouse came in as well and they will be placing it in. The existing house has been turned into an office and our new residence will be on the bay and a new dock will be design there. Also I designed a reef to go alongside the entrance, inside the lagoon and go up to the structure” said Leo.


“Alright, sounds good. We will takeoff at 11 am tomorrow” replied Vector as he started walking back to his house and Leo did the same returning to his house.

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