The Crystal Ball  


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Johnny with his truck, he would go on to shape surfboards in California, Florida, Brasil, and Hawaii. Johnny Rice Legendary Shaper 1937-2015


While in High School (early 1950s), Mike Bright and Johnny Rice went to Rincon one day. Johnny says they didn’t stop once while going to Rincon from Hermosa Beach. They hit all the signals green. If one of them got tired of driving the other would slide under as the other would slide over. The waves were small at Rincon that day. After coming in and drying off, Mike was watching Johnny paddling in. He notices two large dorsal fins a few feet apart serpentining behind Johnny.


“I don't think he heard me or saw them” Mike said as they came within inches of his board. At that moment there must have been a few different scenarios running through Mike's mind. All of them not good. Just as Johnny made a splash getting off his board, he would start walking his board across the rocks as not to damage his skeg. With the sudden splash and the depth of the shoreline caused the sharks to turn around and disappeared. Johnny thought Mike was joking with him when Mike told him about the sharks, as he placed his board down on the shoreline rocks. It was a nice trip up and a safe trip back. Mike and Johnny were on a roll that day. 


Johnny Rice Legendary Shaper, was of Native American lineages of Santee Dakota Siouxnativo and Prairie Band Potawatomi. His parents grew up in an Indian reservation far from the ocean, in the Dakota. He first started out sanding for Dale Velzy, then Dale taught him to shape. He met his wife Rosemari Reimer Rice in Hight School. He taught her to surf and she would go on to be on the Dewey Weber Surf Team.

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Mike "Bones" Bright Glasser 1937- 2017


There was the time when Mike did his first glass job on Greg Noll’s first shape at his house at 17th St. It was foggy all afternoon, the kind that lingers into the night. While Mike poured the resin onto the cloth, ribbons of fog glided by and the moisture beaded on the house windows. Greg was watching and Mike was glassing, both excited about the moment. It was all new to Mike, especially the ratio of catalyst to resin and the surrounding temperature. After the first couple of passes and working the resin in. All the green resin slowly dripped off the cloth and onto the red brick patio of his parent’s backyard. It left a perfect outline of Greg's board permanently preserved in Mike's mind and his parent’s backyard. After that experience Mike would dodge seeing Greg for the next few weeks at school.

Jeff White Shaper would start White Owl Surfboards in Santa Barbara, CA

Greg Noll Shaper would start Greg Noll Surfboards in Hermosa Beach, CA


Mike would win the Catalina to Manhattan Beach Paddleboard Race twice and participate in the Olympics 4  times, 3 times in Volley Ball and once in the introduction of Surfing at the Sydney, Australian Olympic's. He, Greg Noll and Tommy Zahn would introduce the balsa surfboard to Australia and their surfing would produce the first World Champion in Surfing in 1964 Bermard "Midget" Farrelly Legendary Shaper 1944-2016



Rick Stoner 1937-1977


He built his own surfboard factory building. I happened to see Rick a few times at his factory and shop. An all around "Great Guy", he shaped and glassed his boards before having other do the process. He would manage more, because of his full time lifeguarding. Like many of his fellow builders, he came up with different name models. One of them was called the UFO, a popular model during 1966-67 era shaped by Phil Becker.



Bob McTavish



Bing Copeland Legendary Shaper Hermosa Beach, CA


Bob McTavish Legendary Shaper Byron Bay, Australia


Bob stowed away on the P&O liner Orsova and the rest became Surfing History



George Greenough Legendary Shaper-Glasser, Designer-Innovator of the Short Board. Taking many into the realm of tube riding from his point of view. Who influenced a generation of surfers from the 1960s and beyond into other realms of possibilities. Santa Barbara, CA / Byron Bay, Australia