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"Printing Currency"

Seeing the island Leo is trying to get a hold of the control tower and gets no response. “What do you think Leo” Vector asked. “Not sure what is happening” Leo said as he continued to fly pass the small isolated island that he had seen previouly. “I see a sail off in the distance” Leo said as he is flys over the vessel at 1000 feet. “I recognize that vessel, but it can’t be. It is the same type of boat that I first went to Etobiius on” Vector said as he begins to realized they may have went through some kind of vortex in time and was back where he started from. “We are back in time” Vector said. “It sure looks like it” Leo answers back.


Suddenly the controls goes out and the plane begins to dive and spin. Leo is pulling back on the yoke stick and he gains control and levels off. Then after a few moments he hears a voice, it is from a control tower trying to communicate with Leo. “This is Grand Bahama Airport, over” the air controller said and repeated it twice. They look down and the boat that was there had disappeared and Leo and Vector are not sure what is going on. Leo looks at his instrumentation and they are back on. He tells the tower operator “My instrumentation went out, then it came back on. We need to land and figure out what is happening” Leo said. “Roger, our radar indicates you are 20 miles southwest of us. Approach from the northeast, winds from the south at 7 miles an hour. You are clear to land, we will stay in contact” the air traffic controller responded back.


After landing Leo asked a jet mechanic if he could take a look at his plane. He said he could, but it would be the next day. Vector then contacted the secretary of the person in charge of the meeting and mentioned he and Leo were having plane problems and would be unable to attend the meeting in time and would have to reschedule. The secretary called back after the first call and told him they would reschedule the meeting the day after tomorrow and that the owner of the project would send a plane over to pick them up tomorrow.


During their stay in Nassau the mechanic overseeing the repairs called and told Leo that some of his circuitry had burnt out and would need two to three weeks to get the parts to install. With that in mind Leo planned on being back in two weeks to pickup his plane. Vector and Leo made the investment in the resort and golf course and would be flying back home on a commercial flight.


Looking out the window and thinking what they had been through Leo turns to Vector and says “

I wonder what made us return to the time period which you were familiar with for that brief moment. Could it have been something you were thinking in your subconscious mind and floated to the surface the second we enter the vortex and it grabbed it and placed it into our situation, oh well maybe not”

Leo said as he took a sip from his cocktail and sat back in first class seat. Vector nodded his head up and down to indicate that he understood as he kept quiet and thought about Artemesia and his family.


Landing at LAX, Flo and Artemesia were there to pick them up. On their drive back to Dana Point where Flo had left her car Vector says “Let stop at the Cove, and have some seafood.” The four of them went over to Laguna Beach to have a late lunch at a beach front restaurant and talked about their trip and the strange mishap with the plane and the golf courses and resorts that they went too.


After returning to their house, Leo and Flo would drive back to their house as Artemesia would go inside. Vector was about to closed the garage door when Outaforium showed up. “Vector how are you, close call the other day” Outaforium said. “What do you mean” Vector asked. “We noticed you and Leo were going into in one of the transition zones of this planet and kept a surveillance of your where about in the zone. Then your plane started to lose control, so we went in and pulled you back out from the vortex field. After that the two of you were back to this time period and were able to reach your destination” Outaforium said to clarify his previous statement.


“Yes that was a close call, I had a feeling you and Zeuyu had something to do with our recovery. I would like to say Thank you for looking after us” Vector said as he conveyed his sincerity by nodding his head down after saying his words of gratefulness and slowly looking back at Outaforium. “You are quite welcome, we were not going to let you down after all we have been through. I have something that may be of importance and not available to anyone at this time. It’s a c-pad where you can text a message to us and in return we will message you back” Outaforium remarked as he handed it to Vector.


“A c-pad, it sounds like an ipad from our previous experience in Panama” Vector said. “It’s more advance and it can be connected into our main computers on board if you get the Ok from us. To learn how to use it just touch the tutorial button after inserting a password that you create after pressing the start button, thats it in a nutshell. Use it wisely at home and in your travels for we will know where you are at and what questions are on your mind” Outaforium said. “So, this c-pad is way more advanced. Does that mean I have something that can look forward and back into history” Vector asked. “Yes, think as you may” Outaforium said.


“I don’t want to be impolite, but why are you giving me this tool” Vector asked. “It’s about time, we felt you should know as much as possible of what is going to happen and what has happened. We know that monetary currencies is a key factor in human life. But we zonutals view it as a piece of paper and can duplicate it if we want. Do you remember when I mentioned Zeuyu was interested in surfing” Outaforium said.


“Yes, I remembered” Vector said. “I didn’t mentioned the underlying reason for his interest. Besides commanding our ship, Zeuyu is also a designer, a trait that makes him want to know about things and make it better. So he knew of the early surfers going back hundreds of years and those surfboard builders back then and the surfers and the surfboard builders of today and the years ahead. So he had an idea and shared it with me.


If he took someone who was a designer in a certain field and had him do surfing as a sport would he become a better person in his occupation or not. This someone would have to be from an early beginning of human civilization and being taught by someone at the beginning of another era. I found that to be an interesting concept and suggested using you. You seemed perfect for this of going through those time periods of development. We came across Leonardo through our travels and found out that he surfed and we would keep that in mind” Outaforium said.


“It was Zeuyu and you who were together in this idea of having me learn to surf and see what kind of designer I would become. I can tell you from my experiences that surfing has a special place within me. But I know of others who were designer and didn’t surf while in Panama and they were quite normal and were good people” Vector said.


“Yes, we know of those type of situations. We asked those questions and more, but felt you were the better choice for this concept Then, when the island of Etobiius was about to explode and by chance we knew of Leonardo had learned the sport in a different time period, we came up with the concept of you two joining up and pursuing the idea of surfing and how it would evolved” Outaforium said letting Vector why he was chosen for this journey through time with Leonardo.


“It’s kinda difficult to comprehend this concept” Vector said. “It is like 4 dimensional chess. You are making a move in a 3 dimensional world of reality and being transform into a different time and space type of chess board. It is still ongoing and there is much to learn from what the future has in store” Outaforium said. “In a round about way I was used so that Zeuyu could visualize the development of a designer through the progress of surfing” Vector said while trying to comprehend his travels as a designer. “Leonardo too, is a designer that has developed into someone Zeuyu thinks is working out well” Outaforium added.


“You look tired. I will let our discussion sink in. You can text me if you have any further question. I will be going back to the ship for now” Outaforium said. “Thank you for sharing and letting me in on why I am here. Also I find it interesting you can duplicate the paper currency of this country. Now I feel like I have the federal reserve as a friend” Vector said with a smile. Outaforium nodded his head up and down and said “Think about it” before he turned around and disappeared as he walk out the garage door.


Vector stood for a moment and then went inside and told Artemesia of what Outaforium had said to him. After his explanation and letting the dust settle with the new information that they were privileged with Artemesia says “ You know what you have and what it means” as she and Vector are seated at the kitchen table having a cup of tea and looking at the c-pad. “Yes, we are going to be better off than before and have to start thinking way more advance” Vector said feeling uncertain about his new tool. “Ok, lets start and place a password into the c-pad and text Outaforium about using their computer” Artemesia said wanting to go where they never been before.



"The Ups and Downs of the Market"

The password was created and going through the page procedures involved in setting up the connection Vector signs in. An open screen appears and Vector types in his message to Outaforium regarding using the ships computer. It would take a few minutes to get a response of it use. Outaforium mention there was a time limit of 50 years back and 50 years forward in his search for information on the ship’s computer for now. 1922 through 2022 was indicated on the screen followed by a question of what do you have in mind with a blinking cursor.


The ability of knowing what has been and what will be, reminded Vector of when he had his spaceship and was able to travel to those time periods. Even in this time period that he is in of being able to read about the past by using the public library system by looking up books on subject matter of interest seemed old fashion. Then he recalled this was what Leo was able to do with his gift from his godfather, able to see forward and back in time. Now with his new tool a window of possibilities opened up of what to do and when to do it for him was at hand. All he had to do was type in what is on his mind and find out without going anywhere to find out.


Being curious and not knowing certain things before entering the 20th and 21th century Vector types in when was the last stock market crashes and when will the next one be. The screen indicates 1929, 1973, 1987, 1999, 2008 and 2020. Vector turns to Aretemesia and says “The stock market crash happened in 2020, the year we left for the 1970’s and there will be one next year in 1973.” Vector starts to analyze what he is thinking and says to himself.


“That is why Outaforium had us leave when we did, he knew things would become chaotic for the middle income class in 2020, but not so much in 1973. By giving us insight of how it was before 1973, then during and after the crash. That will let us know something about it and how to prepare for our return in 2030. But the crash of 2020 will be way more severe in magnitude and have a lasting affect like the one in 1929, Vector knowing what 2019 was looking like as Artemesia asked.


“What does that mean of the market crashing.” “Well, before we left, the US was having a difficult time with their banking system and it currency. Then the pandemic happened causing businesses to close and people unable work. The domino effect happened and there was no answer to correct the economies back to normal. Not knowing when a vaccine would be developed was one of the things that made this virus questionable. Many were unaware of how or what to do at the early stages of this outbreak and that added to it. Plus it was an election year and all hell broke out” Vector said with a concentrated look.


“Does that mean the hardships after the crash is still going on into 2021 and beyond” Artemesia asked. “Not sure, let me look into it” Vector said as he typed in the question: What major events occurred in 2021. The return answer was a Global economic depression, the president of the US has detained many corrupt politicians in Guantanamo, Cuba, precious metal prices going to the moon and the Pacific Alliance was doing well, China was having a shortage of drinking water, food and an outbreaks of dieases that were caused by the severe flooding from 2020. The list was many as it continued scroll down the page.


“It doesn’t look good in the future since we left. Let me type our situation here” Vector said as he put the question of what major events happen in 1973 and the return information was a stock market crash, oil crisis, Nixon caught up in Watergate scandal, Secretariat winning the Triple Crown of horse racing and the list went to on. “At least we know what is going to happen soon and what will happen when we get back. This tablet is really nice to have” Vector said logging out of the c-pad and going upstairs to his study.


Vector called Leo and mentioned what Outaforium had given him. “Wow that’s really something, it makes my list look like kids play. Can we stop by and see your new tool. Flo and I are going surfing out front shortly, but let go sailing later this afternoon” Leo asked. “We have a get together with the kids today, what about tomorrow at your place. Feel like surfing down south” Vector replied “Sure, say 8 in the morning” Leo said. “Ok, Artemesia and I will be down there then” Vector said.


Leo and Flo are walking down to the beach and Leo tells Flo “Vector received a c-pad from Outaforium, it’s a computerized tablet that is able to communicate with the spaceship up in space where Outaforium is on. I gave my word that I wouldn’t tell anybody else except for you, so lets keep this between us.” “Alright, will do. It sounds like Vector is going to the next level of his stay in the 1970’s. Perhaps he will let us in on a few things” Flo said while placing her board on the sand and started waxing it, as Leo does the same.


Back in Costa Mesa Frank and Rocky returned from their early morning surf session. Frank is pulling the tape off a hot coat he had done prior to going surfing and flips the board over to hot coat the deck. Rocky is in the shaping room going over a list of shapes that needed to be done. He chose the 7’2” diamond tail that he will shape first and looks for a 7’6” blank among the blanks on wall outside of the shaping room. By this time Rocky and Frank were into making surfboards and were considering resuming their classes at a later date. They were collecting dividends from their shares of Mesa Atlantis and other investments that their father told them to go into. With a steady income they went surfing and made surfboards at their pace and were enjoying the lifestyle of surfing.


Meanwhile Vector is in his study contemplating his next project and looking at the c-pad. Sketching a few circles and squares and jotting down notes to get an idea of a direction or sequence. Artemesia walks into the room and says “Velidia will be unable to be at the Costa Mesa house, she and her friends had a plane delay in Vancouver and will be home later this evening. Lets call Frank and tell them we will have the get together tomorrow.” “I told Leo we would meet them tomorrow and show my c-pad” Vector said. “Let me call Flo and see if we can go down there later today and meet the kids tomorrow” Artemesia said. “Ok, that will be fine” Vector said regaining his train of thought of what he was thinking of before the change of plans.


Back in Oceanside, having gotten out of the water and were walking back to the house Leo and Flo were discussing their next trip aboard. “Do you want to go to Panama for a couple of weeks” asked Flo. “I wouldn’t mind it, when were you thinking” Leo asked. “What about in a few weeks from now” Flo replied. “Ok, that sounds good to me” Leo said as they continue up to their house. Flo was taking a shower to wash off the saltwater and Leo was putting away the boards when the phone rang and he answered it.


Flo came out to the patio where Leo was sitting and he tells her that Artemesia had called and told him about the change of plans and that they would be coming over in a couple of hours and to call her back. “Flo, I’m going over to the driving range at the local muni to hit some balls and putt around for an hour and will be back after that” Leo said wanting to step out and clear his mind and concentrate on his golf swing. “I’m going over to the nursery and pick up some some annual color for the front yard and some fertilizers. So you might be back before me” Flo mentioned before going back into the house.


Vector was looking up the current price of gold on the c-pad and it was $38, then looked up the next year and it was $42. Then he looked it up for 2020 prior to the presidential election and it was $1966. then in the summer of 2021 it was $5000. A red flag popped into Vector’s mind and he thought the dollar was losing it value and precious metal was increasing in price. Still in 2021 he was looking at the high price of gold, then switch screens and was looking at the high number of unemployed thought to himself that this is a disaster he was seeing.


Knowing after 1979 he had no control of what might happen to his wealth when they returned to 2030. The more he thought, the more confused he became. Then he got up and went down stairs and mentioned to Artemesia “I’m going down to the harbor and do a few things around the boat. Care to come along” Vector asked. “I have a few things that I’m doing now and need to finish. I have to pass on going down to the harbor” Artemesia said. “Ok, be back in an hour” Vector said thinking about the future.


After driving down to Oceanside Vector and Artemesia are talking to Leo and Flo in their living room and showing their c-pad. “Well what do you think of it” Leo asked. “I think it’s great and I have 7 years to get things done with it” Vector said. “As you know that was one of the things I was able to do of going back in time, it is a game changer” Leo said suggesting that he had had experience with the concept of knowing of things in past and things of the future.


Their discussion covered many topics and ideas and they knew it was just a matter of time before their trip back to the future would happen. “Vector what is happening in 2030 regarding shaping machines and surfing” Leo asked. Turning the c-pad on and going through the procedure, Vector types in surfing and shaping machine. The information came back with: shaping machine able to do rough and finish sanding of surfboard blank. Vector and Leo looked at each other thought the same thing. “Things are not the same as they use to be” Leo said. Vector types in: What is the price of a longboard surfboard? $2500 appeared on the screen.


Not wanting to pursue the subject matter Vector said “Well, its going to get expensive” as he logged out. Leo suggested going for an evening sail and motoring back. Vector asked “Would you have a safe place to put my c-pad.” Leo said “I do have a floor vault, follow me and we can place it there.” After placing it in the floor vault, they went to the harbor and sailed around as the colors of sunset turned to dark and they continued talking about the uses of the c-pad.


The following week Leo’s jet had been repaired and he and Vector were on their way to pick it up. After taking off from the Grand Bahamas Airport Leo noticed something was following them and it was a spacecraft. Vector with his c-pad texted Outaforium of their situation. Outaforium texted back and mentioned it was another alien race who were on the planet and had been in communications with them. Leo looked around and they had disappeared. “Can you ask Outaforium who they were and if he knew what they were up to” Leo asked. Vector conveyed Leo question and received a message back “They are another alien race and that they were associated with the same aliens who were after me since the 16th century” Vector replied and continued.


Zeuyu notified them that they were being observed by him and are over seeing the situation and not to get any ideas of abducting our plane. They agreed and took off. But I don’t trust them, this has been the third time since Panama that an alien race were after me” Vector said. Landing in Houston to refuel and stretch their legs and have a cup of coffee before making their way back to Oceanside. Leo had called Flo while in Houston to pick them up around 3 pm. She and Artemesia were waiting as they landed.


“How was your trip” Flo asked. “It was good except for one incident where a spacecraft was following us and Vector got a hold of Outaforium. They informed the other aliens to back off and leave us alone, which they did. Let’s go over to that Spanish restaurant in Vista” Leo said. So the foursome went and had a pleasant meal before Vector and Artemesia went home.


After slowing down at the San Onofre checkpoint before traffic began moving again Vector says to Artemesia “Let take the trip to Panama with Leo and Flo.” “Ok, I think you were reading my mind” Artemesia said as the mountains and ocean view of the coast turned into houses and building structures of the coastal city of San Clemente.



"The Unridden Wave"

With a week and a half of time before flying down to Panama Leo and Flo are discussing their trip while sailing on Vector’s boat “There She Goes”. “We will land at Panama City and then get a rental cars with 4 wheel drive for our stay. Flo has reserved a condo for a few weeks in the town of Coronado” Leo said. “What did you have in mind Leo about your visit there this time around” Vector asked. “Well I have been in contact with a couple of developers down there and they were interested in doing some business” Leo said.


“I’ve been doing some research of this period of the 1970’s until the 1990’s and in Latin America there were noticeable political corruption and the growing influence of Colombia’s drug trade. I also heard from some of the guys in the yacht club who have been there, and they mentioned about the flow of drugs entering Florida. The drug cartel has a major underground influence, so you have to take care on doing business there” Vector said.


“I see your point and it would be difficult to control our interest and not have it disappear if we are not there to oversee it or better yet, have another plan. It would be hard during that gap of 50 years that we are not there” Leo mentioned. “What about having your holdings in another situation and draw upon it after we return in 2030” Vector asked sitting across from Leo in the cockpit.


Artemesia was at the helm and listening to the conversation, she looked up and noticed the telltales of the mainsail started to droop for lack of wind. She looks around and at the wind vane on top of the mast. She noticed the wind had shfited. Artemesia mentioned to everyone in the cockpit that she is preparing to jibe. Vector moved over to the starboard winch and was ready to let it go, while Leo was at the port winch with Flo behind him to tail the sheet if need be. Artemesia says out loud “Jibe Ho” as she makes the adjustment in the boats position and Vector releases the jib sheet and move over to the traveler to makes the adjustment to it and the main sheet.


Leo is wrapping the sheet around the winch as the winds starts to pick up and the boat speed starts to increase. After completing the maneuver they continued with the conversation. “We talked with our catamaran designer and the plans should take about 3 months and have it built in Costa Mesa” Vector said. “That sounds good, what size is your cat going to be” Leo asked while looking at the jib and giving the sheet another turn with his winch handle. “50 feet, it will be designed with short handed sailing in mind” Vector said.


Leo smiled and said “You are going to have lots of room on that size boat. How long do you think it will take to build her.” “Gil said about 5 months, maybe sooner. The hulls will be double diagonal with the WEST system and a honeycomb core cabin and decking covered with kevlar. The boat is going to lighter with those materials and it also going to be more expensive” Vector said knowing the cost was over double the price of a conventional catamaran of that size. “Sounds like she is going to be fast” Leo said. “Yes she will be” Vector replied and continued.


“I figure I’ll will have 1 months of sea trials before the 1973 Trans Pac Race” Vector said. “You know only monohulls are allowed to enter” Leo said. “I know it won’t be until 1995 that multihulls will be invited to compete. I’m going to join the other few multihulls and tag along for the fun of it” Vector said. “That’s cutting it close of finishing and doing sea trials within that window wouldn’t you say” Leo said. “Yeah it is, but I will give the guys incentive bonuses if they can. Otherwise, it will be plan B and sail her over when she’s done” Vector said and began thinking about Point Fermin starting point, then the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.


Artemesia and Flo are talking about going shopping to South Coast Plaza as Leo jots down a few things in his pocket notebook to check on after he gets home. Vector is watching a lone pelican fly by as he is watching his sails and the wind vane on top of his mast. “Been out to the golf course lately” Vector asked Leo. “No just to the driving range and putting green. What about yourself” Leo asked. “It’s been a couple weeks since I played a round. Care for a round” Vector asked. “Sure, what about tomorrow at Torrey Pines” Leo said. “You’re on, what time” Vector asked. “What about 1 in the afternoon. I know the manager at the pro shop” Leo said. “Ok” replied Vector.


“What a coincidence , I wrote down in my notebook to invest in a couple of irrigation manufacturers here in Southern California when I get back to my office” Leo said looking at the harbor’s breakwater, then back at Vector. “That sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll do the same and look up how they are doing in 2030. Then Leo and Vector seemed to had flashed on an idea at the same time. “I got an idea, let talk about it later” Leo said. “Artemesia can you take the helm and bring us in while Leo and I go forward and lower the jib and the mainsail. Flo can you place the side fenders over the starboard side” Vector said as they neared the breakwater end and the entrance to the channel of the harbor.


Leo and Vector are looking at the surfers at Doheny who were further out compared to a few hours earlier. They see a set rolling in and figured the waves were getting bigger. The couple of guys who were further out catches the first two waves of the set and the third went unridden. “You thinking what I’m thinking” Vector said to Leo. “Yeah, Flo and I have our boards in your garage” Leo replied.


Flo is watching the backs of the surfers riding the wave in as Artemesia takes a quick look at the ride and back at the harbor entrance and slows down to 5 mile an hour. After a few minutes she sees the slip and slows to 2 as she entered the berth and the guys got off and secured the dock lines. After cleaning up the boat they went back to Vector’s house and changed into their trunks and bathing suits and when back to Doheny.


It wasn’t long before their day of the flight to Panama had arrived. Leo had canceled his meetings with the developers after his discussion with Vector. The trip was open minded without a specific goal. Leo and Flo had a taxi pick them up and take them to their jet at the Oceanside Airport. Leaving around 8 am at the airport and arriving around 3 in the afternoon in Panama City. After customs and the other paper works involved they went over to the car rental office and picked up their 4 wheel drive jeep and proceeded to their condo units in Coronado. Leo and Flo went into town for dinner and some night life entertainment.


The next day they would take a drive out to the town of David and Boquete. They stop in David for lunch before continuing to Buquete and some farm lands that Leo knew of and wanted to see. After looking over the property Leo says to Flo “Nice place to grow coffee beans” looking at the existing coffee plants growing around the property. Walking over to the old farm house, they notice a creek flowing near the house which had a well nearby. “It has water and there is electrical and phone lines by the road” Flo said.


“The climate is nice, but the lot is small and we are not sure of it’s paperwork. Lets drive around and get to know the area” Leo said as they spent a few more hours in the area. The next day Leo and Flo would drive out to Portobelo and reminisce of their times back then. Driving along the road to Colon and turning south just before reaching the coastal city of Colon. “What a difference it is to be traveling on this road of the Atlantic Bridge compared to the old dirt trail we knew as the Gold Road by Lago Alajueia” Leo said before making the turn towards Portobelo.


After the drive along the coast they are at the city where they met and got married. “It’s good to see the place again, though it wasn’t that long ago since we were here a few years back in the 21th century. The cannons and fortress wall of the harbor and the quaint town that it was” Leo said while holding Flo’s hand and recalling the times they spent together.


After driving around on some dirt roads and places they remember as horse trails they once rode. Leo and Flo took a few pictures before they went back to Coronado. On their way back they stop at a surf shop in Panama City and asked about waves and places where they could surf. The salesman said Palmar a town up the coast from Coronado, so they rented a couple of surfboards for two weeks and drove back up the coast and saw the waves the salesman talked about.


It wasn’t long before finding a parking space and walking down to the beach. Staying out for a few hours, catching waves and getting some good rides. The sun was going down when they returned back to their condo to take a shower and get ready for dinner at a local restaurant. They would return to the surf spot and surf it in the morning and afterward went to different locations in search of surf.


Back in Southern California Vector gets an email from Outaforium and it said having a meeting at Salt Creek Beach by the jetty in an hour. Vector walked down to the beach and saw Outaforium standing by the jetty watching a few surfers riding some small waves on the northside. “Outaforium how are you, what is that you wanted to talk about” Vector asked. “Fine Vector, I’m doing well. I wanted to get some salty air and walk on sand for a change. Lets take a walk” Outaforium said as they went south toward the cliffs of Dana Point.


“We have collected more information of the alien race who were trying to eliminate you. They are from Exwax the third moon of the planet Xeogu in the Ring Galaxy which is 2 galaxy away from us in the Neptunova Galaxy. They are known to other alien races as the Galactic Hodadies. For some reason they have sought to eliminate you because you surf, which we found to be odd. None the less, we have increase our oversight in you, your family, Leo and Flo’s with a 24-7 security blanket” Outaforium said. “What do you mean by 24-7 security blanket” Vector asked. “Our sensors are on the watch for their ship at all times” Outaforium said as the surge of the foam from a wave went around them as they walked along the water’s edge of the beach.


Their conversation of this and that lasted across the beach up to the cliff area of Dana Point where Outaforium asked “What are your plans in the near future.” “Play some golf, surf and fly over to Hawaii. I will spend some time there and find a location to work out of when my catamaran is built” Vector said. “What will you do after that” Outaforium asked. “It an idea I had earlier about sailing around Hawaii, Tahiti and Panama to surf, play golf and a few other activities while getting ready for the future in 2030” Vector said.


“Zeuyu has a few pleasant surprises for you next year, once you are established in your new lifestyle, so keep that in mind. I have to be going now” Outaforium said as he stepped up onto the rocky shoreline and disappeared around the bend.



"Guessing what will Be"


Walking along the beach and wondering why Outaforium chose to tell him what he did. Vector stops and looks out at the surfers who are paddling for a wave. He also sees a surfboard tumbling in on the white water, it reaches the beach and it’s single fin is pointing up towards the sky. He thinks about the hodaddies from Exwax and Outaforium’s protection plan. With that in mind he began to contemplate starting an insurance company. After the walk uphill, he decided to hold off on the idea and focus on what got him to where he was.


Back at the farm Rocky is sanding his twin-fin fish design. With an exhaust fan sucking the dust out of the room into a filtered closet that had an exhaust chimney on the other side of the filter, Rocky has the fish tilted at an angle on the rack while foiling the glassed on fins. In the next room Frank is lamenting the bottoms of the latest boards that had been shaped. As the temperature in the room begins to rise as mid morning turns to noon. Both would take a break after completing their specific task outside of their shop. “Jimmy says he’s going down to Ensenada this weekend and asked if you wanted to go” Rocky said.


“I’m going to pass, I have a few thing going on and have to be here this weekend. Are you going” Frank said. “Yeah, there is going to be a swell, so K55 might be happening. I want to try out my new fish” Rocky replied while dusting off his sleeves and taking his mask off. “How big is the swell going to be” Frank asked. “They say around 4 to 6 feet” Rocky said pulling out his watch from his pant pocket to see what time it was.


Artemesia is attending a painting class in Laguna Beach and Velidia had been doubling up on her classes at the local university, so as to graduate sooner. Having returned to his house Vector is on his c-pad looking into options of what to do and when to do it. Being into sailing he looks up the subject of the America’s Cup and sees it was last held during 1970. Then he typed in the question of when a multihull won the America’s Cup and the date was in the 1988 and was won by the San Diego Yacht Club. Vector knew he wouldn’t be around to see that event. Knowing he would have to sell his own catamaran in 1979 prior to his departure into the future.


Leo and Flo had enjoyed their stay in Panama and it wasn’t long before it was time for them to leave and return back to Southern California. On their second day back, Vector and Artemesia would go over and visit the Vi’s and spend the day there. In the morning they would play a round of golf at a muni course and talk about things that happened while they were away. One of the events was Outaforium’s revelation of the Exwax hodaddies and another was the progress of Vector’s catamaran.


Then in the afternoon after their round of golf, they would go down to the beach out front. With their beach umbrella, folding beach chairs, a small cooler and surfboards, they would surf the afternoon glass off. Talking story on the beach about things that came to mind of the past and present. With just a few people on the beach and no one out in the water the clouds of sunset drifted in.


“Let’s cleanup and get ready to go over to La Paloma Theatre and see the surf movie that is playing there” Leo said. “Which one is that” Vector asked. “Five Summer’s Stories” said Leo as everyone got up and organized what and how to take things back up to the house. That evening standing out in front of the theater while Leo is paying for the tickets, someone honked their horn as they drove by. Leo and his group and a few others turned to see who it was by instinct.


After the movie everyone talked about going surfing in the morning. It was decided to meet at San Onofre and stay there for the day. The next day Leo called Vector and said “The surf is really big, let’s cancel meeting at San Onofre and go up north to Rincon” Leo said. “Hold on, let me check out from my balcony” Vector mentioned with a silence of about a few minutes, then he was back on line. “Wow, there’s lines out there and the breakwater has big white water sprays over it. Were you thinking of flying there and renting a car, I know someone at a car rental yard we did business with last year” Vector said. “That sounds good to me. I will ask Flo if she wants to go” Leo said. “I will do the same and ask Artemesia if she wants to go. I will call you back in about 15 minutes” Vector replied.


Vector called back “Leo, Art said she will pass, I think she and Flo are going shopping in LA. I will be down in an hour and we can takeoff when I get there at your place” Vector said. “Alright, what board are you taking” Leo asked. “I’ll take two my 8’ 0” roundtail short board and my 9’ 6” diamond tail model that I was going to take to Hawaii the last time, but didn’t because the waves were too small. Now I can try it out for the first time if it is big” Vector said. “Ok, I have one of those semi-gun shapes and a mid range board in the garage that I will take. See you when you get here” Leo said as he hung up.


They took off from the airport and stayed below a certain altitude as Vector mentions to Leo “You know Leo, the more I understand Outaforium and Zeuyu and what we been through is starting to make a some sense to me. Traveling through the different corridors of time, the spacecraft I was allowed to use for the same purpose and learn of the anti-gravity mechanism in that spacecraft. Now this c-pad that I can use to communicate with and look for information back in the past and forward into the future. There is something about 2030 and beyond is why you and I are here”


“In what way” Leo asked. “Awhile back Outaforium mentioned 4 dimensional chess. To me the notion of chess was a game of moving players across a board to capture the king. Moving back and forth, sideways and at angles. But I wasn’t sure where the 4 dimension came in, then it came to me. Within those line of movement there were hidden lines of curves and circles which forms an abstract field of possibilities, a frequencies of sorts. By choosing a direction that is known until it is unknown is what I have figured out so far. Does that makes any sense to you of what I’m talking about” Vector said.


“So, being in between of the known and unknown is where you are now. The alien people who are after you have figured out what Outaforium and Zeuyu are up too. That we are Outaforium’s pawns and they have a goal of capturing something that is like a king’s treasure, is what I think you are saying” Leo responded back. “In a nutshell, yes” Vector said. “Well then, utilizing the computer system to fill that missing link is what’s needed and you have the c-pad, very interesting of Outaforium” Leo said looking over to Vector, then forward as he slowed down in his approach to Santa Barbara.


Looking down and flying pass Ventura, Leo says “Look like fun, 6 to 8 feet. Just a few guys out, lets circle, then go in” Leo said as they made a wide sweeping turn around the area. “Hey, there is a guy on that wave, it’s lining up good” Leo said noticing from his side of the plane as they flew along the coast highway before flying over the houses again and out to sea and towards the airport.


Vector made a call to the car rental yard and they had someone bring out a van for them to use.

Parking along the Coast Highway and watching the waves breaking around the point. “Let go out, these are those time we will say were priceless, so to speak” Leo said. They got into their Long John wetsuits and beavertail jackets and made their way out into the lineup with the other 5 guys.


“Whew, what a workout to get out here” Vector said not having paddled as far compared to the other places he had surfed. Leo and Vector were trying to figure out where the take off area was and keeping a landmark on shore to remind them. They were out for a few hours catching long waves of climbing and dropping and the long paddled back out. Leo started to develop an armpit rash and decided to go in. “Vector, I’m going in on the next wave” Leo said. “Me too” Vector said. The both caught waves in as the tide was going out. They walked back to the van and dried off and changed into their board shorts and Tees. Before stopping at the car rental yard, they got a bite to eat before flying back to Oceanside.


On the way back Leo said to Vector “These waves today were really fun and long. “Good experience for us to know and appreciate. Changing the subject, what do you think of the election coming up, Nixon or McGovern.” I have my doubts, I already know what Nixon’s going to do by way of my c-pad” Vector said. “Hows your catamaran coming along” Leo said looking around and at his instruments, then at Vector. “Still have a lot of things to coordinate and get done. I can hardly wait for the day it’s in the water” Vector said.


The months flew by, then in the early morning hours in June Vector’s new catamaran is being transported to a launch site not far from the boatyard where it had been built. The truck and trailer waited for the crane to show up to lift the boat into the water and to step the mast onto the catamaran. Vector calls Artemesia and tells her “Well, we have one less thing to think about. Will be home in few hours.” “Ok, see you then” she said.


Vector and Artemesia are talking about the name of the boat “I changed my mind of naming the boat “There She Goes 2” I feel it not exactly what she should be named” Vector said. “What about Traveler of Distant Shores or something catchy like Sea You“ Artemesia said. “Let think about it some more” Vector said. “Let’s take a walk along the beach at Doheny” Artemesia said. “Ok, that sounds good to me” Vector said needing to clear his mind for the time being.




"The New Operating System"


With the wind blowing from the northwest Vector is on board his new catamaran “Unix”, steering a course that he had decided the week before. Staying out of the shipping lane as much as possible, he make his way south to San Diego to have some additional work done to his boat. Having had custom steering wheels installed instead of the crossbar tiller setup, Artemesia is standing next to Vector as they are moving fast with mainsail and genoa. A sudden gust and they are flying the starboard hull. “Wow” Vector said as he veer off to port and came back down. “I wasn’t ready for that, but it’s

good to know the cause and effect the next time when I do want to fly a hull” Vector said steering back into the wind until the genoa begins to flutters.


Vector says to Artemesia “Take the helm I’m going to switch sails.” After making the change Vector is back with Artemesia and takes back the helm again and steers Unix back on course. “I received a text message from Outaforium about 40 minutes ago, just before taking the helm. He mentioned that they came across the Exwaxers on the dark side of the moon yesterday. this is where aliens hide from prying eyes from earth and Zeuyu is no different, Outaforium explained” Vector said while pausing for a moment to look at the sails.


“There are other locations on earth that they reside at, such places like Antarctica and the Arctic regions. But, getting back to the Exwaxers, they became hostile towards Zeuyu and his ship when they made communication with each other. They got into a disagreement, that swiftly turned to anger followed by threats. Zeuyu was in defense mode at the first sign of anger and the command to put up his shields to defend his ship was made. After they pulled the trigger, an exchange of laser beams began and Zeuyu’s ship was able to reflect their attack, but the Exwaxer’s shield soon proved to be the weaker of the two and exploded into a mass cloud and was vaporized by the secondary beam of electrons that followed” Vector said.


Cruising along they see another sailboat heading east toward shore as they continue down the coast.

“The question is, were those aliens that were after you have other associates in their circle influence still be after you. Or does that mean we are safe and have one less thing to worry about” Artemesia said. “It looks like were Ok for now, Outaforium would know better than I. I will text him and find out if that group who were after me, has other with the same intentions” Vector said. “What if there is a conspiracy and we have to be on guard for the rest of our lives” Artemesia asked.


“We are still under their protection Outaforium mentioned, but after their encounter Zeuyu had second thoughts of my protection as well and is going to give me a new spacecraft for added protection. Which was going to be my surprise gift when we returned back to the year 2030. Now we will be going back to Panama to receive it. That means we will by pass the sail over with the other multi-hulls in the Trans Pac and sail down to Panama instead. Outaforium will let me know ahead of time of when we will go back to the same mountain location in Ecuador where I got the first spacecraft from them” Vector said.


“Where will you hide it, our previous place is not even developed yet” Artemesia asked. “There is a private island for sale off the coast, Outaforium said we should purchase it and figure out a way to be there in 2030 without doing much in 1979. It sounded interesting and see if Leo and Flo wanted to go in on that idea” Vector said looking at his watch and remembering something else he had done earlier. He went inside to the nav station and grab a chart to show Artemesia.


“I was curious about the imaginary line between the city of San Clemente and San Clemente Island and when we would cross it. For practice I did a dead reckoning of our position an hour ago and figured approximately what time we would be crossing that line. From my calculation we are at that point now. We are crossing the line where the city of San Clemente is 10 miles to the northeast and the island of San Clemente is 50 miles to the southwest” Vector said while rolling up the map.


“After we get the electronic’s work done, when are we going down to Panama” Artemesia asked. “About a week from Monday I’m guessing, I should have a better idea when I talk with shop manager. Then I will text Outaforium of our time of departure and at set intervals” Vector said as they discussed the what and when they were going to do the other things on the list that needed to be done. They made their way down the coast to Point Loma and pulled into Shelter Island for the night. The next morning they went over to the shipyard to have the additional work done.


Leo and Flo stopped by to pick them up at the shipyard to go surf Encinitas and take them back home. “Let’s checkout Sunset Cliff’s first before we drive back up the coast” Leo said. “Ok” Vector replied. They drove over and parked it at the open field with a few eucalyptus trees and head high shrubs. They got out and walked over to the clearing to check the surf out. “It looks like fun. What is the tide doing” Vector asked. “Its low going to high” Leo said. “The girls might have trouble getting back up the cliff” Vector said watching where someone was going out at and noticing he was walking down the steps on the side of the cliff. Knowing it might be slippery when the tide comes back up.


As the foursome stood and watched the waves break with the few surfers out, Leo says to Vector “Anything new happening with Outaforium.” “That reminds me, they had a confrontation with the Exwaxers and eliminated them recently” Vector said and he continued “Also I’ll be getting a new spacecraft because of that” Vector said. “That’s interesting, where are you going to keep it at” Leo asked. “There is an island Outaforium mentioned and I’m going to check it out once I get down there. Would you be interested investing on this project. From what I’m guessing, it’s a place we can be in 1979 and make the transition into 2030 without much of a glitch. But I could be wrong. Will need to work out the details before then” Vector said. “Sure, Flo and I would like to do that” Leo said looking at Flo who was nodding her head to say yes.


“Talking about the c-pad, I’ve been looking into the years after we left in 2020 and it got rough for a lot of people. The unemployment situation caused by the pandemic is something those who grew up in this time period we are in now and after will be in deep trouble if they are out of work. They read about it in school, but to live in a depression and not have prepared for it is bad, and it got worse the following year” Vector said.


“What about the government, did they do anything” Leo asked. “One party in government wanted to do it their way and the opposing party wanted to do it another way. But a vaccine was developed, so it was a slow process with many falling in between the cracks and suffered as the economy got back on it’s feet. The monetary systems changed to digital and it’s didn’t going smoothly as expected” Vector said. “So that is something we need to think about. When we return back to the future our paper currency will have become worthless” Leo said as Flo looked at Artemesia and back at Leo.


“Lets go to another place to surf, what about Cardiff” Vector mentioned. They drove up to Cardiff talking about the banking system and what they thought would happen if everything was bought and sold using digital currency. Driving into the parking lot, they checked it and saw a crowd of 15 people. They looked up the coast decided to check out Pipes. Seeing only a few people were out, they decided to go out there and surf for a couple of hours, before going home. They continued talking about the future and their present day situation as they made their way north. Leo drove and Vector sat shotgun, Flo and Artemesia were in the back seat planning on doing a variety of things together before Artemesia and Vector went on their trip to Panama.


Leo wanted to see how Lowers and Upper Trestle was and pull off the freeway onto checkpoint lookout to see. “Lower’s look crowded, but Upper’s is empty” Vector said. “Uppers iss off limits for now, Nixon is there at the Western White House. Just think, we have another 4 years of off and on surf periods there” said Leo. ”I don’t think he’s going to be there after this year. The c-pad says he is going to resign in the near future” Vector said watching the waves at Uppers go unridden. “That means Ford is going to be president” Leo said. “Yes, but he won’t get elected in 76” Vector said knowing the outcome. It wasn’t long before Vector and Artemesia were home.


“What are you doing tomorrow” Leo asked as Vector and Artemesia were getting out. “I’m having Rocky shape me a 7’2” swallow tail tomorrow mid morning after I go surf with him and Frank. After that I will be stepping over to the office for a meeting” Vector said. Where are you going to surf” Leo asked. “Rocky says the Huntington Pier has been good lately, so he suggested going there early. Thanks for the ride” Vector said getting out then waving to Leo and Flo as they drove off.


Parked on the southside parking lot, Vector, Rocky and Frank were watching a few guys were out on the south as early morning darkness turned to light. They decide to go out and surf there. They paddled out along the pier before paddling over to the takeoff spot using the 3rd street garage as a marker on shore. The waves at the second peak were fun for Vector, Rocky and Frank. The morning crowd started to show up and the coastal overcast burned away. Vector and Frank drifted over to the peak by the pier.


“Are you hot with you jacket on” Vector asked. “Yeah, one minute it’s cold, the next minute it’s hot” Frank said as he watch someone on the northside paddle next to a piling and place his beavertail jacket on a metal bar while seated on his board. After an hour Frank saw the same person going to get his jacket. The tide had drop drastically and his jacket looked like it was out of reach. The surfer attempted get a hold of his jacket as his friends started to paddle over to help. He used one hand to brace against the piling as he stood on the deck of his surfboard and grabbed his beavertail jacket with the other hand, after a few tugs, he got it off the piling. “Looks like the wind is coming up lets go in. Paddle over and tell Rocky” Vector said to Frank.


They all caught waves in and went back to the farm. Once there Vector would follow Rocky to the shaping room and Frank went over to the glassing room to prep a few boards. In the shaping room was the 7’6” blank on the rack. After going over the dimensions and drawing an outline for Vector to see. Rocky began the process and Vector watched for about 10 minutes when he remembered he had to go to the office. “Rocky I’m going over to the office for a meeting, I will see you later” Vector said. He change at the house and drove over to the office which took a couple of minutes and walked in. “Hi Kathy” Vector said as the receptionist looked up and said “Hello sir”. “Is George around” Vector asked.


“Yes, he had been expecting you, he’s in his office” Kathy said. “I’ll go over there” Vector said and went over to knocked on his door. They discussed new projects and followed up on old ones and Vector told him of his trip to Panama. “It looks good, keep up the good work” Vector said as he was about to leave. “Will do and have a safe trip” George said walking Vector to the front door and shaking hands before Vector left.


It was 10 days later when Vector and Artemesia got a ride from Rocky to San Diego to pickup their boat and take it back to Dana Point, they will be testing their full suite of B&G electronic instruments to make sure things were working well before sailing down to Panama. Vector would let Outaforium know that they were departing for Panama soon and that Leo and Flo would be meeting them there to check out the island Outaforium had mentioned.



"Game Changer"

Five hundred miles away from Panama City, halfway down the coast of Costa Rica Vector receives a text message from Outaforium. The message said to meet on Isla Coiba on the northside of the island. A map showing where to meet was part of the text. There were two bays in the area and a river flowed through one of them. The location where they would meet was circled and had additional information describing what it look like. Two days later they were at the location and the boat was anchored on a sandbar 75 meters off shore. Vector notices someone on the beach and got out his binoculars to take a look.


It was Outaforium waving to him, so Vector waves back and puts away his binoculars and gets ready to go ashore. He takes another look up forward and see Outaforium had made his way onto the boat and is on the starboard deck walking towards him. “I saved you a trip to shore, how was your trip” Outaforium said. “It went well, we were on a starboard tack most of the way down here. So, where is this island that you mentioned previously” Vector asked. “It is one of the smaller islands by Isla del Rey. It has water, but had no electricity or phone communications” Outaforium said.


“Why did you have us meet you here on Coiba” Vector asked. “It was on the way down and I thought you would enjoy a day or two here, before going down Panama City to take care of your paper work. Also there is some surf over there as well to get wet on” Outaforium said pointing west to a beach break 100 meters away. “I saw those waves while anchoring and it looked like fun” Vector said. “I will see you and Leo at the marina in Panama City. So enjoy and see you in a week” Outaforium said as he turned around and started walking back towards the bow, he vanished before getting pass the mast.


Staying two days at Coiba before going to Panama City to meet up with Leo and Flo at the marina. After mooring on a buoy and having the harbor master come out and inspect their boat. Vector made arrangements for a slip in the harbor. After which a day later Leo and Flo would show up and come aboard. “How was your sail down” Leo asked. “Good, we met up with Outaforium at Coiba island and we stayed there for two days and surfed until it went flat the day we left. The island Outaforium talked about is one of the smaller islands of Isla de Rey. Not sure which one but Outaforium said he will show us in a day or two. Lets get your stuff and put it on board Unix” Leo said.


Walking on the docks their discussion continued “Yes, your surfboards are in the forward locker and did well there as we planned” Vector said. “Regarding Isla de Rey, we cruised there a couple of times back in day when we had our office and factories in the 16th century. This was about the time you made the transition from Etobiius to Panama” Leo said. “I remembered it like it was yesterday” Vector said. “Our operation was growing, those were the days” Leo said while looking at Flo as she was busy collecting her personal items from the rental car to take on board.


A day later while seated in the cockpit having a cocktail beverage and watching the ships and boats pass by. Vector sees Outaforium walking up the dock and alongside Unix. “Come on board Outaforium” Vector said shaking his hand after he came aboard, as did everyone else. Pulling up a chair Outaforium talked to them about moving back to Panama and get prepared for their leap back into the future. Everyone had questions and Vector was the first to ask “If they did purchase the small island, how would they keep and maintain it within the 50 years of their time travel.”


“We will take care of that time gap and pay the expenses that will occur in your absence. The structure that will be built is going to be removed at your departure and the modular structure that was built in New Zealand previously has been in storage at an undisclosed site. That can be installed and buried and raised back up after your return” Outaforium said. “What about the gold we had in Switzerland before the accident” Leo asked. “That will be returned to you and Florencia and whatever assets you have now, has to be figured out to make the transition. Any other questions you might have” Outaforium said getting up and preparing to leave.


“Yes, why did Zeuyu choose 2030 for us to return too. Why can’t we go back in 2025 or sooner?” Leo asked. “The reason why Zeuyu, let me change that. I was the one who made the decision of 2030. I felt at that time it would give you and the others a better adjustment period compared to 2025 or earlier. The economy would be better off by then was the main reason. We had guessed one or both of you would asked that question” Outaforium said pausing for a moment in thought.


“It was a move that made you think of two steps back, and three steps ahead. In our case it was centuries in the making. I knew eventually we would be at this point in time, where you are about to be near or at the crossroads of a game changer event. Where your next move will affects your future, whether it was a wise decision or an unknown regret that shows itself down the road. All that you have been through were moves made within your destiny, and we could only guess what would happen.”


“So what are you trying to tell us Outaforium” Vector said. “You can stay on this road past 1979 and into the future or advance into 2030 and live longer with what you know already” Outaforium said. “Do you need an answer right now” Leo asked. “No, you have two month to decide” Outaforium replied giving them time to weight their decision. “When will you be back, regarding the island” Vector asked. “I will be back tomorrow at 8 am and take you and Leo to the island, so until then” Outaforium replied as he got up and went inside the salon and disappeared.


“Well you will have your gold back, but now we have to figure out if we continue from here forward or make the leap to 2030 in seven years” Vector said. “Care for some golf” Flo asked knowing they needed to think things out. “Yes, let go play a round and take our minds off this load for now” Artemesia said. “Ok. we need to digest what Outaforium has said” Vector said. Leo lightly scratched his eyebrow said “I will call up a course and get a tee time.” Vector went to the forward locker and got the clubs out, as Leo got a tee time and the foursome was on the course within an hour.


The next day Leo and Vector were talking in the cockpit and looking at their watch which indicated 8 a.m.; then they were transported onto the Zeuyu’s spaceship. Zor 2 greeted them and would take them to the shuttle bay where Outaforium was waiting. Vector and Leo looked over the spacecraft that would take them to the island. Outaforium ,Vector and Leo got in and after leaving the ship they are at the island within 10 seconds. They were at the middle of the island 50 meters above ground level with the invisible stealth mode on. The island where they were at was near the main island of Isla de Rey and 50 miles from the marina where they are staying.


“Here we are” Outaforium said while hovering over the center of the island. They cruised around the outer perimeter and viewed the other islands nearby. “The island is about a mile square and is for sale. They are asking $100 million for it” Outaforium said. Vector and Leo were silent as Outaforium continued with the detailed information while their minds were racing with ideas of what to do and how much it will cost.


“Well, what do you think” asked Outaforium. “I know I want to do this” Vector said. “I’m in” Leo added. Outaforium nodded his head to indicate that he understood “All right then, here is the information that you will need to get the ball rolling” Outaforium said as he handed Vector a sheet of paper and said “Also in about a month from now you will be getting a spacecraft. See you then.” As he disappeared and they were back in the cockpit of Unix.


It took a month for them to make the deal, during this process they were having plans made out for the location and getting the local official’s approvals. Leo and Flo rented a condo and made arrangements in selling their house in Oceanside and other items on the list, Vector and Artemesia would do the same and have their associate take care of it. Once the Vi’s were back in Panama, Vector and Artemesia would take them over to their island and anchored at one of it’s small bays. “What should we name this island” Leo asked everyone who were in the cockpit enjoying the scenery. “What about Puerto Imaginacion” Flo said while looking around. Everyone kept quiet for a moment and let the name sink in. “I think it’s an interesting name and I like it” Artemesia said. Leo looked at Vector who nodded his head to say yes. “Puerto Imaginacion it is” Leo said.


“What should we call this bay we are in” Leo asked. “What about Datos Bay” Vector said. “Datos Bay?” questioned Leo. “This is where Unix will be anchored in a bay of data so to speak. Since this island will be called imaginacion I thought it would be fitting to have a bay filled with data and Unix filtering the information” Vector said. “Your imagination is out there, but I like the thought” Leo replied. “We have an illustration that I did of a sea shell, ear of corn within a Cornucopia representing ideas being borne for our boat logo” Artemesia said adding to the conversation. “A corn, a sea shell and being borne in Unix, surrounded by data. That sounds good to me” Leo said accepting the naming of the bay.


“Getting back to the subject matter of the spacecraft, Outatforium texted me recently and that he will have the spacecraft for me soon. The modular building that was located on the hill at Leo’s old property had been stored away at an Ecuadorian mountain site. Using the spacecraft we will pick it up and bring it here in invisible mode. After which a pit will be dug and the modular building will be placed in it, just like it was in New Zealand. If we go back to the future the building will be placed deeper and 20 feet of soil will be placed on top of it. Otherwise and we stay on the course we are on, we’ll just leave it like it is and make adjustment as needed. The same concept will be used regarding Leo’s gold vault” Vector said.


“What’s going to happen with your spacecraft if we make the leap into the future or if we don’t and stay on course with time” Leo asked. “Either way Outaforium mentioned I would still have the use of it into the future or continuing into the years ahead without the leap” Vector said. The next day Vector and Leo were transported back to Zeuyu’ ship and lead to the transport room by Outaforium “Here she is” He said. “That’s the same craft we went to see the island with” Vector said. “Yes, so let go in and let me explain the controls to you and Leo” Outaforium said. After doing so Vector, Leo and Outaforium were on their way over to the mountain range in Ecuador to pick up the modular building to take back to Puerto Imaginacion.


“This is where I get off” Outaforium said as he disappeared and the spacecraft hovered over the site where the modular building would be placed. The mod-building was placed down and a pit was dug by using the gravitation soil remover. The building was put in its place with the top of the building at ground level. Once that was accomplished the spacecraft went to area where there were rocks and boulders to make a camouflage landscape for the top of the building.


Outlining an area the size of the building top, then using the fusing tool of the spacecraft, the rocks, boulder and the soil around it were fused. The one piece was cut in half to fit the two opening sections of the roof. Then both sections was neutralized and the matter within the boulders, rock and soil was removed and only the outer shell was left. The outer shell was very strong and hard and could withstand the test of time. With the cap of the modular building constructed, it was taken to the building site and placed on top and fixed in place. The next move was testing it to see if it worked without any catches as the top section of the building rose up telescopically and the roof with the rock landscape opened sideways. The room under the roof was where the spacecraft would be stored and the other rooms below it were situated.


After landing the spacecraft in it’s hangar, Vector and Leo would get out of the spacecraft and would leave by way of a side door. The hangar top area would close and slide back down. All that could be seen was the boulders and rocks. “Eventually cactus and other desert type vegetation along with soil would be placed between the rocks and boulders” Vector said as Leo was looking down from the bluff at Datos Bay, with Unix 40 meters from the beach.


Artemesia seeing Vector and Leo on the bluff would let Flo know of their return and the two of them

went a shore in the dingy to pick them up on the beach. Getting his feet wet Vector takes the line from the tender and pulls the girls ashore. “Lets take a walk” Vector says to Artemesia. “What is it” she asked. “It’s about the decision to leap or not to leap into the future” Vector replied. “Oh, ok” said Artemeisa.


“Yeah, let’s take a walk too, but in the opposite direction” Leo said as Flo looked at him with a slight smile figuring whatever Vector was going to do Leo would do the same. The couples began their stroll by talking about what they did in getting the spacecraft and how the future looked interesting. “Well, now I’m able to do things that I couldn’t do before and I feel more confident about that. There is a question on my mind that we should talk about. What will our children think and do when it is time to move on or should we move on. We brought them through our travels and now they are grown adults with lives of their own” Vector mentioned to Artemesia walking along the water’s edge.


Grabbing his hand as they continued to walk she says “If they go with us they will be same age different. If they want to stay and try to meet us in the future, they would be in their seventies and we would be a little older than now.” Vector stopped and says “I would like to live our lives with them and not make the leap into the future.” “Yes, that is what I want to do also. This is the crossroads Outaforium was talking about. I will never regret being in the same time period as our children and being there for them” Artemesia said. “Well, that’s that. Let’s take a ride on my new spacecraft tomorrow” Vector said. “Ok” Artemesia replied as they turned around and went back to the dingy where Leo and Flo were waiting for them. After a brief discussion of what a day it’s been, they went back to the boat and had a glass of wine.



"The Crossover"


Going ashore Vector was going to take Artemesia for a ride in his spacecraft as he had mentioned. “It is very fast and you won’t even know that you are going fast” Vector said as he turned off the engine and push down to lift the outboard motor up. He got off the dingy first and dragged the tender onto the beach and Artemesia followed. After securing the tow line to a large rock they walked over to the spacecraft hangar. Raising the hangar room up the side door appears and they wait a moment before Vector use his flob to go in. He uses it again to enter the spacecraft, Vector points at one of the chairs for Artemesia to sit in as he gets into the pilots’s chair.


Flipping on the switches to turn on the system and opens the ceiling to the hangar. The building and the spcecraft is in invisible mode as vehicle raises up slowly and away from the roof before it closes. They move south over the Andes mountain range few hundred meters above the peaks of the tallest mountains. It took 30 minutes before they were passing the Straits of Magellan and heading towards the South Pole. By this time the spacecraft was at an altitude of 40,000 meters hovering when directly above the Pole. “We’re over the South Pole and we are going to the North Pole. I will have it set on 7 in the speed meter, it can go up to 10 as the fastest speed” Vector said before pushing the go button.


He pushed it and said “You can watch in front of us in the monitor and it will look like a blur.” They flew in a straight line to the North Pole as the Magnetic Pulse Rockets propelled the vehicle. Coming to a complete stop, they were at the North Pole. The spacecraft created a vapor trail from one pole to the other, it took less than 10 minutes when Vector looked at his watch. Vector says to the onboard computer “Rosie how fast were we going.“ “52,000 miles per hour” Rosie responded back. “Wow, how long would it take to get to the moon at that speed” Vector continued asking Rosie. “46 minutes” was her replied.


Vector looked at the monitor screen and the vapor trail had disappeared. He then turned to Artemesia as he was making the descent back down and said “I read this somewhere of “The more you learn, the less you know” as they looked at the monitor screeen and saw the curvature of the earth. “It’s not often that a human see this without the help of satellites. But alien races sees this quite often” Vector said. “Would they be seen by all the satellites that are up here orbiting around” Artemesia asked. I would think that some aliens including Zeuyu’s ship has a monitoring system to evade being notice” Vector said and would discuss the other possibilities on the subject matter as it took 30 minutes to returned back to Panama and Puerto Imaginacion.


Meanwhile Leo was using Vector’s c-pad in the salon of Unix. He was looking into events that would happen in the latter years of 1970’s, the 1980’s and beyond. He came across a news article that mentioned in 1977 the Panama Canal Treaty was signed, where the US would give back the canal to Panama. Then looking further into other articles he came across the current president of Panama would passed away in 1981 and a few of his military officers would take control. After doing some more research Leo found out that the US would invade Panama and capture it’s leader for drug trafficking in 1989.


After finding this out Leo would have a meeting with everyone to discuss what they might do latter that day. “So, that the story of what’s going to happen in the years ahead. Should we keep a low profile and not build the things we talked about earlier this week. It would be wiser not too. Knowing the general in charge is being influenced by an intelligent group of the US” Leo said. “With all that going to happen, we will need to be cautious of what we do here on Puerto Imginacion. Especially since I got my spacecraft back” Vector said.


“Is this why Outaforium wanted us to leave in 1979 and come back in 2030” Flo asked. “We will be letting him know of our decision next week” Vector said. “Why then did he want us to buy this island. Knowing what he knew of what was going to happen here regionally” Leo asked. “I don’t why, but we can ask and find out” Vector said. “Remember what he said about they would care of this location while we were in transit and giving back the gold we once had” Leo said. “We think of things in front of us, Outaforium makes moves way beyond what is known” Vector said. “It’s like chess, but at a different level or dimension” Leo said.


“With this additional information the question becomes keeping this island as an investment and find another location until a later date when the government becomes more stable” Vector said. “Where could that be” Flo asked. “I happened to be listening to the news the other day in town and heard about the British Virgin Islands being a tax haven. I didn’t give it much thought since we were gearing up here. But that might be a place we should look into and research some more” Vector said. Everyone agreed and a plan was developed.


Artemesia made arrangements for Leo and Vector at a hotel in Road Town and setup a meeting with a realtor to look at some island listings. A few days later they were off to the British Virgin Islands in Leo’s jet. Landing at Beef Island airport and taking a taxi to a rental car facility. Driving around Road town and taking in the sights Leo and Vector checked in at their hotel where they would be staying.


They went to see the realtor about the islands that were available and what they were looking for. He said he knew just the island and could take them there the next day. Taking a helicopter out to viewed the island that Frederico had mentioned and they went to see a couple of islands that were on the availability list. Both Leo and Vector like the second island that they saw and decided to buy it and returned back to Frederico’s office. Before leaving the Heliport Leo asked the pilot about surfing and surf spots.


The pilot said “On the northside of the island, there’s Cane Garden Bay and Apple Bay which is west of Cane Garden.” “Alright” Leo said. “Lefts and rights” said the pilot with a smile. After taking care of the paper works. They would return back to the hotel and rest after a busy day of travel to and looking around the islands of the BVI. The guys picked up their surfboards from the Leo’s plane in the morning and did a surf check on the other side of the island. After their surf session at Cane Garden, it was back to the plane, unload the boards then back to the hotel to clean up before taking the car back and taking a taxi to the airport for their departure and the 3 hour flight to Panama.


Flo and Artemesia calculated the time it would take them to fly back and what was needed to be done after their landing. They waited for about 5 minutes before they showed up to give them their hugs and kisses. After their greetings they went over to Leo and Flo’s favorite restaurant for dinner and the guys to describe the island that they bought.


“The island is about a half a mile square with mountains on the south and northeast side of the island, with a flat saddle area in the middle with beaches on both sides. On the south side there is a small bay where we can put Unix and a few other boats. Leo is selling his trimaran and getting a cat and we are going to get a fishing boat for the game fish that are out there. There is plenty of room for a runway where our planes can takeoff and land, which is in the middle of the island. The highest point on the south peak is 100 meters, thats where I was thinking to place the observatory and we can all go back there next week” Vector said. “That sounds great, I can hardly wait” Flo said


Outaforium stopped by the next morning after Leo and Vector returned from the BVI. It was Saturday and Leo and Flo had just come over from their condo. Still in discussion of what they were talking about the night before. “Well, have you made your decision of staying on course or making the leap into the future” Outaforium asked as he came aboard. “We decided to stay on course” Vector said. “I thought you all would want to stay, there is much to gain by doing so” Outaforium said looking around before continuing “I respect your decision of growing old without making the leap and that is the way it’s going to be” Outaforium said as he went up to the helm and placed his hand onto the steering wheel.


“Outaforium why did you have us buy the island” Vector asked. “It has a large underwater cave that reaches the center of the island. The entrance of the cave is just north of where you have been anchoring. The cave is large enough to contain a large spaceship” Outaforium said. “How deep is the top of the cave from the surface and where about is it located” Leo asked. “30 meters from the surface of the tallest hill which is 60 meters high and it is near the center of the island” Outaforium replied. “Did Zeuyu have ideas of using the cave for reasons only he and you know” Vector said. “Let say there is a small submarine canyon from the Pacific depths leading to that island and would be useful as a hideaway” Outaforium said.


“Well Outaforium you got what you wanted by giving us the choice to make the leap or stay the course and you gave back Leo’s gold. That is a fair transaction” Vector said. “The course you all have been on through time is typical among your species. Some being rich, while others being poor and those in between the two varibles. It is a way of life on this planet. For us it is learning that makes us what we are and to use what we learn is our money concept. The more we learn and use that knowledge the richer we are. That is this game that we are in so to speak of having to make moves to fulfill the desire of gaining whatever it is” Outaforium said.


“So, this research of knowledge that you seek has us like pawns on a chess board against the unknown moves of a concept you are trying to figure out. That is what I think you are saying, but I could be wrong” Leo asked. “You are close to figuring out the so called matches of 4 dimensional chess. I can’t tell you how many matches that has been conceived, but I will say it supplements our growth. I will be back when you are situated in the British Virgin Islands” Outaforium replied as he slowly tilted his head at them and lifted it as he disappeared.


“Well, at least we have a better idea of what has been going on and to make our next move” Vector said. “Beside our island in the BVI and not being far from USVI and Puerto Rico, I was thinking about having an office in Puerto Rico to do my international and domestic business there. The East Coast, Central and South American ventures. I can fly back and forth, from the island to the office and it would be about about a 45 minutes of flight and driving time” Leo said. One idea after another came floating to the surface during their discussion.


The planning stage of the project had begun and Leo and Flo are with their architect describing what they wanted in their new house and the jet hangar. Both Leo and Vector would coordinate with the engineer on the runway, the roads around the island and a small marina for both their cats and a powerboat. Vector and Artemesia had their architect working on their house and the observatory.


Vector relocated his modular building to the BVI on the same mountain that his observatory will be located on, about 200 meters further to the west. The previous location was filled in and restored back to the way it was. As construction continued on the observatory Vector would use his spacecraft at nights and weekends when the crews were off. One project was exploring the sea floors of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico with Leo for sunken treasures and searching the varies jungles of Central America for lost treasures that Leo knew about from stories he had heard.


While all of this was going on, the value of Leo’s investment were growing. Since having the use of Vector’s c-pad, Leo’s knew what was going to happen and his wealth would begin to balloon into the stratosphere of the super rich. Leo recalled the same feeling when he had the power given to him by Kai’ike. After the major construction work was being completed. Flo changed her mind about starting a clothing business and started collecting Haute Coulture clothing and expensive paintings. Since Vector’s investment were tied to Leo’s investment along with his real estate holding in the US and Bahama’s, he was planning on spending his time at the observatory, travel around in his spacecraft doing research, sail on his catamaran, go fishing, play golf and surf whenever possible as the weeks went by.


It was a spur of the moment event when Leo and Vector was at the kitchen table talking about the different types of waves when Leo started sketching an artificial reefs on a napkin. “This end of island might be a good place to make a reef and over here on the north side would be another” Leo said. “Yeah, the winter swell direction would hit that area and the ride would be about 100 meters” Vector said as he was figuring how much material he would need and when to do it.



"Timeoff from Work"

A month after the house was completed Flo would be calling back the TV service technicians, the experimental TV satellite dish had been acting up. Just to double check if it was only her set that was not working, she decided to go over to Artemesia’s house since phone line were still being work on. After telling the difficulties she was having, asked her “How’s your TV reception.” “Most of my channels are blurry, with a few coming in” Artemesia said. “What are some of the programs you are receiving” Flo asked. “Happy Days and Hawaii 5-O. Did you call the service department” Artemesia replied. “Yes, I booked them for a repair” Flo said smiling.


“Vector said that you are going to fly again” Artemesia said. “I’m going to take a refresher course in flying and apply for a pilots license. I did have one during one of my many travels with Leo. It’s a long story, way before you and your family came to Portobelo” Flo said. “Well one of these days you can tell me about it” Artemesia said. “Oh, I will be going to the Paris Fashion Week next week. Had to call someone who knew someone to get in some of the shows. Made arrangements today after finding out I could get in. Leo and I are also stopping at the Louvre and going over to Biarritz” Flo said.


“Hows things back in Orange County when you went back there over the weekend” Flo asked. “Rocky and Frankie are doing well, making surfboards, surfing different spots in Southern California and traveling to Bali and other distance surf spots. They are still buying and selling houses and apartments separate from Mesa Atlantis which they still have shares in. Velidia is finishing her doctorate program in Oceanography and is moving to Kauai” Artemesia said.


Vector walks in and says “Hi Flo, how was your weekend.” “It was good, we went over to Puerto Rico got an office in Old San Juan close by the beach. I’m going to start working with our interior designer and landscape architect after we get back from France. Leo been wanting to go over a few ideas he has” Flo replied. “Where is Leo. Haven’t seen him around this morning” Vector said. “He went fishing with a few of his helpers. He should be back this afternoon. Oh, Artemesia I’m having a get together dinner at 7 at our place” Flo said. “Yes. we will be there” Artemesia said.


“Good to be back, not sure if Artemesia has told what we did, but during the time of seeing our kids, we went surfing at Malibu and spent half the day there, had a fun time. While sitting on the beach I imagine we were back in the days of Tom Blake and Sam Reid and an empty beach with endless waves. Then I pictured ourselves in the late 1950’s during the Gidget scene and seeing Weber, Fain, Carson and Miki Dora carving away on the walls of Malibu. Though it was only 48 and 15 years ago, it seemed like it was yesterday and we were there when it happen” Vector said remembering something he wanted to do up at the observatory. “Excuse me Flo, I’m going up to the observatory and do some work up there. See you and Leo tonight, be back in a while Artemesia” Vector said as he waved to Flo and went back out. “He wants to fly around in his spacecraft, I can tell” Artemesia said as Flo nodding her head to agree and continued their conversation.


Out at sea and slowly motoring along, Leo is in the fighting chair of his 53 foot Hatteras named “Oh Yeah” sweating and feeling tired under the tropical sun. He has been fighting a large blue marlin for 3 hours and is feeling stressed of not knowing how much longer the fight will continue. Music had been playing on the cassette stereo system when the song “You ain’t seen nothing Yet” by Bachman Turner Overdrive comes on. Looking out from the stern of the boat and the taut 200 lbs. monofilament fishing line piercing the surface of the ocean some 20 feet away. Not knowing how far back or how deep the marlin is, as his arms, shoulders and back are sore. “Hang in there, sir” one of his deckhand said as he looked over to the other two deck hands with a smile. “Hows it going” said the Captain from the fly bridge, also watching the fishing line and it position to the boat.


“Shit, this marlin is huge. I can tell when it runs” Leo said leaning back as the drag on the reel was working overtime. Then suddenly the line snapped and the fight was over. Rotating his shoulders and neck Leo says “What a workout” going over to the cooler and pulling out a beer. Leo tells Moe one of the deckhands to reel in the line for him. Then tells the captain “Head on back to the docks, Jorge.” “Yes sir” Jorge said as Leo took a sip of his beer and watched the wake of the boat grew larger as Jorge increased the speed of the boat to 35 mile per hour.


Moe continued to reel in and after 5 minutes when he came across the end of the line. Looking at the remaining line on the spool of the reel. He determined there must have been a nick on the line from their previous trip and that it had weaken during the fight and snap. “Leo, it looks like the line was weak right here. A slight nick I think. We will replace the remaining line when we get back” Moe said.


The deckhands started talking marlin stories and stories their fathers had told them of Hemmingway fishing adventures when they were deckhands in Cuba. Time went fast and before they knew it Jorge was throttling down and approaching the harbor. “How big do you think that fish was that I lost” asked Leo to Pedro one of the deckhands. “It was big. Most likely around a 1000 lbs.” Pedro said. Getting off the boat Leo says “Save some dorado and blue fin tuna for me and bring it to the house, you guys can share the rest” Leo said walking back to his car.


After returning home Flo tells Leo that Vector and Artemesia had returned and Vector was up at the observatory. Leo tells Flo that he is going up to see Vector and talk about some new ideas. So he drives up there and sees Vector leaving the observatory and walking over to his spacecraft location. Vector see Leo and walks towards him. “Hey, whats up” Vector asked. “Just got back from fishing and Flo said you were up here. I got some more ideas about the reef and how we might go about building it” Leo said. “That sounds great, I was going to do the same thing using my spacecraft, lets take a ride around the island and take pictures of the underwater locations of the reefs and discuss the subject matter some more” Vector said as they walked over to the hangar.


“One thing I found out about the spacecraft that Outaforium had done to it was he removed the back to the future and past controls. So I was no longer able to go into the future or past. He didn’t want me to affect anything, so that’s that. What ever questions I did have I can still use the onboard computer or the c-pad” Vector said as they got into the spacecraft. Artemesia told Flo the other day of your speed run from pole to pole. Have you done around the equater” Leo asked. “No around the world speed trials on the equator, that route puts more pressure on the ship do to the inner and outer radiation belts which is thicker in that direction” Vector said.


It would be about 15 minutes before flying a quarter of a mile out from the island in invisible mode and going into underwater mode. “What if we did some research in what type of coral we could propagate onto the reef, in turn attract a variety of fishes” Leo said. “What kind of matter should we use for the coral to live on” asked Vector. The same material the island is built on. If we use the fusing process and make pieces like a puzzle to be put together with an anchoring system to hold it in place from storm surges. Take historical records of tide in the area and some other data is what I was thinking about” Leo said as Vector got closer to shore and began taking pictures of the bottom contour of the location and where the first reef would be placed. Then continue on around the island doing the same for each location for a surf spot. The last location was a place they figure would be for big waves.


Going back to the hangar Leo says to Vector “Flo has a get together dinner tonight around 7 at the house, we will be having fish and a few other items.” “Yes, I saw Flo earlier with Artemesia and know about dinner” Vector said as he walked Leo back to his truck and got into his own truck. Vector would drive back to the first beach location where they were earlier. Taking pictures and notes from shore while the thought of the reef was still fresh on his mind.


Before Leo and Flo knew it, their departure date had arrived and were on their way to France. After their arrival and going to their hotel, they would spend some time relaxing from their flight. The next two days would be spent sightseeing before the fashion shows. Taxis and buses were used for their main vehicle of travel, but walking took precedence most of their time at many places such as the Seine river, Eiffel Tower and the Louvre to mention an abbreviated list of locations. They stopped by the Louvre in the afternoon after a few other sights that they went to. Viewing around a few rooms of paintings before flowing with a group of people that was going to see the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Being patience behind the crowd, they finally situated in front of the Mona Lisa.


Leo and Flo were speechless for a few minutes looking at the painting. “My father only heard rumors of this painting from his uncle while he was growing up. As you know I was named after the artist” Leo said. “How amazing it must have been in the city of Florence during the Renaissance. Just like your father named you after the artist, I was named after the city of Florence by my mother who had visited the city before she marry my father” Flo said and began thinking of her father. Leo listened to what she was saying and at the same time was thinking of his father and the map making shop where his journey first began. After the Mona Lisa they would go on to view the other paintings in the different rooms and other works of art in the museum.


With the history of art fresh in their memory, fashion week in Paris had begun. They were in the back row watching the fashion models walk around the runway. Leo looked over to Flo who seemed in a trance of delight as the model went by. After the show they would go out and have a dinner and enjoy the entertainment at the Moulin Rogue. Then take a taxi to the Bastille’s neighborhood and a couple of other night clubs. They would see other shows during the week and enjoyed their stay in Paris.


Having a few days left before returning home, they would get away from the hustle and bustle of Paris to the seaside town of Biarritz. They strolled around the city stopping at historical buildings and going into specialty shops and view items that interested them. Going to the beach and watch the surfers out in the water and the tourists and local people going in different directions. The following day they would go out to the countryside of rolling hills, farms and a bakery where tasting samples of Basque breads and cake was in order. The couple of days at Biarritz was memorable for Leo and Flo as they prepared their return to Paris and catch a flight back to San Juan, Puerto Rico where they would to pick up their jet plane and fly back to their island home in the British Virgin Islands.



"The Tides"


The surf reef project was canceled after finding out a location on the north side of the island had rideable waves in late summer months. Meanwhile Leo and Flo had business meetings to attend to in New York and San Diego. Wanting to get away for a few days Vector says to Artemesia “Do you want to go to St. Croix for a few days. We can get there on Thursday afternoon and be back Monday. Play some golf at a couple of courses, go snorkeling, drive around the island and sight-see places like Columbus’s landing site. We will anchor at Gallows Bay at Christiansted Harbor and spend a few days there.” “Ok, that sounds like fun” Artemesia said. “Yes, we will get the boat ready and depart on Thursday” Vector mentioned while changing the channel on the TV with his remote control.


The day of their departure Vector was taking the cover off the mainsail as Artemesia was placing the food and drinks in the refrigerator and storage compartments. The wind started to pick up and Vector had the dock lines ready to be released as Artemesia was at the helm. Unix motored her way out from Blue Lagoon Bay as she headed for St. Croix. The fenders and line were stowed away in the forward locker and Vector started to haul up the mainsail up and roller furled the jib, as Artemesia turned the engines off.


An hour later Artemesia says to Vector who was seated near her and was reading some notes he had about radio telescopes. “Vector, there is a cloud in front of us doubling in size” Artemesia said. Vector puts down his notes and sees the cloud getting larger and the winds is completely calm. The cloud disappears and Outaforium comes out of the salon and says “It’s been awhile since we lasted talked and I thought of dropping in and have a chat. We knew you and Leo have been busy and we were out of the area, but still in the solar system” Outaforium said.


“Where about did you go” Vector asked. We went over to Mars to get away for a few days. We orbiting around in our invisible cloak on, so the different eyes of the astronomers on earth wouldn’t notice us as we looked around the planet” Outaforium replied. “I’m a novice regarding the solar system, but what is it that you were looking for on Mars” Vector asked. “There are certain metals we were scanning for and did find a deposit of a few. What they are I can’t say currently, but I will let you know in do time” Outaforium said.


“You mention astronomers, I getting into that field and in the process of having my observatory completed” Vector asked. “We know and find that to be good for the both of us. We can share some insight of what we know, especially from our perspective” Outaforium said. “I’ve been wanting to learn more about space and what better way than a telescope, as far as I could see, no pun intended” Vector replied. “The farther you look, the more question you will have” Outaforium added. “There is much to learn and it would take many life times to even get close to what you know Outaforium. What is it like to be able to live as long as you have and find fulfillment in what you are doing” Vector asked.


“You seemed more curious about me and my inner being, I wasn’t expecting such questions, but no matter. For my race took billions of years to develop into who we are and I am the end result of it. It is something our wisest found and worked on, along with our immune system. By doing so we were able to live as long as we do. That is why we can travel as far and build the ships we have because of the knowledge gained with time. To put it in a nutshell, knowledge is in time and how you go about using it is up to your species. If you have any more questions about space, you can text me and I will try to help” Outaforium said as he once again went forward to the starboard bow and disappeared before passing the mast.


“Can you take over the helm Vector, I need to take a breather and just sit back for awhile” Artemesia said. “Yes, I know what you mean” Vector said as they were a few hour from St. Croix. Once they got within a half a mile of Christiansted Harbor Vector sailed into the wind and put it on auto pilot and furled the jib and lowered the main sail as Artemesia took over the helm and turned on the engines as she slowly entered the harbor to anchor at Gallow Bay for their stay. They would go ashore for dinner at a restaurant by the docks and listening to the raggae. They were discussing playing golf the next day at the Bucaneer Resort Golf Course down the street from where they were.


Walking over to their dingy that was close by they motored back to the boat for a peaceful night as the boat gently rocked them to sleep. In the morning they went over to the car rental office and rented a car for a few days. They went back to the boat to get their clubs and took a water taxi back to their car. After which they went over to the golf course and got a start time within an hour. So, to warm up they walked over to the driving range to hit a few balls before going over to the putting green and getting a feel for the greens they will be putting on. They had an enjoyable time with Artemesia shooting 95 and Vector shot 96. They would get lodging at the resort for a few days after their round and go down to the beach and swim around and rest on the beach before going back to the resort to clean up and have another night time entertainment at the harbor.


The following morning Vector and Artemesia would drive over to Carambola Golf course and played a around there before going over to the beach for some snorkeling. After their two hour swim around they went over to Columbus’s landing site, after their stay and imagining how it was. They returned back to the Bucaneer Resort and were relaxing, viewing Protestant Cay and the surrounding harbor as nightfall took over. Early the next morning they would drive around to the east end then over to Fredricksted and back to return the rental car and prepare for the return trip back home.


Motoring out of the bay and putting up the genoa and mainsail, it was downhill all the way. Getting close to Crystal Clear Bay the genoa was roller furled and mainsail was let down. Artemesia guided the boat in and slowly put it reverse as Vector tied the stern line to the cleat on the dock, then went forward to cleat the bow line. Vector started washing off the deck and Artemesia cleaned the salon before loading their car with the food supply not used and took it back to the house.


Vector had a few things on his mind and went up to the observatory to do some work. Viewing the 20 feet diameter dome observatory that is sitting on top of his workshop warehouse building at the east end of the building. With a 20” diameter schedule 40 metal pipe tubing, 15 feet long that is bolted vertically to the concrete flooring of the warehouse up flush with the floor of dome. With additional bracing at the base of the pipe and is in alignment with the center of the dome. This is where the telescope will be resting on. A staircase is located on the inside east wall is where everyone will be walk up and down from. Vector is thinking of the dome rotation system and the sliding dome door opener that needs to be adjusted as he walks up the stairs. He hasn’t used his new 24 inch reflector telescope, but is anxious to do so.


Artemesia is at her studio which is located on the north end of the house, opening a coupe of windows to let some fresh air into the room. While she gest her supplies ready for the next day’s plien air painting session. Doing a seascape was on the top of her list of locations. Going over to her French easel, she looks to see what color she has and adds a few more tubes just in case. Selecting her canvas, she places it next to the carrying case before going into the kitchen to prepare dinner. An hour later Vector comes home and is in the living room with his c-pad. Artemesia walks in and says “Dinner is ready.” “Ok” Vector said putting down his c-pad. “Did you fix the rotation unit and the sliding door” Artemesia asked. “Yes I did and it is working as it should. I wonder how the kids are doing” Vector said.


Back at the farm Rocky is taking a walk in the orchard looking at the oranges and avocados. He writes down a note to himself stating: Need to spray the oranges and get the tractor and till the weeds in between the rows this week. Then he goes back to his shaping room where a blank is laying on the racks. He turns on the radio and the noonday surf report comes on. The report starts in San Diego with 3-4 ft., then Huntington Beach at 3-4 ft., followed by Hermosa Beach with choppy 1 -2 ft. and Ventura, Santa Barbara area small. Looking at the blank and thinking about shaping or go surf Trestles. Looking around he decides to lock the shaping room and go to Trestles.


Going to the garage to get his backpack, wetsuits, towel, wax, then into the kitchen for some trail nuts and water. Cruising along and flowing with the I-5 traffic until he gets to parking lot next to Carl’s Junior. After getting ready he begins the walk down to Uppers before continuing on to Lowers. Thinking about Frank and his girlfriend who were camping and backpacking for a week at Yosemite as he walked the paved walkway. Frank and Barbara were horseback riding in the meadows on their way to view the waterfalls. After the falls they would ride through the forest to view El Capitan the granite rock formation and the back-country. Having a good time with his girl friend, Frank was still thinking about the south swells of summer and the waves he wasn’t riding.


Meanwhile Leo and Flo had complete their business in New York and were in San Diego staying in Mission Bay. “Lets go over to Pacific Beach and check out the waves” Leo said. “Ok, and after that we can come back and go to the meeting” said Flo as she put on Moo moo skirt over her bathing suit. Leo had on his trunks, T shirt, flip flops and sunglasses. After laying their towels on the beach and going out into the surf. They stayed out for an hour and a half, before going back and got ready for the meeting. They drove over to the hotel where the corporate VP of a hamburger company was and talked about the options that were availble.


Up the coast Rocky had been surfing Lowers for a couple of hours and sitting out in the lineup with 15 other guys. With a 5 wave set approaching, Rocky and a few other guys started paddling out further. Rocky riding his fish was stoked being the last guys who didn’t catch the previous 4 waves and was paddling for the fifth and biggest wave of the set, thinking to himself this is the wave of the day.


Still paddling over and further out before turning around and doing a two paddle late take off. Free falling before the inner fin catches the face of the wave. Rocky catches his balance before going into a front-side bottom turn and he’s off to the races. His silent wake is jetting off the bottom and flowing out of his outside rail as he goes up the face of the wave and down the line. A hoot is heard from one of the guys paddling back out. “Oh boy, that’s going to be a long one” said another surfer who was next to the guy that was hooting.


Rocky would craved his way with bottom turns and cutbacks on the wave. Traveling down the beach for a couple hundred yards before the wave walled up and collapse halfway before reaching Church’s. He decided to walk back up instead of paddling. Returning to his backpack he gets his towel and dried off while watching others catch the waves. He decides to end the surf session and changed back into his clothes and heads back to his car, but this time instead of walking along the beach to Uppers and going under the Trestles bridge, he went over to the railroad tracks and followed it across the bridge to the road that lead back to the parking lot.


At the same time with a three hours difference, Vector after having dinner went and checked his c-pad in the living room and notice a message from Outaforium. It read: “Would you like to go to the moon and see what it like” Outaforium asked. Vector wrote back and indicated he wouldn’t mind going there. After sending the text, an hour later Outaforium wrote back and indicated: “Ok, will pick you up at 8 tomorrow morning.”



"From Here to There"


Being transported onboard the spaceship of Zeuyu, Vector is greeted by Outaforium in the transport room. “Well Vector, we are on our way and it should take us an hour, 1 hours and 7 minutes to be exact. So meanwhile I will show you around the ship, lets go to the command station.” As Outaforium proceeded down the corridor before stopping at an elevator door. It opened and they Outaforium and Vector went to the second deck in matter of seconds. The elevator door opened Vector looked around and saw different individual moving around and seated at different controls. They were short in stature compared to Outaforium who was a foot taller. Outaforium described the control room and the functions that controlled the ship.


“Where is Zeuyu” Vector asked. “He is on the third level, at the center of the ship. He is busy now, so you won’t be able to see him” Outaforium said as he took Vector to the guest lounge which also was on the second level. “How large is your ship Outaforium” Vector asked. “It is a medium size mother ship of 250 feet in diameter. It has three levels, we are on the second level where the central control, crew’s quarters and dispensary are located. The bottom level is where the storage, engine and fuel, weapons supplies, transport vehicles and parts room are located. The upper level is where Zeuyu, myself and other top officials are stationed” Outaforium said as they came to the guest lounge where the door opened and they entered.


“There is a chair and table for your convenience and a c-pad device like the one you have. This one is more powerful, but has the same control layout as yours. There is a button on the side that puts it into hyper mode where the random access memory increases. We do not have the time to train you on this function on this trip. So use the pad at the lower level and you should be fine with that. I will return in an hour” Outaforium said and pointed to the desk and chair as he left the room. Going over to the desk Vector sat down and typed in the word galaxy and pressed enter. The first one hundred galaxies appeared with additional one million more was indicated, but not shown. Vector paused for a moment and noticed alongside the galaxies was a numeric and alphabetic identification code after the galaxy’s name.


Choosing Andromeda since that was a name that he knew of. When he clicked on the name a holigram appeared before him, showing a 3 dimensional view of the galaxy at a smaller scale. Vector used his hand to move and turn the galaxy around. Then he expanded the view by putting his hands together and then outward. Remembering the time Outaforium had done that to show Panama City awhile back. With his right index finger he pointed to a star and a name came up along side of it and how many planets belong with that star. Now Vector was really intrigued and wonder what kind of computer system and the amount of memory that this ship contained.


As he explored the computer system with questions, he began to sense the vastness of the data that appeared before him. Time went fast and before he knew it Outaforium returned to the room and another chair appeared across for Vector. Outaforium sat down and asked “How was your tour within the library.” “Quite fascinating. I’m reluctant to ask, but how many libraries are in the system and what kind of storage system can hold such vast quantities of information” Vector asked.


“I’m going to use a phrase that was used in the 1950’s or was it in the 1960’s and that is, if you think this has blown your socks off, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Long ago our ancestors developed a way to harness the process of nano storage” Outaforium said with a smile and continued “We will be nearing the moon in a few minutes and then travel to the dark side of it. Where we will go to a place that hold special trace elements.” Outaforium then turned to his left and waved his hand and a hologram of a 100 inch squared screen appeared. Showing the surface of the moon while cruising at a low altitude. A specialized lighting system that lit the dark surface, as if a large flashlight was used on the area. They came to a hilly area where a range of hill with craters of different sizes and depths were scattered around the vicinity.


The mothership had an advance excavating system compared to the one Vector had on his spacecraft. Without digging, it beam down a magnetic ray of light and extracted the substance as the dust particles were pushed away and a cavity was left. Beaming the material on board and placed into containers and stored in the cargo bay. “What was that substance that was extracted” Vector asked. “It was rhutium, about 10 tons of it” Outaforium replied.


“That pocket of rhutium is taken care of” Outaforium said as the space ship rose from it low altitude hovering to about 2 thousand feet before moving to another location on the dark side. “Where are we going now” Vector asked looking at the holographic monitor. “We are going near the north pole region where we will picking up some gem stones” explained Outaforium. “What gem stones are you talking about” Vector asked. “Diamonds” Outaforium said as the mother-ship hovered in place and extracted the diamonds in the same way that they had done with the rhutium.


“We will be returning soon” Outaforium said as the space ship put on it’s invisible cloak and entered the sunny side of the moon as it sped back to earth. “Well, what do you think of the trip” Outaforium asked. “Very efficient, the ship went right to the location of the deposit, did it’s business and moved on to the next location, all within an hour” Vector said as the holographic monitor disappeared and Outaforium got up and said “I’m glad you liked the trip. We thought it would bring some enlightening thoughts. I do want to mention that, all the time we were there we had our defense shield up and ready for an attack from other alien ships. They too are in invisible mode and are ready to take or destroy those who are unaware of their presence.” “I had thoughts of coming here in my spacecraft but change my mind after you telling me of the hidden dangers of the dark side” Vector said.


Outaforium nodded in agreement and mentioned he had some other things to do before leaving. Vector went back to the computer system and looked into trace elements and it’s properties before looking into the future and how it was going to be. It wasn’t long before the spaceship was back and hovering over the island. On the monitor screen that Vector was looking at came a message from Outaforium stating “See you and Leo soon in the future.” Vector was beamed back down where he was before the trip began.


Artemesia walked into the patio and asked “Aren’t you going with Outaforium.” “What time is it” asked Vector. “It’s 8:01” said Artemesia. “I went and came back already. The trip took 3 and half hours, I thought” Vector said as he sat down in a chair nearby and Artemesia did the same. “How was the trip” she asked. “We went to the dark side of the moon and stopped at two locations and the spaceship picked up rhutium a trace elements and diamonds before returning back here” Vector said as he felt like he had awoken from a dream.


“What are you going to do for the rest of the day” Artemesia asked. “Can I go to the beach with you as you paint and we can talk for awhile” Vector said wanting to be with her and enjoy the day as if they were still dating. Artemesia made lunch for the both of them and spent the day together and enjoying each other’s company. Vector went up to the observatory after being with Artemesia and feeling that his inner batteries has been charged. Next to the warehouse was a large crate with a rock on top of a note from Outaforium.


“Vector a gift from us to you, in the crate is the 5 tons of diamonds we picked up earlier. There are 5oo carat size diamond in the batch. See you soon Outatorium.” After reading the note it reminded him of Leo gold and that since they went back into time. The gold was still within the mountain at Portobelo. Going over to his modular spacecraft station, Vector got into his spacecraft and lifted the diamonds and placed it the corner of the warehouse. The crate was bound by special straps with locks holding it in place. The crate would be left in the warehouse until the new vault facility was built.


Walking back to the observatory’s office Vector takes out his c-pad from his truck and goes inside to his office. Looking over different vault door manufacturers, he got some ideas and started to sketch a few of them. Then he would draw up his design on a drafting table with a mechanical drafting arm. On his D size sheet a large concrete box and amount of materials needed and labor legend was drawn up. He orders the vault door which would take a month to ship and organized a crew for the construction of the vault near the airport landing field. It took two months for the completion of the vault door to the vault shell. The unit would be taken to the observatory mountain and place it at the specific location into the side of the mountain. Where a carved out section, the size of the vault would be situated. Butting up to the vault was another warehouse with a sliding false wall that was in front of the vault.


The vault was ready for Vector to moved his diamonds into it. Vector and Leo would fly over to the Panama where Leo’s gold was stored in the mountain side and bring it back to the vault. Using a forklift and forklift dolly they placed it in the vault. With the gold and diamonds stored away Vector and Leo felt like cruising around the island in Leo’s boat discussing on what to do next. On the flybridge Leo is at the helm as they make a turn from the western side of the island rounding towards the north. Leo has the throttle set at 20 mph, as they are enjoying the day and making plans of going surfing over to Cane Garden in a few days. “Have you been in contact with Outaforium” Leo asked. “No, not since we went to the moon. I wonder what he is up too” Vector replied.


Back on board the spaceship Outaforium and Zeuyu are in a meeting while traveling around Mars in stealth mode. “So, Vector and Leo are continuing their way of life and have 57 years ahead of them before 2030” Zeuyu said. “Yes, but what is on your mind” Outaforium asked sensing something behind his question. “I have received instructions to return to our planet and to update our ship and mission goals” Zeuyu said. “Concerning our ship, what is going to be done” Outaforium asked. “We will be getting another newer ship with more bells and whistles so to speak” Zeuyu answered back. “And mission goals” questioned Outaforium. “They want us to change course regarding what we have started and will be given new sets of orders once we return” Zeuyu said. “So does that mean what we started with Vector and Leo will now be terminated and they will continue on in what they are doing and let destiny take it course” Outaforium replied. “It looks like it. We will be taking back the c-pad and spacecraft with us when we leave for our home base” Zeuyu said.


“When will our departure be” Outaforium asked. “In 90 days in earth time, as of today” Zeuyu answered. “It seems our moves in time didn’t work out the way we thought it would. Live and learn as the saying goes. I will let Vector and Leo know and go from there” Outaforium said touching a holographic screen and bringing up an indicator on the screen of where Leo’s boat was circling the island. Zooming back down Leo and Vector are cruising by the one beach where they thought of making an artifical reef. Look at those waves were breaking with this north swell “It looks like it a good wave and somewhat long in distance. We didn’t have to build a reef after all” Leo said. Let’s motor over to the channel and watch the waves from there” Vector said as Leo steered over to the spot where Vector was mentioning.


“Vector my depth sounder indicates a sandy bottom, lets anchor here and watch the waves” Leo said. “Ok, I will go forward with the remote control and drop anchor while you put it in reverse and let some scope out” Vector said as he went to the bow of the boat. After dropping the anchor Leo backed up slowly giving the chain some slope before Vector stop letting out the chain and the anchor took hold. Vector went back up to the flybridge and watched the waves break. They watched the 3-4 feet waves breaking for 15 minutes and decided to go out. Having spare surfboards in the forward locker, Leo got out his and Flo’s surfboard and Vector would use Flo’s for this session. Paddling over to the takeoff spot Leo caught the first wave as Vector watched as the upper portion of Leo body glided by and 10 seconds later kicking out and paddling back out.


“How was it” Vector asked. “Not bad, it still had some wall left but I decided to end the ride and come back out. Here comes another one” Leo said pointing at the wave that was approaching. Vector started paddling for it and soon caught it. Taking off and climbing up and down the wave’s face, Vector’s wave was about 15 seconds as he kicked out. So they stayed out for an hour before going back to the boat. Using the swim ladder to climb back aboard onto the swim platform. Leo grabs the nose of his surfboard as he walks his way to the middle of the surfboard grabbing the rail as he moved, once at the middle he lifts the board and places it on the platform, washing off the board and himself with freshwater hose, Vector is pulling his board out of the water. They both hear Outaforium from cockpit lounge “Hey you two, how was it” Outaforium asked. “Good, it was fun” Vector said. “Yeah, it was a pleasant surprise to have some waves here on this island” Leo replied grabbing a towel he had placed on the stern railing before going surfing.


“Outaforium what brings you here” Vector asked. “I have some important news that I wanted to share about your futures. Our ship has been called back to our home planet and we will be leaving in 90 days. That means we will be taking back the c-pad and the spacecraft in 89 days and you will not see us until 2030 if you and your families are still around by then” Outaforium explained. Vector and Leo stood silent for a few seconds. “So, whatever was planned has now been replaced with another set of circumstances for us. We have to do what we are doing for the rest of our lives, you are saying” Vector said.


“Yes, that is it in a nutshell. Oh by the way, the diamonds crate in your vault with the straps and locking device has been removed and brought back to our ship. Not sure if you would like to hear a story about Leo’s gold but would you care to hear about it” Outaforium asked. “Why yes, I wouldn’t mind hearing about it, it will bring back some memories” Leo said as he began to think about the time he and Flo had a large hacienda and working for her father. When all the gold that was being shipped from Peru then to Panama where Leo was in charge of protection and shipping it to Spain.


Outaforium started by describing “Francisco Pizarro captured the Inca King with a small amount of soldiers and how the king suggested filling a room full of gold for his release. Pizarro like the idea of a room filled with gold. But not the part of releasing the king. After executing the king in the city of Cajamarca, Pizarro managed to hold power while reinforcement arrived and establish a stronghold for Spain to build on. The region was enriched with gold and for many years the gold would be sent from there to the town of Trujillo by mule trains. Where it would be sent to Salaverry which was down the coast from Trujillo and where the Spanish Galleons would load the treasure and sail to Panama City. Where another mule train would take it to Portobelo.”


“All that I knew was it came from Peru and we were in charge of it when it reached Portobelo” Vector said looking at Leo. “Yes I do remember going to Peru to visit the Viceroy once and stopping by Huanchaco the fishing village and surfing on reed boats. There was a person whose name I have forgotten, but he taught me how to ride the reed boat” Leo said. “The person you talk about is Sergio, Sergio Barbosa. After you met him, he had the good fortune of finding gold and kept it a secret. He would go to Panama City and buy ship building lumber and have it ship back to Salaverry where he bought some land where he could start a boatyard to build a boat or two. The lumber that he bought was stored in a warehouse, along with reed supplies to make reed boats. One of his workers was a reed boat builder from Lake Titicaca and he designed a double hull reed boat that they used to make trips to Lima. After using the double hull reed boat, Sergio turned his talents into building a wooden boat of 150 ft. with the lumber that he had. He also continued to mine gold at his secret location” Outaforium said.


“During that time with him I mentioned I would be going west across the ocean to find a far off island. He seemed curious about during the same. Asking me questions what to look for and how to prepare for such a trip. Maybe he wanted to explore the unknown and see what may be out. Maybe not, it was a feeling he conveyed” Leo said remembering how helpful he was and an all round good person he was. “We happened to be in the area during the same time you were there. So Zeuyu and I were curious of having another person’s within our line of influence, so we kept track of him along with Vector and yourself.


Sergio had been talking and listening to some of the stories the sailors from the gold galleons. Some mention they had sailed from the Philippines to Acapulco and stopped at different islands along the way. He would tell of the stories to his worker and I would be there disguised as an old man listening to his desires of exploring the unknown” Outaforium said. “Did he ever finish the boat that he was building” Leo asked. “Yes he did and after gathering as much as he could talking with the navigators of the those galleons. He decided to take the leap and sail off and explore the unknown. We kept a distance but was near enough to watch over his location. We made wind when there was none and redirected those winds that would effect his direction. The direction we had him going to was Kapa Nui. His story is in your c-pad if you want to find out more” Outaforium said pausing for a moment then continued.


“So I will be seeing you two a couple more times before leaving on our trip and I will let know if anything has changed and how it might effect you. Until we meet again” Outaforium said as he turned around and disappeared. “Wow, now what” Leo said. “Well anything we need to do with the c-pad and spacecraft moves to the top of the list. After that we will probably be implementing whatever it is that we will be doing without those two items is what I’m guessing” Vector said.




The End of Part 3 “Signs of the Times.”