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       UFO 4D CHESS 2
             by thomas takao

  COPYRIGHT 2020    





Having traveled through space from a star system on the outer regions of the constellation Orion. An alien spaceship from Zorivia has reached the planet earth through a pathway known as the BHC or Black Hole Corridor. Once out of the BHC the spaceship known as "Ori" has slowed its proton plasma warp drive. It has transformed the travel shield with an invisible stealth cloak as it flies through the air space of the 21st century.


They knew of other aliens who had been there before them by the markers that had been left at different locations on the planet. Three such races were the Drapecyns, Inexca and Velalynx, each had their own distinct pyramidal forms that they had the local natives construct. For the native followers to gather and for the aliens a familiar place to return to. The size of Zorivian spaceship would be comparable to a large dome building of 100 meters in diameter. To identify each ship of the fleet that were sent out to the different parts of the galaxy. The ship in this voyage is known as Ori, some of the key features of this search group vessel are its Quad Hextillion storage and memory drives, along with its advanced technology in time travel. To what extent of their knowledge of Drapecyns. Inexcas and Valalynxs ship capabilities was not yet known when the Zorivian arrived.

With it’s ease of going into the future or back into the past. The Zorivians had a powerful tool at their command. A previous ship from Zorivia had been there and returned back to it’s planet. This was his first time Ori and it’s commander and crew had visited earth. The commander of the Zorivian ship was Zenn who was relying on the computer systems data base to go by, as it moved around the 21st century. One of the things the ship’s computer picked up by way of communication satellites, was a large planetary die-off of humans. Zenn the captain of the ship was sitting in his chair when he asked the computer "Where should we start to find out about this die-off." The computer responded “go back in time to the 16th Century to get an idea of how this came about. Then go in both directions of the past and future" the computer said. Having heard the response by the computer, Outerforium who was second in command remarked "I smell gold."

Zenn after hearing the computer answer looked at Outaforium, then order his navigator to switch the dial to the 16th century. Within a few seconds, they are orbiting around at a low altitude in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in the northern hemisphere. Zenn is walking around on the bridge and asked Outaforium "These islands below us are unique, no large landmass is around them, but open ocean." "Yes, an interesting thing about the inhabitants is that they ride the waves by standing on longboards made of wood" Outaforium said while watching some of the people out in the water on one of the monitors.  

After a brief stay over the village, Ori moved out from the island and is about to return to cruising mode when Zenn hears someone say "Zenn, our sensor has spotted a human male floating below us on a wooden box. I will bring up the person onto the screen" Zor-2 said as the others member of the crew were moving around the bridge doing their duties to maintain the ship's systems. "What is his condition?" Zenn asked. "He has less than 2 days before his vital will stop" Zor-2 answered back. "I have an idea, lets take to him to those islands we just passed by, and place him on a beach near a village where he can be found. Gather the coordinates of where he is now to the beach and village where we were a few minutes ago. Then go ahead and beam him there" Zenn said.

Zor-2 enters the data into the computer system of the ship. A beam of light from Ori reached the person in the water and encapsulated him and the box that he is holding onto. He disappeared and reappeared onto the beach near the village that Ori had flown by. "Outaforium, since we just came from the future and know of the tyrannical government in place, this might have the potential to change what is yet to be. What are your views on this?" Zenn asked. "Whatever might be or not is something of a guess. Our move in shaping the future from here will have many more twists and turns. Before anything of that nature could take place and come to fruition. We need to make a few moves" Outaforium said. "So, it's dammed if you do and dammed if you don't is what I think you are saying. Let's go into the conference room and discuss this some more and use the 4D chess module to make a game out of this" Zenn said.

They enter the conference room "We know that tyranny has occurred in the past and future civilizations. The main foundation for this is created by greed, corruption, and a lust for power over others. We also know that there is good in people from what we know of through our records, and that they were taught this by various leaders, be it their fathers, community leaders, or someone in their communities. We will use the color white for the good on one side and the color black for the bad on the other side. It is only a distinction to separate the elements on the chessboard that we use these colors. We will have the computer use its memory of earth's history to make the moves against us" Outaforium said. "Aw yes, we will give the opponent a fictitious name and call it Khaos" Zenn said as the 4D chessboard appears in front of them.

"We will need to start by gathering players. So our first three symbols to be placed on the board to start the game, will be Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. They will be the keys to win this game. Their moves will consist of going up and down, sideways, and diagonal, but one step at a time. Then the others such as the shield, club, and sword will have their movement restricted but can move in a specific manner. The 3-star player will have 3 Queens at their sides, and that they can move around in all different directions. Then the employees, who are the pawns, will move one step at a time forward or at a diagonal" Zenn said.

What about the other side of the board, will Khaos have the moves like the other stars or can it move beyond what the other can do?" Outaforium asked. "Yes, being a corrupt star it can make unfounded moves. He will have a Mistress, the rest of his forces will have the same amount of players and do the same move as their counter-parts. So, the destiny of mankind will be riding on this game?" Outaforium questioned. "Yes!, we will use the man from the beach as Alnitaka for our first move. Then add others to the game as we move back or forward in time" Zenn said bringing back the image of the person on the beach. He is now being helped by a woman giving him water and bringing him back to life.

Returning to the bridge, Zenn has Zor-4 set a course 3000 years back to the Norte Chico civilization period to a place that will become known as Peru. "We will do some research there, and after that, we will go back another 6000 years to Atlantis and then come back here and see how Ainitak is doing and continue where we left off," Zenn said. "3000 years back it will be," Zor-4 said as the Ori disappeared into a time wormhole of the planet, and back to
ancient Peru.


Chapter 1

Learning to Surf

It had been just under a year since the rescue of the person from the ocean. On the other side of the island, the morning lights filter through the Koa forest. A light rain was falling, but soon dissipated as Kalai the Kahuna Pa'pa he'e nalu (Priest of Surfboards) and ten of his villagers are at the base of a 15-year-old Koa Tree. Kalai is making a ceremonial offering of a few red fishes, a couple of coconuts, and a bundle of kava roots. Before cutting the tree down, he starts his chant to Kane and the other gods. "We humbly remove this Koa tree so it can ride the waves. To nourish the souls of those who stand upon it and to be free of those things on land while traveling across time and space. To return once again to shore, fulfilling the enchantment of being in balance with nature" Kalai said.

After the ritual, the men began cutting down the tree systematically with their Ko'i 'awilli adze. The sun had been moving overhead and the sweat started to develop on the men's foreheads and arms. It would take a few hours before the loud cracking sound of the tree breaking from the base could be heard. The men hurried away in the opposite direction of the falling tree. With the tree on the ground, everyone would start cutting off the branches and placing them into a pile before Kalai marked the location of the wedges. Kepoa who was overseeing the crew walked with Kalai as they discussed where the wedges would be placed to split the tree into long slab pieces. "I think we can get four planks from this one," Kalai said. "Yes, where should we place the wedges at," asked Kepoa. "Have two of the men, one at each end of the tree. Pull tight the twine line to show where on the tree the wedges will be placed" Kalai said, After the two men pulled the twine, Kalai began walking along the tree. "Place a wedge here, here, and here," Kalai said placing a scratch mark close to the twine line with his adze.

"Move the line over Kepoa and do the same as I have done after the first piece has been taken," Kalai said as he handed the adze to Kapoa. The others started to pound the wedges at the marks into the wood along the line at an interval of a few feet. Where there was a slight curve in the trunk, Kalai would make adjustments to the line by placing a sharpened piece of stone as a nail to move the line over a little to compensate for it. Everyone would begin pounding the short wedge before switching to the longer wedges. They would pound on the pieces until split from the main truck. Kalai walked around the tree trunk to see if the split was going according to plan.

After the planks have been split from the tree. He would have one of his men drill a hole at each end of the piece using the Nao wili, a drill-like tool. Then place the twine rope through the holes and use it to pull the planks down the hill. It was mid-afternoon when they began taking the planks down the hill to a certain location. As his workers continued with their work, Kalai steps away to finds a stump to sit on. He is visualizing an event that is happening to someone he knew. After sitting there for a while, he returned and gave instructions of what he wanted to be done "Tomorrow we will return and take the pieces to my surfboard hut near the beach. Place one of them on the stone stands in the middle of the working hut and the others into the nearby shed" Kalai said.

Something was troubling Kalai and he tells his crew that he is going back to the hale (house). But before then he would go to the lookout point at Ho'ukahi (solitude) cliff. The location oversees the ocean and the village of Malunoa which is a quarter-mile away. After walking to the lookout point Kalai is gazing towards the east out onto the ocean as a White Tern flies by. Kalai closes his eyes and with his special gift of visualizing other places and people in the past, present, and future. His father had this special gift also and pass it on to his son. Whenever Kalai felt like communicating with his father he would go there. A transparent vision of his father would appear and his presents would calm his thoughts of whatever was bothering him at the time. "I sense an event has made you come to see me, my son," his father said.

Kalai takes a breath and exhales "Oh father, I understand that the river of life flows to the sea. What brings me here is a person that I met around a year ago. Though I did not spend the time to get to know him more. His mana impressed me, now he and his wife has left us and are coming to be with those who went before them" Kalai said. "We all had and will have those moments in life that we meet people with admiration for who they are. You will get over it, be strong my son, and carry on Aloha" his father said as the vision of him turned toward the sea before disappearing.

Kalai thought back to when he first met the haole. It was nearly a year when they first met, Kalai was visiting the Ali'i of the village of Lokahi. He was interested in Kalai's surfboards and sent a messenger to his village in wanting to barter one of his outrigger canoe for three of his surfboards. Kalai told the messenger he agreed to do so and bring the surfboards in a month. Kalai went to Lokahi and was greeted by the Ali'i with a special gathering. The Ali'i and Kalai came together and touched foreheads to sealed the deal. After the ceremony, Kalai left the gathering and came across a haole, who was sitting under a palm tree and writing something down in a book,

Kalai was curious and walked over to see what he was doing. The haole sensed that someone was near, and stopped what he was doing, and looked up. "Aloha" Kalai said. "Aloha" said the haole. The haole looked at Kai'ike and began speaking in his language, which intrigued him. The haole introduced himself by saying"Vincenzo" and placed his hand on his chest then with the same hand pointed at Kalai who replied "Kalai." Staring at his writing Kalai asked what it is that he was writing and how did he learn to speak his language. Vincenzo explained to Kalai that he was writing down things he wanted to remember. One of those things was his story of how he had come to this place, with that said he would go into his story.

"I had been aboard a ship from Manila to Acapulco when we came upon a bad storm. The storm hit at night and continued to become rougher as the night progressed. The ship violently tossed and turned while rocking back and forth. After about half an hour the main mast broke and her sails were dragging in the water. I knew it was going to get worst" Vincenzo said pausing for a moment to gather his thoughts. "The force of the winds and seas were building. I decided to have my one luggage trunk near me, if the ship should sink. So I went to my stateroom and pulled it onto the deck. It took all my strength to drag it while it banged each side of the hallway" pausing to recall the moment.

"A sailor with a knife was cutting a piece of rope to lash the helm with when I came back on deck. I asked for a piece of rope to tie my luggage trunk with. I had done him a favor on this voyage, so he obliged by cutting a piece for me. He then cut a piece for himself and hurried back up to the helm to lash down the steering wheel. I tied the trunk to a rail pole that was part of the stairs to the helm. The foremast had broken in half, which cause the boom to go overboard. The rigging still connected at the sides, caused the boom to become a battering ram, pounding the side of the ship. The torn and tattered sails were flapping in the wind as the boom continued its ramming. The captain was yelling at the top of his lungs, giving orders to the crew, who couldn't hear a word he had said. The winds continued to holler through the main mast and rigging. The crew was having a hard time seeing the seawater spraying into their face. They ran around, holding onto anything they could get their hands on as the waves slammed across the deck. The ship was leaning to starboard and was taking on water.

Holding on to the rail with both hands with the trunk in between. I was confident the trunk wouldn't take on any water since it was specially built for me by a craftsman in the Philippines, it was made air-tight and could float. All of my writing instruments, business contracts, diary books, and other items including my clothing and gold and silver coins. The condition was getting worst, then a big wave came crashing onto the deck, the trunks and I were swept overboard. After being tossed and turned underwater, I came back up for air, I spotted my trunks floating a short distance from me, so I swam over to it. After getting ahold of it, I held on to the rope as I started to drift away from the ship. Bobbing up and down in the turbulent seas and winds. Not knowing what to think I drifted some distance from the ship when I noticed that the ship was sinking. It wasn't long before the ship had disappeared under the waves. By morning the storm had passed and the seas were becoming less rough and had a few white caps occurring.

I was the only survivor and wondered about my fate. I drifted in the waters of these latitudes. Clinging onto the trunks, I drank rainwater from a few squalls that would appear after the storm. A week would pass and my mental state of mind was weary and entering a sense of lost hope. I laid on the trunk during the night and went into the water during the day. My hands and face were sunburned and were starting to peel. I began to have illusions and thought my mind was playing tricks on me. When looking up I saw something above me before a bright light shined on me. For a split second, I didn't know what to think and passed out. Then I was on a beach exhausted, dehydrated, and not able to think clearly, I untied myself from the trunk and dragged it up the beach before collapsing on the sand.

A woman who had been walking along the beach came 
towards me. She wasn't sure if I was Ok or dead and started to talk to me in her language. She had a small gourd used for carrying water strapped across her shoulder, so she sprinkled some water on my face, my eyes started to blink. She poured some water into my mouth, I started to cough and opened my eyes. At first, I couldn't tell who it was, then I noticed it was a dark skin woman. She greeted me by placing her hand on her chest and said "Nanipua". I laid there for a moment regaining my thoughts and returned the gesture by saying "Vincenzo" and looked into her eyes. Nanipua smiled and pointed toward her village and gestured she would help me with my trunks by pointing to herself, then to the trunk and pointed to me. I sat up but still exhausted by the ordeal that I went through. But I gathered what strength I could muster while sitting there. She pointed to her gourd of water. I began drinking the water and after a moment, I nodded my head to say I was refreshed.

Nanipua got up from her knees and helped me up. I stood at one end of the trunk and she the other end. We lifted the trunk and dragged it about ten feet before stopping for a rest. Feeling dizzy I continued to push while she dragged. Eventually, we made it to the side of the path that was next to the beach. I watched and followed her instructive gestures. She would take me to her hale that was on the outskirt of the village and closer to where she found me. That is how I arrived here and who I am with" Vincenzo said. Vincenzo would continue describing more about his life and the woman that saved him and what she meant to him. Kalai replied jokingly "Welcome to the ahahui" (club) as he was thinking of his wife. Then he explained to him that he made surfboards and went surfing whenever he could. After about an hour he stopped the conversation, knowing his crew was waiting for him.

Kalai indicated that he had to go and pointed east to his village on the other side of the island. Down by the beach, his crew was watching and waiting for Kalai. They were patiently waiting for him to return and had his recently exchanged outrigger canoe tied to the port hull of his double hull and was ready to go. After pointing and looking down to the beach, Kalai raised his right hand and arm said "Aloha" and started walking back to his boat. Vincenzo sensing he had just met a unique and powerful person got up in a respectful posture and said "Aloha Kalai, till we meet again."

Since being with Nanipua, Vincenzo was in a different state of mind and changed from being in a rush to a person being more calm and collected. They would learn from each other and she would become his translator. He would learn the language and communicate with the people of the village. He would become her teacher regarding other subject matters that he knew. One thing she mentioned to him was that other islands were ruled by other ali'i. She would draw in the sand what was told to her by her father. Where and in what order the islands were located. Besides knowing about other islands, she would mention places she would go to on the island that they were on and take daily excursions up to the mountainside or down the coastline.

One of the things that most people would do was surfing. Getting a surfboard for Vincenzo to use was no problem. She would take him to a local beach where the waves were small and teach him how to paddle out and catch waves. Eventually getting to know where to sit and what to look for as the swell rolled to shore. With the help of Nanipua he was able to stand and place his leg in the water to turn in the direction of the wave face. He began enjoying the activity of surfing and would look forward to going surf with his special friend. They would go surf whenever there were waves and lie on the beach to pass the time away when it was flat.

After the noonday sun, Vincenzo would write down things of his past and information he thought worth remembering. He would write the information in Latin to be a little secretive for a reason only he knew. In his dreams, he would go to places, not on this earth. When he was transported from the water to the beach. The computer had placed the information into his subconscious by accident, another program had been on the filter into the system that was used to move Vincenzo. It was in the constellation of Orion's Belt in the area of the Mintaka star, far enough away as not to be influenced by the tremendous gravitational pull of the star. Vincenzo would capture it in his drawings as a large circle and placing a symbol within it. From there he would notice another solar system within other stars until he came upon the planet that Kalai was from. Then in another book gave the number of solar systems that it passed by. Only Vincenzo could know its meaning. He would often have the same dreams but be in Egypt and the pyramids for some reason he couldn't understand.

After writing for a while he would take a break later that afternoon take a stroll with Nanipua. They would take walks along the beach to a lagoon where the water was crystal clear, so clear he could see fishes swimming near the bottom at 8 feet. Nanipua would tell him what kind of fish they were by the colors of it. At times they would go for a swim and dive below the coral reefs and by chance, lobsters would be wandering around. Nanipua would know what to do and they would have a meal later that evening. Sitting next to the fireplace at night Vincenzo would talk about the places and things that he had done. With the flames moving around in the pit Nanipua had the look of a woman in love and she never wanted it to end.

There was a local surfboard builder who would teach Vincenzo the basics of how to shape surfboards. Most of the villagers would have Mahaha build them their surfboards since Kalai was on the other side of the island. Though Kalai's shapes were very special and sought after by many royals. Mahaha was good enough for the local surfers. Whenever Vincenzo found time to stop by and watch him, he would. Vincenzo continued to write in his diary, where he would finish one and continued and started another. He was an educated man who had studied business with a good deal of experience in the field. He was good in math, science, astronomy, and spoke 4 different languages, and learning a fifth of where he was at. After arriving at the island he felt good about his situation and by this time Vincenzo was well liked by the villagers, the elders, and the Ali'i. He was able to talk to them and become accustomed to their culture. He would remember his wealth in Mexico, but since he was a long way from that. He would not think about it as much. Focusing more on his new beginning and Nanipua.

Vincenzo and Nanipua were married six months later. He wanted to go see Kalai and visit his village. So the following week Vincenzo had the use of a fishing canoe and it was ready for the trip to the other side of the island. They had enough provisions and water to get there plus they would be fishing and stopping in bays along the way. With a steady breeze, Vincenzo and Nanipua left the village and headed south to Ka Lae (the Point). It was near noon and they were rounding Ka Lae and heading east. Nanipua mentioned there was a bay that they could stop at later that day. She suggested throwing a twine fishing line out with bait to catch a fish for dinner. So he placed the bait on a koa hook and tossed the bait and line out. The line was coiled in a circle near the front of the canoe. After tossing the bait overboard he watched it float and drift some distance away. It wasn't long before a 10 lbs Aku (tuna) took the bait and the line was uncoiling fast.


Rushing over to the line Vincenzo grab the line and began feeling a burning sensation on his hands. He let go and looked at his hands and they were bleeding. Thinking fast he grabs two pieces of Kapa cloth from a palm frond basket nearby and placed them on his hands. He then squeezes the line until the line stops going out, then he began hauling in the fish. Nanipua calls out to him "Be careful around the line." Still excited and hauling in the fish, he turns to Nanipua and says "Yes I will my love." All of a sudden a huge 2000 lbs. Black Marlin was swimming nearby as the line goes limp. Then Vincenzo's eyes widen and his mouth opened in disbelief at the size of the fish as it jumped out of the water with the Aku in its mouth and was looking at the canoe. It made a big splash as it reentered the water and sent a shock wave that would rock their canoe. Stunned and off-balance Vincenzo lets go of the line and looked down at his feet. The line was uncoiling fast and was wrapping around his leg and ankle. He grabs his knife, but it was too late. His foot was jerked up from under him and he was dragged overboard.

He took a big gasp of air before entering the water. Nanipua seeing what had happened, grabs a knife and dives in after him. The water is clear and she can see him going deeper as the marlin makes a turn. She continues to swim after him, her mind is filled with memories of Vincenzo as she continues to swim deeper. The subdued bliss in her heart is being taken over by the rapture of the deep as she swam deeper. The line that is wrapped around his leg is tangled on the coral reef some 90 feet below the surface and the marlin is free of him and the Aku. Vincenzo is helplessly at the end of his line. Nanipua has caught up to him and both look at each other as she embraces him, with their last breath, they kissed and close their eyes. A sudden burst of light from above encapsulated the two and the highlighted scene dimmed,

The canoe with the diaries Vincenzo had been writing on is now drifting away with the current into the afternoon glare of the vast open ocean. The image of Vincenzo and Nanipua faded from Kalai's thoughts after 
the highlighted moment. A few minutes later while looking out at the ocean, he sees a shinning object a few hundred meters away in front of him. Hovering above the ocean for a brief moment before disappearing as if it were an illusion. The onshore breeze had stopped during that brief sighting of the shiny object, then the winds returned after it disappeared.

The palm fronds began swaying again and made the usual ruffling sound. Hokuao, his wife appeared "Kalai, I had a feeling you would be here" she said looking at him and continued with her thoughts "You have found peace in what was disturbing you." He turns and smiles and without saying a word puts his arm on her shoulders and starts walking back down the path with her by his side. Breaking his silence Kai'ike said "I had this vision of Vincenzo the haole whom I met on the other side of the island a while back. Today he and his wife Nanipua has left us and they are together forever.

Also, I saw something I never saw before, a shinning object flying in front of me, perhaps it was my imagination" Kalai said turning to the ocean and pausing for a moment before continuing "I also had a vision after that of a father and a son crossing a bridge just before you came." "Yes I remember you telling me about Vincenzo, but your vision of flying objects is something others have seen before. But. who are these people crossing the bridge?" she asked. "They are from a land far away, it has something to do with the diaries that Vincenzo had written," Kalai said as Zenn and the spaceship had moved back into history. Meanwhile, as Vincenzo's diaries drifted away. Zenn had Zor-4 place a special beacon ingrained into the binding of the books for those on Ori to locate later.


Chapter 2

The Bridge


It was a clear spring afternoon in the city of Florence, Italy and like a well-aged wine from Tuscany, the Renaissance had a lasting taste into the first year of the new century. The city reflected the mood of the times, touching all parts of daily life from religion, politics, and business. The old ways were being changed and with it an interest in the world beyond the current maps and the theories of the sun being at the center of the planets. A rock that was once part of a stone bridge penetrated the water, causing an explosion that sent a ragged circular sheet of water upwards which generated a rippling effect of waves radiating from the epicenter. The current of the Flume Arno flowed westward and stretched the waves until they were erased.

The rock was thrown by a young nineteen-year-old cartographer, Leonardo Vi. The talented young man had once apprenticed as a stonemason for his uncle. As a stonemason apprentice, he had worked on walls and bridges such as the one he and his father crossed this day. So throwing the stone was something he had done many times before. That stone had been broken off previously and was lying on the ground from its placement. Picking it up and looking at the rock Leonardo made a wish before throwing the rock. That wish was to see other lands talked about by the customers who would come into their Map Shop and share their experiences.

Alongside him were his mentor and father Guido, a stout gentleman weighing close to two hundred pounds, but well-groomed and fashionably clothed. They were returning to the shop after visiting a supplier when the stone was thrown.  Guido had stopped as well and looked out onto the Arno. After seeing the rock land upon the water he looked down at his reflection from the bridge. Guido thought back to when Leonardo was a young boy and how they would cross this same bridge. Leonardo would ask questions of "What is this?" and "What is that?"  How precious those moments were not knowing it back then he thought as he watched a piece of wood drifted by he thought back.

Leonardo had an inquiring mind at an early age and it would continue to serve his imagination as he grew older. His keen sense of observation and wanting to convey what he saw by drawing it came naturally to him. Besides drawing, Guido would watch Leonardo build things such as miniature castles out of sticks and walls made of small stones. As Leonardo grew older Mario, Guido's brother mentioned to him that there was an apprentice position in his business and thought Leonardo might like to learn to be a stonemason. Guido wasn't sure but thought it might make Leonardo more appreciative of map-making after lifting stones of various sizes, so he agreed to let Leonardo work for him. Under the watchful supervision of Mario, Leonardo learned the principles of footings to weight ratios, angles and heights, and the construction procedures. Safety was on the minds of the older worker especially having a young boy of 11 around them.

After three years Leonardo had learned much, but his thoughts were of art, and his desire to further his knowledge on the subject matter was evident. So Guido enrolled Leonardo then fourteen years of age at the prestigious Raphael Academy of Arts. There Leonardo learned the skills of painting and sculpture and became interested in speaking Spanish and learning to read and write Latin. After spending four years at the Academy he was an accomplished young artist, but to repay his father Leonardo started working for him and quickly learned the map trade. This made Guido happy and furthered Leonardo's insatiable appetite for knowledge.
Still looking down at his reflection in the water Guido sighed then telling his son "Life is like this bridge we cross. So many memories will flow past you as you make your way across to the other side. Before you know it, you will be old and have regrets for not doing the things that you wanted to have done." Leonardo looked at his father and asked, "What do you mean father?" Guido began walking and replied, "You will learn my son, you will learn/" Guido had once aspired to be an artist himself. His family was not prosperous enough to afford the cost of professional lessons and not having a sponsor to support his endeavors he went to work in the map-making business. Where his talents excelled and eventually led to his successful shop. The naming of his son Leonardo was after the great artist Leonardo da Vinci for whom Guido had admired.  

 "The more I observe the properties of water, the more it fascinates me. Like the ring radiating out as we just saw and then reaching the shoreline. If the shoreline is deep the wave does not break. If it is shallow it breaks along the contour of the land underneath" Leonardo said looking at his father and then at the clouds in the sky. "What are you looking at my son?" Guido asked. "Just the clouds," Leonardo said. "That reminds me of a painting I saw years back. It was titled "The Madonna with the Saint Giovannino" and it had a flying object in the sky. It has baffled me ever since" Guido said. "Flying object, one day men will fly like birds," Leonardo said. "Yes they will," Guido added. Unknown to Guido and Leonardo, there was a spaceship over Florence at the time they were crossing the bridge. Zenn had tracked their position from the books Guido had purchased recently that had the beacon in its binders.

"So Outaforium, the books has lead us here to Italy. Little did we know that the alien nation of Pleids from our neighbors in the Pleiades Constellation would have taken a child from here 30 years prior and place him in a church orphanage in Genoa, the city up the coast. His father would only know that he had been kidnapped and would never see him again" Outaforium said. "Yes, what a coincidence that the books have found the mapmaker here, the birthplace of Vincenzo the one we saved, his last name isn't Genoa but Galileo" Zenn said after doing some research of the area, as the spaceship Ori hovered overhead. "From what I can tell, the mapmaker's son was destined to be a part of our game," Outaforium said. "Italy does play a role currently and in the future. The Medici family with its banking and political influence is a good example of what we talked about earlier, the foundation of power, greed, and corruption" Zenn said as they watched Leonardo and Guido cross the bridge.

The pungent smell from the butcher stands at both entrances of the bridge lingered in the breeze. The noise from the passersby blended into a muffle as they made their way from one end of the bridge to the other. "Oh, I just remembered Leonardo! I have an appointment this afternoon. I think we have just enough time to get back to the shop to meet them on time" Guido said. After reaching the shop, they put away their coats.  No sooner after they had done so there was a knock at the door. A stately gentleman and his companion, a young lady entered the shop. He introduced himself as Captain Miguel Montoya a tall and fit man in his early 40's. His companion was his daughter Maria who had just turned 17. Her height of 5' 8" and her full-figured appearance made her more of a woman than a teenager. Her chestnut color hairs framing her eyes, her nose, and her smile reflected the gift that her mother had given her.

The Captain was visiting Florence on official business for the Royal Court of Spain and was anticipating their return voyage within a few days. A letter of introduction was delivered from officials in Florence to expedite the procurement of maps at the request of Spain's King Charles I.  Guido's abilities were well known in Europe so the appointment was arranged and it wasn't long before the two met face to face. "Good Afternoon, I am Captain Miguel Montoya an appointment was made for me through the office of the Casa de Contratación in Seville to visit you, Mr. Vi". "Yes, Yes, come in Captain Montoya I am Guido Vi at your service". "Thank you, may I introduce my daughter Maria," said Captain Montoya. "A pleasure," said Guido as he half bowed with a smile and continued "Allow me to introduce my son and partner Leonardo to you" as he proudly turned to face his son.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance," Leonardo said as he extended his hand to shake Captain Montoya's then reaching and holding Maria's outstretched hand with a slight lowering of his head "Please come in and let me show you our shop," Guido said. "May I take your cape?" Leonardo asked Maria. "Yes, you may Leonardo" Maria replied as she unbuttoned the cape and allowed him to remove the cape. "We have been thoroughly enjoying your beautiful city" she added in fluent Italian. After Leonardo heard her remarks his face lit up in agreement and added in Spanish "beautiful thoughts from a beautiful lady." Maria smiled and Captain Montoya looked at Leonardo with reservations. Guido continued the introduction "Captain Montoya I was informed that you were primarily looking for the latest maps of the New World as well as the Pacific coast" Guido remarked.  

"That is correct Mr. Vi" said Captain Montoya as he moved to the center of the room where there was a large table elaborately painted like a map. "What a beautiful piece of art!" commented Captain Montoya as he admired the detailed drawing of Italy's coastline. "I must be boastful and tell you that Leonardo did that for me as a gift for sending him through the art academy here in Florence. He is very skilled and I hope you find that evident in the maps he produces for your review and please call me Guido only the butcher calls me Mr. Vi" Guido said with a smile.

"If this table is any indication of your maps then I am sure I will be well pleased with your cartography" Captain Montoya said. Left to themselves Maria and Leonardo were in a conversation, at first Leonardo chose his words to be polite. Maria on the other hand was charming and carried herself well for a young woman. She made Leonardo at ease with her humor and grace even though her beauty captivated him. Her father hearing the laughter looked over to where they were. With a casual glance, he produced a warm smile and redirected his attention back to the business at hand.

Maria looking over to her father and sensing not to get carried away with her socializing rejoined him at the table as Leonardo followed.  


Captain Montoya and Guido began talking about the new and unexplored lands of the Americas. "I have copies of maps that Juan de la Cosa who was the navigator on the Columbus voyages and by the Florentine navigator Amerigo Vespucci. Their works along the coast of Terra do Brasil is quite good. Leonardo and I are in the process of utilizing details from both into a newer version" said Guido pausing for a moment and continued with his dialogue "Captain Montoya I have something very interesting to show you" said Guido as he excused himself and walked over to a shelf and brought back a protective leather carrying case filled with five books.

After placing it on the table Guido explained what was in the case "The case contains diaries of a person who was on an island in the Pacific Ocean. To my surprise, it was someone I knew. He had bought a few maps from me years ago. His name is Vincenzo Genoa a brilliant man and a wonderful person to be around. I recently bought these books from a Portuguese sailor at a coastal tavern near Livorno. I was told by someone about how and where the diaries were obtained. The person I speak of is a sailor and his name is Chui. He could not read or write but knew the books may be of importance. I asked to look at it and he handed it to me to look at. As I looked through the pages it was written in Latin and described who the author was and where he was from and why he had made the trip. Then it would describe his experience before, during, and after the storm in a general context. He described his stay on an island. There was way more information regarding the subject matter than meet the eye. He cross-references information from one book to another to be more secretive. I too didn't understand that until my son Leonardo solved some of the code" Guido said as he looked at Leonardo.

Looking back at the books Guido continued "Chui was in a tavern in Macau when he met a sailor whose name was Jorge. He had the books and wanted to sell them" said Guido pausing for a moment to gather his thoughts. "So Chui goes on to say that Jorge met an officer whose ship found the canoe drifting in the doldrums. After removing the items in the canoe, they found the diaries. The ship was sailing from Acapulco to Manila Harbor. The officer in charge of the ship's stores was assigned the diaries. The other officers and their captain tried reading the books but thought it was a waste of their time since none of them knew Latin. It was locked away in the ship's store and would be sent back to Spain on the next ship back to Acapulco. The person in charge of the books needed money and thought he could sell them to someone in Manila. After docking at the harbor, the person with the books stopped at one of the bar/brothel establishments near the docks.  He sat at a table with the 5 diaries in a bag. Jorge sitting nearby came over and bought the person a drink. They got to talking and Jorge bought another round.


After telling Jorge the story of the books found in a canoe, the person went upstairs to his room for the night. The next morning the person was found dead and his clothes and possessions were missing. One month later in a tavern in Macau, Jorge is having a drink and trying to sell the books. Chui being curious came over and started a conversation with Jorge. They got to talking and they both had stories to tell and found out that each was a sailor and both were on liberties from their ships. Jorge invited Chui to take a seat and Chui obliged. Before Chui had joined him, Jorge had made fun of a barmaid in the tavern half-hour earlier. The barmaid told her boyfriend who had just got off work doing longshoreman work, about how Jorge made fun of her in front of others in the tavern. The crusty bearded six-foot-tall longshoreman walked over to Jorge and asked "did you make fun of my girlfriend." Jorge being half drunk and acting arrogant said "What if I did" as he went to grab his knife from his waist belt.

Before pulling his knife out the other man had already pulled out his knife and seeing Jorge grabbing for his knife, the boyfriend stabbed Jorge in the heart as he sat in his chair. A silence followed and Jorge was leaning back with his head tilted to one side as his arms lay limp. Chui lifted both hands in the air and said "I had nothing to do with this man insulating your girlfriend." The boyfriend realizing the consequences of his deed ran out the door with a bloodstain knife in hand. Everyone in the tavern began to talk and move around. The bartender came overreached into Jorge's pocket and took out 50 ducas for the previous drinks and instructed another person to help him drag the dead body out of the tavern and into the alley. Where a person came out of the shadows and searched the dead man for whatever he could find.  Another patron in the tavern went to get the authorities.   

With the chaos around him, Chui calmly grab the bag of books and walked out the door. His ship was sailing out that afternoon and returning to Portugal. After returning to Portugal, Chui would crew on another ship to deliver cargo to Livorno, Italy where we would meet. I asked if he wanted to sell the books and Chui said he did. After negotiating a price, I returned to Florence and had Leonardo help me decipher the books" Guido said. Back on the island, Kalai and Hokuao were surfing, when Kalai drifted into the channel. while his wife would be catching a few waves before Kalai paddled over to her. She knew that he was in a spiritual frame of mind, so she did not interrupt his vision. "I found out what happen to the diaries and who the two people crossing the bridge were. The younger of the two will be visiting us" Kalai said as he sees a waving coming and paddles for it and catches it. As he stands the vision that was on his mind soon fades back to Guido's shop.

Captain Montoya looked at Guido as he continued to read one of the books. "Vincenzo Genoa was a scholar who had studied astronomy, cartography, medicine, alchemy, engineering, military warfare and was a shrewd businessman who could speak five different languages. He had traveled to many parts of Europe and the countries around the Mediterranean and the orient. He was also working for King Sebastion of Portugal on a secret mission. Leonardo is still deciphering that out currently, but the other things in the books are hard to understand" Guido said.  After hearing King Sebastian of Portugal mentioned. Captain Montoya became very interested in the books and when Guido said there was a hidden map in one of the books Captain Montoya felt like he was served a few cherries for dessert.  

After having read through one of the books and looked at the map that had been hidden within the book cover. He lifts his head and said, "I will read more later." Then looking at Guido asked "Where do you think these islands are" while pointing at the map. "Oh! Those islands have fascinated me also. Leonardo has a good idea where they are" said Guido. "Table?" asked Captain Montoya. "Yes, Vincenzo kept a record of his voyage from the time he left Manila to the time he was at the village. The last entry in his diary describes them in a canoe and that they were fishing" Guido said.

"Leonardo, can you tell me more of what you know regarding the diaries and the map?" Captain Montoya asked. "Yes, as my father had mentioned Senior Vincenzo was very intelligent and he arranged his diaries in a very clever way. By indicating a location in one book with a numeric value, then looking into a table in another book gave the coordinates for specific locations. I think I can locate it, but I still have reservations about locating it" Leonardo said.


Captain Montoya asked Leonardo "Would you be interested in accompanying us to the Pacific Ocean to find this island." Leonardo was surprised at the request. "I need to discuss this with my father, will you excuse us," Leonardo said as he and his father walked over to the corner of the shop to talk in private. "I would like to go and experience what many have said about the world in which we live" Leonardo said. "I would like you to stay, but I remember what I told you on the bridge about regrets and not to have done those things you wanted to do. You have my blessing my son if you wish to go" Guido said. Yes, yes father I do want to go, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" Leonardo said. They looked at each and Guido was overcome with emotion and hugged Leonardo as his voice had a crackling stutter "I love you my son please be careful and take care of yourself." "I love you too, father," Leonardo said blinking while holding back the tears.

After a few minutes they return, Leonardo walks over to Captain Montoya "After talking it over with my father I would like to go and be of service to you Captain Montoya" Leonardo said. Maria smiled as Captain Montoya walked over to Leonardo to shake his hand and said "It will be with high esteem that we welcome you to our mission and that we find what we are looking for, Thank you, Leonardo." Leonardo smiled and looked at Maria. Captain Montoya took the necessary time he needed to review the paperwork that Guido made out for him to sign and consummate the purchase of the books and the maps of the Americas and the Pacific Ocean. Guido then placed them in a large leather binder with his signature trademark "V" on the clasp. 

"What do you think about the diaries Leonardo," asked Captain Montoya. "So far I think I have only scratched the surface. It seemed simple at first, but after reading it, it seems like a person's story about how he got to where he was. But after reading the before and after his stay on the island is what I'm trying to figure out. All the business dealings that he had done and where his assets are around the Pacific region. Then, all that changes and he writes about how lucky he was in finding or how she found him. Then he goes off on a tangent about 3 moons and a place far, far away. It's like finding a treasure map in a sense, in how the treasure he talks about is his wife whose name is Nanipua. Then he goes on to write in poetic terms, this is where it gets interesting in trying to figure out the metaphors in how it relates to his business dealings and where his fortune is located. From what I gathered it was quite substantial" Leonardo said.

The next morning Leonardo is packing his belongings and is saying farewells to his friends, family, and relatives that have stopped by. He had seen his father in the morning before he went to the shop but will be making a visit to the shop to get as much of the work finished before leaving. Guido is working on a project when Leonardo walks in. He walks over to his father and starts to discuss what is on his mind. "I'm getting prepared to leave, but there is something that is making me wonder," said Leonardo. "What is it my son," Guido said. "I was reading a book by Marsilio Ficino earlier this week, its title is "The Book of Life" and it had a list of things that hold influence over a man's destiny," said Leonardo. "I have heard he was a smart man, but oh never mind, go on with what you were about to say before I interrupted you" Guido commented. "I get this feeling that some mystical force is looming over my destiny," Leonardo said with a confused look on his face. "You can change the thing that you control, adjust to those things that you do not control, or just let it go, my son. I can tell you are adding building blocks of philosophy to your way of thinking. Which is good" Guido said with a smile.


With a sigh, Leonardo begins to move in a rush manner to finish up various projects before leaving. "I will heed your advice father," said Leonardo finishing one map and started work on another.

"I will have to get some supplies for the journey I will be back in an hour," Leonardo said as he rushed out the door. After returning he accomplishes the projects that he had planned to do and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with his father reminiscing and imagining what might be. The next morning he gives a hug to his mother, then his aunt, and walks over to his father to shake his hand, then his emotion take over and gives him a lasting hug. With his father to his side ", I will miss you all and you will be in my heart always" Leonardo said with tears in his eyes. Guido walks over to his wife and holds her hand "Best regards my son and never stop learning" said Guido as the coach arrived to pick up Leonardo. The Captain gets out and shakes Guido's hand and thanked him for the maps and diaries. Waving goodbye to his family from the coach's side opening as they rode off.

After their first stop out of Florence, Leonardo would sit next to the driver of the coach to view the Tuscany landscape. "My name is Angelo, what's your name, and where are going?" the coachman asked. "My name is Leonardo and we are going to the New World, then onto the Pacific Ocean to look for an island," Leonardo said. "I envy you, young man, for the last forty years I have been riding this coach from Florence to Livorno and back. I wanted to see the world as many of my boyhood friends had done, but I started a family when I was young and had fed them and put a roof over their head, so I never got to go" the coachman said. Leonardo looked at the coachman and said "Angelo, your wife, and family must be grateful for your devotion to their needs. You are a good man and shouldn't be disheartened." "Perhaps you are right, I don't know anything else I could do to make a proper living to feed my family," Angelo said. "Please excuse me there is something I must do," Leonardo said as he climbed down being careful, and went into the coach. The ride to Livorno took most of the day and by evening they were aboard the boat Lady of Livorno and were settling in and getting ready to depart in the morning. The sail to Barcelona went according to plan and was anchored offshore. After loading their belongings onto a rowboat they went ashore.


Chapter 3
Going with the Flow

After going ashore, a carriage awaited them at the docks and would take them to Fort Barcelona, where Captain Montoya would consult with the commanding officer Colonel Torres. Leonardo and Maria would wait outside for the Captain to report in and to receive further orders. Captain Montoya waited outside of Colonel Torres's office for a few minutes before the Colonel opens the door and welcomes him in. As he walks in, he sees another officer seated off to the side of the colonel's desk. "Captain Montoya I would like to introduce Lieutenant Crisco," the Colonel said as the Lieutenant got up to shake the Captain's hand.


The Colonel continues with the introduction "The Lt. will be taking over your assignment, headquarters needs your services to the northern border of Spain to monitor the French activities there. The lieutenant will need the materials that you have recently acquired, we will briefly go over the material. Do you have them with you" the Colonel asked. "Yes, it is in my briefcase. I also have some books of value mentioning an island in the Pacific" the Captain replied. "An island in the Pacific Ocean?" As the Colonel got up from his seat and went around to see the material and continued "Captain If we were to have a location out there we could control the area for shipping and military usage. So does the books say exactly where that is?"  


"Not exactly, that is why I recruited the service of a mapmaker who has been studying the books. He will be needed to find it, in my opinion," Captain Montoya said. "Very well, let's go over the maps and books," the Colonel said. The Captain laid out the maps of the coastline of the South and Central Americas. They would talk about a ship leaving Acapulco to find the island and concluded the meeting fifteen minutes later. "Get acquainted with the mapmaker after this meeting, gathered your belongings, and be ready to depart tomorrow with the tide." the Colonel said. Lt. Crisco rolled the maps and place them with the books into his briefcase.  "That is all," the Colonel said as both officers said "Yes sir," saluted and left the Colonel's office.

Going outside the Captain sees Leonardo talking with Maria as he and the Lt. walk over to them. "Leonardo, this is Lt. Crisco and he will be taking over the assignment that I was on," the Captain said. With a surprised look, Leonardo reaches out to shake the Lieutenant's hand. "I am Leonardo Vi, and it is admirable to meet you, sir," Leonardo said. "This is my daughter Maria," the Captain said as the Lieutenant bows his head and she does the same. "Well, let go to the mess hall and get something drink before you two return back to the harbor and be off on your duties," the Captain said pointing at the cantina/mess hall where he had been before.

Sitting around the table "I had a feeling something like was going to happen" the Captain said as he order three cups of wine and one cup of water. They would have a brief discussion and finished their drinks with a toast as everyone stood up. "To a safe and comprehensive trip," the Captain said as he and the others finished their drinks. The Captain shook Leonardo's hand and said "It was nice knowing you Leonardo, perhaps our paths will cross again" the Captain said. Then Maria step up to Leonardo "It was nice meeting you Leonardo, I was looking forward to getting to know you" Maria said. "The same here, Maria," Leonardo said as she gave him a hugged and a kiss on the cheek. "Good luck Lieutenant," the Captain said as he shook his hand and waved goodbye to Leonardo as he and his daughter went out the door.

"Well Leonardo, it's going to be my first passage to the new world. I hope things will go well. Care for another drink" the Lieutenant said. "Ok," Leonardo said as they both sat back down and the lieutenant poured the wine from the half-full bottle. After a few more sips the Lieutenant said "My first name is Monty and I was born in England. My mother is English and my father is Spanish. He was stationed in London as a staff member to the ambassador of Spain to England. After I was born we moved to Madrid, and that is where I grew up and went to school there before joining the army. What about yourself?" Monty asked. "Well, I grew up in Florence, Italy where I studied the arts, did some masonry work, and learned from my father who taught me how to be a mapmaker. I would do some astronomy by researching it part-time on my own" Leonardo said. "How old are you Leonardo?" Monty asked. "I just turned twenty a few days ago," Leonardo said. "I'm a few years older than you. Well, here's to being twenty" the Lieutenant said as he and Leonardo held their cups of wine in front of themselves before taking a drink. After a few more drinks, they made it to the harbor and boarded their ship El Estrella Fugaz (The Shooting Star) and would take it easy the rest of the evening.

After a few days out, Leonardo and Monty would get to know each other some more and share their experiences of growing up and places that came to mind.  Walking around the deck and getting to know the others onboard, Monty met two troubadours who were practicing their vihuela! at the stern of the ship. They were going to Puerto Rico and would get off at San Juan. "Hola, I am Lt. Crisco," Monty said. "Well it's nice to meet you I am  Federico Gamez and my fellow musician is Roberto Ricardo," Federico said. They talked story and got to know each other. The ship made its way across the open ocean. Leonardo would sketch different views of the ship, from the helm looking forward, a view of the sails, and from the deck at the open sea. Up above them was Ori, monitoring the progress of the Shooting Star by way of the beacons in the books. To make the trip noneventful, Zenn would have his crew divert any storms that were in heading their way. The spaceship Ori would travel back and forth in time to different periods of history, gathering information. Zenn was developing a strategy for the moves that he would make against Khaos the computer opponent.

The ship's first stop after making the crossing would be San Juan harbor in Puerto Rico. The ship would stay for a week before weighing anchor and sail to San Cristóbal de la Habana (Havana) Cuba. Leonardo would go ashore to look around and do some sketching. Monty would go ashore and meet with the military command there and catch up on some paperwork and take orders to the different forts and officers. They would load up on weapons and other cargo to be taken to Veracruz. The ship would layover for a week, before going on to Portobello, Panama where Leonardo and Monty would travel on to the other side to Panama City.

Monty and Leonardo would do some sightseeing to get acquainted with the dockside area of Veracruz harbor. While strolling along with the seaside town, they stopped at a shop with various items being displayed in the front window. "Hey Monty let's go in here and see if anything is interesting," Leonardo said. A small jade cat statue caught Leonardo's attention and they would go inside. It was next to some pottery and other items behind the counter. They asked questions about what it was and where came from.  "Excuse me, senior, can you tell me about the jade cat on the shelf behind you?" Leonardo asked. "It is a jade jaguar from Palenque,  aaw, it represents a guardian of the underworld,"  the owner of the shop said. "Can I see it?" the Lieutenant asked. After looking at it from different angles "What do you want for it?" Monty asked. "50 duat sir" he answered back. "What is that over there," Leonardo asked. "That is a piece of a scroll that was not burned by Diego de Landa the Catholic priest who put to flame the information the history of the Mayan civilization. He is a hijo de puta (Son of a Bitch). A smile came to the face of all three men. "What is the price for the manuscript," Leonardo asked.


"It is  20 ducats. Can I also interest you in a map of the trails from Palenque to the other cities of the Mayan Empire?" the shop owner said. "Why yes, yes where is it," asked Leonardo. "It is hidden from view, let me show you it," the owner said pulling it out from behind the counter. Leonardo looked at it and his eyes widen with curiosity and asked "How much do you want for this?" "This is the only one of its kind, it is 40 ducat" the owner said. "I will take the manuscript and map, so as not to be torn or wrinkled do you have something I can put it in," Leonardo said. "Yes," the shop owner said. "I have a small box that I can put it in," the shop owner said.  "How much for the jaguar," the Monty asked. "50 ducats said the owner. "I will take it," the Lieutenant said still holding on to it and placing it on the counter to get his money out.


After both got what they paid for and were walking out of the store. Monty looked at Leonardo and said, "You seemed excited Leonardo." "Yes I am, to find something like this is terrific. A treasure I wasn't expecting when we first went in" Leonardo said as Monty was still looking at his jade jaguar.

After landing at the docks of Portobello Lt. Crisco and Leonardo went to the Port Authority's office to let them know of their arrival. "Aw yes Lt, Crisco there has been a delay with your ship on the Pacific side, the ship is under repairs from an accident and won't be ready for a few months. It may be sooner, but most likely a few months" the Authority Clerk said. The Lieutenant had the look of now what do we do. The clerk said to them "You should have a bite to eat at the local eatery across the street and try some of the food there, It is best to plan on full stomach" pointing in the direction of a small building. "Yes, we will decide what to do after we get something to eat," said the Lieutenant. 
While having their lunch, Leonardo and Monty were discussing some of the options they might do before making their way to the Pacific side. Seated at the table next to them were two explorers that worked for the Office of the Governor in Portobello. They have been assigned to a fact-finding mission in the Yucatan Peninsula. The two explorers were discussing the indigenous Indian tribes of the region and account told to them by other explorers. One of the explorers was mentioning "We must be careful there are certain tribes there that would go into other villages take the people for slaves and other reasons. Some of the women would be taken to the sacrificial altar and have their hearts cut out from their bodies."

"Yes, I have heard of that before," said the other explorer. Then they talked about how the civilization of the Maya. "They were a race that was advance in astronomy, mathematics, and agriculture, but for whatever reason, they abandon their temples and cities and disappeared," said the taller of the two. The two explorers talked about a large disk called the "Calendar" which they were assigned to find out about. Intrigued by the conversation Lieutenant Crisco got up and introduced himself and explained where they were headed to, but not their mission. 

"Good afternoon, my name is Lieutenant Crisco of his majesty's army and this is my associate Leonardo Vi a cartographer," the Lieutenant said. As the two explorers got up to shake their hands and introduced themselves, "My name is Felipe Santiago and this is Ignacio Vega Morales pointing to an overweight man in his late forties. We are on assignment to verify that the calendar does exist and we shall be returning after a month and a fourth night. Anything regarding mathematics and astronomy would catch Leonardo's attention and mention a calendar just added fuel to the flame. "What is this calendar you have mentioned" questioned Leonardo. "We were told it has to do with how they determined their luck days for such activities as sowing crops, building houses, and going to war," remarked Felipe.

"What does the Calendar look like?" asked the Lieutenant. "It's a circular block of something like 12 feet in diameter. But others explorers have seen smaller ones and all could not understand the markings" Ignacio said. "Besides a cartographer, Leonardo is also an artist" mentioned Lieutenant Crisco. "I see," Felipe said and then turned and looked at Leonardo and back at the Lieutenant.  "Lieutenant would you and Leonardo consider traveling with us to Chichen Itza the location of the calendar we were told," Ignacio said. The Lieutenant looked over to Leonardo and sees him shaking his head to say yes. "I must get permission from the Governor's office, but since our travels to the Pacific have been postponed for a few months, most likely we will be able to go.
I will get back with you tomorrow, how should I reach you?" responded the Lieutenant. "We are on board the Suerte and she will set sails with the tide in a few days to Tulum" replied Felipe. "A few days! that doesn't leave us much time," said Leonardo. "Let's return to the Governor's office and make arrangements after we finish our lunch," the Lieutenant said in a hurried reaction. "Yes that would be fine," remarked Leonardo with a grin on his face.
After getting the Ok from the office, the day had come for them to get underway and sailed north up the coast of Central America. With favorable winds and the Gulf Stream currents to push them along. They reached the village of Tulum in a week. After anchoring offshore, Felipe and Ignacio were busy getting their supplies ready to go ashore while the lieutenant was talking to the ship's captain about how long he would be staying. "We will be leaving in a few days and return in a few weeks," he said. Leonardo was on land and doing some sightseeing at the ruins there. Leonardo went to look around and would meet back at the boat later that afternoon, Returning to the boat he sees Felipe and Ignacio unloading their gear and luggage onto a rowboat. Their guide had rounded up a crew of natives and was getting ready by organizing the boxes onto the eight mules that they had brought for the trip. 

From Tulum it took a week to get to Chichen Itza, the guide knew which tribes were friendly and which tribes were not.  With his knowledge, the team made safe passage through the jungles and to the Pyramid. The exploration team of Lt. Crisco, Leonardo, Felipe, Ignacio, their Indian guide Yaxkin, and a crew of ten native men. The guide and Indian crew had been there before, but this was the first time for the four foreigners, as they sweated through the jungle heat and humidity they reach their destination. Once there, they were in awe at the sight of the pyramid. Leonardo had heard of the great Pyramids of Egypt but nothing like this in the New World. "Those who built this structure were much more advanced than those villages that we have traveled through to get here," remarked Lt. Crisco. As they made camp near the Pyramid an old man approached the camp and was greeted by the Indian guide Yaxkin who was the translator of the trip.  

"Who are you?" Yaxkin asked. "I am Balami" the old man replied in Spanish. Leonardo happened to be near his tent and noticed Yaxkin talking to the old man. Curious, he walked over and said "Hola" and told Yaxkin to translate for him to the old man. "No need to translate he speaks Spanish" Yaxkin said.  "What is your name," Leonardo asked. "My name is Balami," said the Old Man. "I am Leonardo," Leonardo said. "Who are you," Leonardo said. "I'm a descendant of the Maya who lived here and my family tree goes back many generations. What is it that you want here?" Balami asked. "It appears to me that the people of this region had an advance civilization, what happen to the people?" Leonardo asked Balami.      


"Through many years of drought, fighting with other tribes, the sky people who had my them said to my ancestors if they wanted to travel to a new home. For they foretold of others coming here and bringing diseases that will kill them. So many went and others stayed. The rest became history and the other would go off and start small villages" Balami said. "Do you know of the calendar and where it could be?" Leonardo asked Balami. Shaking his head up and down Balami points to a building nearby the Pyramid and continues telling them the calendar is there. They continue to talk and learn more facts that were not known to the outside world,  

Lt. Crisco, Felipe, and Ignacio were checking the supplies When Ignacio pointed to Leonardo, the guide, and the old man. Noticing they were being watched Yaxkin pointed in the direction of Lt. Crisco and the others who were walking towards them. "Who may our guest be I wonder," the Lieutenant said while looking at Leonardo. "Oh this is Balami a native of the area, his ancestors lived here," Leonardo said.  "I see and what else did he tell you?" questioned the Lieutenant. "He said the Calendar's concept is over 32 centuries old and the temple there (pointing to the Pyramid) is called the Temple of the Serpent and it Is over 500 years old we were told," Leonardo said.  
Leonardo looked at the Lieutenant and continued "I'm going to the top of the Pyramid to see what's up there later." "I will go with you, let me know when you go," Monty said. Yaxkin looked at Balami who started to walk back from where he had come from. "Gracias" Yaxkin said and Leonardo did the same. Balami shook his head to say he understood and waved. Everyone went back to what they were doing before Balami had shown up. Half an hour later Leonardo got Monty and they walked over to the pyramid. They began their ascent up the steps. It took Leonardo and Monty about fifteen minutes to climb the steps. "That was a good workout to get up to here," Monty remarked as he was catching his breath. Leonardo who was talking out loud said " 91, 91 steps before reaching the top platform. There are four inclines, each facing in the four directions of north, south, east, and west. So, 4 times 91 equals 364 plus the top deck makes it 365. Wow, there are 365 days in a year!" Leonardo said as he sat on the top deck and looked out at the view of the surrounding jungle.  
Walking over to the structure on top of the pyramid Leonardo enters the chamber. "Leonardo where are you, "Monty said as he turned around after looking at the sights below and beyond the temple. "I'm over here in the chamber" yells Leonardo. Lt. Crisco reaches where Leonardo is standing. "The room is empty, except for that bench over there," He said. "It looks like a jaguar. Say, remember what the shop owner said" Leonardo said as he and Monty hears voices and steps back outside to see who it is, It's Felipe and Ignacio having reached the top plateau. "So where is the calendar" Ignacio asked.  "Oh Lt. Crisco and where, aw there you are Leonardo," remarked Felipe as he sees Leonardo coming out of the shadows behind the Lieutenant. "The calendar is in the building over there in the smaller structure," Leonardo said pointing to the building. "Felipe and I will look around up here and see what is inside of the chamber," Ignacio said. "Sure go ahead, there is nothing in there except for a bench, Leonardo and I are going back down," Lieutenant said. 
Back at camp Leonardo looked around for his drawing pad, some charcoal, and his feather pen and ink. It wasn't long before Leonardo was at the location where the calendar was and began drawing the symbols and markings. 3 days later Leonardo is finishing up on his last symbols having duplicated the calendar onto paper. That night a black jaguar was roaming around the edge of the camp, before stopping by Lt. Crisco tent. Lt. Crisco who happened to had his jade jaguar out and looking at it when the black jaguar protruded his head into the tent and gave a hissing sound. The Lieutenant was surprised and scared at the sight of the jaguar.

With jade jaguar in his raised right hand. The black jaguar looked at him and the jade statue and did not enter. It began to glow by the reflection of the candlelight. The black jaguar looked startled and ran out of the campsite. Wondering what had occurred Yakxin came over with a machete in hand knowing a jaguar had entered their camp. The jaguar had killed one of his men, the last time they were here. "I saw jaguar leave your tent. When we were here the last time. He went in killed one of the men and took off. This time it did not" Yakxin said. The Lieutenant told his story about the jade jaguar that he had and that it scared the black jaguar away. Yakxin looked at the jade jaguar in the lieutenant's hand and wondered and left. The lieutenant placed the jade jaguar on his small counter next to his portable hammock and fell asleep. The next morning, Monty tells Leonardo the experience he had the night before.

"Wow, that jade jaguar has some mystical powers," Leonardo said as Monty nodded his head up and down. Leonardo walks over to the Temple of the Serpent again and noticed the light going down the wall of the steps in a meandering manner as the sun rose in the sky. Why did it happen on this day he wondered, then it dawns on him it was March 21 the Spring Equinox. The Maya civilization was much more advanced than he first thought. Looking over the calendar sketch he had drawn, Leonardo's curiosity grew in how ancient people were able to put symbols and describe events. Then he thought of Vincenzo's books and that they had the same type of mystery to it. The expedition had gotten what they had come for in the drawing that Leonardo had done, and now would be returning to Panama. 
As the group prepared to leave, Balami came to see them off. Leonard sees him and rushes over with the drawings. Leonardo tells Balami that he has drawn the calendar and wanted to show him before he left. Seeing a shady area under a nearby tree. Leonardo pointed to the area and walked over to it, Balami would follow. Leonardo retrieved the 36 drawings out of his folder and puts them together under the tree with small rocks holding the corners of the drawing. 
Balami concentrates his sights on the drawings and tells Leonardo that his calendar is very good. Then pointing to where it begins and where it ends. "You mean there is an ending?" Leonardo said. "Yes, it ends, but a new beginning will happen," Balami said. "So there will be an end to the new beginning. What else does it say" Leonardo asked. "Sadness before the new beginning. The loss of many lives and nations in disarray in the loss of it people. Just like what had happened to my people" Balami said.

Thinking he has pieces of a puzzle foretelling the future, Leonardo places the drawing back into his leather case. Balami knew it was time for him to leave and slowly walked away into the jungle. As he disappeared from their sight Balami transformed into his alien being and was beamed back up aboard to his spaceship. There to greet him was Zenn "Outaforium, how did your discussion with those individual turnouts," he asked. "I left clues about the future with one of them, whose name is Leonardo, a very bright person," Outaforium said.

"Good Outaforium, we will put a symbol of him as Akbukan onto the 4-dimensional panel of the chess board'" Zenn said thinking of his next 4 moves before activating Leonardo into the game. "This game now awaits our next move," Outaforium said.  "So, we need to continue gathering players for our side," Zenn said thinking of his next move. "As we discussed previously, Spain will become the leader of trade with the gold they are collecting. Followed by the Dutch, then France, and then the United Kingdom. Not yet established are the Americans who have yet to make their presents known. They will be in the time slot of the calendar where the end is to occur. We can't forget the Chinese in this one. They will be trying hard to get control of the trade in the 21st Century" Outaforium said knowing the future. "With that in place now, we will be going back into the past to add on to our team from Atlantis," Zenn said as they went back into time.

Meanwhile, Felipe and Ignacio had been exploring around the site and came across a hidden burial chamber and found a mask and other items made of gold. "We are rich, now I can buy the ranch of my dreams and have many cattle," said Ignacio. Overwhelmed by the finding and knew that their time was limited. They agreed not to mention their findings and would return later to claim the treasure. Felipe and Igancio's personality had changed after leaving Chichen Itza and the others could see it. The expedition returns Tulum, for their return trip back to Panama. Felipe and Ignacio made up an excuse to stay and would return in a month. But first, they needed to do something. Lt. Crisco and Leonardo waved goodbye to the two explorers and would not see them again. After returning to Portobello, Leonardo, and the Lieutenant found out a few weeks later that Felipe and Ignacio had been killed by a black jaguar on their return trip back to Chichen Itza.

Lt Crisco and Leonardo had been invited to the Governor's Ball and were at the party enjoying the event. Two troubadours who had been on the trip over from Barcelona and got off at San Juan were playing at the event. Federico Gamez and Roberto Ricardo were entertaining the guest in the garden with their music when Roberto noticed the Lt. and Leonardo approaching them. With a slight bump of his elbow to Federico, they watched as they came nearer. Waiting in the wing for the song to finish Lt. Crisco nodded to the beat while Leonardo waved to say hello. The song came to an end and the friends from the voyage got reacquainted. "Well hello, strangers" jokingly remarked Lt. Crisco with a smile. "How have you been Monty and Leonardo," Federico said. "Very good thank you," Lt. Crisco said. "Please excuse us, we will talk later" continued Roberto. "Yes, yes of course," the Lieutenant said. "Good to see you again," Leonardo said. Later that evening after dinner Leonardo happened to notice a young lady by the fountain. He walks up to her and introduced himself, and she in turn does the same. 

The noise from the party faded from Leonardo's mind as he concentrated on her voice. My name is Florencia Denise Ortega and I am the daughter of Provincia Governor Juan de Gusto Ortega. "It is an honor to meet you" Leonardo conveyed with a smile. "You are new here" questioned Florencia. "Yes, I am. I'm on a mission to draw new maps " Leonardo said as the water from the fountainhead cascaded into the main dish of the fountain. Florencia would occasionally look at the falling water while she shared her experiences and travels. 
The flames of the torch in the garden moved back and forth from the slight breeze of the night air.  "Where is the water source for this fountain coming from? " Leonardo asked. "There is a small stream just to the west of the garden where it is diverted into clay pipes. The elevated water travels down to the fountain then leaves through another pipe and empties into a pond further downhill answered Florencia. "What an interesting concept," said Leonardo. Florencia thanked Leonardo for the compliment "It is something that I learned in school while studying architecture in Spain before my father was appointed governor here in Portobello.  

It was getting late and the guests were leaving. Leonardo sensing he may not have another chance to meet her again asked if she would like to go sailing. With a surprised look on her face, she paused for a few seconds. Leonardo's mind was quietly racing around not knowing with anticipation. Then with a smile, she said "I would love to go sailing with you." With a half-open mouth and a slight stutter, he responded with "We can meet in the afternoon at the front of the wharf, say 2 O'Clock." "2 O'Clock it will be" she said.



Chapter 4

Days of Etobiius 

The spaceship Ori is traveling from the 17th century, back 15,000 years to the time of Atlantis. Zenn is in communication with Outaforium after making him an Ambassador of Ori to the island of Etobiius, a satellite colony of the city-state of Atlantis. Six months before the arrival of Vectorius and his family to the island. Outaforium had mentioned to Zenn that he should be part of their plan after scouting him while in Atlantis on prior trips. He had made an impression on him of being someone with high intellectual qualities. Zenn and Outaforium had made plans that he would not know Outaforium since he disguised himself as being someone in the crowd. Zenn used the Atlantian council rules of foreign diplomats to get Outaforium there on the island and provided him with his new residence.

Going over what they had planned "Well, from what you are saying, he will fit in with our next move on the chessboard?" Zenn said. "Yes, he should work out well with Leonardo the young man I recently met at the temple in Chichen Itza. So, having them work as a team, in my opinion, will get the results we are looking for. There will be another individual who will join them once we return to that time zone" Outaforium said. "That is where we are heading now," Zenn said as Ori vanished back to the 17th century to check up on the ship Leonardo is on.

A new day's dawn was happening and the sun rays were reflecting off the bottom of the clouds on the eastern horizon. The silhouette of Etobiius begins to be outlined from the darkness in the west. The morning watch takes over the helm as the night crew is relieved of their duties. On the deck of the merchant ship, a special envoy of Arctoprotos the King of Atlantis was onboard. Vectorius the person Outaforium had talked about had been sent to Etobiius to inform Leuquotus the governor of the island, what the king was planning and what he was going to do.

"Good morning Vectorius " Captain Nemasa said. Vectorius was near midships of the boat, holding on to the side rail as the boat plowed through an ocean swell. "We should be arriving at Etobiius Harbor later this afternoon" mentioned the Captain. "My family and I look forward to being on land again," remarked Vectorius who was up early and had many things running through his mind. The Captain noticed a crew member approaching them "The helmsman would like a word with Captain" said the crewman. "Very well, please excuse me Vectorius " said the Captain as he returned to the helm.

Vectorius looked toward Etobiius with the light of day behind him, recalling why he was on board this ship. It was over a month ago that he was summoned to King Arctoprotos's palace. The King was on his balcony looking out over the city when Vectorius walked into his quarters led by the King's servant. The King turns and looks at Vectorius and says "I am sending you to Etobiius to see Governor Leuquotus. You will inform him of the changing water level of the sea and moving the city of Etobiius to a different location" Arctoprotos said.

"I have sent a message to the Governor of your visit and that you will explain to him where they should move to and how to do it. With your help the Governor will make the move" the King said. "So, I will inform the Governor that the Star people has advised you that the ocean level will rise 300 feet within a generation and that the city of Etobiius should be relocated to a different island," Vectorius said paraphrasing the king.

"Yes, and you will be in charge of drawing up the plans, overseeing the development, and coordinating the relocation procedures. Your assistants here will be implementing the plans you have set forth for Atlantis" said the King. "Yes, I will do as you say and monitor the updates that are being done at both locations," Vectorius said. "Let go over to the table where the map is located and I will show the general location I had in mind of where the new Atlantis will be. After our scouts have returned from the different locations we will begin the process. We will do the same for Etobiius" Vectorius said.

"Yes," the King said. "Very well, I take my leave, my King," said Vectorius clenching his right hand into a fist and placed it near his heart, and continued "I will leave in a few days with the outgoing tide" as he turned to leave. Queen Netra entered the room as Vectorius bowed his head to the Queen before leaving the room. His memory faded from that moment and was back onboard pounding through the swells. Looking towards Etobiius, he braced himself for another swell as he thought of moving two cities and the procedures involved as a larger swell lifted the boat's bow up as it surged forward.

The crew's morning routine of adjusting the sail and seeing things were secure was in progress. The winds decreased and the whitecaps soon disappeared and it was smooth sailing. By the time "Courier of the North" approached Coral Harbor it was mid-afternoon. Entering into the bay, the crew dropped the sail and brought out the long oars to row in the rest of the way into the harbor. The ship made its way to pass the fishing boats that were anchored on the south side of the harbor. The captain noticed the damage to the piers and structures around the harbor from a previous storm that had passed before their arrival. They slowly approached the main dock where cargo and other items were being loaded and unloaded from other ships that were there.

As they got near to the leeward side of the dock, a line was thrown to the men waiting for the toss on the starboard side. The oars were removed from the water and the boat was pulled in. There on the dock, a representative of Governor Leuquotus awaited Vectorius's arrival. "Vectorius" the man called out from the dock. "Yes, here" as he lifted his right hand and waved with his family next to him. The man walked over to the side of the boat and said "The governor has been waiting for your arrival. I am Cirrus and my helpers will take your bags" Vectorius pointed at their bags for Cirrus and his men to take. Please follow me to the carriage and we shall soon depart" Cirrus said as Vectorius and his family followed.

Half an hour later as the sundial goes, the two carriages passed the Hall of Governance building and up the road to the Governor's estate. Vectorius sitting next to Cirrus who was driving was getting ready to disembark from the carriage. "My men will take your family and luggage to the guest residence. You will please follow me, the Governor is waiting" as they came to a halt. Stepping out of the carriage they are greeted with a marvelous view of the ocean and the coastline. The estate is located on a flat piece of land on the side of the mountain. The buildings of the General Assembly, the Dome of Knowledge and the City below could be seen.    

Cirrus would take Vectorius to the governor's study. Knocking at the entrance "Sir Vectorius is here" Cirrus said. "Good, how are you Vectorius," asked the governor as he got up from his desk and walked over to welcome him. "Oh, let us gather my wife Victoria and see your family,"  Leuquotos said as they went to the garden where she was tending her plants. "Victoria, your brother Vectoius and family have arrived. Let us go see them"  Leuquotus said. "How are mother and father," Victoria said. "Well, they send their love and well wishes" he responded as they started walking to the guest house.

Leuquotus, Victoria, and Vectorius walk in and sees everyone relaxing. "Artemesia, Leuquotus, and Victoria are here to welcome us," Vectorius said. "It is nice to see you again Leuquotus and Victoria, there is much to catch up on," Artemesia said. "How are you Rocosa  and Fraxus, and where is Velidia?" Leuquotus asked. "She is in the other room and wasn't feeling well. She said she was still rocking on dry land" Artemesia said. "Yes, I was the same when we first came here. Artemesia let take a walk in the garden and tell me how things are back home" Victoria said. "Yes," Artemesia said as she got up and went with Victoria. "Talk to you boys later, I need to talk with father," Leuquotus said as he and Vectorius went out front.

"How is King Arctoprotos" asked Leuquotus. "He is doing well as can be, there is information that he wanted me to share with you. Perhaps we can discuss this tomorrow" said Vectorius looking at the Governor. "Yes, we can talk about that tomorrow, but for now you must be tired from your trip, please clean up and join us for dinner later this evening. Cirrus will come for you when dinner is ready" Leuquotus said. Vectorius first night's sleep on land after 35 days at sea felt rewarding and was up early. Walking around Leuquotus's estate and taking in the view of the west-side with morning's light pushing the night's edge over the horizon. He can see from the north end of the island to the south, with the main city of Eoso down below in the distance.

Leuquotus see him and walks over to say "Vectorius we have a busy schedule today of letting the council know of King Arctoprotos plan." "Let me go over it with you. The new location, construction, relocating of the people will be top priority" Vectorius said as he gathered his thoughts. "Yes, I'm sure other issues will arise as well," Leuquotus said. "The location has been determined by the scouts of the king. In the same measure as Etobiius, where the island is situated away from the large preying animals of Norica (North America) and Sorica (South America). Though their numbers are dwindling, the large tooth lion, the bears, wolfs, and the other man-eating animals are still out there beyond these shores" Vectorius said looking towards the Northwest. 
"The island that the king's scout had found has an elevation of 1800 feet above sea level!" Vectorus said. "Whereabouts are you talking about?" Leuquotus asked being more specific. "The scouts have called it Horologium, it is surrounded by the major and lesser islands," Vectorus said. "Who are these scouts that you mentioned?" Leuquotus asked. "They are people who the king's priest consult with. They are known as the star people. The king has learned much from them and their abilities. They were the ones who mentioned that the sea level would be raising by 300 ft. in the future. I have not met them yet" Vectorius said.
"Can you keep a secret, this is something I don't want to get out" Leuquotus said. "Yes, you have my word on it" Vectorius said. "We have one, maybe more," Leuquotus said. "So, you know what I mean when I talk of the star people," Vectorius said as Leuquotus nodded his head. "Anyway, they told the king of the future and he was a concern for his kingdom and people, that is why I'm here," Vectorius said. "What do they ask for in return for their services?" Leuquotus asked. "That I do not know, but the kings has made some kind of deal, that I'm certain of" Vectorus said.
Leuquotus stood in silence knowing what Vectorius meant."Well, we have an ambassador who can communicate with the star people. His name is Outaforium, an interesting man who seemed to know quite a bit of what the star peoples know. He will be at the meeting, I will introduce you to him" Leuquotus said. "That will be fine, getting back to the materials and construction. We will be importing the material from different sources and the craftsmen will come from here. I figured it will take two years to get the project half-built. Will have makeshift housing temporarily for the workers. The harbor and the housing for the people will be the first to be constructed" Vectorius said.
Walking up to them was Cirrus who had a tray of nuts and fruits for them to eat and a water vase and cups to drink from. "Lady Victoria suggested I bring these items for you and Vectorius" Cirrus said. "Thank you Cirrus, but take them to Artemesia and the children, then go get the carriage ready," Leuquotus said. Vectorus reached for an apple "As you say, sir" Cirrus said as he took the tray back to the kitchen and went to the stable to get the horses ready, before taking the tray to the guest house.   "Where were we, Oh yes, It should take about 4 months to transfer most of the people to the new location. After that, those that are still here will maintain the city until such time and then go to the new Etobiius"  Leuqutos said.
"Why don't we take a trip around the island and let you see what is here and how you will approach the move. Then go to the meeting" Leuquotus said. "Yes, let's check it out and go from there," Vectorius said. "I will be right back. I want to tell Victoria where I'm going" Leuquotus said as he went to the house. Vectorius went back to the guest house and told Artemesia, that he and  Leuquotus would be seeing the island. After doing so, he went over to the stable where Leuquotus was waiting for Cirrus. "Did you tell Artemesia what we are going to do?" Leuquotus said. "Yes," Vectorius said as he and Leuquotus waited for Cirrus. They got into the open carriage as Cirrus had come back and taken the reins. He began the downhill ride into the town of Eoso. Along the way, they see another coach had pulled over to the side and the driver is waiting for his rider to return to the carriage.
"It Outaforium, I wonder what he up to. Cirrus pull over" Leuquotus said as the open carriage comes to a halt. Getting out, Leuquotus and Vectorus walk over to Outaforium. "Greetings Outaforium, what may I ask are you up to?" Leuquotus asked. "I happened to be going to your residence when I saw something that caught my eye out on the horizon," Outaforium said. "Outaforium this is Vectorius from Atlantis and he is going to inform us of what the king wants us to do" Leuquotus said pointing to Vectorius. "It is good to meet you Outaforium" said Vectorius as he extended his hand. Outaforium extends his hand and shook the hand. "Well, from what I heard through the grapevine. A major project is about to unfold" Outaforium said.
"Yes, some changes are going to happen and I will address that at the meeting this afternoon," Leuquotus said. "Would you happen to know Gemmy, one of the star people that works with King Archtoprotos?" Vectorius asked. "Yes I do, we met the other month at an island he called Horologium. I was invited to go along and was told this was the new location for Etobiius" Outaforium said. "What else did he mention when you last talked to him?" Vectorius asked. "That his research indicated sea level would rise around 300 feet," Outaforium said. "Yes, that is the same he had told us," Vectorius said. "Now I have to make the move like everyone here to the new Etobiius. I'm looking forward to hearing your concept regarding the new location" Outaforium said.
"We have to be going now, but will see you later at the presentation," Leuquotus said as they got back into his carriage and wave to Outaforium, who waved back. They entered the town Vectorius checked out the buildings, streets, and parks. "What is the population here?" Vectorius asked. "Near 5,000" Leuquotus answered. "What is imported and what is grown here?" Vectorius continued his questioning. "We grow most of what we eat, but a few items we bring in. Regarding building materials, almost all of the raw materials are brought in" Leuquotus said as they continued down the road.
Riding over to the main harbor on the eastern side of the island, Leuquotus pointed out some of the features that went into its development. "How many ships can the harbor manage during peak moments?" Vectorius asked. "We can handle around 4 medium-size ships at a time or one large ship and two medium-size ships," Leuquotus said. Vectorius looked around at the entrance and where the dock was placed. He moved things around in his mind, with a few blinks of his eyes. After moving things around in his mind, Leuquotus had Cirrus go down the road towards the southern end of the island. Stopping at the end of the road a few hundred cubits (feet) from the cliff. They got out and walked over to the cliff. "If you follow the shoreline north on the eastern side there are some interesting beaches, the harbor and the terrain becoming cliffs again for about 5 milos (miles).
Leuquotus switched from business and talked about "I sometimes miss my family back home" Leuquotus said. "How is your family" Vectorius asked. "My family is doing well and my sister and her husband should be over in a couple of months. Getting back into the carriage, they went back to the town of Eoso and pulled up to the Dome of Knowledge, Leuquotus and Vectorius got out and walked over to the entrance with a few of the attendees in discussion about the move and how they would adjust their lives. Once inside they went over to the Hall of Governance where the meeting was to be held. Leuquotus and Vectorius would take their seats at the front of the room with the other department heads near the front.
Leuquotus looked at Vectorius and nodded his head as to say you are on. Vectorius nodded back and stood. He went to the podium which was a few feet away. "Good afternoon members of the Etobiius's community chamber of representatives. I am Vectorius Duracel, the Chief Engineer to the king. I am here to forewarn of the sea level raising in the years ahead. When exactly is under consideration. but through reliable sources, it will happen. So I was ordered to develop a plan for a new city of Etobiius with a harbor that can adjust to the different water levels that will occur. I will oversee the transition from here to the new city in the months ahead. Is there any questions you may have?" Vectorius asked looking around him.
A hand is raised into the air and Vectorius says "Yes" pointing at the person who raised it. "I am Staroverticus and my position here on Etobiius is the Astronomer. How is it that the ocean will raise the amount that you mentioned" Staroverticus asked? "It has come to our attention that the ice covering the northern part of Norica, the Ropean, and Asiareao landmass is starting to melt and will do so at an alarming rate caused by the reaction in the air and the heat from the sun," Vectorius said. "That is interesting to hear and that analyst is more advance than I know, so please go on," Staroverticus said as he sat down and Vectorius resumed where he left off "The new island location is to the Southwest of here, some 100 milos. It has been looked over and it is safe to say there are no large mammal-eating creatures at that location, just like here on Etobiius."

Another hand is raised and Vectorius points to that person "I am Medicusum in charge of the health of the community. Has the location been checked for diseases known to us to be harmful and if not should we do our due diligence before we make the move?" Medicusum asked. "A general look around had been performed and water samples were taken and certain areas around lakes, rivers, and streams had been netted for insect surveillance. Certain areas did produce those insects that could harm the population and have been identified and scheduled to be eradicated with plant material known to take care of certain insects" Vectorius answered and pointing at the next hand that was raised.
"I am General Cartuveral in charge of defensive measures here on the island. We have 500 men to protect our citizens. What type of fort will be constructed and what new weaponry will we receive. The need for more men seems apparent" the General said. "Yes the troops will be doubled and the fortification will increase in size. We have new weaponry that is being tested and will soon be available to our forces once they have been tested under various conditions and are proven to be reliable. If all goes well you should be receiving it in 6 months" Vectorius said when the person next to the general spoke out.
"I am Captain Neptatuno in charge of naval operations here. How will you handle the rising waters of the harbors, through the many years of the prediction?" the Captain asked. "A scale model of the contour of the location will be drawn and constructed. At each level of raise, a few options will be in place. Some dealing with floating docks, other options will deal with relocating to another location within the same harbor and another will be moving to another location altogether and doing the same procedures as before" Vectorius said.
Leuquotus stood up and said, "We will take a break here and resume the meeting in 15 minuos." Everyone got up and stretched their legs and talked among themselves. Vectorius and Leuquotus walked outside to talk when Outaforium came over to mentioned "I appreciated your answers and look forward to assisting you if I can in the move and other areas of endeavor." "Well thank you for your offer. When that time should appear I won't hesitate to get your feedback on such matters" Vectorius said. "Will you two excuse me for a moment I see someone I need to talk to about matters of importance," Leuquotus said as he hurried over to the treasurer of the island.
So you know Gemmy, "May I ask, are you and Gemmy of the same race?" Vectorius asked. "No, he is from the planet of Quadilinor in the Pleiades constellation. I and my fellow star people are from the planet of Nebazor which is in the Orian constellation. Both of those locations are far from here in terms of earth distance and time. Why do you ask?" Outaforium said. "I thought there might be a connection between you and Gemmy" Vectorius said. Leuquotus returns from his discussion with the treasurer. "Well, shall we return to the hearing and continue," Leuquotus said as Vectorius followed him back in. "I have to be going, but I would like to continue our discussion at a later time Vectorius" Outaforium said. "Yes, perhaps in a day or two. I will get in contact with you through Leuquotus" Vectorius said. Outaforium nodded and was on his way to a meeting with Zenn his commander aboard Ori.
The meeting went according to plan, and everyone left with being informed of what was going to take place. Leuquotus and Vectorius left for the governor's house to go over a few more details not mentioned in the meeting. "I will be in need of a house, would you know of a place that is available?" Vectorius asked. "Why yes, there is a house by the sea with a big yard and the neighbors are shattered in the area. We passed by it on our way to the south end of the island. I will take you there tomorrow around mid-morning" Leuquotus said.
Stopping by was Staroverticus on his way to his house further up the road and seeing the two talking. "Good afternoon Leuquotus and Vectorius. I was on my way home when I remember something that I wanted to ask Vectorius, but forgot to earlier at the meeting. And that is, will I be able to situate my house like it is here on Etobiius. High up on a mountain so that I can observe the night sky, the stars and planets" Staroverticus said. "How do you observe those things you mention," Vectorius asked knowing seeing something in the distance is hard to do. "I have made a thing I call a telescope by using convex glasses, I can make the object look larger in the eyepiece I use," Staroverticus said.
"One of these days I would like to see it" Vectorius asked. "Yes, let's plan on it. I live up the hill from here where the road ends" Staroverticus said. "What about one of these nights. Leuquotus is it possible for Cirrus to take me up there and bring me back in the dark?" Vectorius asked. "He will need to have the night lantern setup for the carriage. I don't see why not" Leuquotus said. "Then one of these nights I will go. Most likely next week" Vectorius said. "That will be fine" Staroverticus answered back as he left for his house.

Leuquotus took Vectorius to see the house he had mentioned the day before. They went through the house while Leuquotus explained it's history. It was once owned by a friend who went back to Atlantis for business reasons. As they talked and looked at all the rooms before going to the backyard. They looked down by the beach and saw 4 individuals riding hydrofoils out in the water and riding the waves. "What is that they are riding?" Vectorius asked. "They are riding hydrofoils, a new item some the upper-grade students developed by way of Outaforium diagrams. It's a short hollowed-out wooden platform. with an extended keel with wings attached to the bottom of the keel. They press up and down on the platform with their bodies to give it momentum. Leaning forward after catching the wave and then glide with the flow" Leuquotus said watching them catch waves and pump back out.


Walking around the house and yard Leuquotus asked "Would you want this location?" "Yes, I will take it," Vectorius said as they walked back to the carriage and rode away. Away from the house, four friends have gotten out of the water after their workout session on their hydrofoils. The foursome had been on their hydrofoils for a couple of hours riding the winds swell further out and the small swell near shore. They had walked over to a shed near the beach which was maintained by the city, where others have left small boats. After putting away their hydrofoil into the storage locker, they went over to a small waterfall stream flowing over a small cliff near the locker. Each would take turns rinsing off. Two of the friends discussed what they were going to do afterward. Myrotheus says to Zeumo "I have to stop by the harbor and see Dartolo, he needs some help with his new fishing boat." "I have some time before my next class, can I come along," asked Zeumo as they waited to use the shower. "Ok," said Myrotheus.

Abethena who is the female of the group had finished rinsing off and walked over to her towel. Darmax was next to rinse off followed by Myrotheus and Zeumo. Abethena was looking at Darmax who was thinking about the recent project of the propulsion system that he and a few others were working on. "What are you thinking about Darmax" asked Abethena. "A new project which I'm not at liberty to discuss Abethena" Darmax said. Myrotheus and Zeumo looked at Darmax and both were curious in what Darmax was working on. "Come on Darmax don't be so technical, what is it," asked Zeumo.

Changing the subject Abethena said "See everyone tomorrow" as she waved and went on her way. After the rinse Myrotheus, Zeumo and Darmax were walking up to the fork in the road. Darmax took the high road back to the campus and Myrotheus and Zeumo took the low road to the harbor. Along the way, Myrotheus and Zeumo crossed paths with the Philosopher Faroftis who happened to be on a daily walk around the harbor and was heading home. "How are you Sir," asked Myrotheus. "Good, thank you" Faroftis replied who is wearing a wide brim straw hat and a white toga, he had a wooden walking cane to help in moments of need. "Faroftis what is the purpose of life," asked Zeumo seeking to enhance his knowledge.

"What is the purpose of life" he repeated the question before answering. "I believe that the purpose of life is the pursuit of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom. To become a better person and to have faith in a spiritual power" answered Faroftis looking at the two young men. The two friends stood in silence contemplating the insight that Faroftis had just conveyed to them. "I can see you two will do well on this road that you travel on. Continue with your studies and learn" Faroftis said as he concluded the conversation by saying "Good day" and continued on his way.

Myrotheus and Zeumo resumed their conversation before stopping and looking back at Faroftis, then at each other. "What do you think Zeumo" asked Myrotheus. "We have a long ways to go compared to Farofthis" replied Zeumo as they continued on their way. They arrived at the harbor and walked over to Dartolo's boat where he and his deckhands were busy getting ready to move his boat to the Safe Harbor of the Westside of the island. He was told earlier of a coming storm and was getting ready to depart to the other side.

"Myrotheus there has been a change in plans. I was informed of a pending storm and I must hurry to the Safe Harbor in preparation of the storm. I thank you for coming and I do need your help lifting a few spars on the new boat, but for now, I must leave" replied Dartolo as he pointed to his deckhand to pushed off with an oar off the docks as he waved at Myrotheus and Zeumo, while steering clear of the dock. "Well, that's that. Let go back to the campus and see if there is a lecture we can sit in on" said Myrotheus. Zeumo agreed and they began walking back to the fork in the road.

Abethena reached home and sees her neighbor Helena returning from class. "How was your class" asked Abethena. "It went well and I learned a lot in agriculture today, but a few of the boys were paying more attention to me than their studies" answered Helena. A smile came to Abethena after hearing Helena day's experience about the boys in her class. Then they would continue theirs discussion about the class and the latest gossip of what the other girls were doing. "You know Diana is very serious about Clementus and him about her. Diana says they will marry but haven't told her parents yet" mentioned Abethena. "I knew that they liked each other, but how will they manage" questioned Helena. "Clementus and Diana will live at her parent's house at first. Then Clementus will seek employment and go to school part-time. He will apply for a loan through the governor's office and build a house of their own" said Abethena.

Back at the academy Darmax was looking over the plans of the propulsion system. Demetres his classmate asked, "What do you make of this design." As the other select few were looking at their copies of the diagram. "It is much more advanced than anything taught to us previously and it is going take some time to make it happen," said Darmax. " At the central forum within the Dome, a crowd had gathered and Myrotheus and Zeumo are listening to Astronomer Staroverticus who was talking about the sun and how the earth and the planets circled it to cause the seasons. Alongside him was Mathematician Protonumerus who interjected how many days it took to make one cycle and how it related to the calendar by the day, the week, and the month.

"Look Zeumo, it's Darmax on the other side of the stage. Let's go see him" Myrotheus remarked as they started to walk over to him. "Hey Darmax, what are you up to," asked Zeumo. "Taking a break from my project class, I felt overwhelmed going over some drawing. So I thought of asking my father some question in regards to that" said Darmax looking over to his father Protonumerus."Ok, I feel like getting something to eat, can you meet us at the marketplace after you talk with your father. We can go over to the theater and watch a play this afternoon" remarked Zeumo. "Sorry guys about the play, but I can meet at the marketplace. I need to get some food before going back to the project.

Myrotheus and Zeumo were sitting on a bench by a tree when Darmax came up to them after talking with his father. "Have some bread and goat cheese, take what you want we have plenty" said Myrotheus as Darmax pulled a piece of bread and cut a piece of cheese. "That hit the spot, sure was hungry," said Darmax chewing on the bread. "Here have some water," said Zeumo handing Darmax a horned leather pouch with water in it. "So how is the project coming along Darmax" asked Zeumo. "There is a lot to understand and figure out. It is uncharted waters as far as I am concerned" said Darmax. "Go with the flow and you will get there," said Zeumo.

"I think your suggestion just opens the door to the possibilities" remarked Darmax in an excited expression after a revelation came to him. "I did,"  Zeumo said. "Yes you did," said Darmax picking up an apple and taking a bite before rushing back to the classroom at Safe Harbor to review the drawings again. "I have to be going home Zeumo. I will see you later" said Myrotheus. "Yes, I will be leaving soon myself" replied Zeumo picking up a cluster of grapes and began eating them one by one. Sitting there watching the crowd walk by. A voice that he knew says "What are you up to Zeumo" as he turned to see it was Abethena.


"Care for some grapes," Zeumo asked grabbing a bunch and placing it next to him. "Why yes. Thank you" she said as a smile came to Zeumo. "What are you doing here," he asked. "I'm on an errand for my mother. She wanted some vegetables and meat for dinner tonight and sent me here" was her response. "Well, may I be of assistance," he asked. "Sure, let go check it out" she continued. Zeumo got up, put his supplies in the basket that he had purchased. "How's your day been," she asked.


"Well, I think I have been transformed somewhat from rough to smooth in my way of viewing peace of mind," he said looking into her eyes and trying to impress her with sophistication in the words that he has chosen. "Well, well I can see that the day has given you enlightenment beyond what I expected you to say," Abethena said with a chuckle. "Come my lady and we shall go forth and procure your items" as he extended his elbow out and she wraps her left arm around it. "Shall we go my prince?" she said with a smile as they blended in with the crowd of shoppers.


Chapter 5

Sailing with Florencia


The carriage from the Governor's hacienda arrives at the wharf where Leonardo had been preparing a modified rowboat for the sail with Florencia. Since the days on the El Estrella Fugaz. Leonardo became interested in sailing and when he returned from Cancun he found this boat to use. It belonged to an old fisherman whom Leonardo first met when they arrived. The old man told him if he would like to use it he could since the fisherman hasn't used it for years. So Leonardo added a mast, sail, and a few other items and went out sailing in his free time. Hearing the horses pull up Leonardo went to greet Florencia. "Good afternoon Florencia" greeted Leonardo. "Hola Leonardo" she replied.  After the walk to the boat, they boarded the makeshift dingy and untied the dock lines. Off they went onto a new relationship that would last way beyond the horizon.  

A gust of wind pushes the boat faster and Leonardo has Florencia move over to the side of the boat where the wind is coming from. He too shifts his weight over to the same side while holding on to the tiller. Placing his hand onto the railing behind Florencia for safety reasons he starts a conversation. Florencia looks over to her right side and down at his hand and then at him. "I have sailed on larger boats, but this is way more fun" Florencia commented with a smile. The afternoon was spent sailing around the harbor area and the nearby coastal waters.

On returning to shore Leonardo swings wide of the wharf and into the wind, dropping the sail Leonardo steers her closes to the wharf as she slowly comes to a stop. With the line in hand, Leonardo steps onto the wharf and ties it to a piling pole within a minute. Turning to Florencia while wiping the sweat from his brow he reaches out for her hand. She stands and grabs his hand while taking a step and pushing off the rail of the boat. "We must do this again, I enjoyed being on the water and sailing with you" Florencia replied. "Yes and I too will look forward to our next outing" mentioned Leonardo while escorting her back to the awaiting carriage.

"I want you to stop by the hacienda tomorrow, will you come?"  "Why certainly, what did you have in mind?" "For us to go horseback riding" she continued. "Ah ok, I'm not very good at horseback riding, but since I have you to show me the ropes that will be fine with me," said Leonardo as he opened the door to the carriage and helped her in. With a smile on her face and looking out through the window she said "I will have my carriage pick you up tomorrow". With that, the driver motioned the horses to go and started moving forward. Both waved to each other before a dust cloud separated their views.

Waiting for his return, Lt. Crisco, who had received new orders that another ship had been substituted with the previous ship and that he and Leonardo would be departing for Panama City the following day. Knocking on his door,  Lt. Crisco tells Leonardo about the change of plans. Leonardo thanked him for the update and said "Monty, I will need the use of your horse for an hour. There is something I must do" Leonardo said as Monty nodded his head to say yes. Leonardo was off to see Florencia and tell her of the cancellation of their plans for tomorrow.


After riding up to her father's hacienda, he sees her walking from the stables. He ties the reins to the post and walks over to her. "Florencia I just received orders, that we will be going to Panama City tomorrow. she became quiet with a distant look on her face. "When will you be returning," she asked. "From what I can guess, it may take a few months, maybe longer," he said. "Please be safe, I will miss you," she said looking into his eyes and feeling empty and lost. Sensing her feelings Leonardo hugged her and she in return kisses him on the cheek as the light of day faded towards evening. 

The following day before going to Panama City Leonardo returned the books he had borrowed from the Padre at the church. It wasn't long before Leonardo and Lt. Crisco made their way on horseback to Panama City with their entourage of a couple of men, burros, and their supplies. After a few days, they were at the docks, unloading their gear into the officer's quarters. They were on board the "Mensajero de Viento" (Messenger of the Wind). The Captain of the ship was Felix Vargas, he would stop by to greet them and talk about the first stop of the trip and the unknown that faces them.

Kalai is in his shaping hut whittling away on a lengthy piece of koa wood. He stops what he is doing and sees a vision of Leonard on a ship with the diaries. He knows that Leonardo is getting closer to his goal of finding where Vincenzo's diaries came from. He stands next to his piece of wood and taps on it with his hand a few times, thinking of some of the things that could occur as his vision faded. "We will be leaving with the tide tomorrow to Acapulco. We will be taking rifles and other supplies, along with documents to the government officials there, before turning west into the vast Pacifico Ocean, We will also be picking up additional supplies for the voyage" Captain Vargas said.

"I feel this journey will be the final leg for me and I will return home to Florencia, ah I mean Florence," Leonardo said. "Have you been studying the map some more" Monty asked? "Yes, I have some ideas about the location. I read a book written by Ptolemy that I happened to borrow from the church at Portobello. It was when we returned from the Yucatan and I went to church. I got to talking with the Padre and he told me he had a book that might interest me. It had lines running parallel north to south and east to west. So if we find the island, I can use the system to mark it location" Leonardo said. With the command of weighing anchor, Mensajero de Viento started to drift before the sails fill in and slowly left the harbor for her trip to Acapulco. Leonardo looked back at the mountains as the view turned to water. Leonardo and Monty would have dinner with Captain Vargas. After the meal the table was cleared and the maps are brought out. 

The Captain asks "Do you think the land we seek is west of Acapulco, Leonardo." "It is a guess and I can't guarantee it, but there is something out there. I know it is like finding a needle in a haystack, but the King wants us to find it and claim it for Spain. So Captain I have my orders like you and these maps and diaries that I have are all that we have to go by" Leonardo said. "We will sail for 40 days and if no land is sited we will turn around and return to Acapulco. The supplies we have onboard will last for 100 days. I have to think of everyone on board and their welfare" Captain Vargas replied.

"Understood Captain," Leonardo said. Arriving in Acapulco 10 days later, "Mensajero de Viento" loaded up on supplies and water and prepared to leave on their mission. Going over the maps once again Leonardo, the Captain and the navigator discuss the details of the course as the ship leaves the harbor and into the unknown. The first week went by and being out at sea turned into a routine. Each morning the officer on deck would ring the bell indicating 8 am. Leonardo would have a daily meeting with the captain and a walk around the deck. A group of individuals would have a Sunday mass service held around 10 am with an opening and closing prayer. Each day would start and end the same as the previous day.

On the 40th day, a tern was spotted flying near the ship and the watch in the crow's nest calls out the bird off the starboard bow. Leonardo rushes to see and observes the bird with his spyglass flying away north by northwest. The captain walks over to Leonardo knowing they were at the point of turning around, says "We shall make a slight adjustment in our direction and change our course north by northwest, but for only 10 days more, then return back to Acapulco" After a few days, the watch in the crow's nest notices a log floating by some 200 yards away. Then notices on the horizon two peaks and yell "land ho, four points off the port bow". Leonardo studying some maps when the watch spotted land. He went on deck and saw the two peaks. Not knowing the height of the peaks the Officer on deck guest it would be a few hours before landing, it took over a day before they could see the island. Nightfall was upon them and the captain and navigator calculated they would arriving mid-day. During the night Leonardo had what seemed like a dream.

Kalai appeared and said to him "I know why you are here. Be forewarn in what I say to you. There are some onboard that are affected with diseases that will kill my people. I will prevent the ship from landing on these shores. So there will be clouds and light rain in the morning, everyone onboard the ship will forget they ever saw these islands except for you. The helmsman and Captain will get disoriented and the ship will start sailing to the south of here, and it will be the 50th day of the trip. If you tell about this vision to others. A spell will fall upon you and your lady friend you have met and the both of you will fall ill and not recover from it. The minute you should speak of this vision. What you seek is back in Acapulco, when you return, there will be a sign for you to go by. Aloha Leonardo" Kalai said as the vision started to fade as Leonardo said "What do you mean in the sign" as he woke up.

Going on deck in the morning, Leonardo watched as a light drizzle of rain fell upon the ship. Looking towards where the island is supposed to be. A wall of clouds hides everything that was seen the day before. Seeing the Captain and Lt. Crisco at the helm, he walks over. "Well Leonardo, it's the 50th day and nothing. It seems your island is nowhere to be found. We are heading back" Captain Vargas said. "Yes, you are right, we should go back. Perhaps someone else will locate the island in the future" Leonardo said as he noticed the ship was pointing towards the southeast.

"Zenn, the ship Leonardo is on has changed course and is sailing back to where they came from," Zor 4 said. "Yes, our friend there with the supernatural power explained to me the day before what his plans are to be and he has sent them back to find what he is looking for. We will let it be and see what it leads to" Zenn said.  It took 32 days to return to Acapulco Bay, but the night before Leonardo had another vision of a man at his hacienda riding around and checking his cattle. "Go see this person and he will answer what you seek. He will have someone at the docks to take you to him" Kalai said and once again he faded from the vision.

After the ship was tied up to the docks, Leonardo went ashore and Monty would stay aboard filling out the paperwork of not having found what they were looking for. Someone called out "Leonardo" as he step off the gangplank. He sees an old man and walks towards him. "My boss sent me here to pick you up. The carriage is over there" the old man said. It wasn't long that they were out of town and near the hacienda of the vision Leonardo had the night before. Stopping in front of the house, he sees a man waiting at the front door. Leonardo steps off and is in front of the person on the front porch.

"Hola, I am Leonardo Vi" Leonardo said. "Welcome Leonardo, I am Vincenzo Genoa, but you can call me Vinny, the person whose diaries you have. My real last name is Galileo as told to me by others recently" as he extended his hand to shake his."There's going to be many revelations you will find out, I had a vision last night of you coming here. My friend Kalai told me to pick you up and explain what is going on. Do you surf?" Vinny asked. "No, I don't know what you mean, What is surfing?" Leonardo asked.  "It is when you ride the waves of the ocean with a surfboard. My wife and I are going surfing to the beach on our ranch soon. Just thought of asking, do you want to learn?" Vinny asked. "Well, I am open to learning something new. It sounds interesting, but I don't have a surfboard" Leonardo said.


"I make my surfboard for myself and Nanipua, my wife. We have spare ones in the barn, where I do my shaping" Vincenzo said as he gestured pulling the reins to Poco. He understood what Vinny was gesturing and went to get the horses for the wagon. "Leonardo, can I call you Leo if you don't mind," Vinny said. "No, that will be alright," Leonardo said. "I have made some extra short pants and a belt you can use, Nanipua made. It's easier to move around in while surfing and it will protect your huevos" Vinny said. "Ok, what do you mean huevos?" Leo said. "You will learn Leo, you will learn," said Vinny. Nanipua and their two-year-old child Wili Wili came out and met Leo. With the surfboards in the back and Leo next to Nanipua and Wili Wili. Vinny snapped the reins and they were off to the beach, which was half a mile away. Vinny stops on the bluff and watches the waves breaking along the cobblestone shoreline to the inside sandy beach, which was an eighth of a mile away.

After unloading the boards, Vinny parks the wagon near a stream flowing out further down the beach. The horse has water and plenty of grass to chew on as Nanipua puts a blanket on the beach and tells Leo to put on the short pant behind the wagon. Vinny carries his and Leo surfboards near the water's edge. Nanipua would just stay near the water's edge and watch Wili Wili. Vinny grabs his board which was near the beach blank and tells Leo to do the same with the board he is going to use and to lay it flat on the beach. Vinny tells Leo where to position himself when paddling, how to stand up and balance one's self and how to catch the wave. Vinny and Leo walk out to waist-deep water. "Ok, get on your surfboard and sit on it. Leo does what Vinny said. "I'm going to give a push on the first few waves from behind when the white water approaches.


Once you are moving forward, stand up and balance yourself as you ride the wave" Vinny said. "Ok," Leo said as he sat there waiting for the whitewater. "Ok, get ready, here comes a wave," Vinny said as he pushed the board Leo was on. Leo takes off, within a few seconds the front end of the board nose dive, with the board shooting up and to the side as it rolls to shore. Leo retrieves the board and tries again with a push from Vinny. This time he stand for about 10 seconds before falling to the side. "Ok, you are on your own. I'm going out to where the wave starts to break" Vinny said as he paddles further out and catches the wave there. Leo watches and thought to himself, he has much to learn.

Sitting on the board and waiting for the white water to start pushing him as he stands up. Leo started to get the hang of it. Vinny would go in and Leo would do the same. On the beach, Vinny would explain what had happened when they were rescued by the aliens. "After I was pulled in and Nana came after me, I thought it was the end. Then we were blinded by a bright light and awoken on board a different kind of vessel. This person whose name is Outaforium greeted us and said they were from a place far, far away. He then said they would take us to a place I was familiar with made the necessary arrangements for us to live and we would go to another location in no time. Also, he mentioned we were not to say what had happened and if we did. We would disappear and not go on. So we promised not to tell. That's how we got here" Vinny said.

"I have the diaries that you wrote from the canoe you two were on," Leo said. "Oh yes, it has information of the land I hold and other business. The land in which a mine is located is 15 miles from here. It is a silver mine and the other businesses is located in Panama, an export-import of fabrics from the orient. The map is something I guess where I was. I had asked Kalai to destroy the documents in the cave for me. Before I asked he was surprised that we were still alive and the aliens had abducted us. He found out by his father who told him that we were not there with the other who had gone before and learned we were safe in Mexico" Vinny said. "The map and diaries are still aboard the ship and the Lieutenant Crisco will take them back and give them to his commanding officer" Leo said. "That's Ok, I have changed the ownership from Genoa to Galileo on all my businesses. So that is taken care of and the map and whoever uses it will meet the same outcome as you did" Vinny said.

"Now I know the story behind the diaries and will be going home since I made a promise to Kalai of not telling where the island is," Leo said. "Where's your home, Leo?" Vinny asked. "After this adventure, it's anywhere I feel comfortable at, but for now Florence, Italy. "In the future, if you are around here or Panama, look me up and we will go surf," Vinny said as he loaded the wagon back up. After returning to the hacienda Leo thanked Vinny and Nana for their hospitality and waved at Wili Wili. On his ride back to the harbor Leonardo began to wonder why he was destined on this journey of finding out about the islands and being where he was and for what reason. After getting on the ship, he told Monty of his experience of meeting someone who would take him surfing. 

Returning to Panama City he said his goodbye to Lt. Crisco who was sent to Peru. Now with his mission in question and to him, it was completed he returned to Portobello. Before going back to Italy, he would stop by the governor's hacienda to say his farewell to Florencia. He sees her by the stables and walks over to her.

Florencia sees him and rushes over to greet Leonardo with a hug. After telling her they did not find the islands and that he was going home to Italy. She suggested they go for a horseback ride out to a place that she goes to once in a while. "Ok, it sounds interesting," Leonardo said.  The two proceeded out on a 1-hour ride. The trail they would be on is one that Florencia had ridden many a time to her favorite location which was a bluff overlooking the ocean. The trail ran beside a river, then through lush vegetation and trees, before crossing the river which had turned into a swallow creek by the beach. They rode up the beach to an opening between a bluff and hilly knoll that lead to a small bay with the bluff on the oceanside. They rode on the bluff for 5 minutes before they dismounted and would walk the horses 15 meters to Florencia's favorite place. From the location, they could see the coastline in either direction with the bay behind them.

"This is a really beautiful location with the bay, the coastline, and the waves wrapping around the point into the bay" as the sea breeze pushed Leonardo's long hair in different directions. "I love this place, it's my favorite," Florencia said as they tied the horses to a branch from a stump that was once a Contador tree. "I can see why" Leonardo complimenting Florencia for her choice and continued "My father once told me that life is like the water flowing under a bridge, I didn't understand it at first, but after my travels so far, I think I know what he meant." Looking out at the ocean and then back at Leonardo, Florencia says "I brought some food for us to eat, shall we eat over there" pointing to a grass patch. "Yes that will be fine," Leonardo said feeling something special that he couldn't quite make out.

After their meal, the conversation turned to gold and silver. Leonardo came to the concussion that the top individuals in government were the richest and the many indigenous people and some of the others were the poorest.  So he asked "There is a vast amount of gold being shipped back to Spain, is some of it being used here to help the people? "Sad to say not enough, I give to the church in donations, in turn, the Padre of the mission help those in need," said Florencia. "I have been to the church of where you speak. The padre there let me use a book written by Ptolemy, I felt grateful for his generous  "Leonardo said as he paused for a moment in recognition of those people. Florencia smiled as she stared at Leonardo with the look of having something deeply in common. "That is interesting," she remarked.

"So have you done any paintings or sketches during your stay here besides maps? Florencia continued. "Why yes, I have, a few seascapes. I have them in my possession" Leonardo said. "I would like to see them one day," Florencia said. "Why yes, that would be my pleasure," Leonardo said. "We must head back now," Florencia remarked while getting up and walking over to the horses. Leonardo followed and got onto his horse and they began the ride back to the hacienda.

After getting back Florencia  said, "Leonardo, it's been a long day for you, you must stay and have dinner with my father and spend the night at our guest quarters."


"Yes, I do feel tired and it has been a long day," Leonardo said. "You will need to clean up, Jose will show you to our guest quarters. Before going on the ride I told Jose to tell my father you be joining us for dinner" Florencia said. After cleaning up Leonardo was early to the dining room and was viewing the décor and a few paintings that were on display. "There you are," said the Governor as he enters the dining room and walked over to the bottle of wine place on the counter. "How was the ride today with Florencia," he said while pouring two cups of wine from his vintage collection. With both in hand, he offers a cup to Leonardo. "We had a wonderful time today, oh thank you for the wine, sir," Leonardo said reaching out for the wine. "Good, good to hear you two had a nice today," the Governor said as he sat at the head of the table. Leonardo walked over and sat down next to him. After a few sips, the conversation turned to business.

"Leonardo, are you still working with Lt. Crisco and trying to find those islands you and the Captain talked about when we first met?" the governor asked. "No sir, We came back a couple of weeks back and did not find what we were looking for, sir," Leonardo said. "What are your plans now?" the governor asked. "I will going back to Italy and help my father again," Leonardo said. "Would like to work for me and help around the hacienda and assist my daughter in building her dream house. I can pay you one hundred pesos (gold) a month to start and raise your salary as the responsibility increases" the governor said.  Leonardo thought over the idea for a few seconds and answered "Sure, I wouldn't mind it" Leonardo said and took another sip of his wine. Just then Florencia enters the room as Leonardo places the cup on the table. She views her surroundings and sits across from Leonardo. "You look very happy Leonardo," she said/ "I will be helping your father and you," Leonardo said with a big smile. "I'm glad you will be staying here with us," Florencia said with an expressive smile.  

The governor changed the subject and discussed things around the hacienda.  The wine and long day made Leonardo weary and Florencia knew what Leonardo had been through. "Will you excuse us father, I will show Leonardo to his room" Florencia said. The following morning Leonardo was making a list of what he will need to do, after being informed about the overall scope of his new position the night before. He and Florencia are to have lunch and go over a few things. After putting away his gear Leonardo walks over from the guest house to the kitchen of the main house. 

There to greet him was Florencia "I had a wonderful time last night and my father is taken by you, I have never seen him so inspired about someone working for him," she said "The feeling is mutual, I didn't know what to expect when I first got here and now I have the opportunity to help you and your father," he said looking at Florencia and thought with an artistic eye what a beautiful woman she is and what a lucky guy he was to be there with her. She in return was looking at Leonardo with a calm demeanor but with a feeling like she has never felt before. The feeling was growing with each passing day since their first meeting.

Leonardo walks over to her and hugs her "I must be dreaming I have never felt this way before" he said as he looked into her eyes and was lost for words. The cook enters the room and interrupts the moment by saying "Lunch is served" and could be seen with a smile on his face as he left the room. The two sat down and discuss what needed to be done regarding building Florencia's new house and the future developments around the main estate. The governor was pleased in having Leonardo working for him and having someone care for his daughter. Besides the regular duties of receiving and shipping out the gold, Florencia was designing her house on the bluff, while Leonardo did what he was told to do. In his spare time, he was designing a sailboat. There was much to do around the Governor's hacienda and other projects on the planning stage of development.



Chapter 6

New Beginnings

Beyond the outskirt of the 3rd ring of Atlantis, two men are in a wooded area just off the road, 5 milos away from the central island of the King's palace. Talking about the possibilities of overthrowing the King. "In this time and age, is it possible for me to become King of Atlantis?" Brutano said. "Most likely not, King Arctoprotos's benevolence and wisdom, plus his army and the Drapecyns on his side makes it very unlikely you can be king," Evectra of Anozoota said. "So, some other time in the distant future is where I could be king?" Brutano said thinking of the future. "That is a possibility, more so than here. I have to be going, but you know how to get a hold of me" Evectra said as he walked behind a tree and disappeared. Brutano walks over to his men who were waiting for him to conclude his meeting. With his escort of 30 men, Brutano would leave the site and return to his village.

Sheila a Drapecyn spy was on the other side of the clearing where Evectra and Brutano were meeting. She heard everything that was said with her tremendous hearing capabilities of 25 times that of a normal Atlantian. Her mother was mortal and her father was a space alien from Tracolia. The Tracolian race visited the planet and didn't stay long before leaving after a fight with the Drapecyns. After hearing what was said she would get a hold of Gemmy and relay the information of what took place in the forest. Back at the center island of Atlantis, King Arctoprotos had left the temple of Poseidon and was walking back to his palace, where he would be meeting with a few space people.

"Well, Gemmy of Drapecyn. Toranca of Valalynx, and Segovimi of Inexca, what is it that this meeting is about?" the King asked. "After having done those things you had asked us to do. We want to build certain structures on this planet and would need to use your engineers to supervise the construction. We will have plans for them to go by and answer any questions that may arise. We the Drapecyn have a place in mind. The place I talk about whose names in the future will be called Egypt and Crete" Gemmy said. "We, the Valalynxs will build in an area to be called Mexico and the Yucatan" Toranca said. "And the Inexca will build in a land called Peru" Segovimi said. Each of us will be building temples and monuments at those locations and will be taking some of those people back with us when we return home to our planets" Gemmy said.

"Well, Vectorius is busy in Etobiius, I would have use of some of his engineers who are working on the Atlantis's plan and have them for those locations you speak of. How many engineers will you need and will you make arrangements for their needs" the King said. "Yes, we will send 3 for each location and their needs will be taken care of and will be compensated for their time," Gemmy said. "Can you let Vectorius know of what will happen?" the King said. "I will send a messenger to let him know. Also one of my spies has found out that Brutano had a meeting with Evectra of Anozoota. They may be planning something in the future, I will keep you informed" Gemmy said.

Back at Etobiius, Darmax was at the beach when Velidia came walking by. "Hi, how are you, my name is Darmax" Darmax said. "Hello, I'm Velidia, my family just moved here from Atlantis," Velidia said. Darmax smiled and she smile back. "What is that thing you have there," Velidia asked pointing to his hydrofoil. "It's my hydrofoil that I made. I like what I'm able to do on it. Would you care to learn?" Darmax said. "Sure," she said as Darmax got ready to teach her. Up at the house, Vectorius was finishing up on the first phase of the project and started work on the cost of material and labor estimates. Taking a break he goes out back to view the ocean. He sees Velidia talking to someone he kinda recognizes but wasn't too sure. Remembering the people who were out a few days earlier, Vectorius thought it was one of them.

A messenger arrived and told Vectorius about what the king and the star people were about to do. He thought of Outaforium and decided to go over to his place and find out more about what is happening around the world. He goes back in and lets Artemesia know of what is happening in Atlantis and that he was going over to Outaforium's house to find out more. After riding up to his house, Vectorius see Outaforium walking up to his house. Outaforium turns to see who is riding up. "Vectorius, how are you" Outaforium said. "Outaforium I have a few questions I want to ask you," Vectorius said. "What is it that you want to know?" Outaforium asked.


"Do you know about the projects the other star people have planned with the king?" Vectorius asked. "Yes, I recently had a conversation with Gemmy and he did say something to that extent," Outaforium said. "Do you know what they have in mind" Vectorius continued. "Something about a pyramid being a re-energizing station and being placed at that specific location for its geological relationship with other locations. The other place has to do with being a shipping hub for the Drapecyns. The other locations have to do with geographical distances from one region to another for the Valalynxs. And the Inexca has something to do with gold and silver. Plus how they will utilize the indigenous people from there" Outaforium said.

"In your opinion, the location of where the new Etobiius is to be, will it be a good place and why?" Vectorius asked. "The existing Etobiius is in an area that will be known as a hurricane alley. That is where heavy winds will come from the coastal region landmass that will be known as Africa.
As it travels west its winds will become stronger and cause great damage, which will occur yearly and you have the water level rising. Let's go into my study and I can explain it better by showing up what I mean on a map" Outaforium said as Vectorius followed him to his study.

Back at the beach, down from Vectorius house. Darmax and Velidia are in waist-high water with his hydrofoil. He is lifting the body of the foil in a rhythmic motion, explaining the principles of the movement. She has a sense of why the move makes sense regarding the hydrodynamics motion. To show her more, he gets on and starts to paddle into deeper water. A wave had collapsed and the water is rolling towards him. He adjusts and is being pushed by the white water. He stands and begins to push down and lift his body, and is moving along in front of the rolling swell and returns to where Velidia is waiting. "Alright, I'm going to take you, um, to deeper water and have you try it," Darmax said. He takes her there and gives her a push as she paddles. Falling off the few times she tries to stand, then stands but continues to fall. "Trying squatting as you pump," Darmax said. After his coaching, she started to stand and move forward. She was getting tired, so he suggested they go in. Going over to the stream and wash off, they started talking about their personal lives and how they got to where they were.

Vectorius had finished his meeting with Outafoium and was about to leave when the ground started to shake for a few seconds. "What do you make of it?" Vectorius asked. It is Mount Capitolas, the mountain is being unstable. It was a dormant volcano that has awaken from its sleep. That was one of the reasons, along with the rising sea level why Gemmy had researched the other islands" Outaforium said. "Should we get off of here as soon as possible or do we have a little more time?" Vectorius asked.


"My leader Zenn mentioned to me that his sensors indicated that Mount Capitolas could explode anytime. They told me to see if there were any fissures had developed on the east side of the property. I had just looked at the side of the property when you saw me walking back to the house" Outaforium said. "Is it bad?" asked Vectorius. "Let's just say it isn't good. The depth of the fissure is about my height. There may or may not be enough time to sail out of here. Zenn mentioned he would like to send you and your family to a different location and time. But it's up to you, otherwise, you will take your chances like everyone else on the island" Outaforium said. "But why me and my family?" Vectorius asked.

"Our leader thinks you are special and likes you. He wants your help in a project in the future. If you decided to go to the new location, Zenn will allow you the use of one of our spacecraft and train you on its use" Outaforium said as another rumble shook beneath their feet. "How much time do I have to make the decision?" Vectorius said. "About the time it would take you to gather your family together at your house and be transported to our Mothership. That might be cutting it close with each disturbance. You don't have much time" Outaforium said as he nodded his head up and down suggesting how serious he was. "I will do as you ask. Where do we meet?" Vectorius asked. "At your front yard," Outaforium said as another rumble and the ground shook more violently than before. Outaforium went into his house as the quake started to intensify. Vectorius hurried back to his house and sees Artemesia, Rocosa, Fraxus, Velidia, and Darmax crowded in front of the house. He rushes toward his family as the top of Mt. Capitolius exploded and debris started falling from the sky.

"What should we do Vectorius" asked Artemesia as everyone huddled together. A bright light surrounded them and the noise became silent and the debris disappeared. They felt as being lifted and time stood still. "We are being transported onto a spacecraft and being taken to another time and location," Vectorius told his family and Darmax who was in a state of disbelief in what had happened. What seemed like a few seconds turned out to be thousands of years into the future. When they were beamed down from the spaceship's chamber, they were on a dusty road which was in front of Vincenzo hacienda. An open carriage pulled up alongside them and Outaforium was at the reins "Please get in Vectorius, you, your family, and Darmax will be staying here at this ranch for a month, until your new home in Portobello will be ready for you" said Outaforium. "Mr. Outaforium what happened to my family," Darmax asked. Your group was the only ones to make it out of Etobiius, sad to say" Outaforium said as Darmax tilted his head down, everyone felt the grief Darmax was feeling.

On his front porch were Vincenzo, Nanapua, and their son Wili Wili. "Hey Outaforium, how are you, and are these the guests Zor 2 mentioned," Vinny said. "Good Vincenzo, everyone this is Vincenzo he is the owner of this ranch and that is his wife Nanapua and their son Wili Wili. There is a guest house behind the main house with clothing for all of you. If you need anything else Vencenzo will take of it. Your house in Portobello is being worked on, so a message will be sent for you to come on down. I will be seeing you there, have a pleasant stay" Outaforium said as he rode off down the road before he disappeared. "My name is Vincenzo, but you can call me Vinny. What are your names" Vinny asked? "I am Vectorius, this is my wife Artemesia, my two sons, Rocosa, Fraxus, then there is our daughter Velidia and her friend Darmax" Vectorius said as everyone nodded and waved when their names were called out.

While pulling on his beard at his chin Vinny said "Vectorius, Outaforium had mentioned that you and your sons should change your first names. Why I'm not sure, but it has to do with the future. So, here is what I was told. Vectorius your new first name will be Vector, Rocosa it is going to be Rocky, and Fraxus, it will be Frank. This way he said will make forget about the past and more of the present. I hope you will understand, it is for your good he told me. If you disagree, take it up with him. Ok, follow me and I will show you the house outback. We will be having dinner at our house for your stay here."

"How big is your ranch, Vinny?" Vector asked. "As far as you can see" Vinny replied. Everyone was surprised by his answer. "What is it that you do Vinny?" Artemesia asked. I own a couple of silver mines, an import/export business, and a shipping company" Vinny said. Vector was looking around when Artemesia asked the question, he turned to look at Vinny with a smile as they followed Vinny to the house. They went inside and Vinny showed them around. "Ok, I'm going over to the surfboard shop," Vinny said.


"Mr. Vinny will it be alright to see your surfboard shop and what is a surfboard," Darmax asked. "It is a wooden board you ride waves with," Vinny said. Back from where we came from, we rode hydro-foils. It is something like what you talk of in surfing. I made my own" Darmax said. "If you don't mind I would like to see your shop too," Frank said. "Yes, count me in," Rocky said wanting to learn something new. Velidia remained silent and would go with everyone else. "Ok, follow me," Vinny said. Vector and Artemesia looked at each other, with the expression of Why Not. As they followed Vinny to the shop.

They walked into the large barn where Vinny had about 10 surfboards already shape leaning against the wall and one was on two wooden sawhorses. Rocky, Frank, and Darmax looked and wonder why this person would make surfboards. As Vector, Artemesia, and Velidia were off to the side as Vinny explained what he did to make the surfboard and why. He went into hydro-dynamics of the surfboard and why the curves were the way they were. The boys looked like they were mesmerized with the information Vinny was telling them. "You guys want to go surfing tomorrow morning. The beach is a half milos away" Vinny said. "Is it your beach" Rocky asked.


"Yes, it is," Vinny said. "Oh boy," Frank said as Darmax nodded his head in agreement. "Where did you learn to surf" Vector asked. "I learned to surf on an island far from here. Nana showed me how and I've been hooked ever since" Vinny said with a smile. "Let go inside my and get some refreshment and I can tell you more" Vinny said. Once inside Artemesia and Velidia went to see what Nana was doing in the kitchen. Seeing she was preparing a meal, they both would help her and started a conversation as they helped. Vinny and Vector had a glass of wine, while the boys had fresh orange juice made earlier. Vinny told his story and Vector told his. Nana called out "Dinner is ready" and everyone went into the kitchen and had a delicious meal.

Vinny would take the guys upstairs to the observatory where he has a large telescope. "Did you make this telescope?" Vector asked. "I enlarged a copy of it. My father who is into astronomy made it and Outaforium found out and made a copy of it. I too, am into astronmy" Vinny said. "Did you learn it from your father?" Vector asked. "No, it is a long story where I was kidnapped by space people and was taken back into time where I grew up in a church orphanage and received the last name as the town which is Genoa. My father is a few years older than me, which sounds strange. I changed my last name from Genoa to Galileo. Since having this telescope I can see much more than with the naked eye" Vinny said as the guys in the room are still wondering about having a father a few years older. Vinny pulled on a few levers and the ceiling opened up. The guys took turns viewing the night sky and asked questions. Vinny answered what he knew and explained some of the star-like objects were planets. Their time in the observatory went well.

The next morning Vinny had the wagon loaded up with surfboards and Nana had swimwear for everyone to wear out in the water. Vector and Artemesia would stay at the ranch and talk over how they should treat Darmax and what if Darmax was serious about Velidia. Back at the beach after showing everyone how to surf he let them learn on their own. The first few waves everyone would fall off. Eventually, they all stood and rode the wave in and paddled back out for more. Meanwhile, Vinny paddle further out at the point, catching the waves as he stuck his leg in the water to turned. Riding the wave with no white water in front of him. For two hours they rode the wave in the warm water. Darmax felt confident to paddle out to Vinny and tried catching the waves out there. It was time to return to the house. While riding back Vinny asked, "Well how did you like surfing."It was great" Rocky said. "Yeah, are you going tomorrow" Frank asked. "Yes, this is great," Darmax said with a smile on his face. Vinny too had a smile on his face as he and Darmax were bonding like father and son as they rode back to the ranch.

Vinny would take them into the town of Acapulco and show them around to different places. Then take them to his businesses there, before returning home. The month went by fast, and a message arrived saying to Vector his residence in Portobello had been completed and he and his family would be going there. Darmax had other ideas in mind and wanted to stay at Vinny place. He asked Vinny if he could stay and work for him. Vinny agreed and would have Darmax stay at the house he was in, but would build a place for him by the beach break. By this time Darmax and Velidia were serious about each other and wanted to marry. So, before Vector and Artemesia depart with the boys. Darmax and Velidia got married.

Vector and his family would sail to Panama in one of Vinny's ships and Outaforium had a carriage waiting for them to travel to Portobello. Just before entering into town, they took another road that went north for a mile, coming up to a valley situated between two mountains on either side of the valley, with a river flowing through it. As the carriage stop at the house. Outaforium came out of the house to welcome the Durasels home. "Your new home has 90 acres and a large barn," said Outaforium pointing to it after everyone had gotten out and started to walk around. "Artemesia, why don't you and the boys look inside and see how it is. I'm going to talk to Outaforium about our stay here" said Vector as Artemesia and her sons went inside, Vector and Outaforium went for a walk towards the barn that was a couple of hundred feet away.

Outaforium opened the barn door and looks inside. Looking around they see an empty barn and a dirt floor. "Let's walk to the back of the barn," said Outaforium as he was looking at a specific spot on the back wall. "Press this board and a false wall will open and a stairway will appear to the room under the floor" mentioned Outaforium as he pressed the board and the wall slid sideways exposing the stairs leading down. Outaforium lead the way to the room below where Vector couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was a spacecraft. "Does it fly" asked Vector? "Yes it does, everything works on it" mentioned Outaforium as he pointed to the side of the spacecraft where a door opened up and the entrance to the craft is exposed. Following Outaforium, they went into the different compartments of the craft before coming back out. "Zor 2 will be visiting you and explaining how to operate and maintain the spacecraft," said Outaforium. "So this is my spacecraft and it will do the things the larger craft can do" asked Vector.

"This is an earlier model and doesn't have all the things that Ori our main ship has. But it does have the distance, speed, and more maneuverabilities compared to the mother ship. What it doesn't have is the ability to go back into the past or forward into the future, as mentioned Zor 2 will be stopping by to get you acquainted with this craft and follow up afterward if there is a question you might have." Pausing and looking around the spacecraft Outaforium see the chest in the corner of the room and points at it. "It is filled with gold and silver coins for your use to buy those things that you might need," said Outaforium

as they went back upstairs.

Once outside Vector mentioned to Outaforium "I will have the main perimeter fenced in. The barn will be converted to a barn/workshop of my design. After a few months, you won't be able to recognize the place." The two went back to the front of the house to see what Artemesia thought of the house and its new surroundings. She was standing by the front porch when she saw them coming back to the house. "The house is fine," said Artemesia. "You and your family will need to learn to speak Spanish. There are books for everyone to learn from in the library" Outaforium said pointing at the library. "We should be able to speak the language in no time. We all can remember what we read the first time. That is a special trait Vector and I gave to our offsprings" Artemesia said. "In the future, they call that a photographic memory," Outaforium said.

"Thank you for what you have done to make our stay what it is. When can we expect you back" asked Vector? "I will be back tomorrow and we will go over to a hacienda a few miles from here. There is someone I want you to meet. A young man who is in charge of a large operation and needs help running it. After that Zor2 will be here to help you out as mentioned" remarked Outaforium as he got into the carriage. He waved to everyone and the carriage driver rode off down the road before disappearing.


Chapter 7

Vector in Flight

Outaforium and Vector rode over to the Governor's hacienda, where they would meet with Leonardo. He happened to be in front of the hacienda where he was instructing a few of his crew on the fencing project that was underway. After pulling up, Outaforium and Vector got out of the carriage and walked over to Leonardo. "Hello Leonardo, I am Outaforium a friend of Vencinzo Galileo whom I mentioned in my letter to you sent earlier. My friend Vector who is next to me would be interested in joining your operation here if there is an opportunity to do so" Outaforium said. "Well, we do need help here and any friend of Vinny is a friend of mine, please call me Leo," Leo said.

"Vector, may I ask what area is your expertise in?" Leo asked. "Design and Engineering," Vector said. "What type of design have you done?" Leo asked. "Mostly large scale projects such as cities, roads, fortification, and future growth analysis" Vector said being broad about his skills. "I know what I am overseeing had been put in place long before I got here. And that someone else did the designing here at the ranch without much foresight. The flow of precious metals coming into this port from Panama City seems cumbersome. I'm open to ideas that can improve this facility" Leo said. "I would need to see the overall scope of what you are mentioning about this site and the procedure that is in place to get an idea of what to do," Vector said. "Leo how long do you think your interview will take," Outaforium said. "I'm not sure, but I can give Vector a ride home after it is done," Leo said. "Very well Leo, please excuse," Outaforium said as he got back into the carriage and soon departed.

"Vector, let me show around the hacienda so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about," Leo said. Going over to the stables, Leo had two of his helpers saddled up two horses. Flo happened to be watching from the main house as Leo stopped there to tell her what was happening and what they were going to do. He then went to his office to get the maps of the ranch. After doing so, they rode off to the trail that would take them to the location that oversaw the hacienda and harbor. "Vector, as you can see, there are loose ends about how things were laid out. I have a map showing the borderline of the Governor's estate and the roads leading into and out of the town" Leo said handing him the map to look at.


"I also have a copy of it for your use. There is one more thing I would like to mention. My fiancé and I are planning on building a house at a bay, south of here. She has drawn the building plans for it. Could you help us out in the over the layout of the spot with the roads, the docks, farmland, and security for that location" Leo said pointing south at the bay that could be seen off in the distance? "That will be fine, I have a few ideas already for the Governor's place, just have to give it some more thought. Will need to see the location by the bay you are talking about with another map of the area, if you have one?" Vector said as Leo replied "Let return to the hacienda and have lunch, after which we can go out to Topez Bay" as they rode down the hill and returned to the hacienda.

Riding into the yard they see Florencia talking to one of the servants as they got closer. Getting off their horses. "Flo, I would like to introduce you to Vector. He is looking to help us and I need a lot of help in improving the operation here" Leo said. "It is good to meet you Vector, how did you come to our ranch for employment, and are you married?" Flo asked. "My friend Outaforium suggested the opportunity and yes, I have three children, two sons and a daughter who recently got married. My wife and I and my two sons are getting acquainted with the area. We live a few miles from the harbor at the old Delgado hacienda " Vector said. "That place had been unused for quite an awhile, interesting, you have worked there as well," Flo said.


"We are going to have lunch and go over to Topaz Bay. Do you want to come" Leo said? "Yes, I would love to go. I had lunch already, so I will go change and get ready" Flo said as the guys went into the kitchen to get a bite to eat. It wasn't long before the threesome was riding out to the bay. "What were some of your projects?" Flo asked. "My position dealt with designing and engineering large projects like cities concepts," Vector said. "I told Vector, we would like him to improve the facilities at your father's ranch and at our house by the bay. I will give him a copy of the maps after I get the OK from your father" Leo said. "Yes, I'm sure he will be interested in improving the ranch," Flo said as they rode down the trail to the bay.

"Where did you come from Vector," Flo asked. "I came from a place that is no longer in my thoughts. A place I wish it was still there. No matter, it seemed like yesterday that I lived there" Vector said. "That's Ok Vector. I know what you mean. When I was assigned to find an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean by the King of Spain. I went through some strange times looking for it. After not finding it, I met Vinny, who I can tell you is a very interesting fellow" Leo said. "I know who you talked about, we stayed at his ranch for a month before coming here," Vector said. "Well I will be, it sure is a small world we live in. The reason I went on my journey is because of the diaries he wrote. Then after meeting him and the story that he told me, made me realize that my destiny was to be here and learn what the New World has to offer" Leo said.

"Well, if I have your word of not telling anyone where I'm from, I will tell you. But first the both of must give me your word" Vector said. "Yes, you have my word," Leo said. Flo looked at Leo and then at Vector and kept quiet for a few moments, then "I give you my word, not even to my father" she said. "I am from Atlantis," Vector said. Leo had a surprised look on his face "That is the fabled city Plato talked and written about" Leo said remembering what he read about it. Flo too, knew something about Atlantis and became quiet and just listened while Vector explained more as they rode on to the bay.

Meanwhile back in Acapulco Darmax and Velidia are on the bluff overlooking the beach. Planning on building their own house with the beachfront location that was a wedding gift from Vinny and Nanapua. They watched the waves rolled to shore as the onshore breeze swayed across the shoreline vegetation. In the back of his mind, he was thinking of his responsibility of taking care of her and doing the things he wanted to do. Then he looked at Velidia and thought she would be a major part of who he was going to be, as she looked at him. "Shall we go back to the guest house? I think Vinny wanted to talk about his mining operation before we left for here" Darmax said as they got onto their horses and rode back to the ranch.

Back in Portobello, the Governor gave his OK and Vector was hired and would start work the following week. He would be doing the design work in his office at his house. Eventually, he would have offices at the Governor's ranch and Topaz Bay. Having a busy schedule, Vector would make time to learn how to use the spacecraft from Zor2 after the following day of his interview. Zor2 had gone over the basics of the instrumentation panel and some of its functions that control the upper floor and the roof openings of the barn warehouse and how to close it after liftoff and returning to the basement floor. They would practice a few times to get a feel for it by doing the procedure. Then after the basics, Zor2 would teach Vector more about the computer system on board.

After Zor2 had programmed the location of the barn/spacecraft station location. All Vector had to do was press a home hotkey and it would return the ship precisely to the spot where to lower into the barn. Vector began going place close to the house and visit Leo and the Governor's places in stealth mode and got a good idea of making better maps by using the spacecraft cameras images from the screen and transfer it to paper. Vector started to realize he was doing things he only dreamed of when he lived on Atlantis and Etobiius. His imagination started to bloom and his ideas became fuel for things he never thought before.


Zor2 kept the lesson to the surrounding area and had plans of going to different locations. One of the lessons involved cutting out different shapes in a mountain or flat ground and placing the soil back over the location that was removed. After each lesson Vector told Artemesia about what he had done in the spacecraft. Along with what he and Leonardo were doing at the ranch and the property at Topaz Bay. Vector would develop more security and storage for the gold and silver at the Governor's ranch, that was still flowing in from Peru. Getting used to the people he was working with, Vector felt right at home.

During a meeting with his father-in-law, Juan told Leo hidden secrets that he had "Leo, what I'm going to tell you must be kept a secret, only a few of my workers know of this and even that may be too many. Through the years I have been collecting some gold for myself. A nest egg kinda thing. I would like to move it elsewhere and away from here just in case, my health should change. It is in a barn at a different location from the main house. I was thinking about moving it to the new property" Juan said. "Ok, how much gold do you have, to select a place for it," Leo said. "It is about a thousand kilograms," Juan said as Leo slightly jerked his head back. He thought Juan would tell him a few bars, but instead, the amount mentioned caught him off guard. "Aww, yes I think I can find a place to hide it," Leo said. "Good, let me know when you will be ready to make the move," Juan said. After he met with the Governor, Leo began thinking about starting his gold mine and keeping it on the West Coast. But for now, it was just an idea that he had.

There was much to learn for Vector regarding the spacecraft and having the plans ready for the Governor's place, Flo and Leo place, the plans for Velidia and Darmax, and a shipbuilding warehouse at the harbor for Vinny. One of the features at Vector's property was that it had a beach with ride-able waves. Rocky and Frank got ideas for surfing there and asked their father to contact Vinny for some surfboards. Which he was happy to send them after the request. Now that they had surfboards, they would keep an eye out and check on the surf whenever they could and go surf when the waves looked like they were ride-able. Remembering how Vinny's shop was laid out, Rocky and Frank built a shed and got the tools to start shaping a few balsa boards of their own. They would get their tools and materials from Panama City and Leo place who had found out there was a balsa grove growing in a hillside area near the site where he and Flo would have their house.

Darmax shaped his first board with the help of Vinny. It took a week to do since he was also learning how to help manage Vinny's business interest. In his spare time, he would design a miniature submarine from memory. Beside the surfboard, he would design and construct another hydro-foil board. The more he thought of it, having a boat with a foil and propulsion system intrigued his imagination. At times feeling overwhelmed, he would drop what he was doing and he and Velidia would go surf and just float around and surf for a couple of hours and go back in. After doing so, he felt like he had been recharged. Having Darmax there made Vinny's views on his operation changed for the better. Now he has someone to leave it to and his connection with Leo and Vector.

Their new structure was starting to look like a house and Leo was busy managing the flow of labor and materials. Seeing Vector by the temporary office, he went over to see him. "Vector, we need to do something others do not catch wind of," Leo said. "And what may that be?" Vector asked. "We need to hide 10 tons of gold," Leo said. "Whose gold is it," Vector asked. "It's the Governor's gold," Leo said. "Why that amount does not surprise me. Where do you want to hide it?" Vector asked. "Let's take a ride out to the next valley over," Leo said as he told his supervisors that he was going to look at some agricultural land in the next valley over. Riding along an old trail to a point where they could see the valley. "That's the area I was thinking about, but it is a dense jungle," Leo said. "Let's give it some more thought. I need to get back home and do some work there" Vector said.

A different spacecraft was hovering over an area island that would be known as Haiti. Onboard was Brutano who had talked his way to having Evectra take him to a different period. After Evectra had told him of a period where much gold was being mined. His idea was to capture the ships that were loaded with gold and sink it with alien-made hurricanes. Then recover it from underwater and take it to his isolated location. The commander of the spaceship was Tredox and he made a deal with Brutano who would agree to his terms. He had other ideas up his sleeves, having spies in Cartagena and Portobello who would know the dates of when the gold shipments were being made. With the gold that he would obtain, Brutano would buy small banks in England, France, Germany, and Italy. Another venture he had in mind was gearing up for was the slave trade to the colonies on North America's eastern shores. Again with the information, Evectra was supplying.

Onboard Ori, Zenn is weighing his options after getting data of the Anozoota spaceship located in Haiti after entry into the area and period. Viewing their modus operandi from a distance. Zenn has a conference with Outaforium and suggested various things they could be doing to figure what they might do in the future. "What we have here during this time period is the formation of global cabal, be it royalty or businesses run by shady characters," Zenn said thinking about the moves being made on the chessboard of time. Those including themselves and others, be it extraterrestrial or human, Outaforium thought as he remained quiet and nodded his head. "Should we allow Darmax the privilege of operating a spacecraft in Vencinzo area for offense, defense, and construction?" Outaforium said. "Let's see what moves the Anozootas make. Then go from there " Zenn said looking at the holographic screen in front of him.

Back at Topaz Bay, Flo and Leo's house is near completion. Leo and Vector are walking along the beach near the docks of the harbor. "Vector, I've been thinking about starting a mining operation in Peru. I asked my father-in-law about a loan to do so, he said he would. After giving it more thought I would need your help in designing it and your input in operating it. I don't have enough to pay for your services, but would you consider being a partner?" Leo said. Vector stopped walking and looked at Leo and then up in the sky. "Do you have any ideas besides starting it" Vector asked? "It's an idea I had for a while and my father-in-law's health is failing him. The Spanish Court will replace him and the operation will go on. I know where it is being shipped from and where their mines are located. We could do some looking around and get a mine as well" Leo said.

"Don't you think the Spanish Court would take you out if you decided to do that? You would be taking away their from their pot" Vector said. "It was just an idea," Leo said. Vector looked at Leo "The ownership will be 50-50 since you will be financing it. But, I will be your partner under one condition and that is I will be in charge" Vector said. Leo looked at Vector and extended his hand and said "You got yourself a deal." "Well, now what," Vector said.

"We will need to move Juan's gold to the valley we went to two months ago," Leo said. "We can move Juan's gold tomorrow evening. I will come over and pick you up and go there to get it done." "How are we going to have the crew dig the location and should they meet elsewhere. Wouldn't it be easier if I were to meet you at Juan's instead of you coming here, then going over there" Leo said. "Trust me, it will be better than we do as I say. Don't tell anyone about what we are going to do, except for Flo" said Vector. "Alright, but I'm confused about how you are going to do it," Leo said.

The next evening Leo was talking with Flo about what Vector was and guessing how he was going to do. Vector walked over to them from around the corner of their house. "I didn't hear you ride up," Leo said. "Let's take a walk to the beach," Vector said. "I will let you two take care of my father's gold. I have a few things I need to take care of. Please excuse me" Flo said as she went inside as Vector and Leo went to the beach where a stick was pointing straight up. "Watch this Leo, I have a spacecraft here," Vector said as he placed his hand on something invisible and a door opened, and Leo's eyes open wide. "Wow, where did you get this?" Leo asked. "It was a deal Outaforium made when we came here to the 17th century. Follow me" Vector said as he entered the spacecraft.

After explaining how he learned to use the spacecraft after work. He and Leo went over to the Governor's hacienda to the location where the gold was hidden. In the darkness of night with the infrared lights scanning the location. Vector moved the barn to the side and encapsulated the gold with a beam of light making it invisible. Raising the load, they flew over to the valley where the gold is buried. Using the removal command a rectangular section of the mountain was removed and placed to the side. The gold was inserted into the cavity of the mountain. A beacon was placed in front of it before the entrance was buried with the same dirt, boulders, and vegetation that had been removed. With a slight blast of air, the area looked like it did before the procedure had taken place. "Well, that's it. Let go back to your house" Vector said. "Wow, this took less than 15 minutes. I don't know what to say Vector. Do you still want to be my partner?" Leo said thinking Vector didn't need him as a partner with this thing that he had.

"Yes, we are still partners my friend," Vector said as he landed in Leo's backyard and let him out. Pressing a button a piece of paper came out and it was a map of where the gold was placed with an X and the location of Leo's house. After handing the map to Leo as he was getting out "See you tomorrow, we can go over where we should start the gold mine" Vector said. "Ok," Leo said somewhat in a dream-like state of mind.


Chapter 8

Returning Back

"Darmax are you going for the second wave?" Vinny asked. "Maybe the third" Darmax said. "Ok, I will go on the first" Vinny said as he paddled over into position. Both would catch their waves and go in and dry off. "Darmax, the demand at my import /export business for materials here and Panama City is growing. But my brokers are telling me that China is slowing down in production. Something is happening there" Vinny said while putting his board in the wagon. "I heard the other day from some sailors at the General store that there were some political issues causing some of the delays in the silk trade. And they were having a bad harvest in the rice fields," Darmax said as he put his board into the wagon.

"Most likely that could be happening. We will need to make some adjustments at our Panama City location. I would like you to go down there and let the manager know what is happening, so they can prepare for the coming shortage. Take Velidia with you and visit your in-laws while you are down there" Vinny said. "Alright, she will like that" Darmax said as he got into the wagon, Vincenzo snap the reins to let the horses know to go.

Arriving in Panama City, Darmax and Velidia stopped by the office and got acquainted with the people there. In the warehouse, Darmax and Velidia were listening to the shop supervisor explain their operation when the manager walked over to them. "Darmax it's nice to meet you, Vincenzo mentioned you would be visiting us before traveling over to Portobello. Let's go in my office and talk about the slow down" Alberto said. "OK," Darmax said as he thanked Jose for the tour of the warehouse. After spending a couple of days in Panama City, Darmax and Velidia made the trip to see Vector and Artemesia in Portobello.

"Hi mom, how are you and dad?" Velidia asked as she was greeted by Artemesia. "We are doing well and got your message a few days ago. Vector is with Leo at their ranch and Rocky and Frank are at the beach surfing. How have you and Darmax been" Artemesia replied? "We are doing fine," Velidia said. "Yes, we are doing quite well and have been very busy working for Vincenzo. I will let you ladies talk and catch up on what has been happening. Where or how do I get to the beach where the guys are surfing?" Darmax asked. Use my wagon, the other horse is in the coral. Take the right trail at the fork in the road just north of here. Then go about ¼ mile to the beach, you can't miss it. If you want there is an extra board in the shed just next to the house" Artemesia said. "Ok, I will get my swimwear, towel and then go," Darmax said.

Getting to the beach Darmax sees Frank and Rocky out in the water. So he hurries to change and paddles out. "Hey Darmax, I didn't know who you were until you got the board out of the wagon," Rocky said. "Good to see you Darmax" Frank said knowing why Darmax was there. "It's good to see you both. I was sent by Vinny to Panama City, his Import / Export business is slowing down and we needed to make adjustments there" Darmax said. "I thought things were busy. What happened?" Rocky asked. "The Philippine materials are ok, but China is slowing down. That is going to affect shipments to Europe. Vinny's shipping company is making schedule changes. The items they are bringing over to Acapulco and Panama are being less. That means our shipments out of our Colon office is slowing as well" Darmax said as a set of waves were rolling in. Rocky paddles over to the takeoff spot and catches one of the waves. He put his leg in the water and does a bottom turn and races across the wave.

Frank does the same, as Darmax catches the biggest wave of the set. Knowing his board might spin out, he drags his leg a little longer than usual and makes the turn on the wave. He glides to where the guys are paddling out and kicks out and paddles back out with them. "You guys should put on a small rudder on these boards. It will make it more controllable" Darmax said. "What do you mean by rudder?" Frank asked. "It's a small flat piece of wood connected near the rear of the board. I have one on my board back home and it works well. When we get back to your shop I can show you guys what I'm talking about. "Sounds interesting, I'm open to new ideas," Frank said as the guys would surf for another hour before going back to the house.  

Putting the boards away, the guys went into the shop where Darmax drew a miniature surfboard and at the rear of it drew a bump. Then looked around for a small flat piece of wood. After finding one, he placed it in the same location as the drawing. "This item stabilizes the rear of the surfboard and holds it in place on the wave as you turn," Darmax said as Velidia came over from the house and told the guys that their father had come back from Topaz Bay. They went over to the house "Mr. Durasel, how did your day go?" Darmax asked. "It went well, we put in the piling for the new docks. I had two large barges with pile drivers, pounding the pilings into place. They were parallel to each other pounding away on the pilings into deeper waters. We completed putting them into place. Now we just have to top the ends at a certain height relating to the tide and ship size. Changing the subject, what this about things are slowing down with Vincenzo business in Panama City" Vector asked. "Yes, the import/ export business is slowing down. I was sent to survey what we need to do in the months ahead" Darmax said.

"Leo and I are starting a new venture and I was thinking about moving over to the Pacific side after getting Leo hacienda situated," Vector said. "That would make it easier for us to meet up more often" Darmax replied while looking at Velidia and then at Artemesia. "We will need to work out the details, so it will be a few weeks to get a clearer picture of what will happen," Vector said. "Yes, I can tell Vincenzo about what you have in mind. I'm sure he will be interested in the move" Darmax said. "Darmax, I would like to show something in the barn after dinner. Rocky and Frank know what I'm talking about" Vector said wanting to show Darmax what he has and learned. After dinner, Vector and Darmax went over to the barn and walked down the stairs. "Wow, Mr. Durasel, what is it?" Darmax asked.

"It's my spacecraft that Outaforium and Zenn have allowed me to use. You have to keep this a secret, but you can tell Velidia, I will tell Vincenzo about the spacecraft when I will visit thereafter taking you two back to your house" Vector said as he began showing the inside of the spacecraft. A few days later Vector took Velidia and Darmax back, he then went to see Vincenzo. After landing at his ranch,  he sees him coming out of his shop. He calls out "Vinny, how are you" Vincenzo looks to his left side and was surprised to see Vector. "I just brought Darmax and Velidia back and stopped by here to see you," Vector said. "How did you get here, I didn't hear you ride up and where is your carriage?" Vincenzo asked.

"I came by way of a spacecraft that our friends let me use. It is near here but is invisible to the eye. Follow me and we will go to it" Vector said. "Alright, how have you been Vector?" Vincenzo asked. "Good Vinny, I've been learning to fly the spacecraft and help Leo and his finance' with their ranch,  their wedding will be next month. Besides that, Leo and I have started a mining company and we are in the beginning stages of putting it together" Vector said. "I hope you two the best in your new operation. As you know I'm into mining myself and it can be burdensome with external and internal problems. Just the other week a few of my employees were caught stealing from one of my silver mines and had to be jailed. I don't know if you have heard about this one guy named Brutano. The guys who were arrested said that he was the one buying what they stole" Vincenzo said as they walked to the spacecraft.

"No, I haven't heard of his name before, but will keep that name in mind. Since Leo and I will be starting the mining company. I decided to move to Panama City. I just thought of something just now. Would you be interested in being a part of our company?" Vector asked. "You know that sounds interesting. There are a few things that have been on my mind. I will give it more thought for now" Vincenzo said. "Well, we're here at my spacecraft," Vector said as Vinny looked around and didn't see anything. Vector opened the door to the spacecraft "Follow me" he said as Vincenzo was surprised at what was happening. He followed Vector into the spacecraft, looking at all the different controls and the metals that were part of the ship.

"This is truly amazing, you have a spacecraft. I didn't feel like this since Nanipua and I were first rescued by Zenn and Outaforium" Vincenzo said. "Have a seat" Vector said pointing at the chair as the spacecraft began to rise. They flew around the area, then down to Panama City and back within a few minutes. "Well, just wanted to show you what I have before going back home," Vector said as he landed in the same place they took off from. "You know Vector I would like to be a part of yours and Leo's company," Vincenzo said. "Ok, let's get together and talk it over with Leo. We will stop by in seven days, and talk about it some more. We need to keep quiet about my spacecraft" Vector said. "Yes, that sounds good to me. I will see you and Leo in seven days. Will that be in the morning?" Vincenzo asked. "Yes, 10 in the morning. Until then" Vector said as he opened the door and Vincenzo would exit and Vector would soon take off.

After landing back home Vector closes the barn and is walking towards his house. He hears  Outaforium behind him and stops and turns around. "Outaforium what brings you here?" Vector asked. "Zenn mentioned to inform you of the Anozootas who is using a person named Brutano to do their dealings. There is Evectra who is in charge of Brutano, so be aware of both of them. Stay alert of their presence and know they will do you harm. Have your defense sensor on whenever you use the spacecraft and we will be monitoring you and anyone else that might be following you" Outaforium said. "So this Brutano may try to disrupt our operation and families of those we are acquainted with," Vector said. "Yes, that is their plan. They too have an interest in what the future holds and how they will pursue their objectives to that end. So beware and take care!" Outaforium said as his hologram disappeared.

After doing some research into their new venture, Vector took Leo to visit Vincenzo and landed behind the barn in stealth mode. They walk over to Vincenczo house where he was waiting for them. "Hi Vector and Leo, good to see you two. Let's go into my office" Vincenzo said as he held the door open in a gesture to say welcome. After sitting down Vincenzo mentioned he was having second thoughts about being a partner. "I was talking with Nanipua the other night and she was mentioning how she misses being in the islands and wanted to go back home. I don't blame, after being there myself, I miss it too!" Vincenzo said.

"You know Vinny, I know exactly where those islands are. I kept detailed records of each day and our positions with the navigator of the ship we were on. When Kalai cast his spell on everyone except me. The navigator forgot about the coordinates, but I didn't since I kept it a secret as Kalai said to do" Leo said. "If we wanted to go back to that lifestyle, we can?" Vinny asked. "I guess," Leo said looking at Vector. "And if I were to do so, I most likely will give Darmax control of what I have," Vinny said. Vector began to wonder what was happening and thought of Atlantis as Vincenzo looked around and was quiet for a few moments before saying "You know, the more I think about it. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Nanipua. We won't live forever and I want her to be happy and raise our child in a lifestyle that I found to be good for us."

"I'm wondering, could you take us back Vector?" Vincenzo asked. "I don't see why not if that is what you want to do Vinny?" Vector said. "This changes the concept we had about the company. We will need to have Darmax, Velidia, and Nanipua here to make sure everyone agrees what might be" Leo said as a knock on the door to the room was heard. "Outaforium what a surprise," Vector said as everyone turned to see Outaforium walk in and take a seat. "I happened to be in the neighborhood and thought of dropping by. So how is the new company coming along?" Outaforium asked.

"We were thinking about our new company, but something changed and we are in a transitory moment. Vincenzo would like to return to the islands and live out his life there with his family. He would like to have Darmax take over his company and that is where we are now. What say you Outaforium?" Vector asked. "If Vincenzo feels that way and wants to live a simpler lifestyle. We will go along with that. Also, we will go along with what you and Leo will do, as well as Darmax being part of your new direction" Outaforium said getting up and looking at Vincenzo with a reassuring smile. "Thank you Outaforium" Vincenzo said knowing Outaforium and Zenn were behind him in his decision as Outaforium left the room.

"Alright, our next meeting will be in a week and we will have the others in it to work out any other details that need to be brought up. Until then" Vector said as Leo and Vincenzo talked some more about the maps that Leo had and Vector collected his drawing that he was going to present before Vincenzo changed of course in the direction the company was going into. "What are those sheets of paper about?" Vincenzo asked.

 "It is a place north of Panama City called Puerto Tecnolo, which is a few hundred miles from Panama City and Portobello as the crow flys and around 1300 miles from Acapulco. That is where I was thinking of building the new headquarters. It will be a city/state, with a fort-like design without interference from Spain. There will be a central pyramid with two smaller pyramids flanking each side of the main one. The tops will be flat with an opening in the middle for lighting to enter a large atrium. There will be bridges from the smaller pyramids to the large one in the center" Vector said as pulled it out from the other drawings as he continued. "The main road will lead from the center pyramid to the harbor," Vector said pointing to the drawing.  

"Is that a wall around the city?" Leo asked. "Yes, there will be an outer wall surrounding the city with gates located at strategic locations. With an inner wall around the pyramids. There will be a transit system that circles the city daily. With food production situated within the outer and inner walls. A dam will be built at the diversion point to the river for the city to have running water" Vector explained as everyone would look at the sketches that Vector was pulling from the pile that he had brought. "That is a good idea compared to having the operation in Panama City," Vincenzo said. "So the volume of gold and silver will be kept there, along with other items from around the Pacific Ocean. The more I think of it, Puerto Tecnolo will be the place we should build. Vector, could I get  copies of these drawings to look at?" Leo asked.

"So not having operation headquarters in Panama City we would have less restriction from the government of Spain" Vector said. I like that, it sounds good to me" Leo said. "We can make schedules to pick up loads from the mines and bring them to Puerto Tecnolo for processing. So we will make a time for Vinny and his family to return to the islands " Vector said. "That sounds good. Can you and I take a visit to the islands and visit Kalai in a few days with Leo's map" Vincenzo said. "Yes, I'll be back here in a few days to pick you up and take you there. And the next meeting will be in a week with Darmax to be filled in on what we will be doing" Vector said as the meeting came to a close. He and Leo flew back to Portobello.

On their way back, Vector decided to fly over to Peru and check out an area near Cajamarca. "I've been checking this place out for us to mine from. I will purchase a very large portion of land after taking a sample from there. Then go to the Viceroy in Limaq. Let's get closer to the mountain where I think a gold vein is" Vector said as he descended lower in stealth mode. "There it is. Let take some soil samples back with us" Vector said as he removed a top section of dirt from the mountain top and put it to in a nearby gully. Then went back to the area and took out another section and encapsulated with a beam of light and placed it nearby and retrieved the previous load of dirt and place it back on top of the spot where it was removed.


The cutout section was turned invisible as they flew back to Leo's place. After unloading the sample pile in Leo's backyard. Vector extracted the gold from the dirt and put it next to the pile of dirt. Leo was surprised at the amount of gold was next to the pile of dirt. Two-thirds dirt, one-third gold. Leo couldn't believe the amount of gold that batch sample was producing. After finishing the process, there were big, small, and particle size pieces in the gold pile. "I wonder how much more we will be finding," Leo said to Vector while thinking he was a very rich mapmaker.

Back in Acapulco, Vincenzo is being paid a visit from Kalai. "My friend, I had a strange sense that you and your family will be returning," Kalai said telepathically. "Yes my brother, it is what it is, that I will be returning and I am happy about it. Another friend will be bringing me there in a few days to get reacquainted. Where can we meet?" Vincenzo asked telepathically. "There is an open field near my hale. I will have a fire pit with a fire going on, we can meet there" Kalai said as his vision disappeared.


A Hop, Skip, and Jump

Chapter 9


Vincenzo had one of his ranch workers go into town, to let Darmax know he wanted to have a meeting with him. Knowing where Vincenzo would be Darmax walked over to his workshop where he was shaping a surfboard. "Vinny, what's up?" Darmax asked as Vinny turned his head towards Darmax. "Let go outside, there is something I would like to tell you," he said as they went outside and sat on a bench that was near the door. "There is going to be some changes to the company. My family and I will be leaving the mainland and returning to Nanipua's birthplace.


It has been on our minds for some time and I decided it was time to make a move" Vincenzo said."What about the company?" Darmax asked. "You to be in charge of it. I will have the paperwork drawn up indicating what will be yours. All I ask is 7 percent of what is going to be in profit from this company, placed into a trust for me. That I will use or will to my family in the future" Vincenzo said. "Why are you doing this?" Darmax asked. "I had a meeting with Vector and Leo yesterday and they wanted me to join them in a new mining venture. At first, the ideas sounded interesting, as I thought of joining them, but another thought came to mind. This new venture would take time away from me, from being with Nanipua and Wili Wili. She had been wanting to return to the lifestyle she once knew. I don't blame her for feeling that way. I too miss that way of life we once knew.


There was this time when we both came close to dying but were given a second chance by Outaforium and Zenn. We were saved by them so I could help them in their pursuit of accomplishing their goal, of what it is I do not know. But since you came onto the scene with Vector, who is part of their plan that I speak of. I figured you could take my place. Having spent time with you, I know you are more than capable of doing what they wanted me to do" Vincenzo said."I don't know what to say Vinny, but if you feel I would be the person to take your place, then I will do my best to honor your wishes," Darmax said.


"Vector will be taking me to the islands to make arrangements with someone I know there. Then return and make the move with my family in a couple of weeks or maybe sooner. So I will let Vector and everyone in the company know you will be taking over. There is a chart in my office of the scope involved with each area and what the job requires of each employee. We will go over it before I leave, well that's out of the way, do you want to go surf?" Vincenzo asked. "Sure, I have my board in the back of my wagon," Darmax said.


Two weeks later aboard Ori, Zenn and Outaforium are looking at the holographic screen with the chessboard in front of them. "Well, Vector has taken Vincenzo and his family back to the islands. Our positions still remain the same on the board. Let's take Vincenzo off the chessboard and move Vector from his previous position of the second star to the first star. With Leonardo moving up a notch, followed by Darmax onto the third-star position to make the belt, which will hold up our defense" Zenn said moving the pieces around. "They will also lead the way in the periods they are in. But we will hold the key to the doors of their travel" Outaforium said.


"Looking at the screen with our moves, the computer has made a switch by placing Tremodox of Anozoota into Khaos's spot. Allowing Evectra to be the Lead Consultant, with Brutano becoming a dwarf star. Our 3 stars will contend with their Dwarf star and you Outaforium will contend with Evectra" Zenn said. "The dimensional chess boards have also moved and shifted the players around on it. " Outaforium said as the player on the dark side moved in an offensive posture with Tremodox the Commander rising from his square space."Interesting, Tremodox is going to make a move, but it's our move. Let's see what Vector is going to do, then we will make our move" Zenn said.


"I see where you are going with this. Tremodox is going to change the rules of how this game is to be played, We will have to make adjustments to how this rule change will play out" Outaforium said as Zenn is wondering what the computer has in store for them using its database. "Zor2 are we near our destination in Antarctica?" Zenn asked as their other project took priority over the previous thought process.It has been two months since Vincenzo, Nanipua, and Wili Wili returned back to the islands. Vector, Leo, and Darmax had formed their mining company with Rocky and Frank being part of the VLD company under Vector's guidance.


After further review, the headquarters would stay in Portobello and the location at Puerto Tecnolo was disregarded. Vector did some number crunching and realized the amount of gold needed to make it happen. It would have put the company in the hole financially the first year. He would have been running around in circles trying to meet construction schedules, at the same time transferring supplies from the mines. He realized it was more important to spend more quality time with Artemesia, than being in a business frame of mind 24-7. Darmax and Velidia would take over Vincenzo residence and remodel the ranch with the help of Vector.


Keeping the surf shop the same with a few modifications. A large warehouse was constructed nearby with an underground tunnel leading from the warehouse to an underground vault a quarter of a kilometer away. The entrance to the tunnel had a large secure steel door.As the 3 stars are making their next move. Evectra and Brutano are capturing more gold from the Spanish fleet to supply their banks in Europe. The banks would supply the different monarchs with money to fight against each other, so they in turn could accumulate more wealth for their coffers. The matter of income for the dark side of the chessboard was increasing. The shipment of more slaves to the southern areas of the east coast of the new world would go unabated for centuries, which made Brutano who was a puppet of Evectra very rich. Evectra had other ideas of the power that was given Brutano. As the pawns were being moved, the second line of movement was being planned out.


The VLD company was growing as well, with each new find in Mexico and Peru they added more vault storage. Leonardo was managing the gold and shipping on the Caribbean side, with Darmax responsible for the Pacific side. Artemesia, Flo, and Velidia would be involved with garment operations which had Artemesia being in charge of the division with Florencia in charge of the fashion department and Velidia would oversee the import/ export of the fabric. Keeping the tradition of those who work together, play together. The three families would take time off to relax. On special occasions, the families would have a beach party get-together. Where they would spend the afternoon surfing and getting away from their business responsibilities over the weekend and value their time together as a family. Meanwhile, Vinny is surfing with Wili Wili and Nanipua without a care for the game that is being played. He only knows that he is growing old with his son and enjoys making surfboards for him and others.


Vector would take Frank and Rocky on his exploratory trips to different parts of the globe. A few of those locations would be the Grand Canyon in the desert region of North America, the different places in South American regions of Colombia, Valenzuela, Peru, and Bolivia. Keeping records of the minerals found in those areas. Zenn and Outaforium would keep a watch of their players and think of the micro moves within the move that will affect the game. While Darmax is in his shop drawing different shapes for his rudder to be placed on the back of his surfboard. He cuts a groove into the bottom where his rudder will fit and uses resin sap from a rain forest tree. Wiping the excess before it hardens, then nails a small triangular piece at the base with the right angle touching the bottom and the rudder, after the resin sap has dried. Then covering and smoothing the two pieces together.


After a few days, he would take it out in the water and try it out. From trial and error, he would learn more about the rudder on a surfboard. Whenever he would see Frank or Rocky, he would tell them of the progress that he is making. With each improvement, he would continue adjusting to make the ride better. Besides mining and surfing, in the back of his mind, he wanted to build a submarine-like the one they just started to do back in Etobiius. But for now, he knew he didn't have the time to venture into a project of that magnitude. So, it was wishful thinking he thought as he looked out at the warehouse and the next shipment that Vector would bring in.


Above the Andes near Bolivia Vector gets a reading of copper deposit next to a gold deposit. He saves the coordinates for future references and continued his surveillance of the area. Making a circular turn at Chile. He gets a reading of zinc, iron, and a few other minerals particles. Then thinking back, he remembered orichalcum and its value in Atlantis. And the time he saw how a metal smelting facility made orichalcum. He knew of its value but wasn't sure of its properties in how much of one element is needed with another to make it. So, that idea was in the back of Vector mind as he flew back to the copper deposit and encapsulated it, and took it over to Darmax's place.


He saw Darmax after unloading his deposit and told Darmax about the various deposit that he came across and remembered orichalcum. "Yes, I remembered how much of the rods were needed to propel a submarine with and how to make the rods and at what proportions the copper, zinc, and nickel, lead, and iron was needed," Darmaxi said. "How did you find out about this?" Vector asked. "There was this one guy in our class whose father was into chemistry and who was in charge of the smelting factory in Atlantis before being transferred to Etobiius to start a smelting factory there," Darmax said.


"They were fuel rods to propel an engine of some kind?" Vector asked. "We were in the process of designing an engine and how the fuel rods were to be placed to draw the energy from it. We were going to discuss the engine and propulsion, but the volcano exploded and that ended the class and Etobiius. But I did some research and got an idea by using my father's calculations beforehand" Darmax said."If you don't mind Darmax, can you train Rocky on the mining aspect of the operation here and we can develop a special division in the company for you to be in charge of. It will be research and development of orichalcum and an engine to propel ships with. Would you be interested in doing it?" Vector asked. "Why sure, I wouldn't mind it at all I was thinking about this earlier today.


What a coincidence, as if you were reading my mind" Darmax said with a startled look on his face. "Before I forget, this is the info from Artemesia and Flo to Velidia. It is the current schedule of materials coming and what Flo has ready to ship to Europe and Asia" Vector said handing a briefcase to Darmax. They would talk for a couple of hours before Vector had to leave and talk to Leo and Rocky about what he and Darmax were going to do. After the dust had settled with the construction of another workshop for smelting various elements, a machine shop to make and assemble the parts. Darmax got a hold of Outatorium by way of Vector and developed a research library at the house. Since moving into Vincenzo's old house Darmax become more interested in astronomy. So to take his mind of all that was going around him. At nights he would go upstairs to the observatory and use the telescope to look out into space. As his mind absorbed the emptiness of space and wonder about all the stars he was looking at. All of a sudden a shooting star flies across his vision. Reminding him of the things he would need to do in the morning. Darmax closes the observatory and goes to bed.


Vector is flying back to Panama from Peru when another spacecraft pulls up alongside him. A message appears on his screen. "We come in peace and would like to know your intentions before furthering our discussion" signed by Gemmy of the Drapecyn Federation. Being surprised in meeting up with Gemmy again. Vector slowly remembers the procedure to communicate to others as was shown to him by Zor2, then he sends his message by signing his old name of Vectorius. A returned message appeared back. "Is this the same Vectorius I knew, whose king was Archtoprotus" the message said. "Yes" was Vector reply and waited to see what Gemmy would write. "Follow me down my friend. I would like to land see you in person" wrote Gemmy.


They flew down onto a deserted island in the Caribbean where Gemmy and Vector got out of their spacecraft. Gemmy's craft was 3 times the size of Vectors. They walked towards each other and greeted one another with a knuckle touch. Gemmy was in human form. "I have many questions to ask, What happens to Atlantis and King Archotoprotus?" Vector asked. "Atlantis would continue on for 300 years after Etobiius vanished. The Great Flood would end the city's existence and the rule of King Archotprotus. Many of the land bridges that connected one region to another were discontinued by water. It took time for the different groups of people to develop into civilizations. We continued to help and influence those people by giving them a calendar and information about the seasons. Also, we taught them about astronomy, mathematics, and agriculture. What about you Vectorius. How is it that you have a spacecraft?" Gemmy asked.


"Zenn and Outaforium whom you know brought my family and me to this place and time when Etobiius exploded. They taught me how to operate the spacecraft and let me use it" Vector said. "Oh yes, Outaforium is a good alien, I felt good working with him back then. I knew of Zenn by way of Outaforium. What do they have you doing now?" Gemmy asked. "I am working with a young man, he was a mapmaker before becoming a manager of a ranch for his father-in-law. Now he, my son in law and I are in partnership running a mining and garment company" Vector said."Vector, there is something we picked up while flying near an island, whose future name will be Haiti. We overheard a communication by an Anozootas spaceship. An alien named Evectra was talking with a human. They mention someone named Vector and two other persons. One was Leo and another was Vincenzo. That they are going to eliminate them and take over their assets. Would you go by the name of Vector?" Gemmy asked.


"Yes, my name was abbreviated to Vector and Vincenzo was the original person at the start, but relinquished his position to Darmax. What or when did they say about how they would take us out?" Vector asked. "They were talking in code. We gather it would be sometime shortly. Perhaps a month, maybe a year. They most likely will blast you with their proton lasers. It might be best to leave this time zone and enter another" Gemmy said. "I will talk to Qutaforium and see if that is possible. I also need to have countermeasures against their attack and make plans in restoring our wealth in the future. Thank you, Gemmy for the heads-up call of letting me know. By the way, what is the name of this island ?" Vector asked. "We call it Manana island. I must be going, we will meet again" Gemmy said as he disappeared.


Vector gave Outaforium a call and let him know what Gemmy had told him. "Vector, I will let Zenn know and we will get back with you," Outaforium said. Before Vector flew back to Panama, he recorded the coordinates of the Manana Island for future reference. Vector would return home and start planning on hiding their gold and silver near the area where the governor's gold was placed. Meanwhile, Outaforium and Zenn are discussing what Vector had mentioned. "So, the Anozootas are planning to wipe the table clean of our players. So our next move will be to transfer everyone from the current chess board to the one above it and set up a preliminary stage before our final move"

Zenn said as Outaforium looked at the four floating chess boards.


Vector had a plan and would get Leo and visit Darmax to go over what is taking place and how they should deal with their crisis. "We should prepare for a change and get ready to make a move. I have talked with Outaforium about what Gemmy had told me. We will most likely be traveling into the future again and start up a company there. I will make arrangements to purchase Manana island from Great Britain after they take it over. Then have Outatforium update a grandfather clause into the deed every 50 years. Then, when we move in the future, we can recover our precious metals load that has been stored in Panama" Vector said.


Double-Hull and Art

Chapter 10

Vector was wondering what it would be like in the future, and what will be valuable to have then, compared to the period that they are in. He wrote down a list of items and paused for a moment before going over to Leo's to check up on a few things that were being done. Artemesia would go along to see Flo about preparing for the transition they would make. They flew over and Vector would talk with Leo about what was on his mind. While Artemesia went over to see Flo. Vector mentioned to Leo what he thought, and what they might do. Leo said "I have to tell my crew what to do. I'll be back in 20 minutes. Will meet back at the house." "Ok," Vector said as he walked over to the house. Noticing the ladies were in a discussion about different fabrics and patterns. All of a sudden, Vector got the idea of going to Europe to pick up a few things there. "Vector. Flo and I had some great ideas of what we can do when we make the move" Artemesia said.

"Go right ahead, I just thought of something and will be back shortly," Vector said as he walked outside to let the ladies brainstorm. Vector sat on the porch couch and watched Leo explain to his crew what he wanted to be done as he began coming up with ideas after ideas. Having a scrap piece of paper and something to write with, Vector was in his world of ideas. It wasn't long before Leo came over and wanted to run his idea by Vector. "I too have made a list of what we can have in the future that could increase our wealth. Such as land, the precious metal of gold, silver, and a few other items that may become popular. Then I started to wonder about art, paintings in particular. Since you are from the region where paintings became popular. Why don't we purchase a few from the artist of the High Renaissance. We can make a trip over there and do some research of buying paintings and store them in a special vault. Then we can keep them as investments and sell them if we want" Vector said.

"That sounds great, it may take more than a few days to locate and purchase them. That reminds me of a drawing I have. It is a map of Palenque I bought in Veracruz, before coming to Panama. But yeah let's plan on going over to Italy" Leo said. "Yeah, I will back tomorrow to discuss this some more and what we will need to do to compensate Vinny since this company we have will be dissolved in this period and reestablished into the future. Let's do that first before going to Europe. Could I see that map you have?" Vector asked. "Sure, let's go inside. I have it in the study" Leo said as they walked in.

Leo went to the table in his study where the map was located and pulled the drawer out, where the map was. After placing a folder on the table, Leo opened the folder and unfolded the map. Vector looked at it and wondered about the symbols on the side of it and various locations on the map. "Where did you get this," he asked. "I got it at a shop in Veracruz, where Monty and I stopped at while we docked there. Monty was in charge of the mission we were on to find and document the location of the island where Vinny wrote his diaries. I don't know what happen to Monty after we returned to Acapulco. He bought a jaded Jaguar from the same store. I wonder whatever happened to him" Leo said. "That's interesting, but we need to get a hold of Outaforium and see if he could decipher this map. Let take this to the spacecraft and where I can make a copy and send it to him" Vector said. Leo agreed and the both of them walked over to Vector's spacecraft and sent the map over to Outaforium. Within a few minutes, Outaforium sent a copy back and on it was the wording of what the symbols meant. Both Vector and Leo read it and were amazed. It was a treasure map and the coordinates of the location of the treasure. "Do you want to go check it out right now?" Vector asked Leo.

"Sure, why not. The girls are busy" Leo said. "Ok, have a seat we should be there in a few minutes," Vector said placing the location of the treasure into the computer system. In invisible mode, they took off and were hovering over the site of the treasure. Vector and Leo looked down by way of the craft's monitor and saw nothing but jungle. "Let me switch to another mode where the vegetation is bypassed and we can see the structure below," Vector said as he turned the switch and the structure appeared. Using the X-ray function of the probe. They were able to see below and the pyramid temple without the vegetation. A large treasure room appeared below the pyramid with a vast amount of gold and silver items and different types of gems. "Leo, check this out," Vector said as he pressed a button and a scanned list of all the items that were in the vault and their estimated weights.

"Holy ducas, that is a pretty good size treasure. How are we going to get that out" Leo said as Vector was thinking of using a few commands at a time. "We need to find an open area to place the pyramid and temple. Let take a cruise around and see" Vector said as he started to fly around in a circular motion, radiating out from the temple. "There, that's where we will place it," Vector said. "Place what?" Leo asked. "The pyramid," Vector said as he returned to the location of the treasure and lifted the temple, pyramid, and vegetation growing around and on it. The structure went up in an invisible mode and they took it to the location where it will be placed. After placing it, the spacecraft grabbed some dirt from the area and returned to the treasure vault, and placed the soil and rocks next to it.

Then removed the treasure vault out leaving a square void where it once was. Placing the treasure to the side, the spacecraft moved the dirt and rock into the location where the treasure was and cover the pit and flatten the area. Returning to the location of the pyramid with the treasure vault. After unloading the treasure, they took the temple and pyramid back to where it was originally and lowered them into place. "After a few weeks no one will know what took place here," Vector said as they returned to the treasure and took it back to Leo's place and put it behind one of the warehouses to check it out. After which Vector would take it over to where Flo's father's gold was buried and place it next to it. Flying back Vector said, "You know Leo, after finding this treasure, it does make you wonder what did happen to Monty and the jaded Jaguar?"

The following day Leo and Vector would fly over to see Vinny. Vector knew from his previous visit that Vincenzo would be in his shaping room. Knocking on the side of his room, Vincenzo looked to see who it was. "Vector, what a pleasant surprise, what brings you here" then seeing Leo "Leo you too, it is good to see you both. Something tells me it has something to do with business" Vinny said. "There have been some developments back home and there is going to be some changes happening," Vector said. "What kind of changes are you talking about?" Vinny asked. "Well my family and I, along with Leo and Darmax and their wives will go into the future. That being said, what or how can we compensate you for your share of the company we developed" Vector said. "I'm not sure if there is anything. Let's go outside" Vinny said as he looked at the guys with a smile while clearing his mind of what he was doing.

"Well, you guys are going into the future. What caused that to happen?" Vinny asked. "There are some bad aliens after our assets. Outaforium mentioned these aliens have a plan with a couple of other alien forces to do us and the Zorivians in. They, Zenn and Outaforium can take care of themselves but felt it best for us to get out of this period. And go into the future for the sake of our family and welfare. But, before we do, we needed to make things right and that is why we are here. What about we exchange something to the ali'i to your north and the one whom you are situated with" Vector said. "I know what I said to Darmax about only a percentage of what the company would make. After being here I wouldn't have any need of the income that the company will make" Vinny said. "I don't understand, You don't want anything we can provide you. But what if we barter with the ali'i and get some land or other things of value like large double-hull canoes or small canoes or tree trunks from the Koa forest" Vector asked with Leo nodding his head.

"Maybe some extra tree trunks to make more surfboards with and a double hull canoe to go fishing sounds good. Let take a walk to Kalai hale and get some ideas from him" Vinny said. "What's a hale?" asked Leo. "It's a house" Vinny replied. "Ok," Vector said as they walked along the beach and talked about the aliens who were after them. It wasn't long before they came up to Kalai house and could hear him chipping away on koa wood in making a surfboard. They knocked to let Kalai know they were outside and he greeted them. After telling Kalai about what Vector and Leo wanted to do, about helping Vinny with his stay on the island. Kalai looked out at the ocean and walked over to the beach. He sat on a half-buried boulder and faced the water's edge, dividing his view in half. On one side is the ocean and on the other side land. As he began to speak the tide pushed the surge from the wave that had reach the beach and Kalai's feet.

"The choice is up to Vincenzo of what he would like," Kalai said. "We offered him a large double-hull canoe and smaller canoes and if possible with the ali'i, land and other items and koi wood to make more surfboards with," Vector said. That sounds good to me, but as I mentioned it is up to Vincenzo. The double hull canoe and canoes sound pretty good. Even land makes it's a tempting offer. Though he has the land to live on now. Why would he want more land compared to what he has now? Or the wood to make a surfboard, where he can go out and get his wood when he needs it 
and thank our gods for it when he takes it" Kalai said looking at Vincenzo looked at his friends and Kalai.

"I have all that I need to live a good life. A good wife, a son whom I can teach to become a good man. To surf and fish and do things with my village. I like my lifestyle now and I am happy. But, having a good size double-hull canoe doesn't sound bad either, to go fishing on and a few canoes that my other friends who do not have one could use. And a few more fruit trees for their families to eat from doesn't sound bad either. So if I can get four double-hull canoes for me. I would like Kalai, my ali;i to the north of me and the ali'i to the south of me to have one. We will need to honor those trees that are to be taken with our thanks. The same would go with the wood we take for the small canoes. Then I will call it even and the company will owe me nothing after that" Vinny said. "You got yourself a deal. We will take care of it in a week and have it for you after that" Vector said with a smile on everyone's face, Vinny gave Vector and Leo a hug and a nod to their head to seal the deal.

Kalai thanked Vincenzo, Vector, and Leo and asked if they would like to go surf with him. The guys looked at the surf which was flat when they first came to the beach. Now it was breaking 4 feet and in good shape. "I have a few boards back home we can get to surf on," Vinny said. "I will see you out there since I'm closer to the waves," Kalai said with a laugh as he turned to his shop and walked up there to get his board. He turned around to see what the guys were doing and noticed they were running up the beach with Vinny in the lead. After their surf session, Vinny, Vector, and Leo went to the forest to choose the wood for Vector to take back home by placing a twig with a colored cloth. The flag will tell which tree will have their offerings placed.

After cutting down the trees with the laser beams and bundling them into a stack. The wood was taken back, Vector and Leo had their craftsmen's work on the double hulls and small canoes day and night. The hulls were designed by Darmax who was delighted to have designed the double hull canoes for his friend and mentor Vinny. They were completed within a week and taken back to the island where everyone who was expecting them, were amazed by them. Vinny and the other walked aboard Vinny's double hull canoe and were given a test ride by Vector, Leo, and Darmax. Kalai was stoked at the speed the hulls were cutting through the water and the handling of the rigging by three persons. The special fishing gear that was designed into the rear of the boat made Vinny and Kalai smile and knew the other ali'i would be happy with their boats as well. It was time to go and the friends said their farewells.

After their busy schedule the prior week Leo and Vector discussed where they would go first to obtain some paintings. Their game plan was to Venice first then Florence and to Rome. Leo recommended what type of clothing they should wear and let him do all the negotiation on the painting. Having traveled to Venice once before, Leo mentioned a place where he knew someone that might know where they could get a Tintoretto painting. They could stop at another mapmaker shop that he and his father had visited and known the owner. Who happened to know others in the private business of art collecting and establishments where his painting would be displayed. They left at 10 pm Panama time and 30 minutes later if was 5:30 am Italy time, landing near the Grand Canal on an open field.

Hovering just above the muddy conditions of the marsh soil, Vector is looking for a spot where he and Leo could be beamed down onto a dry spot. With his remote control device and his carrying case of coins with him. He has the transport system beam him and Leo down 10 ft. onto the ground, during the early morning darkness. Leaving the craft at that location on invisible mode. They walked over to a gondolier station where a few of the gondolas showed up. "Let's take the one with the yellow, red, and green colored gondola," Leo said as they walked up to it. "Where to sir?" the gondolier asked. "What is your name," Leo asked. "Antonio Veron" he answered back. "What is your fee for the entire day," Vector asked. "30 scudo" Antonio said. "What about for 3 days," Vector asked again. "For you two, 80 scudo, sir" he said. "Ok, so on the second day it will be 30 scudo and on the third 20," Vector said. "Yes, that will be fine,

"Alright Antonio, take us to Alberto Ferraro's map shop," Leo said. "Si," Antonio replied as he pushed off and enter the Grand Canal. "You are new to Venice, aw what is your name?" Antonio asked. "I am Leonardo and this is my business associate Victorio" Leo answered back. "Where are you two from" Antonio continued wanting to start a conversation. "I am from Florence and my partner is from a town in Spain. We are in the art business, collecting paintings" Leo said. "I have a cousin who wanted to be an artist, but change his mind after his wife became pregnant and needed to have a steady job," Antonio said. "You wouldn't happen to know various art dealers in Venice would you?" Leo said. "A few art studios, but no dealers," he said as he navigated along the canal. We are near Alberto's shop as Antonio glided to the side of the canal and parked it near the walkway. "He is around the corner of this building with his sign in the window, I will wait here for your return" Antonio answered back. "Here is ten scudo, we will be back in a short time. Another 10 at noon and 10 more when you take us back to where we started" Vector said.

Walking over to the shop they see the shop sign and go in. Alberto was putting away a few maps when they walked in. "Ciao (hello), can I help you," Alberto said before continuing "You look familiar, do I know you," he asked. "Yes, my father and I visited you about 5 years ago. I am Leonardo Vi and my father was Guido" Leo said. "Yes, now I remember. How are you and your father" Alberto asked? "I've been away from home and will be visiting him soon after my visit here in Venice," Leo said. "How can I help you," Alberto asked. My business partner and I are looking for paintings by the old masters. Would you know any of their painting for sale?" asked Leo. "No, can't say that I do, but there is someone who might know. His name is Francisco and is two shops down from here (pointing to his right). I think he is in" Alberto said. "We will go see him and find out some more. Thank you for your time and advice Alberto" said Leo. "You are welcome, come in any time," he said as he turned to put away the maps that he was about to do before they had entered.

Vector and Leo went two shops down and into Francisco's shop. Hanging on the walls were a few known masters such as a Bellini, a Titian, and a few Veronese. Others situated on the floor angle stacked in a row, were some Carpaccio, Vecchia, Palmavecchio, and a few others. "May I help you?" Francisco asked. "Yes, my business partner and I are looking to purchase a few paintings. My name is Leonardo Vi and this is Victorio Durasel" Leo said as Vector finger walked across the paintings looking at who painted the paintings. "Well, you came to the right place. Which one would you like to buy" Francisco asked? "For starters, we will take all your Titians and Bellinis that are hanging on the walls and those in back if you have more," Leo said. "Yes, we will take these on the floor, and do you have any more in your backroom," Vector said. Being dumbfounded by the purchase, Francisco was calculating the price and looking behind the painting for prices he didn't remember.

"You are looking at over 10,000 scudo in this room and the more expensive ones are in the room in the back. Which is close to 100,000 scydo. Where will you be taking these paintings to?" Francisco asked.
"We are not a liberty to say. But we can pay for it today" Vector said. "Can you crate the ones we purchase today?" Leo asked. "Yes, I have a helper in the back. It will take a few hours" Francisco said. "We can take a few crates now as they are completed, and I will stay here and help with the others. While my associate takes them to our boarding house" Leo said. "Very well. I can start taking the Titian, Bellini, Tintoretto, and Vivarini down and start to crate them. But first, you must pay" Francisco said. Vector came forward with his carrying case and separated the silver scudo and the gold ducat to match the amount that Francisco wanted whose eyes were expanding as Vector counted the amounts for each painting. Francisco rushed to get his helper to help him take down the paintings.

After the first few crates were ready, Leo went for Antonio to help take the crates to the gondola. "I will be back for the rest of the painting. As mentioned Leo will stay and make sure we will get the painting in the crates that we paid for" Vector said as he and Antonio went to the gondola, went over to a carriage shop to rent a carriage on the mainland at San Guiiano. After securing a carriage and putting the crates in the back of it, Vector had Antonio wait for him to return. Riding towards Mestre Carpenedo after about 15 minutes Vector stopped and got out his remote control device to the spacecraft. He had it fly over to where he was by the homing device in the remote control device. It flew over and Vector tell by the beeping sound that it made while overhead.


He turned on the invisible mode for the crates and was beamed up into the spacecraft. Now silently hovering in place at that specific location the spacecraft would wait for Vector to return. After about 10 minutes, pretending to be reading a book Vector turned his carriage around and went back to the rental yard where Antonio was waiting. Getting back into the gondola without any questions being asked by Antonio. Vector and Antonio returned to Francisco's shop to pick up the rest of the painting that had been crated and Leo. Returning to the rental yard once again for the carriage, Antonio was paid for his day of service and would return home and wait for the guys tomorrow. This time when the carriage returned to the rendezvous spot. Vector was beamed up with the crates and Leo took the carriage back to the yard and walk along the road for about ¼ mile before being beamed up and returned to Panama where it was 10 am.

They placed the crates in a secure location in one of the warehouses and made a list of the artist and their paintings. "Well, that turned out well, go on home and rest. I will pick you up later tonight, same time same place" Vector said. That night which would be that morning in Italy, they would go over to a shop that Francisco mentioned to Leo and they would do the same procedure as the previous day. They talked it over and would only do two days in Venice. Vector tip Antonio for the amount he would have made for the third day. After going back home, Leo told Flo that they would be going to Florence to find paintings and to see his family. Flo looked forward to seeing Leo's parents and where he grew up at. As before, they would take off during the night. Leo would reminisce about growing up there and tell Flo stories as a child.

Vector parked the spacecraft at an isolated part of town before they would stop by the shop where Leo and his father use to work at. It had been boarded up not knowing why but found out that his father had fallen ill a few months prior. Standing in front of the shop, Leo felt a chill thinking something was wrong. They went to his parent's home and to see them. After introducing Flo and Vector to his mother and aunt, Leo asked about his father. He was told by his mother that he had passed away two months ago and a letter had been sent to him. "It may be on a ship somewhere," Leo said.

His mother and aunt were anxious to catch up on Flo's life and how she met Leo. Vector did his best to consul the grief of the moment and explain his path of doing business with Leo in a roundabout way. Leo asked where his father was buried and would go there in a short while, after their discussion, and would return after they had taken care of their business. The threesome went to the cemetery, where Leo spent a few moments to express his feeling over his father's grave as tears ran down his cheek."

Leo, we will come back tomorrow to do our business. So we will return to Panama and resume what needs to be done tomorrow.

Sitting in his backyard after the half-hour flight back. Leo went for a walk up the beach and felt the sorrow of losing a loved one as a seagull glided by. Leo returned from his walk and Flo said she is going to visit her father tomorrow and wouldn't be going to Italy later that night. Flo felt the sadness Leo was feeling and thought of her father who was bedridden himself. He understood and thought of something to say on her behalf when he would see his mother and aunt. Leo and Vector made the rounds of visiting different shops and estates that were selling paintings of old masters. The prices were high for those times. But were cheap compared to what Vector knew of their value in the future.

Visiting Rome later that day, they found an early painting by da Vinci known as the Medusa Shield and the Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence by Caravaggio before flying over to the Netherlands and purchasing a few Peter Paul Reuben, Hans Holbein, and a couple of El Greco, before calling it day for acquiring painting of the old masters. Back at Leo's warehouse, he and Vector were in awe with the collection they had before them. "This collection will be worth a king's ransom," Vector said as Leo looked at him and would sigh. Remembering what his father had said to him when they crossed the river Arno on that day his life would change. "Life is like this bridge we cross. So many memories will flow past you as you make your way across to the other side."


Turning the Page

Chapter 11

Back on the island of Haiti, Brutano and Evectra are plotting a scheme to attack Portobello and to take its gold reserve. Viewing a map of the location on a table, they are using pieces of small wooden blocks with flags pinned to them. The blocks are to identify where the fort and the gold supply are to the governor's hacienda and the harbor. "My spies tell me there is going to be a large shipment of gold to Portobello in a couple of weeks. Is it possible that we can cause a disturbance at the harbor and fort as a distraction, and move a couple of our spacecraft to obtain that shipment from Panama City?" Brutano questioned. "The Spanish forces on both sides would know and would prepare for an attack on their shipment. We would have no problem with them, but it is the Zorivians and Drapecyns is of my concern" Evectra said.

"If that is the case, what can we do to counter their defensive move on our forces if that were the case," Brutano said. "They would shoot down our spacecraft from their main spaceships. We would need to have their spaceships placed at another location to protect what they will think will be the objective of our attack, for the plan we are thinking to work" Evectra said. "Do you think Vector and his group will be a part of this?" Brutano asked. "Most likely, we will need to eliminate that group and take over their assets," Evectra said thinking of Vector as a thorn to his plans. "What if we caused a smokescreen by sending my pirates to Portobello, but first having a landing force placed at Playa de Lunada. They will be a decoy to make them think it is an assault from land on the fort. Then you and Dracola with your spaceships attack the Zorivians. Having them call the Drapecyn ships to help them out. Allowing our two spacecraft to take the shipment from Panama City within a matter of minutes" Brutano said.

"If you land at Playa del Lunada and stay there for a day or two while the pirate's ships sail over to the harbor as part of the decoy for the Zorivians to watch over. While the Drapecyn's vessel is watching the shipment our two spacecraft will lay low in Colombia waiting for the Drapecyn's to help out Zenn. Then go in after getting the word from us to do so. We will be taking out Vector and Leo's locations as another distraction before the main attack on the fort and harbor by the pirates?" Evectra said as he moved two blocks representing their spacecraft to a certain location on the map, without touching the blocks as he continued "Then the two spacecraft will attack using their stun-beams and bring the gold back here to Torture Bay. Your men will get back onboard the ships and return here with our mother ship covering your back."

"So, the distraction will be the fort and harbor for Zenn to protect and the large shipment from Panama City for Gemmy to watch over as Dracola and your forces will focus on Zenn mother ship. As you send your spacecraft to destroy Vector and Leo's places" Brutano said. "Yes, after the brief skirmish, we will move out of the area and pretend to be going to our base on the moon and have them chase us halfway before we turn and fight them again. While Dracola and his forces fight Gemmy" Evectra said. So they will think we have another objective in mind while our two spacecraft return to Haiti and unload the treasure" Evectra said looking at Brutano. "So, our main objective is to get the shipment and take out Vector, Leo and the Governor's locations" Brutano replied nodding his head up and down in agreeing on the plan. "Very well, I will let Dracolas know of what we will do" Evectra said.

Their plan of sending a fleet to Playa de Lunada was being implemented and the fleet would be arriving in a week. Vector was told by Outaforium that Evectra and Brutano had something up their sleeves in a text message and would get back to him the following day. Back aboard Ori, Outaforium is in discussion with Zenn about the battle that will take place. "Something doesn't seem right, our spies tell us that they are going to attack the fort at Portobello for the gold there and will land troops at a location north of the fort," Outaforium said. "Why now on attacking the fort. They could have done that before or sometime later" Zenn said. "There is a big shipment coming out of Panama City in a week. Do you think that might be what they are after?" Outaforium suggested. "Not sure, let's have Gemmy watch the shipment and we watch over the fort and harbor and see where they will attack" Zenn said.

"What if the shipment is the main objective, would they use their men and ships or a spacecraft to do the job," Outaforium said as he continued. "They would use their spacecraft for a project of this size. What if we sink a few of their ships before their landing and the crews of that boat were to be rescued by the other ships. Most likely they will cancel the attack knowing something went wrong" "Yes, that would slow them down and most likely it won't be feasible for them to go on with fewer ships is what I'm thinking. This move would put them in stalemate for this battle" Zenn said as Outaforium agreed.

"But they would go after Vector and Leo as they had planned before, but this time they would use their full arsenal to get them out of the picture and take what they have, it would be a sizable treasure in comparison to the Spanish amount. That would affect our future moves and the overall game plan we have. What we will need to do is move them now, instead of the original plan of later. Go ahead and update Vector about what we are going to do in a text message" Zenn said. "So, if we take out their original plan of the gold shipment. Their next move would be going after Vector, Leo and their families as a revenge tactic. So we must move them into the future at a new location to get them out of harms way, as soon as possible. This move will put them onto the next chessboard above the one they are on now, so to speak to counter Evectra and Brutano next move" Outaforium said paraphrasing what Zenn had in mind.

After receiving the message, Vector would fly over to Acapulco and tell Darmax what is going to happen regarding the move into the future and what needs to be done before that. "After I have removed most of the silver from the mines. You will have to lay off the workers and shut down the operation" Vector said. "Do you think some of the guys or someone else would go back in and claim the land again?" Darmax asked. "Most likely, but I will collapse the tunnels using the ultrasound vibrator and lay another layer of soil on top of it. And what I know, there isn't be much left. I will return tomorrow and let you know more of the plans that is being developed. Outaforium has agreed to do his due diligence on saving the island where we will eventually own and operate from" Vector said. "What island was that again Vector?" Darmax asked. "Manana Island" Vector replied with a distant look on his face toward the horizon.

"Velidia is getting ready and will tell the office personnel of the shutdown and has prepared a compensation package for everyone for their service. She will tell them we are going back to Europe and haven't decided on which country that will be tomorrow" Darmax said. "Ok, you and Velidia are doing a good job, I am proud of you both. See you tomorrow" Vector said as he started walking back to the spacecraft. Back at Portobello Flo was talking to Leo about staying and wanting to take care of her father. "I know how you feel and I will stay with you. For me, my world without you is not what I want. There will never be anyone else for me, except you" Leo said holding her hand. "What are Vector and his family going to do in the future?" Flo asked. "I don't know, but there is a meeting at Vector house tomorrow. We can find out what they have in mind. But for now, we will need to have your father over here and work our schedule around him" Leo said.

Vector had picked everyone up, we're waiting for Outaforium to show up. Leo mentioned to Artemesia that Flo wanted to stay and take care of her father. But before Artemesia could say something, Outaforium appeared near the group and Leo said "Outaforium, Flo and I are going to stay here. Her father is terminally ill and she doesn't want to leave him now" Leo said. "That is alright, we can watch over you, Flo, and her father at your location. Then at whatever time her father's health should worsen and passes away. We will relocate you both to where Vector and his family will be. But first, we must move you out of this period and to a new location. There are plans to eliminate you all by the Anozoota" Outaforium said. "Where is this new location going to be?" Vector asked. "Ever since Vincenzo got you all interested in surfing, Zenn felt a certain understanding for that way of thinking. So with that in mind and knowing things of the future. Zenn decided to move you to a place that will be known in the future as California. It is a place where much development will happen. But when you are there it will be wide open terrain of some green vegetation and drought tolerant evergreen shrubs and trees known as chaparral. It will be a simple life for a few years, then things will change after that" Outaforium said.

"Where is this place California you talk about?" Leo asked. "It is around 3000 miles northwest from here. The Anozoota will have no clue of your whereabouts. There are a few people in this area, most will be living in the bigger cities along the coast where shipping harbors are prevalent. The location where you will be located was once occupied by native tribes connected to the larger group of Luiseno Indians, the main tribe was situated inland from the coast. They were first confronted by Spanish missionaries who arrived some one hundred and fifty years from now. With their first contact with the Spanish, many became affected by the diseases brought by them and got ill and died. Those who overcame the illnesses would become servants to the missionary or ranchers. Others would move on or do whatever to survive and make a living in their changing world" Outaforium said giving a brief history of the location that they will be living at.

"Will I still be able to have use of the spacecraft that I'm using now?" Vector asked. "Yes, there are a few things during that period that you can use it for. One such event will happen after your arrival, and that is the Yukon gold rush in Alaska / Canada. Another area you might go to is Corsicana, Texas, to invest in a refinery there. Oil was found in Texas and there will be a need for gasoline. By investing in oil and refinerys will be a good investment. Use your detector to find oil and purchase the land in different parts of that state. With the introduction of the automobile it will make your investment worthwhile" Outaforium said. "You mentioned two locations we will be sent to before settling on Manana Island. Where else will we travel to?" Vector asked. "We will let you know in due time, but not right now. You will be departing in a few days. So do what you need to do, I will return here again and take you to the new location" Outaforium replied.

"Will there be housing for us and water?" Vector asked. "Yes, we will have three houses for you. Another will be added later once Leo and Flo make the transition. There is a creek nearby that flows into the sea. We tapped into further up stream and have a well at the residence for that purpose of having water. There are salmon and steelhead trout and other fishes breeding there and other fishes along the coast to catch. Besides the fishes, there are abalone, sea urchins, muscles, and clams to gather. You should be able to grow vegetables in the soil there" Outaforium said. "Since we will be living near the ocean, is there surf there?" Rocky asked. "Yes, there is, You can take your surfboards there for the waves, from the information that I have gathered. There will be surf year-round with an occasional flat period" Outforium said.

"Do you have a map of the location and what period is it that we will be in" Vector continued with his inquiry? "Yes, I will get the information to you before the departure. Let me explain about the area where you all will be staying for a brief time. It is a bluff location where you can see the coastline for miles in either direction. There are two Spanish missions, one located to the south and another to the north. They were part of the Spanish Missionary system that was started in Mission San Diego de Alcalá, which will be known as San Diego. The road from there up the coast will be known as El Camino Real, from which the state of California was born. The state is part of the United States and that is a country. Those two locations that I speak of are Mission San Luis Rey to the south and Mission San Juan Capistrano to the north. The period that you will be living in is 1895-1900" Outaforium said.

"We will be staying five years?" Vector asked. "Yes, VLD company will be started again in the first part of the 20th Century. Those two moves before moving to Manana Island will be during your transition from 1900 to the middle of the century, we wanted to move you past the development of the Federal Reserve, World War 1, the global Spanish Flu, the Stock Market Crash, the Great Depression and World War 2. Into a prosper-able period where knowledge is the key. That stay will be just like the one you are in now" Outaforium replied in knowing how the future would play out. "Oh, another thing I almost forgot to mention. Zor 4 will be giving the ladies a demonstration on how to use the sewing machine in making garments and other ready-wear items. Zor 5 will show the guys the latest fishing gear and tackle" With that said the meeting came to an end. Having only a short time before the move, everyone went back to their locations and was busy getting ready.

Vector had gone to each location to encapsulate the belongings of everyone and took them back to his house. The mother-ship Ori hovered over the capsules with everyone was standing near it, before being beamed up. The group felt like they were in a trance and Vector could hear Outaforium say "Vector you are in a dimensional state of mind within what some call the String Theory. We know it by another name, that I'm not to mention. All the items in the beam of light are shrunk to a smaller size that would fit in a small jar with plenty of room within the ship as we enter into and out of this Quantum String Vortex.

It wasn't long, which seem like a second before a bright light turned into common daylight and everyone stepped through the light and was standing on a bluff overlooking the ocean. They came from the early 17th century into the summer of 1895. In the distance, they could see the coastline in either direction with a creek flowing out to sea below the bluff. On the bluff were 3 wooden houses, two barns, one with a corral for their horses and another for the same spacecraft that had been used previously. Looking up, they could see Ori hovering above them in the sky. "Well, here you are," Outaforium said as he was with them when they made the transition from Panama to California. "Look Frank, there are waves up and down the coast. The two breaks to the south look good. The one further south has a long er wave as far as I can see" Rocky said as everyone looked as Darmax walked over to the edge of the bluff. "Hey, there is a path down to the beach," he said pointing to its location.

"Ori will be overhead for a few days in a protective mode, just in case for the unexpected event, should that arise. You will figure out which house to stay in with your belongings in front of them. So, that should keep you all busy for now. There is a warm current from the south. So you can wear the swimsuits that you have now. But, the water temperature is cool to cold most of the year. "Zor 5 will be by tomorrow to bring the latest fishing gear and tackle that is being used. And show the guys how to use the fishing gear. There are plenty of fishes out in these waters" Outaforium said. "So, we will use the fishing rods and reels from shore, or maybe we can get a small boat and try to catch them offshore is what I'm thinking," Darmax said. "Yes, that is one way, just have to figure out where to put the boat. Further out offshore, there are some bigger fishes or schools of smaller ones. After catching them, you will have to clean them out by removing their guts, skin, head, and tail. Zor 5 will go over that with you also" Well unpack and I will see you tomorrow with food, after that Zor 5 and Zor 4 will show up in a couple days from now" Outaforium said as he disappeared.

Vector looked around and saw Rocky and Frank walking toward their house, which was next to Darmax and Velidia's house. Vector and Artemesia's house was further north, separated by an open area of 30 meters to Darmax and Velidia. A second barn was nearby where the spacecraft was located. The first barn was south of Rocky and Frank's house and where the horses would be staying. The houses were furnished with the necessary amenities. They noticed their belongings had been de-encapsulated and were sitting in front of their houses. Rocky and Frank looked for and found their surfboards and swimwear. Once they changed, it wasn't long before they hurried down to the beach to catch a few waves, before putting the other stuff away. They went out in front of the path on the bluff. Standing on the beach and watching the surf roll in. It wasn't long before the both of them walked to the water's edge. "Hey Rocky, there sure is a lot of rocks here and this water is a little cooler than back in Panama. But, it still not bad" Frank said as he did the rock dance before getting waist-high into deeper water, where they could start paddling out and not hit their rudder fins.

As they paddled out, the others were putting away their belongings. Darmax looked out through his backyard window and saw Rocky catching a wave and getting a long ride. He turns and sees Velidia putting things away and goes to help her, Vector did the same with Artemesia at their house. By the time Rocky and Frank got out of the water, the others had finished half their load. Placing their surfboards in the bushes near the path up the bluff, they walked back up and started to put things away. Later that evening, everyone was having dinner at Vector and Artemesia's backyard as they watched the sunset and talked about what they went through and what they were going to do for the next few weeks.

The following day after Vector was arranging the barn where the spacecraft is located, he checks to see if there are any messages and see a few. After reading them he goes and sees Artemesia. "I will be going to Alaska into the Yukon after we get things to straighten out here. Also, you ladies will have a visitor as Outaforium had mentioned, who will be teaching you how to sew on the sewing machine. And go over the latest fashion trends that are occurring during this period. I will be taking you up to San Francisco to get fabric, threads, and other items for making your dresses and garments. I made a list of locations to stop at and places you might want to eat at. I have a routine once we get there, during, and after the purchase of the items. We will arrange a location to meet at and pick up without causing a stir with people there. Also, besides the sewing. Flo's father had passed away in his sleep recently. She and Leo will be joining us soon after they take care of funeral arrangements and formalities" Vector said pausing for a moment to gather his thoughts and continued.

"Also Outaforium mentioned I can continue collecting art. I plan on going over to France in a week or so and you will be coming with me. We can spend time there to get away from this setting into that of Paris. Even though every day is like the day before here on the bluff. I don't 
mind the peace, but I want to put some spice into our lives as well. I'm not sure how the guys will adapt to this setting, but it will be for only a short time." Meanwhile Rocky and Frank were back down to the beach but this time Darmax was with them. "This time we are going to surf those waves over there," Rocky said pointing to the waves to his left. The ones in front of the houses were fun the other day, but I want to surf those waves" Rocky said as he started walking across the creek. The other guys would do the same as a set of waves came rolling in. They crossed over and walked over to a tree trunk that was on top of a sandy berm. They placed their surfboards in the sand in front of them and sat for a moment to watch the waves to get an idea of where to paddle out from. Frank was checking a set of waves coming in and breaking across the cobblestone bottom.

"Since we are new to this area and the only ones who surf. The naming of the surfing spot will be important when we try to explain where what is" Darmax said. "I'm with you Darmax said Rocky as Frank smiled at them. "What do you want to call this place and the one further down the coast," Darmax said. "What about Upper Creek waves for this place and Lower Creek waves for that place further south. The place we surfed the other day, we can call it Backyards" Rocky said. "Also let's use reverse psychology here. When we see the waves from the water looking into shore it moves left, but when we see it from land it is going right. So, being in the water saying which way you are going, makes more sense than saying which way on land. From now on let's call it as if we are out in the water. "That sounds good to me. At least we will know what we are talking about when we mention the spots or which way the wave is breaking" Rocky added and got up and got his board.

"Ok, rock dance here I go," Rocky said with a laugh, as the other followed suit into the knee-high water. Flipping their surfboards over and getting onto their boards, and began paddling out with the foam of breaking waves hitting their surfboards and them. Rocky fin hit a large rock and he went forward while his board stopped. "Look Rocky, there's the takeoff spot by that peak over there" Frank mentioned as he began paddling faster to that spot.

Being first at the takeoff spot Frank paddles for the wave and catches it. But unaware the tide was going too low and his timing is off. The nose of his surfboard plants itself at the bottom of the wave, with Frank flying like a clown shot out of a cannon. Darmax chuckles, thinking it was funny. The first few waves the guys were cautious and backed off from catching the wave. Then Darmax took off at an angle and made the drop. Then made the bottom turn and was climbing and dropping on the face of the wave, getting a good ride. Rocky and Frank looked at each other, then caught on and were catching the waves and got some long rides as well. After an hour and a half, the guys went in and watched the waves while sitting on the trunk of the sycamore tree that had become driftwood. Stuck on the beach for many years after the big storm years before.

"Let's leave our boards here and go get something to eat at the house and come back again for another session," Frank said and the others agreed. They got a bite to eat and had another surf session. After about an hour and a half, the guys felt cold, Darmax lifted his foot and noticed it was shriveled and kinda white. "I'm going in and back up to the house. See you there" Darmax said. "I'm going in too," Frank said feeling cold himself. Rocky would stay out a little longer, wanting to catch a few more waves. Being the only one out after 10 minutes, Rocky decides to go in as well. Riding the white water in he sees Darmax and Frank walking up the bluff to the houses. He slowly hurries to catch up and not wanting to stub his toes. Up at the house, Frank and Darmax are at the water well. Frank draws a bucket of water from the well, to pour over himself to get the dry saltwater off of him. He gives the bucket to Darmax and he does the same.

Vector is making a list of what to do around their new ranch and the barn where his spacecraft is located. Artemesia and Velidia are wondering about Flo and Leo and talking about cleaning the houses and setting up a garden for their vegetables. Velidia sees Darmax and Frank walking over to the well, and excuses herself and catches up to Darmax to see what they will be doing later and how it was out surfing. "Where are your surfboards?" Velidia asked. "Oh, we left it at the beach near some bushes, it will be less work bringing it back up and taking it back down. Do we still have some food leftovers?" Darmax asked. "Outaforium sent down more food earlier while you guys were out surfing. He said they will be doing that until we get on a routine of growing and gathering, our food. How were the waves?" Velidia asked. "Had a fun time, caught some long waves. I got an idea out in the water about developing a small engine for a small boat to use traveling up and down the coast doing some exploring and once Zor 5 bring the fishing gear and some tips on fishing. We will go fish and have more food to eat" Darmax said walking back to the house to do a few sketches on the designs he had in mind.

Frank went over to his and Rocky's house to do some cleanup and begin to figure out where he and Rocky could have a surf shop and build surfboards again. After rinsing off and changing into some dry clothes, Rocky went over to see if he could help his dad with the work that he might be doing. Artemesia was planning on dinner for her family and what she wanted to read afterward. Vector was about to go for a spin and saw Rocky coming over. "Want to go for a ride?" Vector asked. He took him for a flight along the coast. Knowing not to get within the vision of anyone, they were flying in invisible mode. They flew over the mission at San Juan Capistrano before heading out to sea and the two islands known as Catalina and San Clemente. Flying around both islands and hovering at bays, Vector thought were interesting before going back home. Vector and Rocky landed at the ranch, just in time for dinner at the main house. A general discussion developed during dinner and Darmax said he got an idea of making an engine to power a small boat.

"You know Darmax, there is someone at a place known as Detroit starting to work on the same idea, but for what will be known as automobiles. Henry, Henry something, I have to look it back up on my ship's computer. Ah Ford that's it " said Vector. "Interesting time we have been placed Vector," Darmax said. "Well, the boys will do the dishes tonight and I have some reading to do," Artemesia said. "Alright, you heard your mother," Vector said wanting to go back into the spacecraft and find out some more about the times they are living in. "What a day, I feel like I didn't accomplish much, but what a day for some good waves. After we do the dishes, I'm going back to the house to crash and call it a day" Rocky said.