Episode 3

Going to the Beach


One of the patio lights started to flicker before staying on as Leonardo continued “Looking into next year, everything is about to change. This virus that is going to happen will change the course of history. From what was going to be as usual into we have to change because there is going to be a lockdown.”


“So, what do we do” asked Vector. “Beside having cash, precious metals, crypto currency, food, household items, security, medical supplies and a backup systems of tools, a generator and fuels would be a good idea. Not all at once, but in list over time” said Leonardo.


Vector thought over what Leonardo had mentioned since he had only been in the time period prior to what Leonardo was talking about. “Since you brought this subject matter up, I can either go back and get what I need or go forward to see what to do next” said Vector knowing his capabilities were not restricted to the here and now.


“I had a feeling you might say that” mentioned Leonardo taking a drink from his glass of wine.

“So, I will have my spacecraft back tomorrow and we can fly over to Fiji and New Zealand in couple of days. I have a few things I need to take care of here before going. There are some detail plans I’m finishing up on regarding the house. I arranged some items from Auckland to be delivered in shipping containers to an open field near my structure in a couple of days” said Vector.


Having forgotten to mention what he was thinking about Leonardo said “That reminds me I will email over the drawing files of the property next door. I bubbled in a layer to those certain location where what I was thinking about regarding areas of interest. Have a look and see if any changes to those areas might make it better. I will be going over other files of the Fijian island later.” “That sounds like a plan” Vector replied as he got up to go back inside. “Yes, in a couple of days will be fine, I have a few things I too need to take care of as well” mentioned Leonardo getting up and following Vector’s in.


The wind was up early and the thought of surfing went out the window. Florencia was busy with her laptop as Leonardo was planning on what to do on the Fijian island, the property in New Zealand and his sail over to Hawaii. The Fijian island will be his research center for surfing and surfboards, the construction will be in phases.


Switching his thoughts to New Zealand, he is going over the rough sketch plans of a greenhouse range of 50 acres having hydroponics and aquaponics for vegetables and fishes in one portion of the main range and fruit trees in another. All being controlled by a computerized system at the house and ipad with the wireless digital communication system. Next to it will be the 200 acre plot for other uses in the future. The solar panel area and a small hydroelectric generating dam next to the river was in one of the bubble area. It will be the power source for the farming operation that was sent to Vector for his look over.


It wasn’t long before Leonardo called Vector to see if he was getting ready to go. “Hey Vector, are we on schedule” asked Leonardo. “Yeah, come on over and we will go” said Vector. “Ok, will be over in 20 minutes” Leonardo replied.

Flying over to Fiji to the island the agent had mentioned to Leonardo. Vector said “I’m going to try that maneuver the new equipment is supposed to do. Here goes” Vector said while watching the monitor and speed device. “Did you feel it” asked Vector. “No, not really” said Leonardo. “Simply amazing, no G force lag or anything” said Vector returning back on course.


Slowing down and hovering above the island where Leonardo was interested in. Vector begins taking pictures and does a flyover to gets a 3 dimensional wireframe modeling file for Leonardo to use later on his CAD program at home.

Landing on the beach Vector and Leonardo exits the spacecraft and takes a walk around the location they landed at. Leonardo points further away from where they are at to a Point break a few hundred yards away where some waves are breaking. “That looks interesting, on a bigger day it has the potential to follow the shore and break all the way here” said Leonardo looking past where they are and the darker color of deep water down the beach.


Turning around he sees a bluff of about 30 feet above the beach and starts thinking about putting a structure there. “Vector, lets go back into your spacecraft and do a survey of that lagoon over there. See how deep it is and how the bottom is” mentioned Leonardo wanting to have a place to anchor his catamaran. Getting back in they go some distance from shore before the spacecraft lowered into the water. Looking at the bottom, it was sand for about a 100 yards from the beach before a coral reef takes over. Vector takes the reading on the depth and contour of the bottom and the monitor reads 50 feet deep some 300 feet before the coral.


“Got the information on a wireframe model file using this advance sonar system on this ship” said Vector looking around he area with his cameras and gathering the data. “Good, I can start working on the concept of what I want when I get home” Leonardo said while jotting down some notes for later on. “Ready to go to New Zealand” asked Vector. “Ready, I got the info that I will need” answered Leonardo looking at his notes. Going straight up and making a splash as they leave the ocean and fly over to New Zealand.


Vector hovers over the boulders where his structure is located, he scans the location to see there were any disturbances. Then flys over to the containers. Let me dig a pit to put these containers in for the time being and cover them for now. The items in those containers is for my spacecraft garage” said Vector. “How big are you going to make your space garage” asked Leonardo. “100 ft. X 100 ft. with and underground passage way from the house” answered Vector. “With all the Bells and Whistles” asked Leonardo. “Yup, and more. Lets go over to the location you are interested in Leo” said Vector.


“Ok, that sounds good to me” said Leonardo. Landing at the house Leonardo and Vector take a walk around as Leonardo shared what he had in mind with the property “I made an offer and will know in awhile if the owner accepted. After the paper work is finished and the planning phase of the site will get underway with a design office and staff. Then have a large warehouse built near the house and start purchasing the equipment and tools that will be needed.”


“Heavy stuff like bulldozer, excavator, tractor, backhoe, excavator, forklifts, scissor platforms, and other equipments to build with. The road will be improved with parking lots located at the greenhouse, farm yard ” explained Leonardo pointing to the general area where they will be.Vector looked at Leonardo and could tell he was eager in wanting to do it as soon as possible.


“Yeah, that sounds good to me, I have some conceptual designs back home and we can go more into detail of how the hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponics will blend in with the greenhouse, farming, and orchard operation” said Vector as they continued to walk around and toss ideas around. Meanwhile Florencia, Artemesia and Velidia are having lunch at a cafe and talking about starting their own business of a clothing line. “I have the use of a warehouse Leonardo had rented and stands empty currently” said Florencia drawing on a napkin of her ideas on the table. “I can do the design and research” added Velidia.


“My experience in office management would take care of that department, but we may be overlooking the seriousness of this pandemic Leonardo is talking about. If the worst case scenario does happen, businesses will take a loss if history is my guide” expressed Artemesia being cautious of what the future may hold.


“Ok, lets keep things in perspective and see what happens. Leo and Vector are working on varies projects that will have an influence on what we might do. Changing the subject I was wanting to take up golf. Would you and Velidia be interested in joining me in some lessons” said Florencia. “I would love to” expressed Velidia. “Yes, I had been meaning to get out more. That sounds like a good idea. Count me in, when is your appointment” asked Artemesia. “This coming Friday at the Coastal Bluff golf course, 10 o’clock” Florencia said with a smile. “That works for me” answered Velidia. “Yes, that sounds good to me as well” added Artemesia.


Having returned from their trip Leonardo and Vector are talking about what they are going to do when they heard the sounds of a 2x4 being cut by a saw and hammering in the background. “Let’s go checkout what Frank and Rocky are up too in their shop” said Vector. “Ok, I was wondering how things are turning out” replied Leonardo. They walk over to their shop on the other side of the garage which is where the shaping machine is going to be located. A new shaping and glassing room is connected to the side of the existing garage. Having cut a doorway from the garage to the new addition. Vector opens the door to the hallway of the new shop.


They see Rocky and Frank framing the glassing room. The 12’width x 20’ length and the 12’ height of shaping room had been framed. “How things coming along” asked Leonardo. “Good, we are getting things done ahead of schedule” said Rocky stopping with what he was doing to explain their progress. “How were the waves today” asked Leonardo. 2 to 3 feet, but was blown out early. So we got more time to work on the shop” said Rocky. “It looks good boys, keep it up” Vector said walking around a brace that held up the side wall section to the back wall before being connected.


Leonardo and Vector waved as they left the work area and went to Vector’s backyard patio. “What should we do with our real estate portfolio” asked Vector. “Lets liquidate our holdings this year and get back into the market in 2022 after the dust settles” said Leonardo. “What about the mining operations” continued Vector. “We will hold on to them and start selling our oil shares” Leonardo suggested. After going over what they have and what do next Leonardo concluded their discussion by saying “Going down to the harbor and take care of few things I have in mind on the boat.” “Alright, I have some things to do myself” added Vector as they both got up and went their way.


At his nav station Leonardo is plotting out a course to take and jotting down notes of what or maybe of interests along the way. He hears the sound of a text message arrival and checks his phone. Florencia is wondering if he wanted to go for a daysail today. He texts back indicating he is at the boat and thinks it a good idea and replyed to her message.


Florencia is onboard within an hour and they are casting off for a day into the breeze of the moment and the different points of sail. Out of the shipping lane Leonardo is up front getting ready the spinnaker pole and the spinnaker bag. They went down wind for about half an hour before changing sails and started their tack back home. Back at the dock and somewhat fatigue physically and refreshed mentally, they cleanup before going onshore and back to the house. Florencia resume her lessons on the different software that she wants to learn and sketches different ideas for garments design that popped up while looking at an object in her studio.


Leonardo meanwhile is seated in his patio and recollecting their daysail and looking into what might be of the future. As Leonardo continues look ahead he sees food lines appearing and many who were unprepared for the sudden shock of being off from work find their pantries being depleted. Looking at the timeline of events and the schedule, Leonardo was thinking back about the thoughts he was having when they were on the boat and notes that he had jotted down.


Taking a piece of standard size paper turned sideways he begins to sketch a chart and places notes at certain time intervals of what is going to happen. Underneath the above chain of events he notes what he will do to coincide with the path they are on.


Leonardo’s phone rings and it is banker in Switzerland “Hello Gian, How are you” asked Leonardo. “Fine, thank you, I’m letting you know your gold is in our vaults and has been accounted for. Let me know if you need anything else” conveyed Gian. “Why yes, there is something I would like to have done. Would you know where I can get a hold of silver eagles” said Leonardo. “Why yes, I would need to talk to my friend at the mint, but how much were you looking for” asked Gian. “320,000 ounces, more if it is available” replied Leonardo. “Ok, let me ask. I will get back to you in a few days” answered Gian. “That sounds good, talk to you later, thank you, Gian” said Leonardo as he concluded their conversation by hanging up.


Going over the chart that he had drawn up, Leonardo started drawing circle with description in them and drew a line to a specific area on his chart. Leonardo gets another phone call and it is Vector. “Hey Vector, whats up” asked Leonardo. “The surf is up and is in good shape. My whole family is here at the beach and having a good time. Come on down and get some surf” said Vector. “Ok, just jotting down a few things I want to do and then go see if Flo wants to go” Leonardo said as he started putting away his chart into a folder nearby. “I will be there in about 40 minutes, Flo might want to go” said Leonardo finishing their discussion as Vector said “Ok” and hung up.


Driving up to the beach Florencia sees Vector and Artemesia on the beach under their beach umbrella with the afternoon glare reflecting off the waters. Walking over to them and watching some of the waves breaking at the same time. “It looks like fun out there” said Leonardo. “It is, go get some, still have a few hours left before sunset” said Vector as he started to describing some of the waves that he had ridden. Artemesia started telling Florencia about some ideas she had.


Leonardo watches as another set appears and starts waxing his board and getting ready to go out. It wasn’t long before he is paddling out, as Florencia is still talking to Artemesia. Leonardo gets out to the lineup and sees Velidia talking with Rocky and Frank. So he paddles over and join in on the conversation. “Uncle Leo, the waves are fun and plenty to go around” said Frank. “Is Auntie Florencia here” asked Velidia. “Yes, she is talking with your mom” said Leonardo as Velidia looked to shore.


“Here comes a set” said Rocky as he began paddling further out. Leonardo sees it too, and paddles out along side Rocky. “All yours uncle Leo” said Rocky. Leonardo took the second wave of the set while Rocky took the third. Velidia took the first wave and was going in. Frank watched as Leonardo and Rocky surfed by. After a half an hour later Florencia was out and enjoying the surf.


After the surf session everyone was back home, Frank and Rocky went to study the surfboard software , Artemesia and Velidia telecomunicating with Florencia about garment ideas and Vector and Leonardo planning their next trip to New Zealand. In the middle of the week Rocky and Frank received their shaping machine. Rocky is using their forklift to unload the crates and Frank is using the pallet jack to put the crates in the general location in the shop. Once everything has been unloaded, they will wait for the field rep to show up and help with the assembly of the unit next to the computer room.


While Frank and Rocky are opening the crates out in the garage. Vector is in his office designing the roads, 10 inch water supply route, the booster pumps and generator and housing, the underground electrical system and the septic from the warehouse, greenhouses, and other facilities tying into the septic system.


Leonardo is in the process of obtaining all the supplies and materials for a retractable greenhouse, insect screens, benches, piping for the hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic equipment, tanks and machines for the greenhouse to be shipped to New Zealand. Coordinating when the supplies will be arriving, along side of when and where the concrete walkways, curbs and asphalt road material will be poured and installed.


After scheduling the work and having everything ready. Leonardo hired a company to do the work in phases at the site. While all of this was going on, Leonardo and Florencia were somewhere in between Panama and Hawaii in communication with Vector who told them about the Repo Market had exploded skyward and the banks were needing liquidity.

      COPYRIGHT 2020 Thomas Takao