By Thomas Takao

It was August 24th, 1954 at Canoes. With 2 frames left in his camera after taking water surf photos, Clarence "Mac" Maki is just about to get out of the water. Grabbing the water housing that he built himself from the deck of his surfboard he hears a distinct voice from shore."Hey Mac, howzit." Looking up, he sees his good friend Duke Kahanamoku. Clarence worked for the City of Honolulu in the Public Works Department when the Duke was the Sheriff of Honolulu. At times they would talk about surfing with each other at the City Council meetings and at times at the beach.

"Oh Hi Duke" replied Clarence. Duke continues "It's my birthday today, how about taking a picture of me." "Sure Duke," said Clarence as he turned his board around and paddles back out with Duke. Duke continues to the lineup while Clarence waited in the area where Duke will be surfing by. The Duke takes off on a small wave and surfs toward shore, Clarence prepares for the window of opportunity. In the blink of the camera's eye, the moment was captured. Confident of his one-shot, Clarence tells Duke he will have the film developed in a few days and paddles in. But after developing the picture, it was in the Honolulu Advertiser and became world-famous.