"Looking Back" 2017 oil on canvas Tom Takao 

Tony Channin

 From Episode 11 of "The Journey across the Map" located on Surfboard Builders Tree page under Stories

After the meeting Leonardo was talking to Julanita about a dream he was having about surfboard builders of the future. “There will be writers traveling to Hawaii and they will write stories of surfing at the turn of the 20th century. This is where the dream begins” said Leonardo as Julanita reached for Leonardo’s hand and said “I too had a dream; about an artist from your hometown whom your father named you after. He wrote “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else”. A great man Leonardo da Vinci was said Julanita as she gently squeezed Leonardo’s hand.

Episode 12 "The Dream"

Leonardo started to describe his vision.  The dream started with George Freeth in Redondo Beach riding the wave next to the Pier. The surfing demonstration was part of a promotion presented by a developer and there was a crowd watching George.  The crowd clapped and cheered and were amazed by a person surfing. After coming in George would answer some questions and would return  back to his hotel.  After a while George was on the beach in Santa Monica after surfing some waves there by himself. Two young men came up to  him and asked where did he get his surfboard. "I made it myself" he said. " My name is Sid and this is my friend Lou could you show us how to make a surfboard". "Why sure, if you guys want to follow me to my house where I'm making a board in my backyard" said George. 

So they walked across the sand and got to know each other as they neared the road where rails for the Red Car were.  From there they would walk a few blocks to a neighborhood of a few houses and a dirt road.  "There it is"  said George pointing to a house with his  surfboard on his head. 

A closeup view from the picture below

Legendary Surfboard Shapers

Jack Reeves

                         Riding the Spirit of Surfing

Surfboard Builders and their Stories from Hawaii

Mike Diffenderfer

Wayne Lynch

Legendary Surfboard Glassers


Bob McTavish

Ed Towne

Dale Velzy color pencil sketch  03' private collection

Johnny Rice

Greg Martz